Wednesday, January 13, 2016

American Horror Story Hotel

So the first season of AHS was awesome, it was a lil twisted, more perverse than Walking Dead, with dark humor added in, pretty awesome show. The second season, Asylum, was super spotty, they threw too much in and not alot stuck. The third season, Coven, was tighter crafted, but by this time, knew the audience and kept the weird vibe going strong, not quite as good as the first but an improvement on the second. The fourth, Freak Show, tried too hard to be different & edgy, and wound up failing. The latest, Hotel, started off great, full on Shining references, shocks....well most started that way, but this one had a different vibe, 90's industrial vibe, i dug it....sadly it wound up being super dull, the finale was a huge what the fuck is going on, i love the serial killers but it made no sense, Sarah Paulson using her character from season 1 felt forced, and the whole plot felt like a redo of the original season. I am so glad next year is the final season!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Phantasm Ranked

Sad news hit today as Angus Scrimm passed away, to honor him here is one of the greatest horror franchises ranked. This is a franchise i rank up there with Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm ST, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Dead trilogy & Evil Dead. While Dawn is on my top five, i don't put it as a franchise since it is only a trilogy in genre, Halloween is on my top 5 yet as a whole the Phantasm series has such a strong mythology. I once pitched an idea to Reggie Banister for a sequel, we spoke of it for nearly 30 minutes, one year later he told me he told Angus the idea, i was on cloud 9. This is a series of films i have watched since i was a wee lad(well all the mentioned films i did) but this one sticks out so much, i loved the imagery of it, It was a science fiction horror hybrid that took you to other worlds, had yellow blood & had jawas(well not really) It helped that the series has had the same creative force behind it, these films deserve to be treated as classics, perhaps now they will get a re watch them or discover them for the first time, these are perfect midnight movies, a perfect series for a marathon(seriously you can watch all 4 in basically the same time it would take to watch Hateful Eight & the Revenant as a double bill). It is a favorite of JJ Abrams, Darth Phasma....the name is inspired by Phantasm, the silver of her outfit, inspired by the spheres, plus JJ is working on a restoration. From the sounds of it, we might even get a double bill of the restored original and Ravager.....the fifth one, and my second most anticipated film of 2016(it was on my 2015 most anticipated too). It is the only film i own on CED(similar to laser disk), I may tear up when i read For Angus when Phantasm 5 comes out!

1. Phantasm
The original is creepy, has a great atmosphere, and is a general great horror film.

2. Phantasm 2
Alot more action in this chapter, it delves more into other dimensions.

3. Phantasm 3
A reunion of the original cast, gets a little more over the top, adds in kung fu.

4. Phantasm 4
The reason this is last is not a knock on it, plenty hate this chapter, it is the most batshit of the bunch, but i love it!

Favorite Films of 2015

While there are still a few films from 2015 i need to watch, Legend, Room, True Story, Last Shift, Wold of Kanako, Night Owls, i have now seen the ones i NEEDED to see, here is my top 50 out of the 110 films(give or take 1 or 2) i saw in 2015.

1. The Force Awakens
I had not been this stoked for a film in years, the anticipation, the first viewing, the pay off, everything worked, this was a perfect Star Wars film, a perfect blockbuster, a perfect sci fi flick, i can not wait to see the rest!

This is a great year for great films, i hope this get nominations, it is intense & well acted, terrific film! This has awards all over it but i doubt will get recognition, it should. It is like they say in True Romance, NOW THAT'S A MOVIE!

3. Burying the Ex
Stuck in a crummy relationship? Is there a girl that shares your interests? Boom, this flick speaks to you, hate your job? Boom, enjoy a film that is hilarious? Here you go! Joe Dante's best since Small Soldiers, maybe even longer, awesome flick!

4. Final Girls
Another horror film for horror fan. This is a slasher fans wet dream of a flick, hilarious(it has a great cast of comedicly trained actors) awesome tributes & gore and a brilliant concept!

5, It Follows
The best concept for a horror film in years, and easily the best horror film since The Conjuring. The film is legit creepy, and it has the years best score.

6.. Jurassic World
Alot find flaws in this flick, it is a fun summer blockbuster, turn off your mind, relax & float down good now? Good, cause this is the Jurassic Park sequel we deserved!

7. Kingsman
Matthew Vaughn might be my favorite current director besides Edgar Wright, his films are all super fun and balls to the wall, the church scene alone rivals the insanity of Mad Max Fury Road!

8. Fury Road
So you have this trilogy, the first one is awesome, the second is better, the third is lackluster(but still fun), then you wait 30 years for a fourth.....and it winds up being one of the most kick ass films in years, a sequel that might be better than the original trilogy, and a film that shows old time genre film makers can still get the job done.

9. The Night Before
This film got a shit ton of hate, i have no idea why, maybe you have to be a person that enjoys an altered state of mind to enjoy, but this was the most realistic trip flick i have seen, the shit that happens can suck, both situations and with friends, and the heart is there, as are the laughs, i laughed my ass off during this, as did my friends, i can't wait to laugh with them again in future viewings, a new christmas favorite for me!

10. Bone Tomahawk
Yep, i rank this above the Hateful Eight, both are awesome, both are gory, both star Kurt Russell, both have great acting, both look gorgeous, but this one does it better(sure Hateful Eight wins in the humor department)

11. Dope
In a perfect world this would be nominated for best picture, it is a shame how much attention it is not getting, a film that deserves to be seen!

12. Me & Earl & The Dying Girl
Super charming & sad flick, not sappy at all & full of heart, if you hate cancer check it out, if you are an aspiring film maker check it out!

13. The Stanford Prison Experiment
I love this story, always have, ever since i first read about the incident, then i saw the Adrian Brody vehicle, which was awesome, then saw the German version, both were different, both were awesome. Now we get the more low key & artsy version, and it is the best yet, it is the most realistic & the most in tone with the legit event. Much like Dope, in a perfect world this would get nominations!

14. Body
Another Christmas flick, this is a simple story yet done in a great way, hard to talk about with out spoilers.

15. Sleeping With Other People
Great story, relatable situations, another realistic trip scene, Alison Brie, a film that should speak volumes to today's generation.

16. Creed
As much as i loved Rocky Balboa, and loved how it ended the series, this film was fresh & starts a spin off series off perfectly

17. Ex Machina
Poe & Hux from Star Wars with a sex bot that looks like Padme but is not a sex bot! But seriously, brilliant science fiction!

18. Funhouse Massacre
Alot of films like this have come out, most miss the mark, this is a totally awesome haunted house(fun house, halloween house) flick!

19. While We're Young & Mistress America(tie)
Noah Baumbach redeems himself after Frances Ha!

20. BIg Short
Adam McKay delivers a great drama, a drama that is still funny, the way this is shot & the naratation on display is brilliant!

21. Spring
Gorgeous horror film, alot of times when internet horror darlings are seen, they disappoint, not this one, this here was brilliant. It is a dramatic love story that turns into a horror film, it deserves the praise it got!

22. Turbo Kid
If you love Kick Ass & Mad Max, check this out for sure!

23. Hateful Eight
Tarantino's best since possibly Pulp Fiction!

24. Lavalantula & Sharknado 3(tie)
Syfy knows how to do EVENT monster movies!

25. Maze Runner 2
Better than Hunger Games, plus zombies!

26. Ant Man
If Edgar Wright had directed this, it would probably be my second favorite film of the year.

27. Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocalypse
Another film that got alot of hate, i thought it was hilarious plus it was an awesome zombie flick!

28. Age of Ultron
Alot were let down by this one, sure it was not the first but it sort of served as a set up for future MCU flicks(though the other films should be set ups for Avengers, but oh well), if the end didn't get you excited for future films, not sure what is wrong, i loved it, a few characters were more developed, the humor was still strong, the action scenes were well done, and Elizabeth Olson is hot.....yeah!

29. San Andreas
I was not expecting a big dumb disaster film to be on this list, but it was too much fun!

30. Vacation
Sorry, not sorry, i thought it was hilarious

31. Before We Go
Another film bashed by critics, this is such a charming flick, Chris Evans has a bright future as a director.

32. Adult Beginners
Charming little flick with fine performances!

33. The Walk
I love Man on Wire, such an incredible story, i prefer the doc but this is a film that serves it justice!

34. Hellions
If you like the Wickerman, Nightmare on Elm ST, Evil Dead & Trick R Treat, check this out, has elements from all!

35. The Editor
Astron 6 does it again, great tribute to giallos!

36. Voices
I think if Deadpool disappoints, that this will become a black up slice of awesome.....if Deadpool is awesome, then double bill!

37. Green Inferno & Knock Knock and He Never Died(tie)
Most who bashed this have never seen Cannibal flicks, maybe Cannibal Holocaust, but for an american theatrical film, this pushed the limit! Eli Roth did two pretty awesome flicks this year, this has a 90s slease factor to it! Not his best work by any means but highly enjoyable! He Never Died I saw at the same festival as Green Inferno. Henry Rollins as a sadsack possible schizo, you go on a killing spree? Fuck yes!

38. Predestination
A mind fuck of a time travel film, and a ballsy ass film too!

39. The Gift
A lifetime type of a movie, but with a decent budget, great acting and not on lifetime!

40. Anomolisa
This is the Charlie Kaufman screenplay followup to Eternal Sunshine we deserved, sorry was not a fan of Synecdoche New York

Saturday, January 9, 2016


So i was underwhelemed by Charlie Kaufman's debut film Synecdoche, New York, especially since i love his scripts, LOVE em. So naturally i was weary on Anomolisa, boy was i wrong. This is one of the best films of the year by far! It is surreal & beautiful, smart & sad, this is his best work since Eternal Sunshine!

The Revenant

So 21 Grams, Babel and Biutiful were all solid flicks but BIrdman i loved, loved so much that it made me stoked for Alejandro Gonzalez' next flick The Revenant, it helped that it also looked awesome. The film did not disappoint, this might be Leonardo DiCaprio's year. The films is intense as fuck, it adds to a great year of westerns with Hateful Eight & Bone Tomahawk. I don't know if it is the BEST of the year, but is definitely top 5, as far as crafted cinema goes. Plus from the sounds of things the shoot was one of the roughest this side of Stanley Kubrick!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fifty Shades of Grey

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh wow, the writing in this is awful, the characters are purely fantasy from someone that doesn't seem to know s&m. "Hey look we are calling an item a flogger, we are so kink!!! " These sex scenes were vanilla as ice cream, the dom is a control freak, yes there are doms out there that are controlling assholes but not in the same way he is, he is done in such a way where it makes normies think this is what to go for, a total douche.....that or act as a PSA to persuade folks not to try this stuff out, either way both are what i predicted from the film and neither is good for society. Go watch Secretary, or Hellraiser, or go to Porn Hub and watch legit S&M

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Astron 6 Ranked

Finally got around to seeing The Editor, it did not disappoint, here is how i rank their feature films.

1. Manborg
Pure brilliance, the style is now getting all the raves because of Kung Fury(which is also awesome) but Manborg is so cinephile friendly & meta it is brilliant!

2. The Editor
Perfect blend of a giallo send up and a meta flick that we have come to love from these guys.

3. Father's Day
Their most fucked up, but not in a hard to watch way, perverse yet light!

People, Places, Things

If you are a fan of Jermaine Clement i suggest you go to Netflix and check out People, Places, Things, sure he may not have wrote it but it has a great British humor to it. I know these type of indie comedies aren't everyone cup of tea but i will take these over most underground horror flicks. This one unlike many actually got decent reviews, and rightfully so, it is full of heart, heartbreak, misunderstandings, coming to terms & letting go.

Best Matches of 2015

John Cena vs Kevin Owens :Elimination chamber
THis was a great match, should have either been for the US title or a one off match and Owens stayed in nxt. The feud continued, they had other great matches, but Owens is not the star he should be!

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch :Takeover
This is what divas matches should be like, possibly the best divas match of all time!

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose :Elimination Chamber
I maked out when it looked like Dean won the gold!

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins MitB
If only they were permited to be bloody, this match match may have been higher.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins :Wrestlemania
THis might have the best  RKO of all time!

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins :Wrestlemania
Brock vs Roman had a big match vibe even though the heel was the face & the face was the heel, but it cowned Rollins as the new(and one the the best recent) wwe champions!

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar vs John Cena :Royal Rumble
The series of moves in this match was great plus it played a great story!

John Cena vs Cesaro :Raw
This was Cesaro's star making match, only Vince didn't want to do anything with him

New Day vs Usos vs Lucha Dragons :TLC
THe best high spot match wwe delivered in a long time!

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns :Battleground
Just imagine what these two will be doing in future feuds in the main event!

Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor: Beast in the East
Balors time arrived in Japan, great match, perfect crowd!

John Cena vs Sami Zayn :Raw
Much like the previous mathc, great match, great crowd, the loss did more for Zayn here than a win would have, only he was on the injured list after.

John Cena vs Nevile :Raw
This match may have been higher if it had a clean finish

Divas 4 way Takeover
Four of  the best women wrestlers of all  time(yeah i said it)

AJ Styles & The Young Bucks vs ACH, Matt Sydal & Cedric Alexander :Ring of Honor
The series of moves that ends this match is amazing!

Bayley vs Sasha Banks Takeover
Bayley finally won the gold

Bayley vs Sasha Takeover(iron man)
Both of these matches are how womens wrestlign should be!

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose :Raw
THe first US open challenge, and a great first entry

Hype Gotti vs Jasyn Strife Magnum Anniversary Show
The story of this match, the about face, the run ins, the final Gotti Match, was pure magic

John Cena vs Wade Barrett :Raw
An underrated US open challenge match

John Cena vs Stardust :Raw
See above

John Cena vs Zack Ryder :Raw
See above

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn :Takeover
It made Owens look like a beast and Zayn look so full of heart!

Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor :Takeover
Owens swan song and an old school perfect ladder match

Finn Balor vs Nevile :Nxt
The stars of tomorrow in a match where both felt like main eventers

Tyson Kidd-Cesaro vs Los Matadores vs Usos vs New Day :Wrestlemania
Great high spot tag match

HHH vs Sting :Wrestlemania
What fan of the Attitude/Monday Night Wars era was not stoked for this?

IC Title Lader Match :Wrestlemania
Great spots in this one, should have lead to a great IC title run by Bryan

Devin Thomas vs JCSlater :Magnum World Series
THese two put on a fivestar match with only two ropes, they showed heart!

John Cena vs Rusev :Wrestlemania
Cena's crowning of winnign the US title for the first time in 10 years plus the defeat of Rusev. Sadly Rusev never recovered.

Finn Balor vs Tyler Breeze :Nxt
Match that showed both should be main eventers, sadly only one will.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler :Raw
These two are solid gold and need pushes

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro :Raw
See above

Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose SD
The main event on SD, should have main evented Raw

Reddragon vs Forever Hooligans vs Timeplitters vs Young Bucks Wrestle Kingdom
I think PWG & ROH lacked alot this yea, Japan picked it up!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada :Wrestle Kingdowm
In Japan larer than life warriors still do battle in the main event!

The Country Vs Supapop :Magnum World Series
Just a brilliant hardcore tag team match.

Tag Team Elimination Chamber
Great high spots, alot call it a cluster fuck, but i enjoyed it!

Vaudvillains vs BLake-Murphy :Takeover
Vaudvillains finally won the gold!

Quentin Tarantino Ranked

So Hateful Eight is now out, and holy fuck is it great. it is dividing people but those that are hating it seem to be hating it for the "self indulgent" aspects, yes there are plenty but i dug those supposed moments, to me this might be his best since Pulp Fiction.

Here is how i rank them as far as my favorites go! Let it be known my favorite script of his is True Romance.

1. Pulp Fiction
His masterpiece, one of the most iconic films of the 90s, and one of the all time great. QT lifts European Cinema elements, adds in dark humor & violence, a brilliant screenplay with great dialogue, along with the non lineat story telling makes this his best.

2. Reservoir Dogs
Possibly his second best crafted, yet such a simple premise, a small cast and minimal locations, such a quotable flick and one of the definitive indies of the 90s.

3. Kill Bill
Alot hate QT films for being talky, this is the film for them, his bloodiest by far and possibly his funnest, it is almost non stop action, well the first volume and the second has the "story" without derailing it at all.

4. Hateful Eight
Much like Reservoir Dogs it has a simple premise & small cast plus a minimal location, but add in even more wit & dark humor, even more gore(possibly his most since Kill Bill), and some fantastic cinematography, this is his most gorgeous film!

5. Death Proof
If we were putting the entire Grindhouse film as one, this would be number 2 or 3, but here i am just talking about QT's half. His might be the better of the two but Planet Terror is funner, neither are true exploitation, PT is too glossy, DP is too witty!

6. Django Unchained
This is the film i wanted Inglorious Basterds to be, carnage, men on a mission. It slows down a bit in the second half but is still great!

7. Jackie Brown
Easily his most underrated(hell even i am doing so)

8. Inglorious Basters
Christoph Waltz & Brad Pitt are great in it, the violence in tremendous but the dialogue is a bit much, the pacing is a huge issue here.

Top Shows of 2015

1. Mr Robot
I knew next to nothing about this show, only reason i watch is because it played at SXSW, but for a show on USA....holy hell, this was the most gripping show on tv, and possibly the best crafted film of any kind, of the year.

2. THe Leftovers
Damon Lindelof gets alot of hate, but he ran my favorite show of all time LOST, and now is on this, the first season was great, but season 2, was next to untouchable.

3. Community
Dan Harmon gave us a gift of a final season, now we just need our movie!

4. South Park
The show reinvented itself this year, serialized things and as usual was brilliant.

5. Scream Queens
This was my shit, sure the finale was iffy but this was everything a horror loving humorist could ask for!

6. Evil Dead
Alot more in tone with the later films as Ash is more comedic but who care, blood, humor, fast paced, what more can you ask for?

7. The Following
If this is the final season(which the dvd confirms) then it ended great, if we get a film follow up.....then yay, as the show is open ended.

8. Silicon Valley
Best sitcom and funniest sitcom on the air.

9 Rick & Morty
Might not have any more Community but this lives on!

10. Wet Hot American Summer
Brilliant spoof/satire/reunion!

11. Gotham
Best comic show on tv!

12. Big Time In Hollywood FL
A must see for all of us sad sack filmmakers

13. Broad City
Not too many shows can match it pack of a punch for laughs.

14. Game of Thrones
The show started off pretty bad this season but the second half was worth it!

15. Daredevil
Best Marvel on tv!

16. Parks & Rec
Great farewell season

17. Louie
Best dramedy on tv

18. Better Call Saul
Jonathan Banks as Mike owns this show!

19. Mike Tyson
This should not be this funny

20. Simpsons
Much like SP the show found new life this season!

21. Wayward Pines
I am pissed it has a second season, the first ended in a perfect way.

22. You're the Worst
One of the most raw shows on tv, speaks great truth.

23. Master of None
The most honest show on tv

24. THe Muppets
We should all celebrate a new Muppet series!

25. Jessica Jones
Mainly watched for Luke Cage and to look at Kristen Ritter but damn, David Tenant was awesome!

26. Fargo
Genre bending brilliance!

27. Orange is the New Black
Much like GoT the show started off meh this season but got awesome again, and Ruby Rose....schwing!

28. Z Nation
Best zombie show on the air.....yeah i said it, even if it was stupid this season!

29. Man Seeking Woman
Such a surreal lil show

30. Workaholics
This show does what it wants

Evil Dead series Ranked

Now that the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead is over i shall rank the original trilogy!

1. Evil Dead
The masterpiece, Sam Raimi's horror film, made super cheap and with amazing effect!

2. Evil Dead 2
They "remade" Evil Dead but instead of a group of friends it is just Ash & Linda, plus they amped the comedy, making it splat stick and upped the gore in doing so!

3. Evil Dead 3
The most known of the series, the one folks think of when they see Bruce Campbell, it is pure comedy wrapped around a fantasy, still an awesome flick though. It too remade a part of the previous chapter.

I hated the remake/quasi sequel with  a passion

So how was the series? Well it was everything you could hope for, humor, blood, plot twists, blood, humor, humor, blood, blood......blood......especially as each episode progressed, and each one was full filling, i loved them it was a fun & refreshing series! The finale has split people but i think it is leading to batshit season 2.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Adult Beginners

This here is one of the freshest, most charming & easiest films to watch this year. Simple story of a man that had it all but loses it only to gain what is really important, all while bringing his family together. The dialogue is the strong suite, it has wit, the characters are all likable, the situations feel real, and the cast is perfect. My crush Rose Byrne is as cute as ever in this, and Nick Kroll has his breakout film role(even if he does get a story credit)

Adam McKay Ranked

So Adam McKay's first drama is out, and holy fuck it is brilliant!

1. Anchorman
This is on my top 10 of all time, to me the funniest film ever made.

2. Anchorman 2
Alot hate it , i loved it, worthy sequel.

3. The Big Short
This is a brilliantly shot(possibly his best) film, it is funny at times and breaks the fourth wall, it reminds me of Scorsese honestly.

4. Step Brothers
Goofy dumb comedy, hilarious shit!

5. Taladega Nights
Was let down by it off of Anchorman, but not a bad flick.

6. The Other Guys
I like it, but not the one that sticks with me!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Daniel Craig's Bond Ranked

Finally saw Spectre, i thought it started off great but fizzled out quick, here is how i rank the rest.

1. Skyfall
The fastest moving of all the Craig flicks, still not as fun as the Bond's of yesteryear but easily his the best made of the whole franchise.

2. Casino Royale
You know this would be number one if not for that boring ass poker scene.

3. Spectre
This had a great performance by Christoph Waltz but needed more Batista.

4. Quantum of Solace
To me the most forgettable of the bunch.

2016 Most Anticipated Films

1. Rogue One: Star Wars
After this year how could a new SW flick not be on top of this list? Sure we wont have the same punch in anticipation as Force Awakens, but who care, it is a new SW!

2. Phantasm 5
Hopefully this is finally the year this comes out.....hopefully!

3. Yoga Hosers
Rumored that the Canadian horror canon and the askewniverse canon are meshing together in this one!

4. Conjuring 2
James Wan is back in horror to helm the sequel to his masterpiece!

5. X Men Apocalypse
My favorite non Batman superhero franchise!

6. Doctor Strange
My most anticipated MCU flick since the first Avengers!

7. Suicide Squad
Love the comic, loved the trailer, i hope dc knocks it out!

8. Batman vs Superman
See above!

9. Civil War
Basically Avengers 3!

10. The Nice Guys
Shane Black's first original flick since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

11. Everybody Wants Some
Richard Linklater is now a Academy love child after Boyhood....this is more in tone with Dazed & Confused....alright alright alright!

12. John Wick 2
So yeah, John Wick basically kick our asses, i hope the ante is upped!

13. Zoolander 2
After years of waiting(over a decade, a decade & a half...we finally get to see blue steel again!

14. The Purge 3
If The Purge Anarchy was everything we wanted the Purge to be, maybe escalation will continue!

15. Neon Demon
I was underwhelmed by Only God Forgives, but i hope this is more in the Drive category!

16. 31
I am sure this will be a highly talked about flick since it is NC17, they normally don't get wide releases, not saying this will, but i know it will be the widest released nc 17 ever....unless it gets cut to R, then again Lords of Salem got a small release too.

17. Star Trek Beyond
Ugh, shut up about this looking like a Fast & the Furious flick, no it doesn't, folks only say that cause of its director, i am stoked since Simon Pegg co wrote it!

18. Hail Caesar
Erm Cohen Bros

19. Silence
Erm Martin Scorsese

20. Live By Night
Erm Ben Affleck's follow up to Argo! Each film of his keeps getting better!

21. Deadpool
I just hope the humor doesn't feel forced.

22. ID4
Totally makes sense for aliens to wait 20 years to invade again, i just want a fun popcorn flick!

23. Jungle Book
Jon Favreau directs a live action version of my favorite Disney cartoon(suck a fuck Frozen)

24. Green Room
If you have not seen Murder Party or Blue Ruin, do so!

25. Midnight Special
If you have not seen Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter or Mud, do so!

26. TMnt 2
I didn't hate, nor did i love the remake, but i hope this one is awesome!

27. Neighbors 2
The first was surprisingly hilarious!

28. Sausage Party
Been in the works for a while, hope it delivers the lulz

29. Lala Land
From the director of Whiplash

30. Demolition
Dallas Buyers Club & Wild were super intense, this should be the same!


I think alot of the award season films this year scream oscar bait, Spotlight walks that line, it is greatly crafted and just might win best picture, now i think there were better films from this year but this film to me was an actors movie, Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams & Liev Schrieber all deliver great perfomances, the direction is on key, i will not be upset if this does win best picture, but in recent years the academy has honored films a bit more cutting edge, and this didn't cut the edge for me, damn fine film regardless.