Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I remember the first time i saw Rocky Horror, must have been 3 or 4, my uncle was a huge fan, having been to midnight screenings at the Admiral theatre in Omaha, just a few blocks up from the Dundee, home of my midnight movies, had just bought the vhs. He saw it atleast once a month for years, almost always dressign up as Rocky Horror, a Creation. On one occasion the local shadow cast had no Rocky, he was sitting in the front row, and was pulled up to play Touch-a Touch-a Touch me with a local Janet....SLUT, a heroine. His best friend ould dress as Dr. Scott, a Rival Scientist and a nazi, and one of his proudest moments came when he pulled his leg up & stretched it out, mid a cast act of the floor show(in an empty the middle of the night). They would go to other cities as well but soon learned that certain towns have their own set call backs, to go along with the "national" call backs.

As soon as it was on VHS, i was about 3 or 4, and one Friday night, he came home and popped on a film that would change my life. My mom was weary about having me see it, but by that time i had already seen my fair share of horror films and gross out comedies so she let me watch(thanks mom!). He popped it in the V.C.R. and hit play, as soon as the film began i was taken in, the time warp blew my mind & when i saw Frank-N Furter, a scientist, for the first tiem i didn't know what to think, and by time the film was finished it became regular viewing in my house, along with Beetlejuice, Phantasm, Night of the Comet, Halloween, Evil Dead, Night of the Lving Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Terminator, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Predator, Robocop & Stripes(those are the ones i remember the most atleast). I can't remember every viewing of RHPS however i remember walkign across the room ala Frank during Sweet Transvestite. I would talk about it during elementary school, but no one knew wtf i was talking about, something i would get accustomed to with various films. Notice my uncles shirt in the right image!

Sometime before high school my local arthouse started playing midnight movies, i would go from time to time(i go almost all the time these days), and the crowd was different, fun loving, possibly intoxicated crowds. People would cheer during certain scenes, shout out one liners & reenact key scenes, i in turn have become a legend of sorts with these call backs, always gettng huge rounds of applause & laughter. Anyhow back on topic, one weekend the were playing Rocky Horror, i was excited, my uncle gave me a gift, his Rocky Horror t-shirt(something i wear all the time to this day), i walked into the theatre and came out changed, i loved it. I went back the next night.

Years down the line i started dressing up myself, as Dr. Frank N Furter, i don't care how it sounds, but i love dressing up as him Most people just do the makeup or wig, but ido it all, excpet for the boots, i still wear my chucks, it's my stamp. For those that dress up, you almost become a rock star for the night, people hug you, kiss you, take photos, it's quite the experience. I went with friends from school normaly but my best friends always refused, i did manage to get my uncle to go on occasion, i also always tried getting people to dress up along with me. I finaly got one to dress as a Transylvanian, and we tore it down that night, he posed as Janet(SLUT) and i chased him around the theatre during Planet, Schmanet, Janet. That night would go down as the last time props were aloud in the theatre aswell.

The props may have been taken away but the fun sure wasn't, the first post sans prop screening was actually one of my favorites, one of my best friends finally decided to go, he brought with him his brother & sister in law, who used to dress as Columbia, a groupie, in her youth. My uncle was with us aswell this night, and he came dressed, it wasn't as Rocky this tiem but as the grand writer himself Richard O'Brien by way of Riff Raff, a handyman(handjob man). As i said props weren't permited but you could still touch-a touch the screen for soem Rocky-Janet love, not to mention getting to reenact Frank whipping Riff, right after. It was a great show, but the next week was not.

My friend & I brought out lil buddy with us, who had never seen it before and was warned of the film, well we picked a bad night, a very bad night, as there were only about 12 people in attendace and they knew hardly any of the call backs, and when they did do one, it was very stupid. I've been to several horrible screenings of my favorite film(tied with Clerks btw) and it's always the same bunch of fucktards ruining it. I get creative expression but the shit i see and hear, gets pretty bad, just the day after christmas was a horrible showing(though i blame the weather). Hopefully in 3 weeks it'll be alot better.

I myself own the dvd, and Shock Treatment, have the c.d., have the vinyl(though can't find it), and have an awesome 70's rock concert inspired poster and have seen the film in theatre about 25 or more times, not to mention a Frank Tattoo Now jump to the left, step to the right and share your favorite Rocky Horror lines, moments, what have you.


  1. I went I believe after pride prom, an alternative to normal prom, it was the one Midnight Showing I've been too. I may never forget it and thinking about it actually emotionally affects me.
    Your post is as awesome as you sir.