Monday, February 28, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-28-11 QT goes Western! Hunchback
Burton needs to pace himself, but Brolin in interesting choice. I just hope Burton doesn't make it weird for the sake of being weird. And i love weird. Lost Boys 4
Seriously? Ruggero Deodato returns
If this is true, i like it!
Alot of my horror icons have failed in recent films, i hope Hooper knocks one out!
Hmm, idk, it might work, or it might be shit.
To me that'd be an awesome choice!
About time McHale gets gigs more often!
That is beyond badass, a QT western? Fuck yes!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-24-11
Hmm, could be good, may be bad, but i dig JT.
QUit jerking me off, i need to cum, though i guess you'd need to do that in order for me to do that, do get finished with this and do Arrested Development.
Could be a disaster.

Hit & miss trailer, i don't know if i'll ever see it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-21-11
Not sure how i feel about this.
Now this excites me! Inception 2?
Now i love Nolan, but the first one is brilliance, let it stand alone! Argento's Dracula!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-17-11
Interesting, i like that he's expanding his range, personally i love the man, i've enjoyed all his flicks, especially Donnie Darko & Southland Tales! Roth producing, remind of when Roth & Kelly were writing The Box. On that note, please Eli, direct again!
Fuck he has alot of projects, as long as he continues to space them out, every two years or so, he'll be golden!
Yes! I can see her having fun with the role!
Even though i think the literary, zombie, films are overdone before they begin, this project sounds promising! Plus erm, i have a massive crush on Winstead!
BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! This is awesome! Stop motion, Del Toro, Pinocchio!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-16-11 Destroy
This is for all the Troll 2 fans out there! Ubik
Hopefully Dick's weirdness will bring Gondry back to his roots! The Golden Age
Eek, i like that concept but i'd rather have him direct Kick Ass 2....maybe he'll do it after, unless it is just a producing credit. By the way i liked it better when it was Watchmen....or Kingdom Come! Hmm.....perhaps Vaughn or Snyder should direct Kingdom Come! Ring 3D/Ringu 3D
IDK about The Ring 3D, but i'm all set for Ringu 3D...well maybe not in 3D, but if any series could use 3D, Ringu could!
Love the comic, i can pass on DJ.
I love the mythology & discussion on he Terminator series but let it die, please.
Carter? My a Burton film? Oh well, she's a babe & helluva actress & i'm digging the casting so far!

Beyond awesome! My buddy who live in Korea is a fan!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-13-11 Akira
I think that would be great casting actually! Demeter
I'm a fan of Slade's now i haven't seen Twilight 3, but that's another story for another day. But Noomi Rapace! NICE Stoker
Hmm, Wook is getting some good names! You're Next
I really want to see A Horrible Way to Die cause i love AJ Bowen, but my main reason for posting this is due to the awesomeness that is Ti West! Elfie Hopkins
Sounds pretty cool if you ask me! ALIEN 0
As long as Noomi is still in it i'm happy! The Crow
I like the choice for director, still not sold on Marky Mark's possible turn. Dark Knight Rises
That casting would be PERFECT! And no i didn't do perfect as a Catwoman gag, i
just think it would be!
The Coens are doing horror and not PTA has two films that look a go?!? All is right in the world!
Like no one saw a sequel coming....
Not sure how to feel about this....on one hand it's the brilliance of Nolan, but the other....well i guess there is no other, pretty sure i might enjoy this more than the Aviator!
Guy you have fallen from grace, and do really need a Cannonball Run remake?
Interesting choice.

Looks badass, to me Bousman is the breakout Saw guy, albeit Saw sequels.

I'm hoping for good from this, i really am!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-10-11
Not a fan of this being remade, but i dig Gosling so atleast a good actor could land a role!
Double your hotness double your fun!
Fuck yeah! The Bay
Awesome! Gone
Hack/Slash light?

Sure i'll take shit for this, but....i think it looks good....well atleast we have an entertaining trailer!

Yeah, i'll take shit for this one looks like a fun one time viewing remake!

Favorite trailer of the day!

Nevermind, this is!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-9-11: A Coen Horror Film!
FUCK YES! Glorious day lads, the Coens are doing a horror film! This is what dreams are fucking made of!
While i'd rather have him do his own thing.....i know the chances are slim for him getting funding to make something as great as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, so with that said, i am stoked for this!
That's kind of rad!
Bout time Janssen does horror again!
Dug Lars & Fright Night sounds promising, now i will say, i think the comedic literary zombie films, is dead....even before it has begun, but i'm holding out hope for this flick!
LOL it's gonna create a buzz in the blogs.....just like Snakes on a Moth Fuckin Plane.....yeah, that worked out well, atleast it was fun!
Moving on....
Really wish i could voice a strong opinion on this, but i've yet to see Monsters, netflix will be shipping it soon!
Kind of like Carpenter's LA Gothic? i wish Carpenter made LA Gothic, oh well. I'm excited about this.I'd love to see Boyle do horror again, the man is a genius, 127 Hours is the second best film of the year, and Franco deserves an oscar! Highlander
Erm, tish, tisk, tisk. Snow White
Could live or live without this.... Snuff
Excited for this one!


You know what, i saw a trailer for this before a test screening of Mandy Lane, forgot all about it!

Holy fuck that looks awesome!

I dig it, i think it looks entertaining as fuck!

I liked the trailer, but didn't love it. I've read it's the female Hangover....idk we'll see. Apatow has fallen, but i like the cast!