Sunday, March 24, 2019

Critters the New Binge

I love the Critters films so i was stoked for a new series on Shudder. At only 10 minutes it is a quick watch, roughly the same run time as a feature, which this honestly plays out as. I wish episodes had been longer cause 10 minutes feels like a fan film, oh well it is still a fun show, even if some of the jokes & characters feel dated. Bring on a new film!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dragged Across Concrete

S. Craig Zahler is three for three. First his bloody cannibal western Bone Tomahawk, then his bloody prison revenge film Brawl in Cell Block 99, now his bloody "cop and heist" film Dragged Across Concrete. Cop & heist is used lightly as it involves cops but it isn't a cop film per se, it involves a heist but it is more about the characters, as is the case with all his films. Mel Gibson gives his best performance in years and Vince Vaughn is now two for two with Zahler. I think the best acting though might be from Tory Kittles. As also the case with his films it has a great soundtrack, even if it is only heard in the credits, it sets the mood.Can't wait for his next film, hell even his script for Puppet Master was great!

Friday, March 22, 2019


Jordan Peele had a lot of 70s inspiration in Get Out, not in tone per se but in style. He ups the ante in Us, it is brilliantly crafted, the opening scene sets an uncomfortable & unsettling mood. The film feels like it is influenced by De Palma & Polanksi as far as camera movement & shots go. The music plays a large factor, both the soundtrack & the score are beautiful. Tonally it feels like a 70s satanic cult film, only without the satanic cult. This film feels like a Twilight Zone episode, so that makes me excited for Peele's take on the series. This is part home invasion, part slasher, part survivors on the run(think Warriors only with killer yous trying to off you). The gore is great, the characters are well developed, well built tension, well timed humor, this film floored me. Oh also, who  the fuck brings their baby to a R rated horror film on a Thursday night?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Deadly Class

Deadly Class has one of the greatest pilots of any series, a neon drenched, blood soaked, punk infused assassin series with the best soundtrack possibly in TV history. Some of the episodes were a bit slow and or lackluster but they all served a purpose. The Vegas trip episode was brilliant, their go home show left me luke warm but holy hell what an amazing finale. Blood, brains, bullets, swords everywhere. This show isn't style over substance, it is put together to perfection in writing, directing, set design, acting, this is a fantastic series that fits in well with modern SyFy. The channel has a stigma but it produces some great shows, this and Happy are both brilliant. This is the superior version of Umbrella Academy and Doom Patrol....on that note Doom Patrol is superior to Umbrella Academy. I waited til the season was over, now i can read the comic!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

High Maintenance Season 3

What was a great web series became a great HBO series, but said series ran it's course. So much of this season was post modern hipster mumbo jumbo or done for shock value. Of the 9 episodes i enjoyed maybe 3 of them. The show has fallen, call it a day. Maybe do a film to finish it off.

The Passage

The pilot for this show was great, after that i assumed it would go down hill once they got to Project Noah, but fuck was i wrong. This is a 28 Days Later of vampire shows, meaning pure viral carnage. On top of that these are legit characters we get to know, they are so well developed, and once the vampire shit kicks in it doesn't let up. This is a great show, and i loved the finale's time jump. it was alot of years but it brings in so many possibilities. Also Shauna Babcock is my new crush!

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Gaspar Noe does it again, what is it? It is make a stunning film layered in pretentious story telling and self indulgent takes. I don't hate Noe, but i only really enjoy one of his films, Enter the Void. The film has great choreography and it brilliantly shot, but a film about dance requires great choreography, and Noe's films always look brilliant but watching LSD & coked up hotties dance doesn't mean shit if the story is empty. A 5 minute scene of interviews, long takes a of dancing, quick cuts of people talking about scummy shit, long takes of people dancing, tracking shots of people tripping, fucking, snorting & committing violent crimes. is basically the film in a nut shell. It feels like it wants to be Mother, but lacks the acting and haunting story telling. Sure this film has haunting shit cause it forces you to watch fucked up shit involving beating pregnant women, pissing yourself and setting people on fire, but it is post modern Noe, shock for shock value. It wants to be art house exploitation but it just feels pretentious film making with a mean spirited heart. The film has no heart, sure Last House on the Left may not have had heart but it didn't try to be high art. I admire Noe but fuck if his films aren't tough to watch.