Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Roland Emmerich hasn't done much for me outside of Independence Day, but Midway looked pretty good. Visually it is stunning, the film has heart but no depth. Take away the visuals and the film is quite dull. The heart comes from the climax, it feels as though the characters have more development in the final scene than the rest of the film.


Great concept, terrible execution There are some surreal moments that have potential but fall flat. Most of the characters are uninteresting plus the gore looks cheap as fuck. If this had not been billed as an anthology film i might have passed. Bloody Disgusting is not the best stamp for distribution.

Match of November

Mens War Games: Takeover War Games

Womens War Games: Takeover War Games

Pete Dunne vs Killian Dain vs Damien Priest: Takeover War Games

Lio Rush vs Angel Garza: NXT TV Cruiserweight Title

Pete Dunne vs Damien Priest:  NXT TV

Adam Cole vs Daniel Bryan" NXT Title Smackdown

Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton vs Ricochet

Undisputed Era vs OC: NXT TV

Finn Balor  vs Matt Riddle: Takeover War Games

Undisputed Era  vs Keith Lee & Dominic Dijakovic: Tag Titles NXT TV

Chris Jericho vs Cody: AEW Title: Full Gear

Myron Reed vs Teddy Hart: Middleweight title: Fusion

Stairway to Hell: Mancer Warner vs Jimmy Havoc vs Bestia 666: Superfight

Dominic Dijakovic vs Swerve: NXT TV

Tyler Bate Vs Kasius Ohno: NXT UK

Travis Banks vs Ligero : NXT UK

Will Ospreay vs Bushi: JR Heavyweight Title: Power Struggle

Shayna Baszler vs Dakota Kai: NXT TV

Kenta vs Ishii: Power Struggle

Angel Garza vs Tony Nese: NXT TV

Low ki vs Timothy Thatcher: Fusion

Teddy Hart vs Austin Aries: Middleweight title: Superfight

Tom Lawlor vs Timothy Thatcher: Superfight

Grizzled Young Veterans VS Mark Andrews & FLash Morgan Webster: NXT UK

Finn Balor vs Tomasso Ciampa

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Room 104

Season 3 was easily the biggest mixed bag of the series. FOr every great episode there was one...mediocre episode. Some were too forced, some just were dull, others were surreal, but fuck a duck, if the episode about selling your soul wasn't the best of the season if not the entire run.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Knives Out

Knives Out has dethroned The Brothers Bloom as my favorite film of Rian Johnson's. This is a delightfully entertaining whounit. It is nearly impossible to discuss this without spoilers, but try to go in blind. The scenes with the questionings is played out perfectly, and hearing/seeing different versions of the same story was a nice touch. The entire cast is great and while i don't want a sequel, i'd gladly watch Daniel Craig play this role again.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

The End of the Fucking World Season 2

I loved the first season of the End of the Fucking World. It ended perfectly, i didn't want or need a second season. It has been about a month since it dropped with no trailer or fanfare but i binged the season tonight. It starts off odd, with a new character in a prequel with the man that got killed last season. Episode 2 we catch up with our leads and episode 3 all the players meet. From that point on it is truly awesome. We question motives & morale, we see depth and growth and remember that toxic relationships suck. There are some dastardly things done on this show but in some odd way, being fucked up or knowing people way more fucked up makes you care for these people. I don't want or need a third season, please....but i will still watch it.

Lady & the Tramp

I got Disney Plus for the Mandalorian, but i figured i'd take advantage of the month(plan of quitting once Mandalorian ends) so i watched Lady & the Tramp. I wish this had gone to theatres, this was far more entertaining than Dumbo, Aladdin & Lion King. It was super cute, and even sad at times, so it had the heart & spirit of the animated picture. If Disney Plus films keep this up then i will gladly watch once i resubscribe in the summer for Falcon & Winter Soldier.