Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SOuth Park Season 20

Season 19 was amazing, the best season in years, ever since going serial it has been great. This season, was good, but not great. With the shit fest political climate we are in and have been in the past few months, i was expecting more. The presidential stuff was good at first but post real life election, it went down hill. The troll angle was great at first but ran out of steam. Cartman's stance was super intrguining but seemed to be over shadowed at times and put on  the back burner. The member berries were arguably the best part, but wound up falling flat and really not playing a factor at the end as much as i wanted them too.

Monday, December 5, 2016


I think the film, Westworld, is awesome, it is fun, i figured the show would be a different beast, and welcomed it. The pilot was amazing, I love JJ Abrams, Lost is my shit, so i figured, cool we will get a mind fuck of a series. What followed were some cool shoot outs, some nice asses, and some boring television, that is until the finale, holy shit, that was cool. There still were some bits that dragged, but that was a bad ass hour & a half of tv, and it too dealt in the mind fuck game. It is no where near as good as everyone says it is, but hell, most shows aren't. Most pander to critics or fanboys too much, but it is simply a good show. I hear the second season will not be on until 2018, which is okay, give it a break, i might return, but if the season 2 premier does nothing, i will throw in the towel. That is, if i decide to watch it, hell 13 months from now, maybe longer, imagine what the world will be like....Trump will be in his second year in office, Episode 8 will already be out, hell might be on dvd already, will dvd still be a thing? Nakamura could be main eventing Mania, i might be married to Alexa Bliss. who knows.

Batman Return of the Caped Crusader

It is no secret i love Batman, i love the comics, the cartoons, the movies, the tv series, i love dark Batman, i love campy Batman, i love the Joker, i love him evil, i love him surfing. I was stoked when the old 1966 Batman series, was getting an animated movie, and it is a gift! It is full of jokes for the fans, it has "cameos" from villains with their actors likenesses such as Vincent Price, it is self aware of it's oh shucks morale, it has various Catwomen, it makes 66 Gotham scared of how Batman can be, and how some assume Nolan's Batman would have become(fascist).  it even knocks that series awful ending, yes i hate the ending to that franchise. It is great having the cast back, i am stoked they are bringing it back again next year with William Shatner as Two Face, if we get more of these i will be happy. Batman's animated films have been great, and this one is the best of the year after the disappointing Killer Joke.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Match of November

Possibly match of the year!

Living on a Razor's Edge: The Scott Hall Story

I just finished the Scott Hall documentary, it was pretty good. I am glad it was over an hour, but i still wish they would have gone deeper into the rise in the early 90s aswell as the politics involving the switch to WCW. It was more of a redemption tale and showcased his run ins with the law and his personal demons. It was the opposite of the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior, in it painted him in a better light through recovery, it was touching. I have always been a fan of his, always will be, bad times don't last, but BAD GUYS DO!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bad Santa 2

Anchorman is brilliant, everyone hated the sequel, I dug it, not on par with the first, but i dug it. Zoolander is brilliant, everyone hated the sequel, i dug it, probably wont watch it again, but dug it. Bad Santa is brilliant, everyone is hating the sequel, i dug it. It is still a dark comedy, but it tries to be a bit more of a broad comedy this time, Billy Bob still runs with the role but he comes across a tad more idiotic and less witty this time around. Not every joke works but it is a fun flick, it will not be considered a classic like the first one, but it still has the charm of the first. I went in with lower expectations due to reviews but glad i did, as it helped, comedy sequels are tough, but go easy on em, have fun and enjoy a movie for what it is, Billy Bob being un pc, drinking, fighting & fucking.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Handmaiden

I love Park Chan Wook, i adore the Vengeance trilogy, i think Thirst is underrated, i think his other films are solid but was let down by Stoker. THe Handmaiden looked like a return to form, and it is well made, it is a great sexual thriller, but honestly the sex and few moments of violence are the only real memorable pieces. Ultimately i found it rather dull, again well made, but rather dull, sure that might have to do with the fact that it is Thanksgiving, i have been stuffing myself all day and it is too cold out, but excuses for finding it boring aside, it is still a well made film. Just don't go into it expecting Oldboy or anything like that. It seems like a Brian DePalma film at times, and i love DePalma. If someone wants to watch it, i will gladly check it out a second time, perhaps notice things i missed. I suppose if it was maybe 45 minutes shorter i would have enjoyed it more, it is definitely art house, so i should love it, but it got tedious at times.