Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Edgar Wright Ranked

My love of Edgar is strong, i fucking love him. In 2004, he directed my favorite film of that year, Shaun of the Dead, in 2007 he directed a fake trailer in my favorite film of that year, Don't, for Grindhouse. 2010 he blew my mind & my load with Scott Pilgrim, and yes, it was my favorite film of that year. 2013, he did it again, my favorite film of the year, was, you guessed it, The World's End. Is Baby Driver my favorite of the year? It is hard to say, but here is where it is ranked.

1. Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
My favorite comic of all time, is Scott Pilgrim, almost all of my film crushes are in the film, it is a perfect adaptation, nay, a perfect film. I saw it at an important time in my life, a time where i was destroyed, and i saw it at the premier at San Diego Comic Con, it blew me away. I have seen it like 8 times in theatres, and when i watch it at home, i quote it, well it happens for most of his films, and i even tear up. It is a beautiful film, with a beautiful cast, beautifully written, and i hope people see just how damn brilliant Wright is when it comes to these type of films, ahem Marvel, go fuck yourself over Ant Man. Also i met Edgar that weekend.

2. Shaun of the Dead
Whoa, okay, so i saw this when i was 16, I had just started making short films and i was obsessed with George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, along comes this British flick that had been jizzed all over on Aint It  Cool, and i had to see it. It quickly shot to my top 20 favorite films of all time list, and has not left that list.

3. The World's End
Take Simon Pegg, turn him into a pervy, drunk ass, let him get raucous, add a killer soundtrack, bar hopping and robots, no, not robots, blanks, and you get an amazing film. I was weary when i first read about the project, but when i saw it, holy shit, the alcohol content may have gone up, but so did my pants. What an awesome flick, and 2013 was full of awesome genre films, and this one came at a time when i had some other bad shit going one, along comes Edgar to cheer me up!

4. Baby Driver
Maybe this will rank higher some day, but at the moment, it is right here on the lower half, but that is not a bad place to be. Wright is my current favorite filmmaker, the dude is brilliant and so was this film. I love Drive, but what if Edgar Wright had helmed it? Well perhaps you take the soundtrack being a character from Guardians of the Galaxy, an odd love with sweet black & white scenes ala Natural Born Killers and toss in a bit of Kingsman, and you get this non stop, fast paced piece of celluloid.

5. Hot Fuzz
Fun flick but this one doesn't connect as much with me, i enjoy it, it is fun, but not as fast paced or quotable in my opinion, but i think the action is awesome, and all the actors do a great job. This same year he did Don't, the fake trailer in Grindhouse, and it was a highlight of that film!

6. A Fistful of Fingers
I debated putting this one on the list, not because it is bad, but it doesn't feel like a true feature, but if you get the chance to see it, it shows true raw imagination & ambition, so basically his later films, just not nearly as tight. It might be on Youtube somewhere, that is where i saw it years ago.

I should also mention that Spaced is on my top 5 favorite shows of all time list, pure brilliance, and way a head of its time!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Silicon Valley Season 4

Damn, each season of this show gets better & better. This year we saw Richard go full blown ass, Erlich is gone, Big Head is a educator, Dinesh became an uber douche,  Gilfoyle stayed Gilfoyle, which is classic Gilfoyle, and Gavin was humanized. Haley Joel Osment as Feldspar was perfect, i hope we get more of him next season. The show is endlessly quotable, brilliantly written and continues to be the best show on TV,

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Damn Jonathan Levine, damn. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane was a great debut, the Wackness was a great follow up, 50 50 was personal as fuck, Warm Bodies was flawed yet fun, The Night Before is a comedic masterpiece, you found your calling, raunch with heart. What the fuck it Snatched? Amy Schumer has become annoying as fuck since hitting it big, Goldie Hawn is past her prime, the script seems like something for Happy Maddison. This film sucked.

DDP Positively Living

Growing up, my favorite WCW guy was Sting, then during the Monday Night Wars it became DDP & Chris Jericho. DDP to me was WCW's Steve Austin, similar finisher, badass, cigar(instead of beer) dude was the shit. When he came to WWE I was super let down, I wanted him vs Austin, I wanted him vs Taker with out the stalked angle, I wanted him vs HHH, Tazz(shut up), Jericho, Benoit, Eddie, Angle, RVD, Edge. We got him & Christian, but he was pretty much midcard the entire time. His dvd shows this guy that has dyslexia, turning to sports and nightclubs, knowing he belonged as a rock star in wrestling, becoming an announcer, a manager and being larger than life for both positions. The midcard wcw wrestler became a main eventer, he became a champion. More than that he is a champion in life, the dude has saved lives and is so damn humble about everything. Thank you Diamond Dallas Page! FEEL THE BANG!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fargo Season 3

Fargo, the film, is brilliant,  the first season of the show, was better than anyone expected, season 2 went all unhinged, both seasons had great acting, as does season 3. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is fantastic, and Ewan McGregor is perfect here too. Sadly the plot was to be desired, the first episode & last episode were both great, but that was about it. Beautifully shot, amazing soundtrack, and wickedly edited. Not a perfect season but still a solid series.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Better Call Saul Season 3

Breaking Bad is possibly the greatest show ever made, every episode is damn near perfect. THe first season of Saul surprised many of us, it was way better than it should have been. Season 2 it was not as much about Breaking Bad, but finding itself, being its own show. Season 3, just became a prestige show, and it bored the fuck out of me. Great acting but the plot, very, very meh.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Beyond the Gates

What is not to love about this flick? The John Carpenter score? The Video Store? The VHS Game? It has good performance a simple yet smart script, inspired directing and some cool fucking gore. The gore is gorgeous in this, it helps that this is a colorful film(atleast in the VHS dimension). The Carpenter inspiration is not just in the score, but the film feels like a Carpenter flick, this and The Void would be a perfect double bill!