Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Green Inferno

Well after years of waiting the Green Inferno is finally on its way out, and the other night i was able to view it at the Bruce Campbell Groovy Film Fest, with an introduction by Eli Roth. Super cool guy, and a great flick. It exceeded my expectations for sure, the characters are likable for the most part, sure they are heavy handed social justice warriors but they are presented in a way where you support them, even if their decisions are stupid at times, Upon being caught by the tribe in Peru the group is offed one by one in gloriously bloody glory, the cheers came loud & often with the deaths, sure they were likable but the film is about the gore, after all it wants to be Cannibal Holocaust, and with all the deaths the film knows how to add in dark humor, but it doesn't halt the impact of the gore & violence we see on the screen. For those of you that think this film pales in comparison to CH, well  yeah, obviously Eli wasn't going to kill animals on film for art, this is 2015, but for a 2015 film, a film that will play in theatres, it pushes the envelope greatly. Thank you Eli Roth for making a film that few could make! You got arguably the best acting out of all your films, possibly the best f/x out of your films, and the best looking film you have made.

Sun Choke

Sun Choke is a well shot film that messes with the nerves for how creepy & fucked up humans can be, it reminds me a bit of May, only not nearly as fucked up. Sarah Hagan from Freaks & Geeks stars as a mentally troubled girl watched over by a mentally abusive Barbara Crampton and is obsessed with Sara Lane. She follows her, breaks into her house, uses her shower, wears her clothes and fucks her boyfriend. She begins to kill & kidnap, and is just all around a crazy bitch. I thought it was good but nothing i would say is must see.

Turbo Kid

Kick Ass meets Mad Max, that is what this film is, and that is a good thing. that is a great thing. THe film is about the Turbo Kid, a huge fan of  comics, but only it is during the apocalypse and he has to hunt to find his comics, he also must hunt to find other  useful goods that he can trade for water & other essentials. He lives on his own after the murders of his parents when he was a kid. With the help of a arm wrestler & a robot he must take down a brute ruler that overseas the wasteland. This has cult film written all over it, the weapons they use, the modes of transportation, the humor, the violence, the blood, the quirkiness, this is an awesome flick.

Bunny the Killer Thing

Take one part Human Centipede, take a 80's sex comedy, put it in a blender with a slasher film and you have Bunny the Killer Thing. This film from Finland is about a man that is kidnapped, and injected with bunny dna, he then goes on a rampage raping anything he passes, why does he rape? I have no clue, though the place does let others come to cum inside other creatures, however this dude was never assaulted but oh well, he & his long dong go on a raping & killing spree at a cabin with some party goers. There is not much for plot but this is a fun flick to watch with your buddies high or drunk,


Body is a new classic christmas horror film, it begins on Christmas Eve's Eve at Mel's(Lauren Molina) house, she is with her two best friends, Holly & Cali(Helen Rogers & Alexandra Turshen) smoking pot, playing games and eating snacks when Cali tells them they should party at her uncles house since he is out of town, now the house may or may not be someone elses house and upon being caught in a place they don't belong, the girls make a huge mistake. Said mistake leads to some real questions, do we cover this up, tell the truth, lie, and shit snowballs from there. The three beauties do a great job acting as does Larry Fessenden as per usual, the tension is great but it also has dashes of humor, humor that actually works. This is a great film, i hope people discover it and love it as much as i did.

Some Kind of Hate

Some Kind Of Hate is billed as a slasher film, and it is, however the film is a slasher that tries too hard to be mean spirited, and by that i don't mean things characters do to each other, all slashers have pricks, but this just does not seem to know how to have fun. It is a well made film and has quite a cool concept, a bullied girl that died at a camp for troubled kids(see Friday the 13th part 5) comes back and takes her vengeance on those bullying a new kid at camp. The way she does so is by cutting herself, every cut on her becomes a cut on her victim. It is a good film but i want my slashers to be films you can watch and clap for the deaths, this film had good deaths but the film is so darkly toned(the bullied emo girl that used to be a cheerleader, the bullied goth metal head) that it almost feels forced.


The other day at the Bruce Campbell Groovy Film Fest i saw a screening of Synapse. Now this is a film i was not too familiar with but the plot was your basic man on the run from a corrupt company for having info. It reminded me alot of a cheap Looper, only instead of JGL trying to kill his future self, it is about a man that got his memories swapped inside to mind of a Synapse Agent(cop). The action is choppy, the plot is uneven and the acting can be wooden at times but i still had a fun time with this flick.