Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dirty Dancing

Well this remake was awful, awkward silences, zero chemistry, dull montages, off putting musical numbers, and the wrap around was stupid. Shortest review, but too the point.

The Simpsons

Well a lot still assume the Simpsons is crap, but in recent years it became great again. This past season was a mixed bag, very hit & miss, but i will say this, the shows use to sight gags & puns is as strong as ever. The season finale was one of the best episodes in years, it was pretty much a classic, vintage episode of the Simpsons, use of the townsfolk, a nearly a Treehouse of Horrors esque episode, Marge shockingly kicking Millhouse's Dog When He Didn't Pee the Bed.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Song to Song

Here is a film with a great cast & plot, set in a gorgeous city, helmed by a auteur, however said auteur is Terrence Malick, and Malick is a pretentious bore of a director, his films can be good, but none do i love. This is possibly his best since Badlands, but holy fuck, is it a task to get through. The cast could be fantastic, yet in classic Malick style, they get buried under the tedious pressures of trying to make art, art that is white and on a wall, yes, Malick is like watching paint dry. I would love to see this cast, and their plot about Indie music & love, but with Richard Linklater, ugh, if only!


I watched the series Chips, growing up, on TV Land, it was fun, i enjoy the 70s series, sure todays batch is better but back in the day, they were not pretentious. This film is definitely not pretentious, it isn't bad either. It is fine, one time viewing type fair. It is slightly above the Dukes of Hazards, but below Starsky & Hutch, none of which touch 21 Jump Street, nor will it touch Baywatch(i predict) but give it a watch, it can be a good laugh, and also make you roll your eyes. It helps that the cast is charming, they just needed a better project.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2

Holy shit balls, this was a fucking blast! I was smiling most of the film, the opening credits are fantastic, it sets the mood perfectly, it combines colorful visuals, the soundtrack, action, sci fi & humor. The plot is the best Marvel has had since the first Guardians, this is the best looking Marvel film since the first one, the funniest one since the first, has the best action since the first, this film is almost perfect! Star Lord's story is touching, and it is quite the coming of age tale. Gamora's mainly involves Peter, but it too carries heart. Drax gets the funniest moments by far, Batista is amazing in comedic performances, and is indeed a badass! Groot is adorable as fuck in this! Rocket, along with Yondu, have their own coming of age story, accepting being assholes with hearts, they also happen to have some solid bad ass moments! Yondu even goes all comic book in it! Kraglin gets more screen time, which is great for those of us that are fans of the Brothers Gunn! Nebula, well, she yet again, is a character with a coming of age story, she is full on tweener for the most part. New characters in the film such as Mantis & Ego get time to shine, Mantis is great, Ego is the best Marvel villain since Loki, by far, god damn Kurt Russel is great in this! This is how a comic book film should be! This is how it should look, it looks like a comic, it is fun, it is fast paced, it is not pretentious, the humor is genuine, the action is great, the characters are lovable! The more i think about this, the more i loved it! The stingers are cool, one is hilarious, one sets up a spin off, one sets up Guardians 3, one is an evolution of a character, the other, is just a cameo! As excited as i am to see the Guardians interact with the Avengers, i almost wish it stayed its own beast, as while watching this, it felt fresh, i wasn't thinking, oh how will this affect Tony Stark, no i was thinking, this is a blast to watch! God damn this was great!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Match of April

1. Takeover: Authors of Pain vs DIY vs The Revival for the NXT Tag Titles

2. Wrestlemania: The Hardy Boyz vs The Club vs Enzo & Cass vs Sheasaro in a ladder match for the Raw Tag Titles

3. 205 Live: Austin Aries vs TJP vs Jack Gallagher vs Mustapha Ali in a number one contenders match for the cruiserweight title

4. NXT TV: Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young Steel in a steel cage Cage

5. NXT TV:  Tyler Bates vs Jack Gallasgher for the UK Title

Friday, April 28, 2017

Free Fire

I like Ben Wheatley, but i don't love any of his films....until now. Free Fire is a perfect film, the acting is great, the score is great, the set design, costuming, lighting, writing, directing, every single aspect. The first 10 minutes is early 90s Quentin Tarantino, the rest of the film feels like a Martin McDonagh film. Brie Larson, a total babe, is spunky in this, Cillian Murphy is fucking great, as is Sam Riley, Michael Smiley, Jack Reynor & Babou Ceesay. Sharlito Copley gives his best performance yet but the actor that steals the show, is Armie Hammer, Armie Fucking Hammer, of all people, amazing. The dialogue is witty, the violence is Sam Peckinpah esque, and it is pretty much non stop. This was the most fun I have had watching a film in a long time, it is perfect! It makes me want to go back and revisit all of his other films, it inspired me for my own films, hell this story is pretty close to a treatment i wrote in high school, and watching this film, reignites that fire to make fun as fun, kick ass cinema, and that is exactly what this film is!