Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Phantom Thread

PT Anderson isn't for everyone. Among cinephiles he is super divisive, but some of us, can't stay away. I first got into him when Punch Drunk Love came out, i was aware of Boogie Nights, having seen THE SCENE, and my mom owned Magnolia. When There Will Be Blood Came out i finally saw Hard Eight. Hard Eight is a solid debut, a good film that i like, Boogie Nights was a superior film, a great film that i also liked. Magnolia is his masterpiece, a great film i love, however the film that first got me watching his films regressed back to Hard Eight, as Punch Drunk Love was another good film, thar i only liked. Would history repeat itself? Hell no, his follow up, There Will Be Blood, is arguably another masterpiece, a great film, that much like Magnolia, i love. The Master was great but i didn't love it, but it is to be forgiven for how great There Will Be Blood truly is. Inherent Vice brings the cycle together again, it is an enjoyable film,  i like it, i truly do, but it isn't his best work. Now Anderson has a great style in every film, and gets great performances in all his films but many find his work tedious, this has never been more evident than in The Phantom Thread. Wow, stylish? Yes. Great acting? Yes! Dull premise & a pretentious script that thinks it is smarter than it is all while giving PT Anderson detractors more ammo, while also boring you to tears? Yes! This flick had it's moments but damn, unless his next film looks amazing, and i still have movie pass, i dout i will be checking it out. Honestly, if i didn't have Movie Pass, i would have hated paying to see this, even before seeing it, just cause of how boring the trailer was. I am still a fan of the man, but loosen up a bit, Inherent Vice, is not your stoner comedy, stop saying it is you pretentious auteur.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Den of Thieves

Here is a film that i had zero interest in. The trailer didn't look bad, but it just looked me. This past week no reviews were on Rotten Tomatoes, pft, RT, your John Carpenter fuck up was laughably pathetic. Anyhow, the lack of reviews made me weary, but i have movie pass, so fuck it, i might as well go. I am honestly glad i did, this was a entertaining flick. The acting isn't very good, the script is contrived, but the plot was engaging enough to keep my interest for over 2 hours. Yes, i said 2 hours, a long runtime for a flick like this, very much in tone with the Fast & The Furious films being overly long heist movies. I think with a tighter script, and maybe a different cast, that this could have been great. As i stated earlier, the acting isn't very good, but everyone seems to be having fun, so the audience has fun with it. Relax, turn off your mind & float down stream!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Well shit, this is a film that feels like it should have been made in the New Hollywood Era. A film with an outsider lead character, a loner, a man that has a routine yet isn't afraid to speak his mind. It is full of wonderful characters, quirky moments and a simple plot, well no plot, with great scenery. The scenery is mainly a desert, but it adds a great atmosphere to such a charming flick. I missed it in theatres, but check it out on demand, this is what indie cinema should be like!

I, Tonya

I, Tonya easily could have been a lifetime move, it could have been a cheesey movie of the week, instead it was given a witty script, a great cast and a super meta film. This is a highly enjoyable film, super funny at times, scary at a lot of times but never dull. The breaking of the fourth wall mixed in with "interviews" give the film perspective, and for a story like this, it is needed. I grew up watching figure skating and this story was a major event in my household, so this was a tale i knew well yet watching this made me see how things may or may not have played out. It almost feels made up, not saying the He Said, She Said scenario isn't accurate but just the event in general. If this doesn't pick up more box office due to the Oscars then it surely will be a cult film as it has all the right ingredients.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Post

The Post is Steven Spielberg's best work since Catch Me If You Can. Not only is it his best, but it is his most enjoyable too. BFG was bland, Bridge of Spies underwhelmed me, Lincoln and Warhorse were good but forgettable, Tin Tin was fun but also forgettable.  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Mucich have their merits as does War of the Worlds and the Terminal but the only film of his that really stuck with my quite a bit was Catch Me If You Can. With the Post, he has a fantastic cast with a sharp script and the film looks amazing, the direction, sound, cinematography is all top notch. WHat could have been a bland political thriller became a story of rebels & underdogs. The film had a standing ovation and rightfully so. As soon as watergate is mentioned, it almost felt like a stinger for a cinematic universe,  of course it isn't but the way it played out, totally felt like one, it was great!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The End of the Fucking World

Take a psychopath, one that isn't sure if he is a psychopath, have him meet a girl that wants to rebel from her family. He will kill her, he will prove he is a psychopath, but what if she is crazier than he is? What if they run into pedophiles & rapists? What if they fall in love? What if they need to steal to get by? What if they figure out that their family does matter? What if they explore sex? These topics are all dissected on this brilliant show. A series with an emotional punch, a series that makes you laugh, a series that makes you cringe, a series with great acting by a young cast. 8 episodes, takes about 3 hours to binge, and it gives a satisfying ending as it is not a cookie cutter ending. It is based on a comic, a comic i must now read.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Molly's Gsme

I'm an Aaron Sorkin fan, but not the type of fan that worships him, more or less the fan that has enjoyed his body of work. He has always been a great writer, but what about a director? Well with Molly's Game he proves he has alot of style to match his witty scripts. This here is indeed his wittiest script, with a less talented writer this could have been a dull court room drama, but instead it oozes style, sex appeal, charm & humor. Focuses in on the story and not the case, fleshing out characters, and showing different sides & voices in  cluster fuck of a tale. The story is not a cluster, the real life happenings were. This is easily the second best Sorkin project behind the Social Network. It's hard to top David Fincher, so coming in second is not a bad thing at all, especially for a debut film. The cast is great, even small parts like Michael Cera deserve praise. Jessica Chastain is fantastic in this, she is every bit as good of an actress as she is gorgeous. I am hooked on Sorkin now, i can't wait to see his next film, not his next script, his next film!