Saturday, February 20, 2010

True Horror

Thursday night i was supposed to see Shutter Island at midnight, so before we go to the theatre we go to the bar. We're about ready to leave when they decide to set the bar table on fire. Unfortunately i was hit by the flame, threw off my jacket but was still on fire, i was tackled down & put out. Taken to the hospital with second degree burns, just got released an hour ago. Plastic Surgeon said i should be ok, but my face is swollen & puffy, chest is red & scarred, and have huge nasty looking blisters on my hand. Worst part is i didn't get to see Shutter Island.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


So like many bloggers i am a writer/director, i'm currently in pre-production of my first feature. I have my script written, one i've been working on since high school, so i've been going back & updating it for a few years. The cast is mostly assembled, the locations are found & the equipment as been set up. My only thorn is the budget, it's not too expensive but i'm just waiting for my executive producer to feed up the cash.

I had always been in to creating stories, sprouting from my love of playing with action figures as a kid, i would come up with far out ideas, plan them out, and execute them. In school i'd write stories, most of which were frowned upon for having violence. The violence in question was normally comic book inspired but i had a few horror & Terminator inspired stories aswell. Later in high school my teachers started appreciating my writing, didn't have too many creative writing assignments unfortunately, mostly essays.

I first got into film making as a wee lad, my uncle used to make Super 8 films, and i would watch them all the time, his films played on Creature Feature, a local horror host show back in the 70's & 80's. His opus was the Nebraska Weedeater Massacre, which gained a small following here in town in the summer of 89. Then in 2004 i got my first camera, a HI 8 Cannon camera.

I started shooting any quick story i could think of, whether it be using lil ninjas to fight my cat in an awesome stop motion flick i did, which i stupidly taped over thinking i had a blank tape in. I did a short called The House, which a man goes to investigate a disturbance only to be pulled in by evil forces. I did a few Dirty Harry inspired shorts & a remake of the Weedeater Massacre. My first big short, and by big i mean in length, at 40 minutes, was a film known as Quick Hit, which told the story of a father & son, the father owes money to a mod boss so there is a hit out on him. The person making the hit is his son, but the father was told his debt would be cleared if he kills his son, it's a tale of deception. I plan on making it a feature in the future.

In 2005 i did another 40 minute long film, Punch Dumb this one was about an alcoholic boxer who has to help a priest save a church. Another favorite of mine was Pickles, about a musician trying to enjoy a day at the park but a perverted pickle salesman keeps harassing him, which leads to the demise of one. And Garage Fight, which exactly what sounds like. 2006 was my busiest year though, 2006 is possibly my favorite year in general for films i saw & events that happened to me that year, but i also made my most shorts. I did another Weedeater film, now known as Andersons, a slasher film that lasted about 3 minutes, i did a "torture porn" flick known as Christian's Chair, about a very Patrick Bateman esque character torturing a man in his basement, did some faux commercials aswell as a series of shorts involving character a lil more fucked up then those in Step Brothers(2 years before Step Brothers mind you). The most fun i had was my Thunder God series, Thunder God was my slap in the face of Asylum Video, you know the people who make rip off films. SO i decided to do a Thor rip off just for fun, and was gonna take it to The Heartland of Horrors convention that was here that summer, little did i know i'd have a blast making it & would do a few more. The stories revolved around Old Hippie Friend, and old hippie who is friends with Thunder God, and whenever he was in trouble he would blow his Power Flute 5000 and thunder would clap & Thunder God would appear. I did Thunder God vs Werewolf, Thunder God vs Angry Hockey Man, Thunder God vs George Bush & Thunder God vs Rodney(a character from Andersons). I took them & Christians Chair to the convention, and had large groups of people enjoying what i did as a joke. In 2007 I would only have a few odd films about depressed alcoholics finding happiness only to be murdered & more faux commercials, favorite thing from that year was a Benny Hill meets Looney Toons shorts with plenty of weapons & sight gags.

In 2008 i got a digital Sony Handycam for about 3 months, on which i mostly shot actual events with friends & whatnot, and did a short on halloween with the Joker fighting a zombie but 2009 would prove to be a fun year. I decided to bring back Anderson's again, twice actually and will post them on here pretty soon. I also brought back Thunder God, in such films & Evil Thunder God vs Old Hippie Friend, Thunder God vs the Sparkling Vampire, Thunder God vs the Killer Bees & Thunder God Begins, a prequel. I did my first zombie film, kind of the day in the life of a zombie minding his own business then getting shot in the head. I shot out of Omaha for the first time with a film about a pre op tranny who meets a man. I finished the year with another halloween film, this time it was about Beetlejuice haunting an old woman, but only a Clown with a Shotgun can save her.

As for my future, i might be shooting a short for the 2010 Zombie Walk, but i am going full speed ahead for features, ones from the heart, Crackle my first feature is semi autobiographical, Andersons is a feature version of my short, Quick Hit another feature adaptation, three different zombie films, a musical, and a film about neo nazi's terrorizing a neighborhood & a group of friends who must defeat them. I also have horror film i'd love to write but not direct, that would fuse two great franchises.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best Blog Comment Award

So Geof from Enter The Man Cave gave me a nom for his comment awards. So it's my turn to do some aswell.

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