Friday, April 30, 2010

Cop Out

I finally got around to seeing Cop Out, i love Kevin Smith, i even enjoyed Jersey Girl, but most of all i love his Universe, meaning the Askewniverse, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back & CLerks 2. I highly enjoyed Zach & Mirri but still prefer his Askewniverse flicks.

When i learned he was doing a studio film, a studio film he didn't write, i was disappointed but i still was looking forward to it. Then i saw the god awful trailers, and read the horrid reviews, i didn't care, for fuck sakes i love The Room so naturally i can enjoy a bad movie right? Wrong. Where as the Room, Plan 9 & Troll 2 are all so bad they're good, in the Rooms case so bad it is AMAZING, COp Out is just a bad movie. I'll admit i laughed once or twice, but this thing sucked, i mean it makes Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 look like North By Northwest.

It stars Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan as A Couple Of Dicks(the working title), or cops if you will, who while chasing a drug dealer, get caught up in a situation that winds up on youtube. The two get suspended from work and find their personal lives are pretty fucked too, Jimmy(Bruce) has to pay for his daughters over priced wedding & Paul(Tracy) thinks his wife is cheating on him. Kimmy tries to sell his valuable baseball card but is robbed by Dave(sean William Scott). He in turn sells it to the drug runners. Jimmy & Paul then do some police brutality(by driving really slow dragging Dave, horrid, horrid scene), then get caught up with the drug kingpin Poyboy(Guillermo Diaz). I can't recall the entire film cause it was so mind numbing, the film is possibly the worst edited film i have ever scene, the jokes are so retarded, the characters and even more so retarded, how Tracy Morgan's character became a cop is anyones guess, much less any job. Kevin Smith admits he's not the best director, he does single static shots, it's his style & it works for him. Sure Dogma had some very well shot action scenes but atleast his heart was in it. Sure Clerks 2 had some choreographed scenes that looked great, but his soul was in it. sure Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is just a stoner flick but it is so much more, because his mind was in it. Cop Out is an embarrassment, it is a slap in the face & makes me very disappointed. I wasn't a film maker yet when i saw Ghost of Mars, so i wasn't disappointed is Carpenter for it(for the record Carpenter is my all time favorite film maker and Kevin Smith is a close second) but CLerks inspired me to become a filmmaker, Kevin SMith films are the reason i began to watch bonus features, i love the man, i love his films, his blogs, his webstite, his books, his Evening With Dvds, i love everything about him...except this, this is a black hole, a cloud above his head, a smudge, a fuck up that will not be forgotten, please make Red State watchable, please make Hit Somebody passable, please do your dream project Ranger Danger & the Danger Rangers, and please give me a Clerks 3. Chasing Amy is your greatest film, best shot & written, but Cop Out is just what the title says, a cop out :(

I Sell The Dead

Last week i finally saw I Sell The Dead, and it's a horror geeks film for sure. It stars Dominic Monaghan as Arthur Blake, a grave robber who is on death row. HE begins to tell his story to a priest Father Duffy, played by Ron Perlman. His story speaks of him as a child learning the trade from Willie Grimes(The Last Winter director Larry Fessenden). The two go on a journey robbing graves and fending off against Evil Dead like demons, zombies best described as Romero meets The Descent and Murphy clan, a family who are also in the grave robbing game. The film goes full circle from beginning to end, has a couple twists and some very fun gore scenes. The Tall Man himself Angus Scrimm also has a small role. I highly suggest it if you're a huge horror fan.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Film News Round Up 4-28-10 JJ Abrams
Semi enjoyed Mission Imposible 3, but loved Star Trek, plus i think LOST is the greatest show ever made. As for this resembling old school Spielberg, that'd be great, i love old school SPielberg, plus labeling it the Anti Avatar is awesome. I'm intrigued to say the least. Starman
I own a few Starman comics but was never big on them, so i'm indifferent to this. Take This Waltz
Sure the film sounds interesting but WTF, when did her show get canceled? Sure it wasn't as good this season but it's still fucking hilarious. Bellow Zero
I'll pretty much watch anything with Edward Furlong The Collector 2
Alot hated the Collector, others loved it, i for one had a blast with it, i thought it was entertaining as hell, and a step above most "torture porn" films. Not that this was torture porn, but you get the jest of things.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street 1-8 a look back

So in the past week i've decided to rewatch all the Elm ST films, and they were just as they always have been, entertainment, nothing more nothing less, these aren't reviews just a quick look back. I love slasher films, but not all are GREAT, not all are Halloween. The rest are just fun slasher flicks. But while most slasher flicks are about a man gone nuts, taking a knife & killing off people in a body count style. Nightmare came out in the slasher/vhs boom of the 80's and switched it up. Freddy Krueger was a child murderer who was burnt alive by the parents of Springwood. However he would come back to create his own bodycount but not in the real world, in the dream world.

THe original Nightmare was written & directed by Wes Craven, and was done pretty straight, sure there were some very 80's movie moments that slap you in the face or corny scenes but it wasn't played for jokes, it was meant to scare. Film centers on Nancy & her group of friends killed off one by one in their dreams. When it comes down to Nancy, she has to pull out all the stops to end the murder spree. It seems as if it worked but low & behold she must still be dreaming as her friends are still alive only to have Freddy lock their car. But that is non snense right cause Nancy returns in part 3!

Before we get to 3, we have 2, Freddy's Revenge. Which begins with a very odd yet very well done scene on a school bus, and Freddy getting some kills. This film centers on Jesse, who now lives in Nancy's old room, however he miay or may not be connected to Freddy. Freddy uses him as a patsy of sorts and Jesse begins to kill, but unintentionally doing so. The film kind of falls apart midway through & the ending is pretty lame.

Luckily Part 3 the Dream Warriors picked up the steam. It's more of a straight up sequel to the original & brings back Nancy, who helps out at Westin HIlls Mental Institution. All the main kids have had dreams about Freddy, and this is where Freddy starts to have fun with his kills, including being a puppeteer. This is also the film we meet Freddy's mother.

Part 4 The Dream Master probably has the most likable characters of all the series but unfortunately the film gets on my nerves with the "repeat" scenes especially the "get in the truck i'm driving" bit or however it goes.

Part 5 The Dream Child while trippy & featuring good kills, makes me roll my eyes, mainly because Jacob the character is so fucking annoying.

Part 6 The FInal Nightmare, is fucking awesome, ties up alot of shit, puts an interesting twist on it with the Nightmares going on the road & having the character of Maggie being Freddy's daughter, being the one to kill Freddy, followed by a video montage of the film series.

At the end of Jason Goes to Hell: THe Final Friday, we see Jason's mask pulled into the ground by none other than Freddy Krueger.

Wes Craven returned for The New Nightmare, which brought Freddy back to being a feared individual, albeit the film was about Freddy beign a figment of Wes's imagination(Wes playing himself), who haunts his dreams and might be real, and he is real as he starts to kill people off in real life. The only person who can stop Freddy is Nancy herself Heather Langenkamp .

So Freddy's been gone for a while in 2003, but what happens we finally get Freddy vs Jason, and it's a decent looking film, with a good chunk of inside jokes thrown in for hardcore geeks.

This Friday the remake comes out, i shall see it, review it & even if it sucks, will hope for sequels just so i can see a sequel every year or two just like back in the 80's.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Midnight Warriors

The Mike from the awesome From Midnight With Love has posted a new series, for those of us other bloggers to post our dream midnight movie.

I go to midnight movies all the time, some say too much, hell i've seen Rocky Horror close to 30 times at midnight, tonight i'm seeing Clockwork Orange for my 5th time at midnight i believe. One film i've always wanted to see at midnight with a like minded audience is George A. Romero's Dawn Of The Dead. Now some will ask, why not say Clerks(which played at midnight but i missed it, as i was not yet going to midnight movies) since it's my favorite film(along with RHPS), well quite frankly Clerks wouldn't have enough call backs & a rowdy enough crowd for me. Dawn of the Dead you can get some funny one liners thrown out & get huge audience applause moments. I've seen plenty of horror films at midnight and they are a blast, just imagine a theatre packed with die hard Dawn fans, all getting off so to speak during the same scenes. How geekstastic is that. For more midnight movie madness check out my old post,

Film News Round Up 4-24-10 Genghis Khan
This is gonna involve a phone booth time machine right? Untitled Sacha Baron Cohen flick
Time will tell on this one as i'm not too giddy on the pitch. Green Hornet
I've been awaiting this film for a while, since KEvins Smith had the reigns, but now it too is getting the 3d treatment, why? No need for it, it's not liek it'll be f/x driven, well i'm sure it will have f/x just not Spider man like ones. THIS IS THE END, MY ONLY FRIEND THE END. Ninety
Holy fuck balls, wither this will be gore for the sake of gore, or a brilliant concept film, no other way around it besides those two. Regan
I own the spider walk NECA figure, but this one is all kinds of awesome. Red Riding Hood
I truly had no interest in this film until i read Gary Oldman will be involved. One of my favorite actors, a chameleon, i'll watch anything with him in it. Escape From NY
Carpenter is very near & dear to my heart, i'm opposed to remakes, i semi enjoyed the Assault of Precinct 13 remake in theaters, but not with a second viewing, Halloween i'm not huge on but didn't hate as much as everyone else did. The FOg was HORRIBLE, don't fuck with JC okay! As for the director, meh, Crazies was fun but nothing memorable, he's also got his hands in Flash Gordon, fml. ALEIN prequel
Let your geek boners free, i think we have a winner!

Might wanna trip out for this one...well maybe.

FINALLY! I've been awaiting this trailer for a while, personally i think it looks pretty good, i'll sit back and enjoy the flick when it comes out, very cool concept.

Clash of the Titans

I was against the remake of Clash since it was announced, i'm a fan of the original and love Ray Harryhausen and love stop motion animation, but i have to admit, i had fun watching the cgi filled remake, and in 3-d none the less. Now i've read alot of reports saying the 3-d looks horrible in the film, which i don't agree with, mainly because there wasn't a whole lot of it. It was done in post production so it was needed in the first place.

The story is jumbled but so was the originals, the cast is solid, so was the originals, but the original seemed to have the greek mythology down better, even though the remake brings a bit more gods in to play. The original had alot better character development too, but the remake was a fun adventure flick.

The remake follows Perseus(sam Worthington) who was born of a quuen & a god. The god in question is Zeus(Liam Neeson) who seems very facist in the film. Hades(Ralf Fieness) the borther of Zeus had killed Perseus family who found him as an infant. He swears revence & has to stop Hades, this includes slaying lobsters, medusa & the kraken. He lacks the love of the original and seems cold & distance without his family, which is actually very understandable, as i'm sure i'd feel the same way had my family been killed. Would i buy the dvd like i would a Harryhausen flick? No, but would a rewatch the film, yes yes i would, which is more than i can say for 300, which put me to sleep twice.

Attack of the Vegan Zombies

Last week i received a screener of Attack of the Vegan Zombies, a film that looks great, but didn't do too much for me story wise.

Sure i loved the pot references but as a whole the premise fell flat. A chemical gets in the plants, blood is mixed in a vineyard, plants attack people, and the zombies are attracted by wine, wine which is in the peoples blood. ugh, sounds good but i didn't have a good time with it. I really hated the characters, especially the two stereotypical nerds, if this review seems short, it's because i kept waiting for something good to talk about, i even thought if i waited a week that it might spark something for me, but it didn't, perhaps i'll give it a second viewing, but i wasn't impressed. It looks great director wise & the cinematography is top notch but the films itself left me asking WHAT THE FUCK.

The Losers

I had read a few issues of the old Losers back in the day, but i'm pretty familiar wit hthe relaunch from a few years ago. I wouldn't call myself an ubber fan like i am of say Scott Pilgrim or Preacher, but i enjoy the series. When i read a film was being made i thought 1) Every comic property is being made & 2) atleast it's better than a remake of a film. Well it was better than seeing another remake, and i kinda like seeing odd comic films being adapted.

The Losers is fairly close to the comic, sure it starts off differently and Aisha was alot more civilized in the film. The cast is solid, especially Chris Evans, who once upon a time i wasn't too fond of him mainly cause of the Fantastic 4, as a matter of fact my uncle cowrote a short film of mine a few years ago & named a character Chris Evans, fully unaware of the actor. I hated the Fantastic 4 movies, but i had a guilty pleasure in Not Another Teen Movie, but it was Sunshine that i decided the dude could do a good film too, then i was intrigued when he was placed in the cast for Scott Pilgrim, after seeing The Losers, i am excited he is gonna play Steve Rogers.

A group of soldiers are double crossed over seas, thought to be dead they meet Aisa(Zoe Saldana) who is gonna help them get revenge on the man who attempted to kill them, Max(Jason, motha fuckin Patrick). The film is full of double crosses, explosions, gun fights & humor. Is it as good as Kick Ass? No, is it as entertaining? No, is it a good companion to Scott Pilgrim, Iron Man 2 & Kick Ass? Yes. Is it a good companion to The A-Team & The Expendables? Fuck if i know, they aren't released yet.

I do recomend the film though as it was fun especially hearing Journey throughout the film.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ugly Americans spoof Twilight

After an AWESOME, pure AWESOME episode of South Park, i watch Ugly Americans, where the monster of the week was a Edward looking sparkling vampire. Plus David from Los Boys popped up in it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Film News Roundup 4-22-10 Stretch Armstrong
I'm the film is done campy, it might be fun, think a more over the top Flash Gordon, plus add in Stoller as writer and it sounds solid. Sarah Marshal was hillarious & Get Him To The Greek looks like it's out do Marshall. I Dream Of Jeannie
Liked the show, but a movie? I'll pass, t.v. shows adapted into films doesn't work out alot of the times, though A Team looks very fun. Insidious
So far the only film of Wan's i've liked was Saw, but the cast sounds promising plus the plot sounds very intriguing! Friday the 13th Part 2
Even though i was unimpressed with the remake, i still have to say i'm a bummer. I didn't grow up in the 80's to see a new Friday the 13th film every year, so i was looking forward to doing so nowadays. Oh well i;m sure the sequel will eventually be made. Nimoy retires
All i have to say is LIVE LONG & PROSPER!

Film News Round Up 4-21-10 Wizard Of Oz
A prequel to Oz gets me excited i must admit, plus with Downey Jr. as the Wizard, count me in. I'd love to see a trippy Oz film come out and kick major ass. Neighbors From Hell
Might be a fun show, for a couple episodes, then it'll just wind up being another Ugly Americans, which is funny but wont last long. Black Pearl
I loved Comic Book the Movie, i love Hamill on interviews, he is one of us, i can get behind this. Batman 3
I'd love to see them do an epic third Batman film, but nothing will top the Dark Knight, but that is not my concern, my concern is 3D, please, please don't make it in 3D. Sure it works for Alice in Wonderland and Clash OF the Titans but not a serious Batman film. WHY SO SERIOUS? IMPORTANT ARTIFACTS
I wasn't big on the Daytrippers but i loved Superbad & really loved Adventureland. I'm not crazy on the plot but i'll give it a chance.

No Zach, Jay & Trejo aren't all we need, Fred Williamson is in it too! Trailer looks great imo!

I've been looking forward to this film for awhile now, trailer is different, but in a good way, Adrian Brody looks like he's gonna be all sorts of awesome in it. Check out Darjeeling Limited and The Brothers Bloom for more awesome Brody flicks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 4-20

Yeah it's just a random day, but alot has happened for me on this date, plus there is usually a pot fest somewhere! Also, I felt like posting some stoner film trailers. Some may not be stoner films but sure are trippy, ok so stronger than pot!

There are alot more but there's always next year!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Film News Round Up 4-19 HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN
All i need to say about this, is this Machete
From a Grindhouse inspired faux trailer to a faux trailer from Grindhouse! I'm super pumped! Buried
I am excited for this flick, but idk if i want a studio adding extra scenes to a piece of art, and by piece of art i mean the directors original vision.

Wow, i'm in, i love zombies, i love asian cinema, i love Versus! Walking Dead
Dale? Beetlejuice 2
You had me at hello! Uhm cliched quote, but seriously, unneeded sequel but one i'd be all over, i love Beetlejuice, it's one of my top 5 favorite films of all time, so a sequel would be a geekgasm for me.

Night of the Living Dead Reanimated

So today i was sent a copy of NOTLD Reanimated, holy shit it was geek heaven. Such a unique concept, have various artists & animators recreate scenes from NOTLD, using the same soundtrack. Some used classic animation, others stop motion, claymation, video game rendering, reels of the actual film slightly edited, what appeared to be fingers, the Connan O'Brien lip motion, comic book inspired art, amongst others. The score during the credits is amazing, there's not much to say, as you've probably all have seen the George Romero classic, and if not then go find a mother fucking copy. NOTLD Reanimated is not a remake but imo is what a remake should be, pure homage.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kick Ass

So i saw Kick Ass Thursday night at a 10:00 showing, so pre midnight, crowd was pumped in the small line for it, and i was ubber pumped, being a huge fan of the comic. Were there changes> Yes, of course, but they were pretty good i thought.

Film begins much like the comic with a lone individual attempting to fly off a building only to land on a car, if you've seen most of the the trailers, you've seen the spot. The camera pans and shows the license plate, revealing the title of the film, from there it just gets better with a comic book font in the corner of the screen.

We meet Dave(Aaron Johnson) a high school geek who does geeky shit with his two friends Marty & Todd(Clark Duke & Evan Peters), being ignored by chicks at school and reading comics after school, that when he comes up with the idea to live out his fantasy's and become a super hero.

He gets a wet suit, and goes on the look for crime, while trying to stop a car jacking he gets stabbed, but he soon gets better and returns to school. While back, his crush Katie(Lyndsy Fonseca), begins to befriend him, thinking he is gay. Dave goes along with it in an attempt to get close to her. One night he goes on the look for a cat only to wind up saving a man from a mugging, the incident was recorded and posted online, which leads to huge fan fare for Dave;s new alter ego, KICK ASS!

We also meet Mindy & Damon Macready(Chloƫ Grace Moretz & Nicholas Cage) aka Hit Girl & Big Daddy, a daughter, father combination whose love is very tough, as Damon shoots Mindy in the chest with a gun(her in a bullet proof vest of course). Damon used to be a cop(something that was in the comic but reveled to be a little different in the comic), but was framed & sent to prison due to crime boss Frank D'Aminco(Mark Strong), while there his wife overdosed but luckily teir child was unharmed). Once released he swore revenge and trained Cindy in to becoming a vigilante killer!

Frank is a cocaine king of the city, alot of his group are taken out by Big Daddy & Hit Girl(though he & his syndicate believe it is Kick Ass), including Hit Girl's debut saving Kick Ass from a gang of thugs, in a very brilliant string a decapitations & stabbings! Franks gets pissed at all this and wants Kick Ass taken down, so his detached son Chris(Christopher Mintz-Plasse) comes up with a plan to become a superhero himself, named Red Mist. He sets up a trap at his dad's warehouse but Bid Daddy get there before anything goes down and kills off all the goons & sets the place on fire. Chris shows his dad a surveillance tape and a new plot is set up to take out Big Daddy. ''Dave admits to Katie that he's Kick Ass & not gay, they gets turned on and asks him to stay the night(the comic would have a rougher end to his confession). Another plan is set, and this one almost works, Red Mist turns on Kick Ass by by shooting Hitgirl and letting Big Daddy & Kick Ass get kidnapped. THe two get tortured & beaten until the lights go out & HIt Girl goes all Predator on everyone by sniping them out before making the final save(but with a loss of course).

Kick Ass & Hit Girl agree to seek revenge, she slaughters more, he uses a jetpack, and a final showdown between them & the D'Aminco's is on resulting is Frank being shot by a bazooka. Dave & Marty both wind up with some pussy, Mindy begins to go to school, and Red Mist is shown plotting his own revenge.

The cast is just right, Aaron Johnson is in the same vein as Jesse Eisenberg & Michael Cera(though Cera isn't nearly as good as Eisenberg). Nicholas Cage is fucing awesome yet again, after Bad Lieutenant 2 i knew Cage was on the right track, and i fucking loved his Adam West channeling he did. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is no longer McLovin after this, he's Christopher Mintz-Plasse. And Chloƫ Grace Moretz steals the show, everytime she appears as Hit Girls she's either being a badass smartass or giving the audience geekgasms by going Beatrix Kiddo on everyone, he scenes are so well built, pure awesomeness. The music choices are great aswell, and you'll notice some spaghetti western sounds aswell as the kick ass(no pun intended) 28 Days/Weeks Later score. I've seen the film twice, twice in 24 hours, i loved it both times, it may not be better than Shutter Island but it's just as enjoyable, as those are the only films i've loved so far this year(along with Hot Tub Time Machine). Read the comics, check the film out, hope for a sequel, oh and btw, this was an independent film! Smoke on that Spider Man.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Film News Roundup 4-15-10 Scorsese's Next
I hope it's more Wes Anderson doing a kids film than Robert Rodriguez doing a kids film, but who am i kidding it's Martin GODDAMN Scorsese! Green Lantern
All cgi suit? Fuck that

Looks great I Am Number Four
Sounds interesting Harold & Kumar 3
This sounds like a great idea, i love the films so far, i love the plot for this one, plus stop motion animation!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Film News Round Up 4-11-10 Walking Dead
Zach & Mirri, Scott Pilgrim, Dylan Fog, now this! Routh is becoming the man! Pay the Ghost
I highly enjoyed the Last House on the Left remake, so this may be interesting! The Darkest Hour
28 Days later meets an lien invasion? i'm all for it, add in Emile Hirsch, fucking A, dude is awesome! Seriously check him out in Into the Wild, Milk & Taking Woodstock.


I now do reviews for 7 Tavern.


So i finally got around to seeing Deadsnow, did a blind buy on dvd, it was worth it.

Film is about a group of friends who camp at a cabin, only to have Nazi zombies, or nazombies as i like to call them, come and hunt them down. Now these zombies are smart & can run but aren't necessarily flesh eaters, though the virus is transferable. All the nazombies want are coins, so they're like Mario. The gore scenes are great as are the music choices, the story & dialogue is soso but the gore is top notch! That's really all there is to say, short review yes, but it was a very fun film, not quite like Shockwaves, but still very fun.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nintendo facts

Not film culture but geek culture none the less

A Look at Nintendo
Via: Online MBA

Film News Roundup

Awesome fucking poster, can't wait to see the documentary! Cowboys& Aliens
Skimmed through an issue but haven't read an issue, but Harrison being in a cool sounding flick again is good news for me! Cheaters
Not sure if this will interest anyone but i think it sounds interesting, not a huge fan of Ron Howards films, want him to return to his Grand Theft Auto roots myself!

Looks kinds funny, one viewing kind of funny that is. Rites of Spring
Heard about the film yesterday, now today i see AJ Bowen will be in it, AJ has become a favorite actor of mine, and i one day wish to cast him in a film of my own! Walking Dead
Not really familiar with the actor, i just don't want the character to be fucked up, but as i said, people cast on ensemble shows these days are usually pretty hard working. Toxic Avenger
The series has run it's course, but i still am against remakes, however this might be interesting if they get the right writers & director. Just as long as it's not completely studioised. Apes prequel
Could really care less, i love the franchise but hated Burton's remake. Tron 3
First one wasn't really a success upon release, but i loved it, the second one is packed with CGI but still looks like it'll be good. A third, hmm time will tell. Fright Night
I really like Anton Yelchin, liked Alpha Dog, Charlie Bartlette, and Star Trek, and from the sounds of things, the Fright Night remake might be pretty awesome, not sure if it'll be as awesome as the original but still has sounded promising. The Thing prequel
I LOVE Carpenter, i love The Thing, i really LIKE Mary Elisabeth Winstead, so i'm kinda looking forward to seeing this!

The Landlord

While starting the Landlord i rolled my eyes in the first scene, thinking it was the Room of horror films, but while the Room is an amazing bad movie, The Landlord is not that bad, i had a fun time watching it. It's well shot, the acting is soso but it is what it is, a fun horror flick.

Film revolves around Tyler, a landlord whoes tenants get killed and eaten by demons, unfortunately a possible love interest moves in who has a pretty odd scene earlier at a motel with gun packing counter jockeys, junkies, & continental breaskfasts.

His sister is a crooked cop of sorts who cheats on her husband & works with creatures with fangs. Tyler in the end needs to save the day, he goes to mystical shops, does sermons, and opens a gate to hell. IT's a fun film with bad cgi, funny moments and a very likeable lead. it kind of reminded me of that t.v. show Reaper. Check it out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Film News Roundup Star War sitcom
WTF? Seriously wtf? I mean i get George wanting to milk his product, but a sitcom? I couldn't get into the Clone Wars, or any of the new films for that matter, so how can an animated sitcom work? The adventures of R2D2 & C3PO? Lando & Han, the early years chasing pussy? AHHH, well it's be interesting atleast.

Looks like a Bret Easton Ellis book, but it's not, looks interesting i guess, will probably Red Box it.

Heard mixed things on it, but i think it looks great, Adrian Brody is awesome! Ghostbusters 3
Who didn't see this coming?

Looks interesting

Didn't mind the first, the second wasn't good, the third was worse, why will i see this one? Fuck if i know, but i most likely will. Akira
Book of Eli was entertaining, atleast Denzel was entertaining, but Akira is like the only anime that matters. Metropolis
I see films from the past at midnight all the time, fuck there's a theatre here that plays older films everyday, Fathom Events does it too, so why is this so special, wll it's extended, i want to see it on the big screen., it's Metropolis! Red Sonja
Fox is kind of hot, but McGowan is hotter, not that it has anythign to do with actign skills, i'm just saying. I do like McGowan the actress though, been in some cool flicks over the years.


Saturday, April 3, 2010


Noah Baumbach is good at what he does, putting flawed characters in the spot light, as seen in The Squid & THe Whale and Margot At The Wedding. Greenberg, may be his best, from a story by himself and Margot's Jennifer Jason Leigh(who looks just as good now w days btw).

The story revolves around Roger Greenberg(Ben Stiller) & Florence(House of the Devil's Gretna Gerwig). Florence works for Roger's brother who is on vacation with his family, so Roger lives at the house while they're away & builds a dog house for them. Roger is a carpenter but really wants to do nothing, he also was recently released from a hospital from a nervous breakdown. He attempts to rekindle is old relation with Beth(Jennifer Jason Leigh) and hang out with his best friend/ex band mate Ivan(Rhys Ifans). After meeting Florence, he decides to ask her out, the two quickly begin to make out and Roger performs the best thing on earth, to Florence. She doesn't wanna go to fast since she recently got out of a relationship, and doesn't want Roger to be a quick fuck like a dude she met at an art gallery. Roger seems to be bipolar as one moment will be very nice, and then next will lash out over the slightest gesture he doesn't like, while Florence seems to drink & fuck away her time(nothing wrong with that btw).

Roger tries to keep things smooth with Florence, get's shot down by Beth & has a strong bond with Ivan, even though the two argue you can tell they care for each other. Roger & Florence both try to keep the family dog's health in check as he's been sick.

After a party with his sister in law's sister, Roger has to decide whether to go to Australia with her or stay in L.A. with Florence, ultimately he stays & Florence listens to a voice mail he left, we are left to decide what happens after.

Great film Noah's best film wise & his best written, alot of people are saying how hateable Roger is, but i liked him sure he may be odd(so am i) and sure he may have mood swings but deep down he's a good guy. Speaking of Roger, Ben Stiller is damn good in the film, it's a classic Ben Stiller role, one we seem to see him play alot, uptight, germophobic, ect, ect...but while watching it, you forget it's Ben Stiller. Rest of the cast is solid & features some good music.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

I've seen the funniest film since Anchorman, well time will tell with repeated viewings, but currently i'm on a HTTM high.

The film starts with a montage of people in hot tubs & what not, then introduces us to Nick(Craig Robinson) at his vet job where he pulls items out of dog's asses. We then see Adam(John Cusack) getting home and finding most of his shit was taken by his girlfriend, his nephew, Jacob(Clark Duke), lives in his basement and is always playing Second Life. Meanwhile Lou(Rob Corddry) is drunk in his car, garage down, with the car turned on, windows down. Obviously he winds up in the hospital, so Adam & Nick go to visit him & together make plan's to return to their old stomping grounds, a ski resort.

The three friends along with Jacob find the place has gone down hill & is run down, but they get drunk & wind up, in a hot tub, a hot tub that is get this....a mother fucking time machine! I kid you not, if you don't beleive me, just look at the title of the film.

While back in time they run in to old enemies, old girlfriends, sisters/moms, a new interests. Nick had found out his wife had cheated on him & is dwelling in the past(literally), while returning to his old passion, being a singer. Adam wants to break up with his old girlfriend(Lyndsy Fonseca) and meets a free spirit in April(Lizzy Caplan, who was awesome on True Blood btw). Jacob is worried he;ll never exist, and Lou is trying to avoid getting his ass kicked.

The film features great small roles from Chevy Chase & the always awesome Crispin Glover. But the film does a great job of developing the main characters. Some lives are altered, some new bonds are made & some(one) stays in the past. It's an ubber hilarious flick that you should all check out!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Film News Roundup: Ugh Vertigo
WTF? OK, i love Clooney, and i've enjoyed Reitman's work(even though Juno is horrendously overrated). But you don't fuck with the cock, Hitchcock, do not do it. No Jury, No Trial, Straight to Execution! I mean i doubt they'll fuck it up, but it's not needed, Reitman, you're smart, don't try to improve art. Ant Man
Ant Man is a fun lil comic, and as i've stated before, i LOVE Edgar Wright, i really don't wanna see him go studio, even though Scott Pilgrim was but i don't wanna see him become a STUDIO guy. Then there is Pixar, i'll admit i enjoyed the shit out of Up, but as far as CGI toons go, i prefer classic animation. I trust Wright, i mean it's not like he can fuck up Ant Man that bad anyhow, but as long as he does a Wes Anderson, and you can see his stamp all over the film(Mr. Fox) then i'll dig it. Hangover 2
Unneeded sequel, but it'll be fun, the first was a monster at the box office, but it's liek the article says, trying to capture lighting in a bottle twice, wish em the best of luck! Hoover
No not the character from Animal House! Really the main reason i posted this is to mention Clue, if you've seen Clue, you'll get that joke! Harold & Kumar
FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK YES! CGI? Fuck no, who cares it's Harold & Kumar.