Monday, November 30, 2009

Evil Dead The Musical

I remember a few years ago, i was online reading movie news as usual, when i saw a post on a musical adaptation of The Evil Dead! As being a huge Evil Dead fan aswell as a fan of musicals(RHPS ftw!) i was geeked up. I always planned on seeing it someday on the coast or what have you, but about a month ago i noticed something on the bulletin board at work. Evil Dead the Musical, one town over, a community college production. Ran for 6 days, i finally got around to seeing it on one of the last presentations, and indeed it was worth it.

Got to campus about 45 minutes before showtime, but it was SOLD OUT, i needed two tickets, we were told if we waited, we could get some from people who may have reserved seats but didn't show, or if they miscounted the seats. Luckily a few fools passed on the chance to see a very fun horror musical. We were seated in the front row, square center, a nice fog machine was going setting ambience along with a red light that would make hookers proud. The show started and as expected with a college production, the props & sets were cheap, but in had a certain unique charm(plus some muscle). Some props included a fisher price radio as the tape recorder, an orange & purple shotgun, and some far out wigs made out of what appeared to be construction paper.

Ash was black and Cheryl was white so they kept reffering to themselves as half siblings, they along with the other actors all did a pretty good job. Ash was cocky in his monolouge moments of reflection, Cheryl was fantastic all night with her puns, Scott was so over the top awesome, Shelly who is a dimbo in the musical version was a very fun change. Linda was rather shy it felt but still good, and the actors who played Annie, Ed & Good Ol' Reliable Jake was awesome, especialy Jake, who ran with the role, and was possibly the best part.

Changes were made from the film a tad bit, BObbie Jo was taken out, as explained by Jake, having already heard about the girl being attacked by trees earlier(Cheryl) that Bobbie would be redundant! Great lil inside jokes were thrown in about Raimi and Spider Man, and Bruce Campbell just to name a few. Do the Necronomiconwas probably the best musical number, which featured an actual dance routine and even mentions the TIME WARP! Army of Darkness was only shown with the end S Mart scene and a brief refference to medieval times.

Now what about the blood? Well as many know, the musical is a splatter fest and the first few rows usualy get hit, well, this one used silly string, and being in the front row, and dead center, my uncle & i recieved silly string facials, which we bagged up as a memento!

All in all it was a great time & for $5 a ticket, how can you go wrong? If they ever do it again, i'll definetly go, and i'd love to see other cities perform it, and the chance to be covered in blood! You can watch a few productions on youtube, and they are great. In closing, as being one who is against remakes, i hate the idea of an Evil Dead remake, but if they did Evil Dead the Musical for the big screen, i'd be all for it, wouldn't really be a remake imo, just a musical homage. Now Gimme Some Sugar Baby!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dawn of the Fans

So this past August, my uncle & i trekked to Monroeville PA & Pittsburgh PA to visit the mall from Dawn of the Dead. We left a Sunday morning via a greyhound, arrived Monday morning. Got dropped off right at the Monroeville Mall! We had to wait a few hours for it to open so we checked in at the hotel, ate some breakfast and wandered around a few stores. When we arrived at the mall, it was orgasmic, walking into it was such a moment, as soon as you walk in(atleast our entrance) there was a George A. Romero/Dawn of the Dead gallery. Although they got many facts wrong about funding & the crew(castmember Dario Argento?). The mall has been changed over the years, no arcade, no ice rink ect....But i knew that going in. We tried to match up shots from the film to shots we had, e.g., riding the escallator like escallator zombie. Everyone in the mall was supportive, we even met 2 men at JC Penney's who were there, one of which was an extra zombie(didn't get a pic with him though, fucking idiots we were). However, while trying to slide down the escallator the Roger slides on, we were threatened with arrest. There is also an awesome store, Time & Space toys, that is pretty much a horror store, yo ucan buy horror dvd's, horroro figures, posters, Zombie energy drinks, ect....Got a Dawn shirt, an energy drink & The Crazies on dvd!

The next day while in Pittsburgh we went to 247 Fort Pitt, where some of the apartment roof scenes from Dawn were filmed, as well as the basement from Night. We only got to see the basement, but wow, nearly identical to the 1968 classsic, i had chills down there, it was amazing. Sitting on the stairs was such a moment, almost wanted to make a quik NOTLD remake, seeing as how it's public domain, then i thought how i'm against remakes, so fuck that noise!

I will say that the people in Pittsburgh & Monroeville are some of the nicest i have ever met, EVERYONE was super friendly, and they're cities that support film! The first of many of my documented trip to the mall. Some of my pics, for those of you on facebook, they're on there aswell.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Now if only we can Get Grindhouse released on dvd!

First Post

Hello my fellow geeks i am Oducerproducer, or Joe, or El Duderino((if you're not into the whole brevity thing). I am a film maker from Omaha, NE, i've finished my screen play and am now raising money for my first feature to shoot in early 2010! My first film, Crackle, is the tale of a day in the life of two dude's walking around downtown Omaha, and the weird friends they encounter. My next few projects after that are in the horror genre, cause horror is my favorite genre first & foremost!