Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Film News Roundup 11-17-10 Del Toro, the Hulk!!!!
Bad ass! I'm liking how these great filmmakers are handling show runner duties such as Darabont with Walking Dead. CLOWN the movie!
Fuck yes! I kind of was hoping Eli would do the project, but just as well, i loved the fake trailer, and am pumped for this! Paranormal Activity 3
WTF? Is Katie going to be on the run and the "found footage" is from police cameras or some shit? Chan Wook English Language film
WOW, geekgasm! He's my favorite filmmaker in asian cinema, i'm highly interested in this one, could take off here like Del Toro! Friday the 13td Part 2, and in 3d
Well the first remake tried to combine the first 4, so is this one using 2 & 3? Right...right...? Ah, oh well, anyways, back on topic, i'll see a Friday the 13th flick, a fun night seeing a slasher is always good!
I'm really digging this flick so far!
I think Stroller/Segel is the best thing going in Apatow house since it looks like Rogen has his own film life now.
Fucking nice!
It's about time!
Wonder if it will be Oceans esque?

HOLY SHIT, that, that looked badass!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Film News Roundup 11-16-10

WOW, at first it was looking lame, then it became all sorts of awesome!

Second trailer that i've seen that starts off slow but really builds up. Swarm
Hmm, The Ring & Paranormal producers? Not that it always matters who produces what, but i think it'll either be dumbed down, or turned into a fun flick, i'm on the fence on it. Martyrs
I liked Last Exorcism but fuck, i doubt if we can be as brutal as the original.
OK, OK< what, what the fuck, a third Oz film in production, at the same time, jesus, and Zemeckis? WHAT THE FUCK, don't ruin Yellow Submarine, and don't touch Oz.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Film News Roundup 11-08-10
Alot will hate me, but i din't like School of Rock, so i truly hope this isn't a SoR esque film.
This is for my love of Ellis! I hope it works out for him!
Never read the comic but sounds interesting.
Even if it is just a rumor, i must post any Oldboy news, i'm a huge fan of the film, but it's not really adaptable for americans audiences, so Spielberg & Smith shoud be nixed right away. Boyle, good choice, but i don't see him doing it. Same goes for Vaughn.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Film News Roundup 11-7-10
PLEASE PLEASE an origin story, if it is, then i'm fine with Renner in the role.
Atleast the High School Musical kids are venturing out to do work. As for Freeman, hmm, pretty cool.
Fuck this, give me the Toxie Twins. Peli's next
At least it's not found footage.

Much like No Strings Attached it's for Kunis, though JT is pretty good in films. Oh those Black Swan girls.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Film News Round Up 11-5-10
Unconventional film thus far, i'm liking it.!
It'll be nice to see both of them do gritty stuff again.
Finally, though i hope it's more old school Burton & not his modern self.

Farley's have lost it in recent years but this looks kinds funny.

Ipost this as i have a crush on Portman.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Film News Round Up 11-2-10
I don't know about that plot, but hey, it's something new...kind of...Halloween 6?
One of my favorite actors not playing it safe, as always, i love it.
Burton & Alice, eat your heart out. Ghostbusters 3
Keep your streams crossed!