Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Simpsons Season 29

Simpsons has become great again in recent years, this year, things looked somewhat dim at first, but damn if most of the second half wasn't great. The Moe episode with his family, the New Orleans vacation, the mind of Bart on his death bed with the ways many characters die. I almost with it had been a series finale, it was that good and it felt like a gift with the deaths of our characters plus cameos from characters that have died the past 30 years. A truly great season finale!


Say what you will about Netflix ruining film, killing theatres, etc, cause films like this make a perfect netflix movie. While yes, i love seeing dysfunctional family dramas, quirky indies & road movies at the art house, every one and a while you come across one on netflix that is brilliant. Kodachrome is that film. Terrific performances by Ed Harris, Jason Sudeikis & Elizabeth Olsen. It has brilliant ideas about the power of music, tastes in music, film vs digital, okay, yes, hipstery a bit, but all shit i relate to! I hope this gets some Emmy attention, please netflix, i know you may want your films to be up for Oscars, but you're a television station, embrace shit like this for best TV movie!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Deadpool 2

I enjoy the Deadpool comics, they're meta, violent, right up my alley, the film i was weary on, i thought the humor would feel forced, and i was surprised that it actually worked, upon other viewings, the humor wasn't as strong but it was still a solid flick. Deadpool 2 however, the humor is super forced, and i hated the first act.  I hated it up until they met Fire Fist, from there the humor works better, except on Deadpool's end, his was still forced down are throats like a raging cock. I wish Domino had evolved a bit past luck, but i am okay with her character. The remaining X Force characters that bit the dust(sorry, too soon Infinity War?) seemed to be the writers trolling the audience, however it didn't work since most of the audience didn't know these characters. Hell make up new ones to kill off, oh well, i shrugged it off. I love Cable, he was great, a little Terminator, a little Looper, i dug it. My audience was laughing their asses off at everything, everything, just cause it is in Deadpool doesn't mean you need to laugh, ugh modern nerds, love em, hate em, never forget em! People that find this film edgy, have no idea what edgy cinema is. The same folks that laugh at the "edgy" Human Centipede joke, most likely haven't seen the film.With all of that said, i enjoyed the film, i think the action was good, the characters were good and i liked the plot, my main issue was the humor, but i did enjoy the mid credit stingers!

Thursday, May 17, 2018


*claps hands* That is the Lucifer i have wanted since the start. This isn't a perfect show, it is formulaic, but it is a fun series with likable characters. The would push towards fantasy, such as Lucifer going to hell, only to have it just be a glimpse of his world, they'd push towards fantasy with Lucifer losing his wings and being left in the desert and for the show to pick up where it did the week prior. Chloe & Lucifer's relationship would develop and then revert back to mistrust the next week. But on the season/series finale, everythign paid off. Chloe was accepting Lucifer, they were together, Maze & Linda rekindled, Ella grew, Dan grew, Amenadiel & Charlotte(while not in the finale) grew. Pierce became the big baddie, and holy hell, was this finale well paced, well written, full of the show's trademark humor, but with fantasy, The show was a slow burn leading up the Lucifer going full archangel and annihilating Pierce's goons from his Sinnerman gimmick, to going all groot and using em to protect Chloe, to going full on Devil to punish Pierce. Will it come back? Who knows. Maybe the CW will take it to mesh with their DC shows, maybe the DC streaming service will pick it up? If not, it ended on a great note, i loved it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay

The live action Suicide Squad has a great look, a great soundtrack, just a shitty script. I think the haters of it just wanted to love Suicide Squad so that latched on to the new animated film Hell to Pay. I think those that supported Squad without limits wanted pitch a Squad flick to the haters so they too latched on to Hell to Pay. For an animated flick it isn't bad, but not on par with DC animation of say a decade ago. It is better than the last few, but that isn't saying much. For me, a fan of the Suicide Squad New 52, i am still longing for a really kick ass flick full of violence, macabre humor and Harley Quinn. But honestly until then, i will take the live action flick. Give it a rewatch, remember when comic book films were cheap & campy? Well Squad wasn't that, but it had more of a vision than most 90s & 00s comic flicks. The animated film has the heart, it just needs the brain.


Andre Niccol is an interesting director. All of his films are unique, and alot share the same tones, but none am I in love with. Gattaca is probably his best work by far, S1m0ne had its moments. Lord Of War is underrated but one that doesn't feel like one of his cyber films. In Time is probably my favorite work of his, probably his second most underrated, and second best crafted. The Host sucked, and i never saw Good Kill, but now he has his netflix original. Anon, a film with two great leads, but two great leads that don't do a whole lot, in fact most of this film doesn't do a lot, it feels super contrived, is pretty boring at times, and just feels derivative & tired. It isn't a bad film, but it is one that along with the new Cloverfield, might send netflix in a cheaper direction. If any director with a filmography pitches an idea to netflix, chances are it is going to get picked up, hell i'm glad this was a netflix flick, i honestly might feel less kind towards it had i used movie pass or actually paid.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

I love the Tremors franchise, the first is great, the next two are dumb fun, the fourth isn't good, neither is the fifth but they are passable in being Tremors flicks. The latest is a  clustered, contrived & forced flick, that is still a enjoyable film, is the worst in the series by a large margin. It feels like a Syfy channel movie, atleast when Syfy flicks were pure shit. Put this on there now a days and it would be laughed off, and not the same way as Sharknado, no, it would be laughed off from not being on par with Ghost Shark. I am not sure if i would have enjoyed it more or thought it was worse had this played in theatres. As much as i hate that everything is a tv show these days, please give us that Kevin Bacon series, it would be far better than any of the film, save the original!