Monday, May 31, 2010

Survival of the Dead

So since Survival never opened in Omaha last week i decided to watch in On Demand, and i liked it. Is it flawed? Oh yes, yes it is but it feels so much more like a Romero zombie film than Land & Diary did, it's not as good as his original trilogy but it is no where as bad as people have said it is.

It's the story of Sgt. Crocket(Alan van Sprang)and his troops wh odecide to take off and find a place to live out their lives, they stumble across a kid, who i don't believe was ever named. He shows them a video for an island, an island where to waring families are at odds, the Muldoon's and the O'Flynns, Muldoon wants to keep zombies alive and use them for work and attempt to get them to eat animals. O'Flynn & the troops arrive to the island and some get killed others chose to die instead of becoming zombies, a battle line is drawn and chaos ensues. There are soem pretty contrived moments & cliche pieces of dialogue but i'm not going to nit pick, as the film as a whole was quite enjoyable.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper: He's a Headliner Baby!

So sad news today as one of the most kick ass actors in film has passed on. Dennis Hopper died at 74 from Prostate Cancer, this just a day after the passing of Gary Coleman. Hopper was in some of my favorite counter culture & biker films. He was a leader of Hollywood in the 60's & 70's and even helped out with independent cinema in more ways than we can thank him for. Iwish he had been in more great films the past 10 years, but he has been in a few very entertaining flicks to say the least.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Film News Round up 5-27-10 Hawkeye in Avengers?
If this is true, i can totally see that casting! Captain America
Be cool to have Tommy Lee Jones back! X Men First Class
Meh, atleast it's better than digitally making them younger. Weaver in Buried directors next flick!
I'm anxiously awaiting Buried, and am a huge fan of Sigourney Weaver! Thw Switch
I love Jackie Brown but haven't read the book, or the rest the series, but i'm intrigued by this. Sinatra
I only mention this because of Scorsese but much like Fincher & Burton may have too much on his plate. Scream 4
Could care less, only liked the first one. Fun Size
Sounds like fun. Martyrs
Oh yay, another Platinum Dunes remake, fuck this! Jack
John Cusack + Brad Anderson + awesome sounding plot = AWESOME The Thing
Maybe he'll finally build his church. QT's Dracula
Hmm, all i can say is RUMOR, cool rumor but that is all this will be. Devil's Rejects "2"
I love the Reject's but a sequel in unneeded, let them die in that epic final scene. Ninja Turtles
Platinum Dunes? Seriously? I'll put aside my feeling for them, for my love of all things Ninja Turtles, i just hope they give us a comic book esque Turtle film, dark & gritty.

Looks liek alot more fun than i was expecting.

How awesome was that?

Holy shit i want to see this NOW.

So Allen was a vamp in the second one, is he is this one? Is it a prequel to The Tribe? Shouldn't we just forget about the Tribe?

Edits on sing alongs wtf? It's CREAM not SCREAM.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Diary of the Dead

So i didn't get to see the first 3 Dead films in theatres obviously, but i did get to see Land, which i loved finally getting the chance to say, i've seen Romero Zombies first run in theatres. I waited for Diary, but it never came, so when that dvd came out, my uncle rushed out to buy it, why didn't I? I played the waiting game, and am kind of glad i did. I watched it that that, and was disappointed , highly disappointed, I took it home, watched it a second time, and felt embarrassed, highly embarrassed, then i checked it out again months later, HATED IT. Now the waiting game had ended, as a couple months ago i bought a $5 copy from Wal Mart, why did i buy it? Because it's a Romero Zombie film to add to my collection and it was so cheap. SO i popped it in the player, and liked it, liked it alot. I watched it again yesterday to top off my Of The Dead viewings i've done the past few days. Well the film is enjoyable, but it truly is a mess. It follows a group of film students making a mummy flick, as a zombie outbreak happens, Jason(Joshua Close) wants everything documented but his girlfriend Debra(Michelle Morgan) is highly against it. The "found footage" style fails in the film, as they use various cameras, including surveillance cameras, and a cell phone, a cell phone that has a tight shot of the phone as opposed to the cameras point of view. The characters even add music to the footage, i mean come on what the fuck? As far as the characters go, they're all likeable, but not memorable. THe one character i wanted to spend more time with was Samuel, the death mute amish fella. Romero even has semi spun off Diary wiht Survival, what with the Colonel and all. The gore scenes are good but Romero has developed a strong taste for CGI, and there is no real story ark is the film, it's almost like it's just there, but it was an experiment of sorts for Romero so i respect that. He also took us back to the beginning where the outbreak first happens, even hearing an audio clip from Night, speaking of audio there are plenty of cameos, including Quentin Tarantino, so listen up! Here's hoping Survival plays in your town!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Finale Thoughts

SO there were some shows i watched end like Seinfeld, that i didn't watch fro mthe beginning. Then there were shows i watched that only lasted one season, Undeclared, or were treated like a piece of shit, Arrested Development. Of course there were other shows i just gave up on, and then there are cartoons like South Park & Family Guy, that are still going strong, but there is only one LOST.

I can't describe the whole show on here as it'd take too long, i can't even review each season or episode, as A) it'd take alot of time to review each one by viewing them again(which i will do thanks to my dvd's). The show is too complex and brain fucked to put into words. But i'll give my quick thoughts on the finale. I loved it, i loved that the flash sideways, alternate universe was them in limbo. I loved that Ben sacrificed himself to save Hurley(albeit he didn't die like i thought he would've). I knew that Hurley would be the candidate, and i loved the went that route. Now in the church at the end, i didn't see Michael or Walt, Ecko or Anna Lucia, at first i thought it was perhaps because three of them had killed people, but then again so did Sawyer & Kate. So i don't know what was up with that, but i don't really care, as i hated Anna & Walt, Michael was just ok, i did like Ecko though. Perhaps it was that non of them were important to the other characters, that's my guess atleast. Plus how did you get to be at the church? Cause it wasn't via the plane since Desmond & Penny were there. My belief since i didn't see Daniel was since he was the son of Ellie & Charles, that he couldn't have gone, and since his true love was Charolate, that she couldn't have gone either. Then there is Ben, who i believe decided to stay to be with Danielle & Alex. I loved that good & evil were blurred, and people could make up their own minds, i loved the characters, i loved the writing, i loved everything, i love that this is the only show i put up there with my favorite films. Thank you LOST, you'll be missed!

Land of the Dead

SO Night showed the beginning of the epidemic, Dawn showed the break down, Day showed the aftermath, now we get to Land, which shows us how people have adjusted, beign used to the zombies, or stenches as they're called in the film.This wasn't Romero's first studio film but it was his first studio zombie film, and while it has it's flaws, it's still an entertaining flick, and Romero has said Universal didn't get too involved in creative control. This is Universal we're talking about thought, look what they did to mallrats, they made Smith cut things from his screenplay, look at Dazed & Confused, Linklater's film could've been a huge hit at the box office, but it had little marketing. I think Land was handles very well though, it's audience(us online and horror magazine fans) knew of the film, and went to see it regardless.

It opens with an old school Universal logo, and we hear a recap of the zombie attack. Our hero in the film is Riley(Simon Baker), who works for Kaufman(Dennis Hopper) a man with great wealth who has the Pennsylvania town closed off, guarded by the military. Riley and others go out at night to find goods, medicine & survivors. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Cholo(John Leguizamo) who instead of tryign to help people is only out for himself, trying to get into Fiddler's Green, Kaufman's estate for the rich. When Cholo is denied he goes rogue and takes Dead Reckoning(a suped up vehicle designed by Riley). Riley on the other hand in an attempt to save Slack(Asia Argento), from a zombie attack, gets arrested. So he, Slack & Riley's longtime friend Charlie(Robert Joy) are sitting in jail when Kaufman asks them to go & get Cholo. They along with three of Kaufman's people, Manolete (Sasha Roiz), Motown (Krista Bridges) and Pillsbury (Pedro Miguel Arce). After the death of Manolete & Motown, Pillsbury officially joins Riley's group. They finally get Dead Reckoning back but by time that happens, the zombies have gotten through the gates and have rampages on the city(including Tom Savini). Cholo had been bitten and decides to live as a zombie, but before turning makes it his mission to find Kaufman. He officially zombies out and goes after him, the two are then killed by Big Daddy(Eugene Clark), a zombie who is featured almost as a hero zombie, using tools & weapons almost like a living man, via an explosion wit ha gas leak. Riley & his Dead Reckoning crew get to the city hast enough to save the townsfolk, but decide to let Big Daddy and his zombie "friends" go, as Riley says, they're just searching for a place to go.

The film features more of a post 9-11 touch with fears of unknown threats, and governments taking control over when & where people can go, almost in a near facist state. Alot say it doesn't feel like a Romero film, but i beg the differ, sure it's no where as good as his original three, but it's still a very Romeroish film. There was no Dusk of the Dead, but Land pretty much wrapped up the series, but as Yoda says, There is Another.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day of the Dead

SO we survived the night, welcomed the Dawn, now must tackle the day. Day of the Dead is Romero's most Love it or Hate it zombie film, and those that love it, often times say it's his best. It's close, very clse to being his best, but i still must go with Dawn. Dawn was a huge success in the realm of horror cinema, and plenty of Fangoria readers were anxious to see the next chapter.

The zombies have pretty much taken over, street are abandoned, alligators are roaming around , we meet Sarah, John, Bill & Miguel(Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Jarlath Conroy & Anthony Dileo Jr), who have left their millitary base in hope of finding survivors or solace. Once at the base we meet Captain Rhodes(Joe Pilato) and his men(including Greg Nicotero). Tension immedietly rise, as Sarah's people are more men of science, where Rhodes's are soldiers and believe the others are getting in the way, screwing things up & wasting time & efforts. One of the things Rhodes believes to be a waste of time is Dr. Logan's(Richard Liberty) experiments. Logan believes we can teach zombies to be a tad civil, and his greatest test subject is Bub(Sherman Howard), a zombie who remembers toothbrushes, razors, books, telephones, millitary salutes and most importantly the use of fire arms. It's later revealed that Logan has been feeding Bub, pieces of Rhodes' men, so Rhodes seeks revenge by shooting him to death. The zombies make their way in, and chaos breaks loose, Miguel sacrifices himself to save his friens, Rhodes' sacrifices his friends to save himself, and those that did wrong get what was coming for them. Rhodes' ultimately gets shot by Bub and feasted upon by the horde of zombies, but still manages to tell them all the CHOKE ON EM. Sarah, Bill & John make their way to a helicopter where they fly to the safety of a beach. Night had a gloomy ending, Dawn had a unknown ending and Day almost came full circle by having the closest thing to a happy ending as you could think of for a zombie film. Romero does a great job of making it seem & look like civilization has come to an end, but even in the end of days, there is a light. Romero also tackles military ruling in this chapter, and almost foreshadows the events to come in Land.

BTW at all cost avoid the sequel & the remake, the remake features spider man zombies, and as cool as that sounds, is just retarded to watch.

Dawn of The Dead

Yesterday i did a piece on Night of the Living Dead, today i'm doing Geroge Romero's follow up, Dawn of the Living Dead...i mean Dawn of the Dead, not a sequel perse but a continuation.Not only is is my favorite George Romero film but it's my favorite horror film(if you don't count Rocky Horror), not only that but imo it's the best horror film ever made. I own a Dawn shirt, poster & have a tattoo on my arm, i own the ultimate 4 disk dvd aswell as a vhs of the film. My uncle used to have it on every format it was made available, the two of us even went to visit the Monroeville Mall last year.

The film begins with the break down on human living, emergency stations are taking over & rescue outpost are popping up, but may not exist. Fran(Gaylen Ross) works for the station and her significant other Stephen(David Emge) haqs come to take her to safety. Stephen flies the WGON helicopter and is planning on meeting up with his SWAT team buddy Roger(Scott Reiniger). Roger meanwhile is at an apartment building where he & his SWAT team are taking care of business. There is a huge zombie attack happening in said building which features some of the best moments in any zombie film. Roger meets another SWAT member Peter(Ken Foree), the two then take off to meet with Stephen. After some distractions by police at a fuel station, seeing some rednecks enjoy themselves, and my all time favorite zombie death, they finally arrive at the shopping center, you know one of those big in door malls.

Helicopter death ftw!

I the mall, Stephen almosts messes things up(much like a nearlier scene where he had a gun pointed at Peter...never point a gun at anybody, scary isn't it...isn't it) Fran is attacked by a hare krishna, and zombies are everywhere in the mall. SO they decide to stay, hey i would too, food & entertainment at your finger tips. Sadly while moving some trucks Roger is bitten, and begins to get sick, but that doesn't stop the 4 from living their lives. The film is always referenced as a satire for consumerism, and rightfully so, but at the same time, it shows that you have to roll with the punches, life goes on, try to enjoy life as much as you can, cause LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST, IF YOU DON'T STOP AND LOOK AROUND, YOU COULD MISS IT! Save Ferris, Kill Zombies!

Roger turns into a zombie, and Peter must shoot his best friend, a little while later, the others appear on the island, I mean soem bikers appear outside the mall. The bikers, featuring Dawn's brilliant f/x artist Tom Savini invade the mal and begin destroying everything in sight, letting a thousand zombies in their(or so Peter says). During a chase to an elevator shaft(the interior of the shaft was actually shot at the Fort Pit building!) Stephen is shot and left for dead, left for the dead, as the zombies have their way with him. Peter & Fran are planning their escape when Stephen appears from the elevator, zombiefied, and leading the charge to the hide out. Fran decides to take the helicopter while Peter stays bellow. Peter shoots Stephen, and at the last moment decides to leave aswell. He gets to the copter and with no enough fuel, the two leave for an unwritten future. Supposedly an ending was shot where Peter shot himslef & Fran commited suicide via the copter blades, but others say it was never shot.

I've seen three cuts of the film, have watched many of documentaries on the making of the film(ones not even on the dvd), and have read great amounts of Dawn of the Dead articles in books & magazines. It trully is a wonderful film that words do not describe. I went to the mall last year, and had a great time, great people, great stores, and great places for photos. and remember WHEN THERE IS NO MORE ROOM IN HELL THE DEAD WILL WALK THE EARTH!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Film News Round Up 5-21-10 Fire & Ice
Never has seen the animated film, but Rodriguez seems passionate about it so perhaps it'll be pretty cool, no where as cool as Machete will be though. Comic Con Episode 4
Badass! I'm gonna be there! Rise of the Apes
Hmm, I really like Franco, but i still hate this idea, meh, better han Mark Wahlberg. Ricky Stanicky
I heard the writer and passed then i read the plot, not to shabby. Looney Toons
I usualy don't post T.V. related things, but all i can say is FUCK. Surrender Dorothy
I'm all for an oz sequel! my Soul To Take
Just when i was excited to see the film, i hear it's in 3d. Hey who knows maybe it'll lend itself to the film, maybe maybe not, I'm still keeping an open mind. Avengers
Holy shit! I can only hope! Plus it'll explain the lack of Norton. Martin Scorsese & George Harrison!
YES! First Nowhere Boy, now this, great time to be a Beatles fan & cinephile!

Night Of the Living Dead

Alright so since Survival of the Dead comes out next friday, i decided to take a look back at all the Romero Dead films. Some i love, one i just like, the other i tolerate. BTW it goes in that order of when they came out, only reverse Dawn & Night.

Night of the Living Dead is a special film, i saw it on vhs plenty of times as a kid, as well as Creature Feature a few times, even if i already owned a copy, i just loved it. George Romero & friends each investing $600 for the films production budget, a move that later failed, due to lack of copyright. The film has gone on to be released by various vhs & dvd distributors, from the lowest common denominator to the Weinstein Company, it can be remade with the snap of a finger, noone owns it. It's been remade with Romero's involvement, directed by Tom Savini. It's been remade in 3D, and very craptastic i might add. Now it's being remade, as a semi prequel semi remake, all CGI, with Danniele Harris & Bill Moseley(reprising the role of Johnny from the Savini version). It's even had a few redux's one with added footage that was shot 30 years later, and one as a brilliant art project, Re-Animated, done by various animators to recreate scenes from Night, but with the same soundtrack, oh it's also had a colorised version released too. It was also one of the first true midnight movies, and a midnight movie i still have had the privilege of seeing. It came out in 1968, a year full of racist undertones, and what appears on screen? A black hero, Romero didn't do this intentionally, but Duane Jones was the best man for the part, and thankfully so, as it added just that much more to Night's essence.

The film begins with a gorgeous shot of the open road, a car is seen driving down, it contains a pair of siblings, Barbra(Judith O'Dea) and Johnny(Russell Streiner, one of the films producers), they are on their way to plant memorials at their dads grave. Johnny begins to refference when they were little and he'd scare Barbara, and how grandpa would say "BOY YOU BE DAMNED TO HELL", he realises she's still scared, but he won't stop it, he begins "They're coming to get you Barbara", then as he points to a man wandering around and runs, the man, graveyard zombie(Bill Hinzman), attacks her, Johnny tries to save her, but it's no use, as he is easily taken out. Barbara runs to the car gets in and goes down the hill, she unfortunately crashes but finds shelter in an old farm house.

In the farmhouse Barbara begins to get whacked out, but luckily meets Ben, who goes on a mini zombie killing spree. The two try to clear space & board up windows, they think they're all alone, until two men appear from the cellar. Harry & Tom(Karl Hardman & Keith Wayne) emerge and begin an arguement with Ben, well Harry does atleast, the racist undertones of Harry are vibrant, yet unintentional. They both have their wives/girlfriends in the cellar, Helen & Judy(Marilyn Eastman & Judith Ridley), aswell as Harry & Helen's daughter Karen(Kyra Schon). Karen had been bitten and is getting sick, Harry wants the cellar door shut and to stay down there with his wife & daughter. Ben refuses and stays upstairs, fighting for everything they have, including a radio & a television, where we learn that a satellite may have caused the incident of zombies running amok, and the proper way to kill them, using a firearm or blunt object to the brain. Ben decides t oescape using the truck outside, but Tom is the only one who can handle the truck, Judy decides to help at the last minute, however a gas spill & flame causes their ultimate death. Harry on the other hand has locked Ben out of the house, but once he has gotten back in, it's pay back time on Harry as Ben unleashes his rage, including a shooting. Some of the zombies have gotten into the house aswell, but one was already their, as Karen herself has turned, Harry passes away but Karen murders her mother with a trowel. Barbara is then grabbed by zombie Johnny, and Ben locks himself in the cellar. The police & towns people have begun killing of the zombies, and upon gettign to the house, discover Ben, as human as can be, but shoot him, right between the eyes, thinking he was a zombie, killing him & adding him to the fire. it ends on such a down note, but that's the brilliance, life doesn't always end well, so why should our films? The film may not have been the first gory flick to hit the screen but it ushered in a new era of horror films and the way they got made.

I myself have been to the basement from Night, which wasn't shot at the same location of the house, but rather the Fort Pit building, also home of the roof from the projects in Dawn of the Dead.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Halloween Series: A Look Back

I did New Line's House of Horror films, so why not do the greatest slasher series of them all, Halloween, as opposed to most of my look backs where i give small synopsis's, this time i'm gonna focus on the first and give micro look backs, on the others.

To many, a slasher film is just a slasher film, and they may be right, but to me Halloween, is in a class all of its own. Beautifully directed & scored by John Carpenter, my favorite film maker of all time, Halloween, may not be the first slasher, it may not even have been the film to coin slasher, but it is the cream of the crop, and yes i am counting Psycho in that bunch of films. It starts with 2 teens having a quickie, not just a quckie, but near pre mature ejaculation esque timing, but we see a first person view that goes through a door, up the stairs and into a bed room, in the bedroom is Judith Myers(Sandy Johnson), who is stabbed to death. Flash forward 15 years later and Michael escapes. He returns to Haddonfield and his attending Doctor, Dr. Loomis(Donald Pleasence) is on the chase. While in Haddonfield Michael begins to stalk Laurie Strode(Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends Linda & Annie(P.J. Soles & Nancy Loomis). Annie & Laurie are baby sitting but Annie soon ditches her kid Lindsey(Kyle Richards) onto Laurie. While in her car Michael makes his move, and kills her off. Linda is with her boyfriend Bob, who have "fantastic" sex, Bob is killed in a kitchen, then Michael has some fun by dressin up as a ghost, before choking Linda whilst on the phone with Laurie. Laurie leave Lindsey & Tommy(Brian Andrews) to investigate, and after some near death moments, Loomis comes to save the day shooting Myers out of a window, only not to be found when looking out the window.

Part 2 follows exactly after the first one, with Laurie in the hospital & Loomis still trying to find Myers, it ends with a fire at the hospital, in my opinion it's an amazing horror sequel.

Part 3 features Myers on t.v., becasue this one is not about him, it's about Silver Shamrock masks, and the evil company that produces them. Tom Atkins stars, and is actually a film i love, not only do i love the Silver Shamrock song, but i love the film.

By time Myers returns for the fourth one, Laurie is dead, but her daughter is alive, and being stalked by Myers, she however may suffer the smae killing gene that her uncle has.

or not, she's just in a ward for mental kids, and the man in black is off the island and helping Myers out.

Oh wait it's not the man in black from Lost it's Dr. Wynn from the original film. This one brings up the occult & the Thorn cult. Plus Paul Rudd plays Tommy Doyle!

But shit part 4-6 didn't happen, as h20 is the true sequel to the second one. I liek it that way too, as it plas out very well, atleast the first 10 minutes. Marion Chambers(Nancy Stephens) reprising her role from the original, sees that her house has been broken in to. She asks Joseph Gordon Levitt(!) to help her out(well he suggests it). Nice slow build, until she find him & his buddy dead, then she gets it. We then see a montage of Dr. Loomis set to a remix of the halloween music. Laurie has goen into hiding, but much like the halloween when she was 17, her son(Josh Hartnett) may have the same traumatic experience happen to him. The cool thign about this film is Mr Sandman, plays at the beginning, a throwback to Halloween 2.

Part 4/8 is a piece of shit. A remake was made which split audiences, the n a sequel to that remake came, and was one of the worst films i've seen in a long time.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series: A Look Back

So i did A Nightmare On Elm Street, seeing as how i did Freddy vs Jason, i figured, hey why don't i do a look back on Friday the 13th. Well now i'm doing one on the last of the so called New Line House of Horror, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Funny thing is Friday was put out by Paramount up until the ninth installment but Chainsaw was another not originally put out by New Line until a re release, in fact of the 4 original Chaninsaw films only one was released by New Line, that being part 3.

The original is one of my all time favorite films, i have fond memories of watching it as a wee lad at my uncles house, it was gritty, washed out & grainy, not the print but the whole feel of the film, and i loved it. It starts off with 5 teens going to an old house up on a hill, but they decide to pick up a hitchhiker, one with a passion in photography. The hitchhiker(Ed Neal) works at a slaughter house, and when is refused money for a real good picture, he starts a fire then stabs poor wheelchair bound Franklin(Paul Partain). Needless to say he gets kicked out but marks the van. While at the house, the lovebirds Kirk & Pam(William Vail & Teri McMinn) fall victim to Leatherface(Gunnar Hansen). Franklin's sister Sally's(Marilyn Burns) boyfriend Jerry(Allen Danziger) goes off looking for his friends, he winds up dead. Then poor Franklin, who was cut my a knife, gets cut by a chainsaw, it's a massacre, and in Texas. Sally runs off and finds help in gool old Jim Siedow, but he turns heel real fast. She gets taken to dinner at their house and is tortured, and beaten, she manages to escape and get a trucker to stop, Sally and the trucker run off but she ultimately leaves to fella and is rescued by a man in a pickup. The first hours & 10 minutes or so are fairly simple horror film moments but the last 15 minutes or so is very intense.

As intense as the first one was, the second goes for a lighter tone, The Sawyer Family is back and kills two douche bags calling a radio station hosted by Stretch(Caroline Williams), the killings are recorded so she gives them to Lieutenant Enright(Dennis Hopper) the uncle of Sally & Franklin. HE asks her to play it on air, and the Sawyer family hears it, so Chop Top(Bill Moseley) goes to the station and tries to kill Stratch, or atleast unleash Leatherface on her. However Leatherface kind of gains a crush on her, so he lets her live. She winds up falling into the family pit, and is captured by Drayton(Jim Siedow) and begins to be tortured aswell, until Enright arrives and has a chainsaw battle with Leatherface. A grenade goes off but Stretch & Chop Top make it out, Stretch then gets the upper hand and kill him with a chainsaw.

The third one features Michelle & Ryan(Kate Hodge & William Butler) traveling through Texas when they meet Tex(Viggo Mortensen), who seems okay but is apparently a victim to Alfredo (Tom Everett), the two take off and come across Benny (Ken motha fuckin Foree). It all turns out bad as they are attacked by the Sawyer family, including Tex. The third one keeps the humorous tone of the second but the "dinner" scene is more intense ala the first one, only not as intense, the only two to escape are Benny & Michelle.

The fourth one, is bad, but so bad it's good, gone are the days of horror, this is almost an a.d.d. Chainsaw film, a bunch of obnoxious teens(including Renee Zelwegger) are victims to the Sawyer family(Including Mathew McConaughey), but the main reason to mention this film is due to the dinner scene, in which Jenny(Zellwegger), some how out smarts the family and walks out, then winds up being chased again. It's almost hard to review, it has to be seen, it's that bad.

A remake was made, which i actually didn't mind, but it's prequel is an unwatchabe, horrible film. Not so bad it's good, just bad.

Monday, May 17, 2010 William Gaines!
As a huge Gaines fan, plus a huge fan of Landis, i'm stoked. I love Landis's early work, but with this and Burke & Hare, perhaps Landis is back! 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
There are alot more projects i've heard Fincher attatched to that i'd rather see him helm, but if anyone can make a decent update it'll be Fincher. Battle Royale in 3d
Hmm, atleast it's not a remake....i shouldn't jinx it....Battle Royale is an awesome film and the best manga ever. Cut Throats Nine
Hmm, never seen the original, but i love Rue Morgue, so together well it could lead to quite the combination. Dark Pearl
I love Mark Hamil, he is one of us, a geek, and i highly dug Comic Book The Movie, which he also directed. Don't believe i've read the comic, but regardless, sounds cool. Splatter Sisters
I don't know about you, but i could really dig this, depending on how altered my mind is would adjust just how much i dig it. Deep Red 3D
Read this last night and am still trying to wrap my mind around it. Remaking one of your best friends best films, and in 3d none the less, especially after the interview in Fango where he bashed Avatar. Dracula 3D
Speaking of Argento, he's doing a 3d film himslef, let's just hope it's in the vein of a hammer film, or AIP flick. Fright Night
Great...more 3d. Pirates 4
Well who didn't see this coming? Mai The Psychic Girl
I hate to say it, but i'm beginning to hate reading about all these Burton projects. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
I'd take Rourke over Bronson anyday, even though the Matador was pretty cool. Looper
This flick just gets cooler & cooler, though i hope the JGL character doesn't go to the future to kill his future self, as the future is not yet written. SHIELD
As long as the cannon works out, i'm all for it. The Jesuit
Schrader is the shit!

looks like all kinds of awesome!

Very much enjoyed Laid to Rest, so i'll be looking forward to this one.

I own alot of Lennon books, i own his albums, i own all the Beatles albums, i loved Kick Ass, yeah i'm excited.

Might not look like my type of flick, but fuck it, i liked the trailer.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Film News Round Up 5-13-10 Undying
About time Russell is back to doing bad ass flicks! This should've come right after Grindhouse, but oh well. Wanderlust
I love Wain & his state brethren I also love Apatow, two great flavors that taste great together. I mean they use the same cast members quite a bit anyhow. Vamp Squad
Supercool, i'd love to see 80's vampire style flicks return. Daybreakers was ok, but nothing special. The Woman in Black
If one group can make 3d work, it's Hammer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 2 more Dead Films
Not hot on the idea of revisiting characters from Diary, but i'm always up for some Romero Zombie action! Monsterpocalypse
Oh Burton how i once loved you, your past few flicks haven't been too high on my charts, while a monster flick sounds cool as shit, i'm just not excited for it..yet. Plus who knows if he'll direct, he has plenty of other films in the work as it is. The Tiger
Darren Aronofsky is brilliant, and him possibly directing a horror flick is gold.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Film News round up 5-11-10 Fright Night
I've heard this one is darker in tone, so i'm not 100% against it, but i still think remaes re pointless for the most part. Colin Farrell however has been very awesoem the past couple of years. Killer ELite
Sounds badass Captain America
Argh, 3d is pissing me off. Judge Dredd
I'll admit to havign a guilty pleasure thing for the Sly version, but it wasn't Judge Dredd from the comics, hopefully this one will be balls to the wall A flick with Danny McBride & Aziz Ansari
McBride is comic gold in film, and Aziz has become one of my favorite stand ups, please go buy Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening! Man with the Iron Fist
Sounds cool to me, i could always go for some vintage feeling martial arts flicks! Iron Man 3

Friday the 13th series a look back

So after i did my look back on Nightmare on Elm Street, i decided to rewatch all the Friday the 13th Films aswell. Both are fun series and sure Freddy gets more innovative kills, but Jason and his mama to me were always the more entertaining of the series. Perhaps it was because the Friday series didn't become comedy, it just became camp, well maybe Jason Takes Manhattan.

Friday the 13th
A group of camp counselors(including Kevin Bacon) are killed off by an unseen killer, one we don't see until the end, Pamela Voorhees(bestsy Palmer) arrives, and at first we believe she is okay, helping out poor final girl Alice(Adriane King) but we soon realize, we just fucked with the wrong mexican...shit wrong movie, we soon realize that she is the killer. She watched as two counselors made loved while a young boy died...that boy was her son Jason, and today is his birthday. Alice chops off her head and gets on a boat, soon after Jason emerges from the water and attacks, but it may have all been a dream, cause the cops found no boy, which means, he's still out there.

Friday the 13th Part 2
Alice finally gets killed by Jason who wears a sack over his head for most of the film. Also our new final girl Ginny(Amy Steel) keeps having flashes of being chased through the woods...surprise it's Jason, and after another body count, Ginny gets to Jasons cabin and pretends to be Mama Voorhees, in order to attack Jason with a machete. That isn't gonna kill him, for fuck sake he'll probably hop through a window and grab your boyfriend at the end...oh shit that actually happens.

Friday the 13th IN 3D
w yes 3D shots of yard equipment, popcorn & joints, what more could you ask for? How a bout a hockey mask, not just any hockey mask...but Shelly's hockey mask. See Shelly(Larry Zerner) and his friends have decided to go camping, Jason decides to go too, and kills em all off, well except Chris(Dana Kimmell) who smack a machete into his, floats away, it grabbed by Pamela, wakes up to reveal a dream, not the whole film just the final scene.

Friday the 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter
Jason is at a morgue and not very happy, don't try to embalm the living, so he goes back to the wood where lil mask maker Tommy Jarvis(Corey Feldman) and his family live, also on site is the best dancer in town Jimmy(Crispin Glover) and his friends attempt to get laid, all while watching old school "Porn" and laughing the night away, well atleast Ted(Lawrence Monoson ) laughs the night away. The hero in this film isn't a chick though like previous Firday's, it's not even a teenager, it's a preteen, Tommy Jarvis decides to cut his hair for some reason and slice Jason's head open repeatedly while screaming DIE. It's kinda fucked up, learn to shave your head properly & quit saying die ya lil spook.

Friday the 13th Part 5 A New Beginning
Tommy Jarvis is in a mental institution, where a Jason copy cat pop up to kill people, we know he's a copy cat cause he wears blue marks, not red, Jason hates blue marks on his mask. At the end it looks like Tommy himself is gonna becoem a killer but part 6 proves us wrong.

Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives
The coolest Jason has ever looked, and the first time Jason becomes ubber strong & an undead killer. Jason is all rotted when Tommy Jarvis digs him up and a lightning bolt hits him. Maggots cover his face and he wants to kill. The film has excellent f/x plus it is almost self aware, it has alot of fun, such as the scene with the couple discussing not trusting a man in a mask or the 007 opening. My personal favorite of the series.

Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood
Not really a fan, it's Jason vs Carrie

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
It's Jason on a boat, ON A BOAT MOTHA FUCKER, then in the last half hour or so gets to Manhattan. He turns into a crying child, yeah, that's about it.

New Line then took over, and i dig their first Friday flick

Jason Goes to Hell: The FInal Friday

This one is very self aware, but it's not slapping you in the face, plus Jason is only in the first about 10 minutes and about the final 15 minutes. His spirit hops into others bodies. Oh Freddy Krueger appears and takes Jasons mask under ground.

Jason in space, unique kills but uses alot of cgi, don't hate me but i liked it.

Freddy vs Jason
Yeah Jason X was pretty much fogotten about, they pulled an H20 on it, and we got Freddy Vs Jason, it's probably the best looking of all the Friday's and Elm Streets, well close atleast, and has a pretty good script imo, nothign great but has a good chunk of in jokes.

Haven't seen the remake since it was in theatres, don't plan on revisiting it again anytime soon either.
Jason X

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2

So friday i went to see Iron Man 2, and i quite enjoyed it, soem moments more than others.

It starts off with Whiplash(Mickey Rourke) watching as his father dies, he dad was felt to have been "screwed over" by Howard Stark decades earlier, as this is happening Tony Stark is admitting to being Iron Man on t.v.. We then skip ahead 6 months later as Iron Man is headed to the Stark Expo, while leaving he is subpoenaed to court to hand over the Iron Man suit. Tony uses his with & humor to avoid handing it over, not thrilled is Justin Hammer(Sam Rockwell) who is a competitor weapons dealer and wants to see Stark go down.

Throughout the film they play up Stark's alcoholism and in one scene while Pepper Potts(Gweneth Paltrow) accuses him of beign drunk, he decides to make he CEO. While filling out paperwork with Natalie Rushman(Scarlette Johansson) he decides she'd make a great assistant . Tony then goes to have a race car lap when he is attacked by whiplash, who is arrested and taken to jail. Hammer decides to get him out by faking his death, and grants him resources to make a suit better than Iron Man.

Meanwhile TOny Stark is on a downward spiral, both physically from Iron Man & from alcohol, while drunk at a party James Rhodes(Don Cheadle) suits up in a Mark 2 Iron Man suit and the two duke it out, leading Rhodes to take off with the suit & hand it over to the U.S. Military. Nicky Fury demands Stark gets his head together and make a better suit, and find new elements. He does just so, and just in time, as Hammer is unleashing Whiplashes suits(droids) at the Expo. Rhodes as War machine & Iron Man must then face off with both the droids and Whiplash. After the credits is a great moment, as Agent Coulson(Clark Greg) of SHIELD finds a crater which holds mjolnir, the mother fucking hammer of THOR!

While the film did have soem eye rolling moments, overall it was a fun film which was actually pretty character driven. Rourke & Rockwell are great in it, and it was cool to see Happy Hogan(John Favreau) get alot more lines of dialogue & even soem fight scenes, Rushman/Black Widow was kick ass as a kick ass chick taking down bad guys in a hallway, unfortunately this came out 3 weeks after Hit Girl & Kick Ass, but it's unfair to compare the two.

Happy Mother's Day

IF you really think about it, why do we purchase gifts? I mean everyone has a birthday, so it makes no sense, christmas is way too commercial, but mother's day makes sense, it's our way of saying thanks mom. BTW i still enjoy giving/receiving presents on holidays/birthdays.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Film News Round Up 4-8-10 Pac Man
WTF? How can Pac Man be made into a film without being complete shit? Captain America
Highly dug him in The Mist, interesting choice. Beatles! Horror! What more can you ask for? My favorite band and my favorite genre!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iron Man: "Retro" review

Since Iron Man 2 is coming out, and i'm not seeing it at midnight, which sucks, i decided to rewatch the first one. While some changes were made to update the story the film is fairly close to the comic series. Marvel has a history for their filsm beign more family friendly than DC's, sure Iron Man may not have as much violence as X Men 2(well comic violence anyhow), it's still their best made flick.

It starts off with ACDC's Back in Black, as we see military hummers driving down the road. We are introduced to Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr) who is very cocky & somewhat misogynistic, and in classic Tony fashion, is drinking booze. While in the midst of a photo being snapped the hummer in front of them blows up. Terrorist have attacked and have taken Tony hostage, using Stark Industry weapons i might add. We then see Tony Stark held captive and used in a hostage video, in one of the best opening i've seen in recent memory. We then get a glimpse at Tony's personal life, with his backstory, and how he behaves at award ceremonies, we meet James Rhodes(Terrence Howard) and Obadiah Stane(Jeff Bridges). While doing a piece for vanity fair, we're introduced to Pepper Potts(Gweneth Poltrow), TOn'y assistant. From there we see as Rhodes is the straight man of the two, not wanting to gamble, drink or have women dance very bad in front of him, though he winds up doing all three.

Fast forward and Stark is a hostage, he meets Yinsen, another prisoner who helps him build the Iron Man suit, the terrorist beleive he is working on a bomb, but he soon blows them all away, literally! Back in the states Tony Stark has question his action as a was profiteer, and has began building a better Rion Man suit. Tony's partner Stane was the one to set him up overseas and wants control of Stark Industries, he build his own suit and the two have a battle at the end which of course Iron man wins. Throughout the film we are greeted to the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, which is obviously the Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division, aka SHIELD, and after the credits we meet Nick Fury(Samuel L. Jackson). Now i always preferred Sgt, Fury but i'll admit his cameo was pretty fucking cool, and it sets up the forthcoming Avengers film, Downey Jr. even had a cameo in Hulk. The film is not with out flaws, as it takes liberties with the source material but not to great lengths and i would've prefered to see Stark as a full blown alcoholic but i get it Marvel wanted a wider audience, and the film worked, it's Marvel's best film. I kept hoping it's be there Batman Begins, but it was not, Iron Man was great, but 2 months later the Dark Knight changed how comic book films could be made. Now with Iron Man 2 released how will it compare, some say it's better, some say it fails, well, we'll see, one thing for sure is, it'll be no Dark Knight!

Film News Round Up 5-6-10 Planet of the Apes
So it's a reboot? But as a remake of Conquest for the Planet of the Apes? BUt is billed as a cautionary tale? Fuck this. Joaquin Phoenix
Fucking cool shit right there!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Film News Round Up Cinco De Mayo

Sure i did one for today, but that was at like midnight, 22 hours later i'm back, same day, different title. Kick Ass 2
I've been awaiting the second book for a little bit now, and a second film would be just as kick ass(sorry for the pun). I don't even care if a second film isn't made as long as i get a second book. The film thought was the most fun i've had in theatres since Grindhouse. Die Hard 5
I didn't hatre Die Hard 4, but it didn't feel liek a Die Hard flick, not at all. It was fun but it didn't have the fierceness that the others had. This Man
Very fucking cool, i was sent the site a while back, thought it was intriguing, never thought it'd be a film though. I loved the Strangers so i hope this comes true. Walking Dead
More fine casting, i'm very excited, very excited for this series to begin.

Looks very good, Casey is a damn fine actor, trailer is very well cut

I haven't read the screenplay but i've heard it's very intense & balls to the wall. This teaser was nice in my opinion, but i'm still not sold on why a remake was needed.

Geekgasm 100% So fucking excited for this flick.

Film News Roundup 5-5-10 Captain America
Perfect Casting! Super 8
According to Bloody Disgusting, it will be a Cloverfield prequel, we'll see, the movie goers response will be interesting to say the least. Cowboys & Aliens
This flick couldn't sound any cooler. Prisoner of Denver
Trgic how it happened but atleast there was the reversal, i'm a huge Hunter S fan, and will be closely looking for more info about this. The War Horse
WW1 films are rarely made these, so it might be refreshing to see. Inferno
I can see it, that is all. More news CUMMING! Uncharted
I've played the game at my friends, wasn't that good at ti, he beat it like day he got it, or a couple days after, whichever. But i liek David O Russell, not the man himself perse but the director. JGL Double Feature
It's no secret, i'm a fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt, while Premium Rush sounds ok, just a generic action flick, Loopers sounds amazing. Now idk how time traveling can work to kill yourself in the future if the future is not yet written. But i love Rian Johnson, Brick was great, and the Brothers Bloom was one of my favorite films of last year. Meet The Haunteds
So it's like the opposite of 2001 Maniacs The Mummy Archives
Sounds very cool, i'm very exceited that the "low budget" thing is sticking around as it looked like Avatar was gonna change all that.

And lastly
It's not news but it brings a meaning to geekgasm!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Film News ROund Up 5-4-10 Rambo
I think it is possible to do another sequel for Rambo, i mean Fourth Blood was great(my name for First BLood 4, i mean Rambo). X-Men First CLass
I highly dug Layer Cake, don't even remember much of Stardust but LOVED LOVED LOVED Kick Ass, so he's moving into mainstream Marvel now eh, i say good luck, fine director/producer should make for an interesting X Men flick, better than Ratner right?

Also wanted to say while at Free COmic BOok Day i found both issues of the Blade Runner comic book. Super awesome, 50 cents each!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Film News Round Up 5-2-10 Deadly Friend
Sure the original wasn't the greatest but i have to call it out...3D, Really? Also if you haven't seen it, go to Big Lots, it's only $3. Elm Street 2
3D already? I thought it was supposed to be gritty, 3D just doesn't pop gritty to me. Already in the works eh? Wasn't Friday the 13th Part 2 already in the works at one time or another. I'm sure both will be made, eventually. Martin 2
WTF? Doubt if it'll come to pass, but i think it'd be a interesting attempt to say the least. Would be pretty cool to have Martin 2 made, even if it's straight to disk.

Was unaware of this film, all i can say is wtf. We're spoofing comedies now? I mean doing it on Family Guy is one thing but doing a spoof film, spoofing Apatow flicks? What are they gonna do, talk about sex & smoke pot? Yeah probably, no convention to really spoof here.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

For films i'm not anticipating i usually go in with low expectations. So low that i enjoyed X Men 3 when i first saw it, and yes i have learned my lesson as the flick does not hold up upon a second viewing, and i went in to Elm ST with low expectations aswell.

I'm against remakes, there is no reason to remake a film, either it is shot for shot and that is very pointless(Psycho) or the characters are changed so much that you could have called it by a different name(Dawn of the Dead). Sure there are some remakes that are superior to the original , like The Thing, or are just plain good, like The Last HOuse on the Left but most remakes are horrible. Take Platinum Dunes for example, they remade Texas Chainsaw Massacre(actually wasn't too bad imo), The Amityville Horror(pretty bad), Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning(not really a remake but a prequel to one regardless, one of the worse films i've ever seen), The Hitcher(much like Amityville it had a good cast but it was very fucking bad), and Friday the 13th(liked that they tried to make Jason intense aand gritty but it ultimately failed with me). So yeah my expectations for Elm ST were low, and it kinda worked, cause i actually liked it.

The film kind of does a psycho switch by playing it like this character Kris(Katie Cassidy) is gonna be the lead, we all know Nancy is the lead but i like how they did it. Kris winds up dieing the same way Tina did in the original. As each of the main kids die, the two leads Nancy & Quentin(Rooney Mara & Kyle Gallner) learn that they all went to pre school together and that Freddy was the care taker, he loved the kids, but loved them too much. So Freddy is killing off all the kids now in their dreams, i feel redundant for saying that as i'm sure everyone knows that already. They decide to bring Freddy in to the real world, and works and Nancy quotes & re-enacts Freddy Vs Jason by saying WELCOME TO WORLD and then slicing Freddy's neck(granted in FvJ she cuts his head off). Nancy is back at home when Freddy breaks comes from a mirror, kills Nancys mom and pulls her into the mirror, the end.

My main gripe wit hthe film is how the kids are unaware of the history of Freddy, you think if something traumatic happened, that they would've remembered it. Also how the fuck the Nancy's mom die, if Nancy was taking the micro nap? Maybe the mirror acted as a vessel, i'm probably wrong but i don't care it's still something. I actually didn't mind seeing this remade. There was no reason to remake Halloween, the Michael Myers character was never treated as a joke, sure the films declined but Michael was always Michael. They could've just done a sequel to Halloween, but they couldn't just do a sequel to Elm Street. Each sequel got cheesier & cheesier, Freddy went from evil with a sense of humor, to a comedic character who killed for fun. Freddy needed a revamp, and Jackie Earle Haley did a pretty good job imo. Was it great, fuck no, was it entertaining, i thought so.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Film News Round Up: BATMAN 3! BATMAN 3! BATMAN 3!!!!!!!!
FUCK YES, mother fucking fuck yes! How fucking golden is this! The Dark Knight is my favorite film in the past 11 years, it's a geeks wet dream, Martin Scorsese's comic book film if you will, so brilliantly made, with one of the best casts of all time! Anchorman 2
Opposite feeling, i love Anchorman and would wish for a sequel, perhaps one will be made by 2014, that way it'll be an exact 10 years later for the characters. The Dark TOwer
I own all the books but the last, waiting to get that one before i indulge in some Stephen Kingery! Walking Dead
Good fucking choice, i lost interest in Prison Break during season 2 but great casting imo.

Super pumped for this flick!

Looks all sorts of badass. Just hope DC continues with the awesome flicks.

Today is the ninth annual Free Comic Book Day, so get your asses out & grab some free comics!