Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie movies are overdone, most suck, there have been a few awesome ones in recent years but overall most are shit.I would not have guessed for a major studio to give us one hell of a fun zombie flick. It is self aware, full of tits & gore, funny as shit, i do not get the hate it is getting, i had a blast with it. Purist(like i am) should enjoy it as a throwback to 80s horror comedy, it reminds me at times of Night of the Creeps(not saying it is on the same level) . I laughed my ass off and enjoyed the gore, all i wanted.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future Series Ranked

So today is October 21, 2015, the date from BttF Part 2, well where we're going, we don't need, blogs.....well maybe we do!

1. BttF
Duh, the first will be number one, it is a classic, it is one of the most iconic films of the 80s and rightfully so. What a cool film this is, humor, sci fi, tons of heart, a coming of age sub plot, time line changes. The cast is solid gold, plus it is one of the most quotable films you can find. The time theory works in this one.

2. BttF Part 2
A fun fucking film but a film with tons of flaws when it comes to time travel, Marty being able to see his future self, if Marty traveled than future Marty would be in limbo, only way this would work is if it was a multiverse.

3. BttF Part 3
I don't hate this film, i love the first 2 but this one i merely like . I think the western stuff is hit & miss, but i love to bond with Marty & Brown as usual. It is a tad hokey and not really needed but it completes the trilogy, and come one, they had to make a sequel, they had to make a threequel.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Denis Villeneuve is a director that gets alot of praise, i began noticing it after Prisoners came out, that was a damn fine film but it didn't make me want to go watch his older french canadian films, Sicario however did. This film is intense, it is intense from the moment it begins and doesn't let go of its tight grip for two hours. The film is humorless and doesn't have light moments but for a film like this, it works, it is suspposed to be tense, it is gripping and action packed, action packed in a non action sort of way, it has great amounts of blood, it is also thought provoking as all hell knowing that the shit that happens in the film really goes on. There are only two redeeming characters, those being in the FBI as the cartel & the CIA are both equally cruel . Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Daniel Kaluuya & Benicio Del Toro are all fantastic in this, easy ocsar nods for Del Toro, Brolin & Blunt. IT is awesome that we are getting gripping thrillers like this right now, it is a type of film that a little over a decade ago could have been dull but it came out at the right time. 

Crimson Peak

Out of Guillermo Del Toro's American films Crimson Peak feels closest in line with his Spanish films, now to many that is great, and don't get me wrong i love Cronos & The Devil's Backbone but the film is will draw comparisons to is Pan's Labyrinth, a film which i love the look of (to me it marked Del Toro's signature look) but the civil war/non fantasy-horror elements drag a bit. This film seems like it wants to be a Hammer film yet it resembles a BBC special more than anything(again i am talking about the non horror-fantasy elements). The gore is great, the bathroom sink scene is fantastic, the stab in the face is another terrific effect. The acting is okay, for a film with Jessica Chastain, it is kind of wooden, yet Tom Hidleston steals every scene, he has charisma and it oozes out whenever he appears. The plot is non existent, it feels like an exercise is visual storytelling, it looks gorgeous, the production, sets & costumes are top notch, and the creature designs as usual is Del Toro films are brilliant. With all that said i enjoyed it but was still not super impressed.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


While it is no horror masterpiece or even a family friendly horror masterpiece, Goosbumps is a fun flick. THe books i loved growing up, my school's teachers hated them, tried to persuade us to read other books, but they called to me, i loved horror plus the covers were amazing! After that i had Goosebumps shirts, school supplies, and vhs tapes of the show. The show was a favorite of mine, i would watch it whenever it aired . They were fun, and were basically lighter versions of Tales From the Crypt. The movie takes RL Stine and puts him in the forefront, his bullied past led to him writing, and somehow his writings became real so he locked them away......until the events of the film that is, it is a unique concept to choose for a Goosbumps movie, i was thinking perhaps they would adapt a book or make a shared universe film when it was first announced, but this i dug. If they do a sequel they should focus on the writings stuck in the books and the world they live in.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Walk

Man on Wire is probably my favorite documentary of all time, it is gripping & makes you love the oddball(which is easy for me). When a film was announced i was on the fence, a part of me thought, just watch the doc but the other half was stoked. Robert Zemeckis directing? I trust him, oh and he got JGL to be the lead? Sign me up. Now as far as the story of this man, the doc has the focus of his beginnings but is about how the plan came together, how he assembled the team. The film shows alot more of the problems he faces with his partners & his girlfriend. At times he can be unlikable it fleshes him out & adds some depth, the flashbacks of his youth, his training, his relationship with his parents, street performing, love, friendship and the ultimate test of balancing are all shown in top notch form., THe moment he begins the walk, someone like myself that is not a fan of heights gets the sweaty palms going hardcore. I wish i would have seen it in Imax, and i never see shit in imax, but this has that scope behind it, and i can see how 3D would also benefit the film, neither are needed but i can see why it is the preferred method of viewing, it would add the the beauty and to the fear one faces in a heightened(heh) state.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping With Other People is romantic comedy done right, it uses realistic situations(okay they may be amped up at times) and shows the truth about sex/dating/being friends with the opposite sex. Jason Sudeikis continues his strong string of films with a character that should be a douche but is not, he is just a guy that sleeps around because he has not found love, i can relate. Alison Brie plays what a hollywood film may make out to either be goody goody(which is so not the case here) or as a total slut in a bad light, but here it shows that she is strong and adjusting to life....something we all must get used to. Her main crush is Adam Scott who is in everything this year and he is going back to his roles of the past, being an uber douche, he is portrayed as a bore who has it all, such is life. Sudeikis' main crush is Amanda Peet that is a genuinely sweet character. When love fails, and sleeping around with other people(oh hey now i get the title) does not work for out leads(who lost their v cards to each other in college and ran in to each other as a sex addicts meeting, later ot become best friends and help each other is relationships) they must figure out their own emotions for each other.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tremors Franchise Ranked

Tremors Bloodline is now among us and i was stoked to sit back and eat some pizza and feel like a kid again watching a new Tremors. Let us take a quick look back at the series.

1. Tremors
This is a fun ass monster flick, rednecks vs giant worms, cheesy humor, shit blowing up, Kevin Bacon. I grew up with this flick and loved it, it still hold up, it is by no means a great film but it is a super fun one.

2. Tremors 2
It tries to one up the monsters of the first(and kind of does with evolution or spawns) but just feels like a STV 90s horror flick. It is still loads of fun, especially the last half.

3. Tremors 5
I really dug this, Burt was brought back and is hardened, but has more of an emotional core at the same time. The monsters are a bit more in line with the sequels but it has decent amounts of gore & humor that is just fine for a flick like this.

4. Tremors 3
It kind of lost it's heart with this one, and is kind of dull until the last act.

5. Tremors 4
THis is a boring ass flick for the most part, even the Tremor scenes make you yawn at times. It has Back to the Future 3 syndrome, the western aspect sucks, and i love westerns!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Rick & Morty season 2

Rick & Morty had an awesome first season but season 2 they knew their audience was rabid and they gave them what they wanted. Dan Harmon is brilliant, take everything you love about Community, put it in animated form, throw it sci fi, outer space, other dimensions & horror and you have Rick & Morty. The season premier is a straight up continuation of the end of season 1, they run with character traits for characters not as shown in season 1 and make them some of the best parts(Jerry), new characters are introduced in huge amounts in every episode, this show because of that has a Simpsons or South Park universe going on in it. Season 1 was the blue print, season 2 was the execution, season 3 will be the best shit we have seen!

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Martian

In 2012 Ridley Scott brought us Prometheus, a film many hated, a film i loved, since then we have seen two major "lost in space" films, Gravity & Interstellar. Gravity from Alfonso Cuaron was underwhelming for me, i LOVE Children of Men and waited for his follow up to be another masterpiece, i thought Gravity was solid but nothing great. Hell i even thought Halle Berry was the star of it earlier, i forgot that much of it, Berry was the star of the dull show Extant that seemed to be made in response to Gravity. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar was another film that i thought was greatly made but underwhelmed me, i love his films, namely Memento, Batman Begins, the Dark Knight & Inception and i wanted this to be amazeballs, it was well made but nothing i would want to watch again & again. None of these films are 2001 a Space Odyssey, only thing that comes close is Moon, hell Christmas on Mars & the American Astronaut are ones i prefer more but now Scott is back, back in space where he belongs. I am a fan of his work but i don't get excited for a film just because it has his name on it, i see his films and i love the Alien series, so i was stoked for Prometheus. I love Blade Runner, i think Legend & Hannibal are great, pretty much i am a huge fan of his genre work, his other films are hit & miss, so is the Martian another damn fine genre film? Yes it is, and since i didn't have the overhype that i did for Gravity & Interstellar, i was able to enjoy it a hell of alot more. It is a human story that gives time to Matt Damon on Mars, his crew on their ship, and the folks at Nasa on Earth. This might be Scott's best in recent memory, i highly enjoyed it.