Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nixon & Hogan Smoke Christmas

First off this screener had a Hack Movies jingle that i flat out loved. Now onto the film, and i was right up my alley.

It begins with Nixon trying to rub one out but christmas carolers keep singing outside his house, he starts talking to Hogan who is taking a bath, the two then decide to toke up. Santa shows up but the pot zombiefies him so our two heroes go on an adventure in taking over for Santa.

A villian is introduced later on name Sasperilla and has intent to take over christmas. Nixon & Hogan have constant run ins with christian fanatics & take their fair share of shits through out the film. Santa has the funniest threesome i've seen, threesome..so yes for those wondering this features some t&a.

I'm usually not one for shit & fart jokes but was laughign my ass off during this film, Sasperilla butt fucks a priest & Santa, men are shot in the face, demons hold christians hostage, horror films are constantly referenced. If you're wonderign where the real review for the film is, well i can't really explain it properly for a review, it's a flick to watch(perhaps under the influence) and just have fun with. It follows classic stoner films mantra by having a mission for our leads, it mixes potty humor with soem pretty damn good dialogue about random shit. Two chicks talking about fucking Santa has never sounded so smart.

I can relate to the filmmakers, they obviously love horror & pot, so i can relate on that level, plus you can tell they had a blast making the flick, it's splatstick comedy, done cheaply, but effectively. I need to see more Hack Movies, cause ihad a blast with this one!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Burger King

I hate things going corporate but i love tie ins, so these are pretty cool!

Flm news roundup

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19620: Adam Green
I'm pumped for Hatchet 2, but he said there will be Hatchet 3 and maybe 4, if done with just a fun tone & not taken to seriously i wouldn't mind seeing a new slasher franchise.

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19624: Godzilla
The last remake was shit, but i love the Toho series so as long as they're involved, it might turn out right.

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19636: Werewolves Of Reseda
Fun sounding concept, if done right, could be a fun flick, but if done wrong, well i could only shudder.

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19630: Walking DEad
Not sure what to think of the casting so far, but it's t.v. so i really wont complain too much once the cast is final. Shows usually get actors who've busted their asses in hollywood looking for a break so these may be blessing for some. 6 episodes is cool though, been digging AMC(Breaking Bad) so Walking Dead is promising!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Checkout HOllywood Video

So alot of Hollywood Video's are closing their doors, and those that are, have dvd's as low as 1.99 or 5 for $8. I picked up a few myself

Brutal Massacre: Only seen bis, but watched it, found it hillarious. If you love filmmaking & horror, you'll love it.

Toxic Avenger 4: I have them on recorded vhs, only have the first on dvd, now i just need 2 & 3.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance: I love Park Chan Wook, i LOVE Oldboy, i've seen this before & it's great, just need lady Vengeance for my trilogy.

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer: Alot were disapointed, i had a blast, fun practical effects.

Free Enterprise: It's like Clerks meets Swingers, says so on the box. I've had my vhs for almost 10 years, highly enjoyable flick about Trek fans who make horror films.

The Abominable Mr. Phibes: The Tingler: The Fall of the House of Usher: Three great Vincent Price films!

Vulgur: Been trying to find a copy of this for a long time!

Mustang Sally's Horror House: Never seen it but my uncle dug it!

Stranger Than Paradise: One of Jim Jarmusch's best films.

One by my house only has a few days left, so i expect them to get cheaper!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scott Pillgrim

OK Scott Pilgrim is pretty much my favorite comic book/graphic novel going today. Toss up with that and the Walking Dead. I'm just excited for the Walking Dead series, the Kick Ass film & especially Scott Pilgrim!

I love Edgar Wright i trust him with this film, i love the casting but i'm not at all sold on Michael Cera, sure superbad was great & Arrested Development was brilliant but Cera is always Cera. Jesse Eisenberg is vastly superior in all ways to him. But Scott Pilgrim is the story of Scott Pilgrim, part of SEX BOB-OMB a band, he meets Ramona Flowers, played by my new film crush Marry Elizabeth Winstead, but must defeat her 7 evil ex's as in not all boyfriends, Ramona swings both ways!

The film will differ from the books since the last book isn't even published yet, and Wright has said the two ending will not be the same! Gideon's battle will be the main difference between the two. Of course combining 5 books plus a new ending into 1 film will scrape some of the awesome dialogue from the books but eh, it's mainly a battle style film, i can dig it.

So put aside your Iron Man's & your Spider-Man's, Scott Pilgrim is where it's at, read the books see the film, and be amazed....i just hope the film doesn't disappoint me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Film News Roundup

http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44388 Sleeping Beauty
IDK if Burton is actually doing this, but it looks like he's getting to many projects. Dark Shadows, Franenweenie, Adams Family, this. I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, was not great, but i enjoyed it looking at it. A new Sleeping Beauty however, idk if i can get to excited for. Of course it's a spin off about a demon of sorts so who knows!?

http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44390 Buck ROgers
I am not a fan of Paul WS Anderson, i liekd Resident Evil, the first one atleast, but can not stand other films he's made.

http://www.joblo.com/arrow/ Attack the Block
I love Nick Frost, Spaced, Shaun & Hot Fuzz are awesomely geek fueled, and paul sounds amazing so far, i even enjoyed Pirate Radio, but Attack the Block sounds all sorts of cool so far aswell. Two alien flicks coming out with Frost? Fuck yeah!

Wes Craven's Return to horror, Kevin Smith' s first!

http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44377 Red State
I love Kevin SMith, he's one of the reasons i got into film making, i saw Clerks & thought, if he can make a film with this kind of dialogue why can't I? THen i heard of Red State, and was highly intrigued but thought it wouldn't get made after he went studio again with Cop Out, but alas it'll be made!

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19576 25/8
Interesting Concept, plus it beats doing another Scream...oh wait.


Hollywood litters our theatres with shit, pure shit, sure some hollywood films are good, some are even great, but the shit still stinks. Just look at stuff like Twilight & Transformers 2, both made tons of cash, while films like Observe & Report and Adventureland don't, but not all films are made for the masses, so i'm not here to complain about films not making money, i'm here to say films like Trick R Treat should've gone to theatres, instead of straight to video. Today i watched a film i thought was great, a film i was sent as a screener, Dawning, and it is worth checking out.

The story begins with siblings Aurora(Najara Townsend) & Chris(Jonas Goslow) going to their dad's cabin, their dad Richard(David CoraL) is married to a new woman Laura(christine Kellog Darrin), whom the "kids" aren't too fond of. On the way there Chris sees something run past his car, but is unsure of what it is, once they arrive, they notice their dog Brandi is outside do to fleas, Aurora doesn't care for this as she deeply loves the dog. While roasting marshmallows she tries to find Brandi, only to her laying down bleeding. In a sad scene Richard & Chris must put Brandi out of her misery, soon after a man(Danny Salemen) arrives holding the family hostage. He has blood on him but not his own, and claims something is outside that will kill them all. Eventually he gets tied up, and Richard ventures outside, he hears a noise & investigates. His family begins to panic when he doesn't return so Laura goes in search for him. Chris gets weary when she doesn't return either but he find both of them, Laura laying dead, Richard with a gun in his hand, said gun is soon pointed at Chris but seconds later he is in the cabin with a shotgun which he uses to kill the man & then points it at his sister, he lets her go but he comes with. The two are involved in an accident to which Chris demands Aurora runs, she does just that but the road leads back to the cabin, the film closes with Aurora being the last survivor.

What kills them? Well if you listen to the music score & look the the shots, it's very much inspired by The Evil Dead, so it's possible the woods themselves, they're alive Ashley(sorry had to), but it builds up great paranoia with characters hearing others when no one is even talking, phones going haywire, and usage of great sound mixing. The acting isn't that bad, everyone does a decent job, the story is simple yet effective, but i loved the direction, i really want to see more from Gregg Holtgrew, as he seems to study the films he obviously was inspired by, plus anyone who will throw in a Into The Wild reference is cool in my book! There might be some shit in theatres but take a look at Dawning, and you'll know greatness doesn't always go to theatres. Was my first screener review and i am very pleased, wasn't sure what to expect, but was blown away by this little gem! Seek this gem out, cause that what it is a gem, and better than alot of shit in theatres!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Film News Roundup

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19559 Scream 4
I like Wes Craven but Scream is not that great of a trilogy, i liked the first one quite a bit but Jamie Kennedy is the only saving grace of part 2, the third one is not worth mentioning. But a fourth is on the rise, i'll check it out but i'm not pumped for it.

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19534 Frankenweenie
I'm excited for this, i may be gettign sick of 3d films but i love me some stop motions animation, and Burton does it great. Sure it's a remake of one of his shorts, but i plan on turning a couple of my shorts into features, so to me this is still more original than say Adams Family, though i do want to see Dark Shadows eventually.

http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44370 Captain AMerica
Sure the Marvel flicks aren't close to being as good as the Batman films, but they still can be fun. I'm weary on the castign for this, but i've grown to like Evans by default if just because of Sunshine, but the dude is in some upcoming flicks i'm looking forward to, Scott Pilgrim and The Losers, both based on Comic Books, though of course he was in two pieces of shit, The Fantastic Four movies, both based on Comics. Not Another Teen Movie is a guilty pleasure, not based on a comic.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Film New Round Up

http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44331 Monster Squad Remake:
How can they remake it? It was a love letter to Universal horror, end of discussion, the only films that should be coming out that is a love letter to Universal horror is House of WOlf Man. Fuck remakes, the original is the Goonies of horror films! Platinum Dunes? Really, come on i didn't hate the TCM remake but all their other flicks are horrible.

Predators trailer

IDK about you but i loved the trailer, hopefully it'll kill off the bad taste that was AVP, never saw all of AVP 2 so i wont comment.

http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44326 Ghostbusters 3 News
I say stick with Ivan, give the film the full on touch of the first 2, if Ivan chooses to step down then go for it, but don't force him out of his role.

http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/19505 Burton's Adams Family
I love Burton films but i'd rather see him do Dark Shadows, not te mention the Munsters are way better.

Peacock Trailer

Looks pretty good, Murphy is awesome!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


For months now i've been waiting for the release of Bitch Slap, had a very fun trailer, and looked like it'd be just like the trailer, and exploitation film full of T&A, and that's exactly what i got!

The film begins with the three main characters, Hel(Erin CUmmings), Trixie(Julie Votch) & Camero(America Olivio) arriving at a trailer, Carmero goes in packing heat but doesn't find who she's looking for, so instead she pops a pill. Outside the three open the trunk and a man named Gage(Michael Hurst) is inside, Gage has a buried treasure, after some name calling, Camero decides to put her hands down his pants, he doesn't quite get the happy endign he wanted and is left with a presumed snapped dick, followed quickly with a gun in the mouth and finally a hand slammed in said trunk. We flashback 4 hours where the three first throw hi min the trunk, while Camero & Trixie re arguing about a botched job, Hel acts as peace keeper and we learn Trixie has a photographic memory, and she knows a certain code. Back to the main story Gage makes a deal with Hel to help each other out, Camero doesn't much care for this and whilst restraining Gage to put inside of the car he spurts out she killed people at the Glory Hole(a club) so she in turn puts a bullet in his head.

We now flashback 4 hours & 3 minutes ago Trixie is seen breaking into a safe with a afro pic key& being attacked by Gage only to be saved by Camero, we see that 3 days earlier Camero shot down two thugs and ran over a dudes dick to get said key. The story continues to show flashbacks as well as the three leads having a three way....water fight.After Trixie & Hel have some HLA, they go outside to find that Camero has been taken hostage by by Hot Wire & Kinki(William Gregory Lee & Minae Noji), who force Hel & Camero to dig to find Gage's treasure, they find a underground storage center full of weapons(and later some jewels). When they find it a cop, Deputy Fuchs(Ron Melendez) who attempted to to help the girls with "car trouble" earlier comes back and sees what is going down, a brawl ensues until Hel blows Hard Wire away with a big ass gun & Camero shoots Kinki right in the skull with nice splatter(though it looked very CG).

In a flashback we see that Hel helped Camero get out of prison, the two later have a falling out which leads to Camero beating the shit out of both girls wrapping chains around Hel & lighting Trixie on fire(i can relate to that torture), all while Fochs is handcuffed inside the trailer. Eventualy Hel escapes & grabs her big ass gun & blows Camero away, or so we think as she soon returns & shoots Trixie. We then see that Hel is a secret agent working for Mr. Phoenix(Kevin Sorbo, btw lucy Lawless is in it too). Camero chokes out Hel, and is about to kill Trixie when Fuchs saves the day shooting her down, only for Trixie to show her gratitude by throwing a ninja star into his chest. Film ends with Trixie being revealed to be a legendary warrior who just wanted a legendary sword, getting in a hearse and driving off leaving Hel behind.

It's a very Russ Meyers feeling film, in the same vein as Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill, inspired vibe of Kill Bill, shades of Sin City, over to top tones of Crank and some excellent fights, funny name calling & kick ass split screens. Very fun film, very hectic & chaotic, so if the review seems that way, well the film is too, but i had a blast.

Bitchslap Trailer
Uploaded by ThePlaylist. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

Red Cockroaches

So i was recently handed a film called Red Cockroaches, i wasn't aware of it but was told it was very odd & shot on the cheap, so it's my m.o.! It's not really horror but i've seen it on horror sites while lookign it up, so that good enough for me. Story revolves around a woman from France named Lilly, played by Talia Rubel, her only film role i found out, becoming roommates with Adam, played by Adam Plotch. Things get weird when Lilly & Adam kiss then later on she appears at his fathers grave. He goes to visit his mom Krista, played by Diane Spodarek, who tells him his sister is back, Adam believed his sister was dead, but it winds up she's not and that she is Lilly. Things get tense between Lilly & Adam at their place which leads to arguing, slapping & then sex. The two engage in an incestfull relationship, but like all incest in films, it turns out wrong, what else did you expect? The two quit, hook up again, quit, then hook up again...winds up Adam used to do things to her as a child. Lilly eventually goes to a cruise party with Adam's landlord, who rapes her, meanwhile Adam & his mom begin to bicker about Lilly not being with them in years. One day after fucking each other thir mom comes over, she walks into the bed room and finds out about their shenanigans, she freaks out and Adam chases after her, only for her to slip and land on a mini pyramid and die. Adam & Lilly get in another fight, and then eventually comfort each other in the nude on the couch, all safe until Adams best friend walks in. The two then decide to pack their bags and run for it, a cop chases them and we hear a car crash, end of the film.

That really is it as far as the plot goes, but the style of the film is what to watch. Each cut jumps to a different shot, never revisiting the same one, plus the carry overs from each cut are done in a very unique way. Almost as if David Lynch directed The Room. Not really sure what to make of the film quite yet i think after a second viewing i'll have an exact opinion, but i was entertained by it, and appreciate any film made for under 1 million, it cost 2 thousand. Check it out if you get the opportunity, my uncle found his copy brand new at a Half Priced Books Store.

Lost Boys

So the other day i popped in my copy of the Lost Boys since it was the passing of Corey Haim, loved the film then, love it now.

Starts off with a vampire attack scene set to an excellent score, then we're introduced to Emerson family Sam, Michael & their mom Lucy, played by Corey Haim, Jason Patrick(underrated actor) and Dianne Wiest, along with their dog Nanook. We here a cover version of People Are Strange by Eco & THe Bunneyman, who alot of you may know from Donnie Darko! They decide to move to Santa Carla, the murder capital of the world, and live with Lucy's dad played by Barnard Hughes.

Michael is smitten by Star, played by Jami Gertz, whose parents were ex hippies much like Michael's whose name was this close to being Moon Beam or Moon Child. However Star runs with a gang of teens led by David, Kiefer Sutherland, who love to ride motorcycles, run around in circles while partying, eat chinese, hang Jim Morrison posters and apparently use alot of hair care products. The catch is these dudes are vampires, and they just have Michael some wine, which it turns out is actually blood.

Meanwhile Sam goes to look for an issue of Batman number 14, a very serious book, and gives the two kids who run the shop for their parents a lesson in Superman. The kids are the Frog Brothers, Edgar & Allen, Corey Feldman & Jamison Newlander, fighters for truth, justice & the american way, aka vampire hunters! They want Sam to read a horror comic but he refuses, they later wind up convincing him to take it, as a survival manual!

Lucy meanwhile has begun a relationship with Max played by Edgar Herman, who runs a video store with the biggest collection of video tapes in Santa Carla.She begins working at the store and dating Max, but the dates never turn out well. One occasion Sam calls her freaking out that Michael is trying to kill him, she takes off only to have Sam telling her he was just scared by his horror comic. In actuality Sam figured out Michael wasn't going to kill him. Other incidents include Max's dog Thorn chasing after Lucy & ripping her dress, and the Frog Brothers & Sam trying various tricks to prove Max is a vampire even after Michael invited him in!

The Frogs, Sam & Michael decide to go take down David & his gang but it turns bad for them as the vampires begin to wake up, the battle is now on. Garlic & holy water are assembled as the vampires rush to the Emerson house, a battle rages on & Michael kill David. Unfortunately David is not the head vampire, Max is, who just wanted the two familys to unite and turn the Emersons into vampires themselves, Michael didn't invite Max this time so a battle between them is on, until Grampa crashes through killing Max. Winds up he knew all along about the vampires, as it was the one thing he couldn't stomach!

I love this film, always have, the sequel is a piece of shit but the first one will live forever. R.I.P. Corey Haim!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thanks to John at Freddy in Space

So a while back i won a contest on Freddy in SPace for a Nerd Core Calender, i never received it so John attempted to contact the company, didn't work out. He told me he'd mail me the cash instead out of his own pocket. I told him it was alright and he could forget it, but he insisted since it was a contest on his blog. Today i received a letter in the mail from him plus a $20 bill aswell as an awesome Prom Night sticker. He didn't have to do that but he did, make sure you check out his awesome blog http://www.freddyinspace.com/ he's a cool dude!

Also i took a look at the new Horror Hound today and saw a letter from Zach from Z For Zombies. Check out his blog for some of the coolest geek fueled videos & images you can imagine!


So i've been anxiously awaiting Frozen since i read about it, thought it was a unique concept. THen it opened in limited release and reports flooded of people passing out from it's intensity! I had to see it, so i contacted my local art house, but they never booked it, they were supposed to play House of the Devil but never did either. Well today it opened here, at an AMC theatre, but i don't care, i got to see it!

Starts off light hearted with two buddies, the stoner of sorts gloriously named Joe Lynch played by Shawn ICEMAN Ashmore, and the semi more straight man Dan, played by Dawn of the Remakes Kevin Zegers. The two are joined by Dan's girlfriend Parker, played by Emma Bell, trying to get cheap ski lift tickets Parker flirts with the lift jockey, it works & a fun day of snowboarding ensues, except that Joe doesn't liek that Parker isn't that good at snowboarding, so later in the night they wish to do one more run. A hale storm is on the way & the lift is about to close but they sweet talk their way to one more run. While the lift keep leaves to take care of scheduling issues, he tells his replacement who has to piss, that 3 skiers are lift & that is it. Well wouldn't you know it, he spots three skiers, tells the office it's clear & shuts down for the night. Of course leaving are three leads stranded. At first they think it's a mistake, then the lights go out, they believe a worker will come by, one does in the form of Kane Hodder, however he sees noone seeing as how he's in a snowmobile of sorts, even when skies & helmets are thrown at it.

Dan decides to jump for it, crash land & breaks his legs, bone appearing & everything, things get worse when a pack of wolves show up, at first they run away, but soon they come back & eat the shit out of him. Joe decides to climb across the wires that are sharp enough to cut his hands, he makes it to the ladder climbs down but is chased by said wolfpack. Parker is left alone, frostbitten face, hand with a layer of missing skin, and a ski lift about to break off course. Simultaneously as she's about to jump, the lift breaks off, she finds Joe's eaten corpse, and makes it to the road where she is picked up by a man, about to be taken to the hospital.

All in all, i enjoyed it, it built up intensity & made my palms sweat. At first i found the characters douchy but as it progressed i began to dig em. Joe has the best lines & a side plot about being popular with chicks but having no girlfriend(i can kinda relate, plus my name is Joe too!) I do think they could've made the pacing a little longer before they began to ubber freak out, but all in all i reccomend it! Also look for a great cameo by the real Joe Lynch & Adam Green, i totally dug it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stars of comedy do horror

So for those of us that watch Undeclared back in the day, we were pretty happy to see Jay Baruchel in Knocked Up, along with a few other comedies but mainly Knocked Up for me since he got to do alot of improving. He & Seth ROgen wrote a short that it being adapted into a feature, "Jay & Seth vs the Apocalypse" which i've been looking forward too for a while now. Today i found out he wants to write & direct a horror film, i think this is awesome. He doesn't wanna do a horror comedy but a straight on horror flick, but for the comedic actor going the horror comedy route there's the best reason to watch SNL, Bill Hader has a film he's writing for Judd Apatow. This is awesome since i'm fans of both plus both on interviews seem to know alot about horror.

On David Cronenberg

"He is my absolute hero. He’s absolutely one of the biggest influences in my life. For me… Listen: acting has afforded my mother, my sister, and me a great, great, great life, and I get to do a job that a lot of people would kill for. It’s one of the best jobs in the world. So I am absolutely grateful for all that stuff, but it was never my raison d’ĂȘtre. Always, on all my days going to school and just being an average high-school kid and miserable as you are, I was just always making movies in my head. Every day I’d walk to the bus, and I’d literally just be framing, framing everything. So the acting, I don’t mean to do it a disservice by saying this, but it was always a means to an end. It was a way to afford me the opportunity to get to kill people on camera."

On his upcoming horror film
"....The first one, the one that we’re kind of working on right now, that hopefully I’ll finally get to direct in the next year or two, is kind of a re-imagining of a slasher film about a crazy white cop who chases four black kids throughout the ghetto on July 4. It’ll be subversive and controversial and polarizing, but that’s what’s best in horror, the movies that do that to people."


Start watching the series now!

Mr. Horror Blogosphere voting


Head on over & vote it up, while you're at it check out all the other blogs too!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim

Well Corey Haim died at the age of 38, leaving behind some very fun teen films, and some pretty fucking cool horror flicks, of course the coolest of the all the mother fucking Lost Boys! He also wasn't afraid to mock his teen years on programs and seemed like a cool dude, sure he was on some fucked up drugs, but he seemed to be a nice guy on interviews & on the possibly scripted The Two Coreys.

Probably my third favorite vampite film behind Near Dark & Dracula.

I couldn't find a Last Resort trailer, for those who haven't seen it, watch it, it's nothing great but it's fun atleast.

Was an acid trip of a hectic film, made no sense but was mindless entertainment, it is what it is.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cyber Horror Awards

I'm sure most of you have read em by now but just in case, here are the winners!



With the exception of Twilight, it was an awesome video. Oh btw Taylor, or whoever wrote your speech, Silence of the Lambs on in 1992, so Exorcist wasn't the last.

Was also a great video for John Hughes, an honor to Roger Coreman, pus the hurt Locker kicked ass! So did Jeff Bridges!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shutter Island

Saw Shutter Island the other Day, what a film. I'm about to start doing horror reviews here so i decided to do Shutter first, it may not be HORROR horror but it fall into psychological horror perhaps but only by default. Film has breathtakingly beautiful wide shots.Starts Leonardo DiCaprio, playing Teddy Daniels, off in familiar territory, a boat in the ocean! He suffering from sea sickness and has a new partner Chuck played by Mark Ruffalo. Once they arrive at the island they must give away their guns, all the guards are armed, looking like the Others from Lost circa season 2 & 3. We see guards with night sticks hitting through grass tryign to find an escaped prisoner...erm i mean patient, aswell as an electrified fence. It gives an eerie vibe with happy & creepy patients doing yard work but Teddy soon begins to think something is up.

While investigating the room of the missing patient Rachael Solondo, however the bars weren't broke and the door wasn't open, plus she left both pairs of shoes in her locker. Teddy finds a slip of paper assuming there is a 67 patient, however his intention is to get revenge or atleast speak to the killer of his wife, Andrew Laeddis. He begins to interview patients about both Rachael and Andrew, his theory thickens when one patient writes on a note for him to run. He & Chuck go to meet up with Dr. Cawley & Dr. Naehring, played by Ben Kingsley & Max Van Skydow. They refuse paper work so Teddy begins to think to Dr.'s have a plot of their own. Teddy has migraines so he's been taking pills Cawley's been giving him, aswell as cigarettes from prison. Racheal is found and Teddy wants to leave but a storm is coming, a very violent storm.

Teddy & Chuck wander off to find the truth, they tell each other theories they each have including an old acquaintance of Teddy's George Noyce played by Jackie Earle Haley, telling him of his own time spent on the island and experiments done to patients. Teddy & Chuck are found by the guards who bring them back only for the storm to hit bad. The next morning the electricity is down so they venture off into ward C, the place for the most violent offenders. Teddy is attacked by an inmate and then finds George locked right back up, George is accusing him of being there, and tells him where to find Andrew, the lighthouse. Teddy & Chuck are on their way to the lighthouse when a small argument ensues, Chuck stays behind as Teddy attempts to get into the lighthouse. Damn near impossible he goes back only to see Chucks body at the bottom of some rocks but once he gets down there, Chuck is no longer there. He spies a light in a hole and find the real Rachael, a former Dr who was locked up for questioning the ethics of the experiments. She tells Teddy to not take any pills, eat any food or smoke any cigarettes that are not his own. She also describes the lobotomies conducted in the lighthouse. The two separate in the morning and Teddy is picked u by the Warden played by Ted Levine, he drops him off at the main building where Teddy asks Cawley where his partner is, "You Came Alone". Teddy attempts to escape but visions of his dead wife keep telling him to find Andrew and finish the job, so he finally males it to the lighthouse where there are no patients just Cawley doing paperwork. Teddy has him at gunpoint and tells him of all the secrets & the real Rachael, to which Cawley tells him are just figments of his imagination, Chuck then walks in and tells him he's his shrink, and how Andrew & Rachael are made up characters, only Andrew is Leo's real name and Teddy is his fake. He fires a gun that doesn't work and is shown a picture of his wife & kids, it turns out his wife Delores, Michelle Williams, drowned their 3 kids then was shot by Andrew/Teddy. He comes to a realization that this truly happened and accepts he went nuts.

The next day Chuck walks up and gives Andrew a cigarette, only yet again it's Teddy talking of a conspiracy on the island, it ends with Teddy being walk presumably to the lighthouse. So were there experiments really going on? I think yes, but i haven't read the book to get more info. The score is amazing & the acting is solid, it should also put Rob Zombie to shame since the guiding spirit of a wife completely kicks his guiding spirit of a moms ass. The film also has several WW2 flashbacks of Teddy/Andrew and other soldiers slaughtering nazis. So far it's my favorite film of the year, it's also the best, one of Scorsese's best films and one of my favorites of his aswell.

Academy & Horror

Yes indeed a horror tribute at the Oscars! Could it be? We'll find out tonight!

Seeing as how this Tonight is the Academy Awards, i felt i should do what i feel were the 10 best films of 2009, not my favorites, but the best! Granted i haven't seen Precious, An Education or the Blind Side.

The Hurt Locker
Remember when war films were great? Remember Apocalypse Now? Platoon? Full Metal Jacket? Paths of Glory? Well somewhere along the line, they began to suck,horribly, and most of the current Iraq War films blew dogs for quarters. Well say hello to Near Dark's Katheryn Bigelow, and her Hurt Locker. Acting is great, the direction is great, cinematography is in your face, and the story is fucking intense. Fuck Avatar, fuck James Cameron, Hurt Locker is where it's at.

Up in the Air
I highly dug Thank You For Smoking, then a year & a half later, i saw Juno. I liked it, but was nothing great, then i sw it on dvd, saw the pretentiousness, saw it a third time, so anoying. It's not a bad film, not at all but the dialogue is asinine, thankfully Jason Retiman's Up In The Air, is brilliant. Now i think Reitman looks alot like Edgar Wright, well i think the editing in UITA is very Wright esque, and i loved it. It's Patrick Batmen without the killing and with a goal of airline flights.

Inglourious Basterds
This was my big boner film of 2009, by that i mean the one i was pumped for all year, it wound up being my 4th favorite film of the year(i saw Black Dynamite a month ago & had to bump Basterds down a noch). It's QT's best film since Pulp Fiction, not a knock on his other films, cause i loved Jackie Brown, loved Kill Bill & loved Death Proof. Plus he didn't make it as an awards film, fuck look at the Hugo Stiglitz intro is so fuckign awesome. Brilliant score, the camera moved so flawlesly, plus Christoph waltz is the shit!

Crazy Heart
Jeff Bridges deserves to win this Sunday, he was great, but Crazy Heart was robbed of a nomination. Great story of a broken down man in the profession he loves, simillar to Funny People(only alot better) and The Wrestler. Colin Ferell is even good in it, add this to In Bruges as Colin's best performacnes.

No it's not a rip off of 2001, simillar wih a man & machine in space, but that's it. SPOILER ALERT...........................Sam Rockwell is a clone, and meets another clone, also Sam Rockwell. HE carries this film, outside of a few seconds of other actors & actresses, it's all Rockwell. Well and Kevin Spacey as Gerty the robot.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Loved the film, second favorite of last year, pure brilliance. Avatar gets nominated but this doesn't? Fuck that, this film uses CGI in a brilliant way, first film to ever do so for me. Thhe message of the film is almost anti cgi aswell!

Brilliantly made comedy, semi John Hughes esque, more in a Career Opurtunities type of way but imo better. It sends you back to a time where fun places still existed, and Marti nStarr is the man is this film, has so much range. he & Franco are the two most verstile of all the Freaks & Geeks!

into temptation
Little seen flick that made a big splash in Omaha. It was only supposed to be here 2 weeks i beileve at our indie art house, but lasted about 6 weeks due to popularity. Simply made but great story, character driven, doesn't take sides plus is genuinly funny.

A Serious Man
Is it the Coen's best? No, not at all? That imo would be No Country for Old Men. Is it their funniest? Is it their most rewatchable? No answer to both of those is the Big Lebowski! But it beautifully shot, small next to no name cast, classic Coen situations too! For those that hated No Country's ending, you'll hate this one's, i loved the ending myself though!

500 Days of Summer
The little film that could of 2009, the Little Miss Juno of 2009, alot better than Juno though, plus it tells how relationships really are, a bitch, atleast it ended on a hopefuly note! Joseph Gordon Levitt is the man, and who doesn't love a random musical number?

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Zombie Rabbit Award

Thanks to Pat over http://patrick.wonderal.com/blog/ for the award. Each winner is supposed to hand out the award to 4 others, so here it goes.

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Top Midnight Movies

As some of you may know i go to alot of midnight movies. Very obvious is my love of Rocky Horror, but there are others aswell. Midnight Movies are more than just a movie at midnight, it's an experience, it's a fun 2, 3 hour trip full of jokes laughing and sharing of ice cream. People dress up, people bring food, people shout shit at the screen. It's not just bad movies like the Room but great ones like Pulp Fiction. Now i've seen some films at midnight that don't belong in the call back world such as Midnight Cowboy but most are jsut great fun. So here is my top 25 midnight movies of all time, plus soem call backs added in! Rocky Horror not included, and not including midnight launches like The Dark Knight. BTW i've seen a few of these more than once, and a few more than twice, and a few well you get the idea.

1. Grindhouse
Well let's start by saying that grindhouse is over three hours long. Add in 15 after midnight for when they began to play the real trailers, those trailers lasted another 15 minutes, add in a 15 minutes intermission, add in another 15 minutes of real trailers.Didn't get out til 4ish, and it was worth it. Most midnight movies, people usually show up intoxicated of some sorts, and everyone here was pretty drunk, theatre was about 65, 70% full, and this was a year after the initial theatrical release. We were dancing, hugging each other, there was a male stripper, plenty of callback about Tarantiono's foot fetish & LOST, some of us running into the aisle to yell at the projectionist when the film reel "burned". Like minded individuals enjoying a great concept of a film. Unfortunately they played it again last year, but split the film up as Death Proof & Planet Terror.

2. Evil Dead 2
I've seen all the Evil Dead films at midnight, i'm a bigger fan of the first than i am the second, but Evil Dead 2 trumps it as a midnight movie. Not only did i win 3rd place in a costume contest but having a good portion of the audience discuss Citizen Kane, was something to witness. It's truly a trip to behold at midnight, i remember reading RipVan Ryan's blog on it from Bloody-Disgusting, saying he met a man seeing it on LSD, well i didn't quite go that strong(wish i did), i'll atleast say the pot made it a lil trippier than the sober mind. I even brought foreign exchange students with me who started doing call backs like pros.

3. A Nightmare On Elm Street
Just imagine as many sex jokes as possible, throw in some Degrassi and have a good RUN BITCH RUN. Seeing Elm Street on the screen was a treat, it just oozed a feel of the meaning of a midnight movie.

4. Clue
Clue is one of the most fun movies you can watch, see it at midnight at it's gold. People put together their own "clues" to figure out the film, it works so perfectly well, Tim Curry is the midnight god.

5. Fight Club
Frank N Furter might be a god, but EDDIE is close. I've seen Fight Club way too many times at midnight, the print we get usually has alot of sound pops, but i love the sound pops as it adds such a great feel to the films. Plus it's always classy to shout that you'd fuck Chloe.

6. Grease
Grease is the word, and it was almost like a sing a long, people dancing & singing to the songs, booing the shit out of Rizzo Plus Frenchy got to penetrate Sandy before Donny did.

7. The Goonies
Much like Fight Club i've seen ti way too many times, but it's such a fun film at midnight, very odd film too. I know alot of film fans who don't care for it, i think you had to have been a certain age to click with the film, and those who are that age, go to see it at midnight & pass containers of ice cream around for everyone to share. And Michael Jackson didn't come to Chunk's house, he came in his ass!

8. Donnie Darko
This is the ballad film, people go nuts during this film. People pull out lighters during Mad World, which alot of times leads to people lighting cigarettes but regardless the film is a must see at midnight.

9. Dazed & Confused
Speaking of smoking, the last showing of D&C was 4 years ago, i was still in high school and was surprised to see alot of the popular kids at the screening. Almost everyone was stoned, fuck people were smoking in the theatre, but the jocks & stuff is what got to me. Had Universal promoted the film right in 93, i think it would've been a HUGE success. Plus the soundtrack really got to the people in the audience.

10. Pulp Fiction
This is a film you can barely hear alot of times, everyone is cheering & clapping, laughing & shouting out lies of dialogue.
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.
Imagine a whole theatre in unisin shouting that.

11. Poltergeist
Another halloween screening, this time minus the contest but i did get people to dance to thriller with me while i was dressed as nurse Joker. Halloween just lifted peoples spirits and seeing a horror classic was the cherry on the sundae. Warning though, don't shut the door or there will be incest.

12. The Room
I'm sorry if it's cliche, but i'm all about this flick right now, saw it for the first time at midnight, was blown away by it's awfulness, and it just gets better each time you see it. I own the dvd, but the midnight screenings are great. The one's here aren't quite how you see them on youtube, but enough people get into it and have a good time. Throw spoons, play football inches from each other, laugh at the random dialogue & say HI to everyone you see.

13. The Wall
I wet through an incredible journey with this film. I just sat back, made only one call back(i think) about the Shining, but just sat back & let the film explore my mind. I had seen it before, but in the theatre it opens your eyes & fucks your brain.

14. Office Space
The showing are still fun but once someone threw down a copy machine & destroyed it up front on the stage, blew my mind.

15. El Topo
Was a very very small crowd but such a great crowd, plus it's the forerunner for midnight movies. I had never seen it but after the screening i was a huge fan. It was so surreal & far out, that happened one other time but with a film i'd only seen the ending of before seeing it at midnight, The Apple. Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain was screened almost 2 years later, and much like the Wall, it fucked my mind with it's religious undertones.

16. The Holy Grail
Let's just say the audience knows the dialogue.

17. Hedwig
Now this is another party movie, those who love it, love it good. Had another sing a long of sorts and brings out alot of the costume players.

18. A Clockwork Orange
Call back ratio isn't as high as it once was, but that doesn't stop me from dressing up as Alex everyone & while.

19. Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Very drug fueled audiences, people trip like crazy during this film.

20. The Big Lebowski
Much like Fear & Loathing, lots of drugs seem to have been taken before people entered, but it's another one of those "dialogue" films where everyone shouts the lines.

21. Superbad
Gay undertones & a theatre full of fake orgasms!

22. Kill Bill
I'm putting the volumes together cause i can. Just look at Kill BIll, how can it not be a midnight movie? Good old clap offs are always a sure thing. Plus you get a fucking cartoon!

23. The Excorcist
Alot were genuinely scared during this, which made it fun for those who love the film, people scaring each other, faking demonic rituals and what not, great fun.

24. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
There is no love like the loving that a grandpa give his grandson, plus Gene Wilder is the man.

25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This was the film that played at the end of my senior year that signified the end of school days, so many of us grew up with the Turtles so having it close the high school experience was terrific.

I want to mention trailer trash aswell! WTF is Trailer Trash you ask trailer trash is 2 hours of trailers, yeah that's right, wind range of genres & years, crappy films, kids movies, horror, comedy, you name it. Plus they played Changing Lanes, which is a local favorite for trailers at midnight, everyone knows the word to the trailer.

Honorable mentions
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Last House on the Left, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zoolander, Blade Runner, Se7en, American Psycho, Night of the Creeps, Heavy Metal, Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Shaun of the Dead, Black mama White Mama, Sisters, Requiem for a Dream, Velvet Goldmine, Brain Candy, Sin City, Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, Verigo, South Park, Beavis & Butthead, The Hunger, Spinal Tap, Mallrats, Bill & Ted, Suspiria, Beetlejuice, Eternal Sunshine, Terminator, Alien, Wet Hot American Summer, Dead Alive, The Ring, 12 Monkeys

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