Friday, April 12, 2024

Gidzilla X Kong


Godzilla X Kong is truly the summer blockbuster to Minus One's art house. The film isn't needed, but really has any Godzilla film been? Well these are insanely expensive films that are treated like Avengers, and let's face it even those films are dead. It's as if we are supposed to love returning characters, instead we are mainly forced to be with them. The battles are pretty choppy, the stuff with Zilla was just a place holder to give him scenes, the human plot was a device for Kong and the Kong angle....just didn't make sense. Let him face evil Kong, befriend toddler Kong, lead a revolution, get frost bite, get a new robotic arm, make friends with Zilla, use ice Zilla as a taxi and pet all while the other Kongs move rocks....lots of rocks. This film made no sense but it was dumb fun. But seriously, stick with Minus One. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal

 Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal, might not be the best WWE doc, i do love the more documentary type of promotion WWE does for their Peacock flicks as opposed to the Network, but hose Network docs, and their DVD docs will always be king. Watching the Wyatt one though is a punch to the gut, seeing how loved he was, and what a mind for the industry he had is something we all knew but watching it here it really speaks volumes as to what he could have been and could have become. 

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Lisa Frankenstein

 Lisa Frankenstein is an insanely cute & charming flick. Kathryn Newton continues her string of great roles and she is awkwardly perfect in this. For PG 13 it pushes the blood, has a wicked dark sense of humor and macabre, not to mention the great soundtrack. 

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

 So many films get slimed on unfairly, is Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire a perfect film? Hardly. But is it alot of fun? Damn right. The plot might be repetitive and not all the jokes land but the cast is having a blast here and guess what, the characters bust's all you need. It's not perfect Ghostbusters cinema but it reminded me of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, and in that capacity you get a fun ride! 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Late Night With The Devil

 Late Night With The Devil is a super refreshing horror film but one that also feels familiar. It is probably the best possession film in over a decade but it doesn't slap you in the face. It unravels as we watch it but it is never a slow burn, it's fun and funny without derailing the plot. For fans of WNUF Halloween Special, this is a perfect film for a double feature. Daniel Dastmalchian as usual knocks it out, an all the supporting cast serves their parts well. Everyone knew what type of film they were in and that makes for a perfect Halloween gem. 

Monday, March 18, 2024

Hundreds of Beavers

 About a month ago i became aware of Hundreds of Beavers. I saw the trailer when the local art house Film Streams announced they'd be playing it. It looked bonkers, i had to see this modern version of Buster Keaton meets the Looney Tunes. And that is exactly what it was.....only it lacks the humor of those. I chuckled here and there.....well mainly smirked with a "Heh"  but the joke ran it's course super quick. In fact they repeat jokes way too often here, this could have been a 45 minute short but instead it is an hour and 48 minute feature. This was a one night only showing, and the 166 capacity theatre was sold out, in fact i bought the last ticket. This? This of all movies is what brought out all the hipsters? Not just that but the boring dental art old people that want to feel cultured. The theatre management encouraged audience participation, and they were shouting as if it was their first time viewing it, the "midnight" vibe felt super forced. The crowd felt as if they were fake laughing all night but they surprisingly gave a huge round of applause at the end. I got as as quick as i wish this had ended.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Match of Feb

Dragunov vs Trick Williams: NXT Title: Vengeance Day

 Wolf Dogs vs Tick Melo Gang: DUsty Cup Finals: Vengeance Day 

Gunther vs Jey Uso: IC Title: Raw