Sunday, March 14, 2010


For months now i've been waiting for the release of Bitch Slap, had a very fun trailer, and looked like it'd be just like the trailer, and exploitation film full of T&A, and that's exactly what i got!

The film begins with the three main characters, Hel(Erin CUmmings), Trixie(Julie Votch) & Camero(America Olivio) arriving at a trailer, Carmero goes in packing heat but doesn't find who she's looking for, so instead she pops a pill. Outside the three open the trunk and a man named Gage(Michael Hurst) is inside, Gage has a buried treasure, after some name calling, Camero decides to put her hands down his pants, he doesn't quite get the happy endign he wanted and is left with a presumed snapped dick, followed quickly with a gun in the mouth and finally a hand slammed in said trunk. We flashback 4 hours where the three first throw hi min the trunk, while Camero & Trixie re arguing about a botched job, Hel acts as peace keeper and we learn Trixie has a photographic memory, and she knows a certain code. Back to the main story Gage makes a deal with Hel to help each other out, Camero doesn't much care for this and whilst restraining Gage to put inside of the car he spurts out she killed people at the Glory Hole(a club) so she in turn puts a bullet in his head.

We now flashback 4 hours & 3 minutes ago Trixie is seen breaking into a safe with a afro pic key& being attacked by Gage only to be saved by Camero, we see that 3 days earlier Camero shot down two thugs and ran over a dudes dick to get said key. The story continues to show flashbacks as well as the three leads having a three way....water fight.After Trixie & Hel have some HLA, they go outside to find that Camero has been taken hostage by by Hot Wire & Kinki(William Gregory Lee & Minae Noji), who force Hel & Camero to dig to find Gage's treasure, they find a underground storage center full of weapons(and later some jewels). When they find it a cop, Deputy Fuchs(Ron Melendez) who attempted to to help the girls with "car trouble" earlier comes back and sees what is going down, a brawl ensues until Hel blows Hard Wire away with a big ass gun & Camero shoots Kinki right in the skull with nice splatter(though it looked very CG).

In a flashback we see that Hel helped Camero get out of prison, the two later have a falling out which leads to Camero beating the shit out of both girls wrapping chains around Hel & lighting Trixie on fire(i can relate to that torture), all while Fochs is handcuffed inside the trailer. Eventualy Hel escapes & grabs her big ass gun & blows Camero away, or so we think as she soon returns & shoots Trixie. We then see that Hel is a secret agent working for Mr. Phoenix(Kevin Sorbo, btw lucy Lawless is in it too). Camero chokes out Hel, and is about to kill Trixie when Fuchs saves the day shooting her down, only for Trixie to show her gratitude by throwing a ninja star into his chest. Film ends with Trixie being revealed to be a legendary warrior who just wanted a legendary sword, getting in a hearse and driving off leaving Hel behind.

It's a very Russ Meyers feeling film, in the same vein as Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill, inspired vibe of Kill Bill, shades of Sin City, over to top tones of Crank and some excellent fights, funny name calling & kick ass split screens. Very fun film, very hectic & chaotic, so if the review seems that way, well the film is too, but i had a blast.

Bitchslap Trailer
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