Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Film News Round Up 6-30-10
Solid Cast, Scorsese seems to have alot on his plate currently but hey, if he keeps making great films, and it takes him years to finish his projects, more power to him. Hostel 3
Spiegel directing is all i care about, from Dusk Til Dawn 2 is a fun flick and Intruder was great. Pee Wee Herman
I'm all for more Pee Wee, and Apatow needs to produce some new material anyhow, well atleast some new blood. Rise of the Apes
I'm not against casting, but why does it have to be a full CGI creation? Lrgo
....moving on..... Mafia Wars
I don't care about your mafia so quit sending invites.

Speaking of Facebook...i like this teaser, i like Eisenberg, i like Fincher, i hope i like the film.

More of the same? I like the shot of the person by the crib though.

Looks awesome!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Film News Round Up 6-29-10

The trailer isn't that well cut, but i'm liking what i'm seeing.

I'm not a big fan of the comic, but i dig the animation.

I love asian flicks, especially over the top asian flicks, throw in zombies, and i'm all good.

Looks pretty good, the last flick wasn't very good though, has a big even flick feel though!
Kind of like a more sadistic Office Space, i like it, good cast too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gondry + Rogen + Green Hornet = awesomeness

Badass! The Hobbit
Well if it's Jackson, then Blomkamp is a good choice. Catcher in the Rye
I'll believe when i see it. Mini Marvels
Hmm, short films before the feature might a cool idea, hell even a serial would be awesome, but with the talk of Dr. Strange being made, then who knows, plus Robert Rodriguez possibly producing Deadpool, Marvel is getting pretty awesome.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Harry Brown

Wow, all i can say is wow, what a film, great acting, great cinematography, and intense as hell. Michael Caine stars as harry Brown a man who lives in a apartment complex in England with alot of gang activity. The gangs, record alot of their activities with camera phones, they deal cocaine, and vandalize cars, even doing drive by shootings on mothers pushing strollers. His friend Leonard(David Bradley) decides to do something by pulling a blade on the gang only to be murdered and pissed on, yes pissed on. Harry decides to take action, by buying a gun from a dealer, i won't go into the detail as it is the most intense scene i've seen in a while, and by intense i mean the pacing, the acting and the gun shots, which there are plenty. The gang has an uprising against the police and two cops, Frampton & Hicock(Emily Mortimer & Charlie Creed-Miles) who suspect Harry of being a vigilante get ran down by gang members in a car crash. Harry comes to the rescue and takes them to his favorite pub, owned by Sid(Liam Cunningham) who winds up being the uncle of the gang leader, Noel(Ben Drew), and an amazing set of shootouts leads to the best shot of carnage since Taxi Driver. Alas at the end of the film, the streets are clean, the police are still half assign the gang violence and Frampton & Harry go on with their lives. THe film is fuckign intense, brilliantly intensem it may be my pick for best film i've seen all year, ant it certainly is one of my favorites. Not since Charles Bronson has vigilante films been so kick ass.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Film News Round Up 6-17-10 Monster Squad
Not thrilled by this one at all, the writers, director, producer, i'm having none of it. Ghost Rider
Crank & Crank 2 were so retarded fun, that a part of me is excited for this, but as a huge Ghost Rider fan, i'm weary. Oz prequel
Well there is this, and there is Drew Barrymore's sequel, i'm pumped for Oz, but i'm not thrilled at all with the writers. Plan 9 in 3d
Hmm, i'm not a fan of post 3d, but Plan 9 is already so cheesy & bad, yet brilliant, that 3D might make for a fun time. McQueen
Hmm, interesting, i'm highly intrigued by this one. Deadpool
Fuck, don't direct it, you'd be awesome at it, but come on, i want Sin City 2 for fucks sake.

Wow, that's how you cut a trailer.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get Him To The Greek

So Forgetting Sarah Marshal was a very funny film two years ago, i was glad Jason Segel finally had a starring role, it spoke alot about the problems in relationships & the pain that comes from relationships ending. THe cast was great with Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill & Russel Brand....Russell Brand, who i had seen on youtube before stole the show. His character in Sarah Marshal, Aldous Snow, was very close to Brand, as both were recovering addicts. He stole the show so much that he got his own film, where he once again is an addict, and he brought Jonah Hill along for the ride, as Aaron, a different character from Sarah Marshall.

Snow has released one of the worse selling & critically panned albums of all time, and began boozing & drugging it up to fill the void and his girlfriend left him with their kid(who later is reveled to not be his). Aaron works for Sergio(P Diddy) and suggests doing a 10 year anniversary show at the Greek Theatre for Snow's big show. So he goes to England to bring him to the states. Their trip involves, ruining the Today Show, getting drunk, doing various forms of drugs, hooking up with random chicks, attempting to rekindle with ex's & parents, and fighting in garbage. On the night of the concert Snow learns that his child is not actually his and that his ex Jackie Q(Rose Bryne) would rather fuck Lars Ulrich, so he decides to commit suicide, but luckily Aaron is there to help him out and finally get him to the greek. It's one of theose films that you can't really tell people about, they just need to see since it's more sight gags & one liners to list, but it's a hilarious film.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Film News Roudnup 6-10-10 Iron Sky
Wow, that sounds awesome, i was kind of feeling bummed out and my friend sent me this, cheered me right up. How awesome does that sound? Just imagine if this happened, with the occult & astrology linked to Nazism it could've been. What a flick this will be! Batman 3 RUMOR
JGL as the Riddler? I can dig it, i'm a huge JGL fan. Van Helsing
Badass, i'd rather see him do somethign like this than the Hobbit, then again i'd rather see him do a spanish film above all. Taken 2
Sequel isn't needed but it might be fun, the character could definitely be used again! Monsterocalypse
Burton as i've said has too much on his plate, but i love August, i LOVE the Nines, great film, hopefully he can do some magic with Burton like he did Big Fish! Green Lantern 2
I'm excited for the Ryan Reynolds version(well CGI suit aside) but let's not get ahead of ourselves, we all remember Superman Returns.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Film News Round Up 6-09-10 Scott Pilgrim Game
I don't normally post video game news, but as a SNES fan & a HUGE Scott Pilgrim fan. Batman Year One
I've seen more of the Marvel animated films than i have DC, but this would be pretty cool! Die Hard 5
I've seen one episode of 24, so i can't really comment, but i just want my McClane to be McClane again, cause he didn't feel like him in part 4. Tropic Thunder spin off
I ony saw it once, i laughed alot, but i really don't recall much, it wasn't too memorable for me, i need to check it out again but i did get a kick out of Cruise in the film.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

100th Post John Carpenter's Fangland!
This just popped my wood! Entourage
I just got into the show, well a little, i've seen episodes here & there, but i like what i've seen, i don't know about the Hangover esque plot though. Metroid
Let us just hope, that this is, just a rumor. SUre a Metroid film might suck with or without Boll, but come on, UWE BOLL? Don't do it Nintendo. Magneto
I can see this, i like this! Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I've yet to read the book or see the original film, but i really want to, and i'm not the biggest supporter of remakes, but with Fincher behind the camera this might be good. Captain America
Eh, not too hot on the guy playing Dum Dum, but Tucci is an odd choice, but an odd choice i like. Preacher
I really like Carnahan, i've enjoyed all his films so far, sure A-Team is up in the air currently but Narc was great & Smokin Aces was just insane mindless fun, as a Preacher fan, i support this! Indiana Jones
I'm just passing this along, as none of the Indiana Jones flicks do to much for me these days. Knights of Badassdom
Looking forward to Lynch's next!

Trailer wasn't much to write home about but it looks like it might be fun, might be crappy, but atleast it looks fun.


Just for fun


Splice looked like Species but it was more Frankenstein by the way of David Cronenberg. Clive & Elsa(Adrien Brody & Sarah Polley) are two of the top genetic engineers in the game, and have spliced multiple forms of animal DNA, together to create two slug like creatures named Fred & Ginger, the next step is to add in human dna, thus Dren is born. Dren is untamed but Elsa begins to treat it as a child, however it soon ages fast and evolves. Clive's brother Gavin finds out about Dren and is uneasy of the situation, Clive & Elsa decide to move here to Elsa's childhood farm. During some disputes between Dren & Elsa, Clive becoems the peace maker and the new target of Dren's affection, becoming her ideal lover. Well that come to the forefront, but Clive & Elsa patch up their situation and Dren becomes jealous of the couple. After they think Dren is dead, Gavin shows up with Barlow(David Hewlett), the head of Clive & Elsa's research. However Dren comes back but this time as a male, and after disposing of the other males, has his way with Elsa, Clive makes the save but it's too late, Dren finishes him off(after he finished off Elsa ;) ) only to receive a brick to the head. It's been rumored a sequel is on the way, and the endign sets one up, almost by the way of the Fly 2.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


MacGruber is a laught at first then gets tiresome SNL sketch, when i heard a film was being made i flabbergasted, but the film is fucking hilarious.

It's a simple plot, Dieter(Val Kilmer) killed Casey(Maya Rudolph), MacGruber's would be wife on their wedding day. Years later he has purchased a deadly missile so Col. Faith(Powers Booth!) decides he needs MacGruber back. He then gets a team put together full of WWE Superstars(MVP, Kane, Chris Jericho, Great Khali, Mark Henry...and Big Show, but he doesn't join the team) however he accidentally blows them all up(save for Big Show) . He then has to rely on LT. Piper(Ryan Phillippe) & Vicki ST Elmo(Kristen Wiig). It has a showdown at the villians warehouse, has lots of explosions & 80's esque sex scenes. What more could you want? Gore? Gore is that what you want? Well it has a little of that too, and it does so in hilarious ways. Is it a great film? FUCK NO, but i laughed my ass off a couple times so i'll recomend it, hell it's the fourth best SNL film(Wayne's World(and 2) and Blues Brothers are the best). But if you like sex jokes & splat stick, you might enjoy it!