Friday, April 28, 2017

Free Fire

I like Ben Wheatley, but i don't love any of his films....until now. Free Fire is a perfect film, the acting is great, the score is great, the set design, costuming, lighting, writing, directing, every single aspect. The first 10 minutes is early 90s Quentin Tarantino, the rest of the film feels like a Martin McDonagh film. Brie Larson, a total babe, is spunky in this, Cillian Murphy is fucking great, as is Sam Riley, Michael Smiley, Jack Reynor & Babou Ceesay. Sharlito Copley gives his best performance yet but the actor that steals the show, is Armie Hammer, Armie Fucking Hammer, of all people, amazing. The dialogue is witty, the violence is Sam Peckinpah esque, and it is pretty much non stop. This was the most fun I have had watching a film in a long time, it is perfect! It makes me want to go back and revisit all of his other films, it inspired me for my own films, hell this story is pretty close to a treatment i wrote in high school, and watching this film, reignites that fire to make fun as fun, kick ass cinema, and that is exactly what this film is!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

THe Circle

Okay, the trailer for this was cool, but i didn't expect much....i liked it better than i thought i would....but i still expected more......does that make sense? No? Well, that is okay, cause the plot doesn't make much sense here either. There are great ideas in this film, really great ideas, however none are realized. The idea of big brother is nothing new, but adding it in with modern societies obsession with social media, and everything being connected makes this barely science fiction, but a drama set in modern times. Everyone's accounts connected, with their phones/tablets with them at all times, recording everything. That is basically it....which leads to the anti climatic finale, why, is it anti climatic? Well Emma Watson(who does good acting in this) is trying to out Patton Oswalt & Tom Hanks(Hanks is really good) for their emails.....however, besides their company being creepy, they never really do anything that makes them the antagonists. I was hoping they were behind something, but nope, they just run a company. John Boyega is misused, and his character is trying to convince Watson that there is something fishy going on....okay, please show us what is going on! Watson's best friend, the BEAUTIFUL Karen Gillan, got super stressed out and had to leave the company....why? Please show us, also, pills? When did this happen? The film is full of plot holes, but atleast explain why we need to care about what happens to these characters? Maybe it needed to be longer? Maybe it needed trimming and then adding in the plot details to fill those minutes. The acting is good but ugh, why was it so important to leak emails? This plot gives me a headache. I can see why the critics are hating it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't wasn't bad, it just had potential to be really good!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Holy fuck this show is brilliant! The comedic timing from all the actors(ALL the actors) is on point, the dialogue is witty as fuck, super snappy & intelligent! The characters are all well developed, the episodes have call backs to previous ones, yet most are still stand alone, but why would you just watch one? Watch them all, watch all 13 episodes, they are perfect, they are quotable, so fucking  quotable. It is like Trailer Park Boys meets Workaholics meets Goon, but in my opinion better than them(save Good, which i fucking love). How this show slipped under my radar until recently is beyond me, Canada has produced a masterpiece in not just sitcoms but in all forms of film! It combines realism & absurdity so god damned well, that it almost doesn't seem like it could be made anywhere else other than Canada! So many sex jokes, so many drug & booze jokes, so many ass kickings, plus Katy & Bonnie are total babes! I know Crave has the show, but damn, this would be perfect to reair on Comedy Central's secret stash, or IFC. I can not wait for season 3!

Friday, April 21, 2017


The past few years we have had a few Kaiju flicks in theatres, we had the the amazing Korean film the Host, the film that it inspired, Cloverfield, a full on tribute in Pacific Rim, modern Godzilla & King Kong flicks, Toho Godzilla, and Jurassic World. Colossal i would rank above Toho & WB's Zilla(and Kong). It is your basic Indie Rom Com, but you take away the rom com, because one of the leads is a psycho, then you place it in a kaiju film. It has tons of imagination, it balances humor & fear well, not fear in terms of horror film fear, but fear as in the human psyche, Jason Sudeikis is great in this, he shows a side of him we have not seen, hell you could take away the monsters & robots and his performance could have carried a dark indie drama, luckily the monsters help make this a slight satire, The monster stuff is cool, it gives some laughs, and also shows how power can consume. The monster being alcoholism is a pretty brilliant way to tackle the issue, for those reading this, the monsters are legit but the film has some very deep thoughts and ideas, you can tell  this is a personal film, and in my opinion it is Nacho Vigalondo's best film!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Marc Webb directed an amazing film in 500 Days of Summer, then he directed the best Spider Man(thus far) and the worse one(thus far). Going back to his indie roots seemed natural, however, this film did not seem like a step up. It is a solid film, but one that anyone could have directed, didn't have the style of 500 Days. While that film mixed happiness & sadness perfectly, this film does the same. It is depressing as fuck at times, but it is ultimately uplifting. Chris Evans gives a great performance, as does Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer, as does Lindsay Duncan. However the film's best aspect is Mckenna Grace, i usually find little kids annoying in films but she is fantastic! Spunky, smart, she plays the role perfectly! The issues are great, and the story unfolds in a damn good way exploring different sides, and finding counter balances. It is not 500 Days of Summer but it is a film that i think would be regarded higher had Webb not directed it with 500 Days on his resume.

The Void

A lot of times when the internet is jacking off to a horror film, they don't measure up. This one here totally does. It is pretty much if John Carpenter directed Hellraiser, It has slasher moments like Halloween, an invading force of the unknown like the Fog, questionable team ups like Assault of Precinct 13, and great monster f/x like the Thing. The final act goes pure Hellraiser, hell this easily could have been a Hellraiser flick, the creatures at the end are pretty much cenobites, except their gateway to hell seems like something out of Phantasm. If it is playing near you, check it out, if not, it is on VOD, check it out no matter what.

Fate of the Furious

Ah yes, the Fateful Eight......wait, that is not the name? Oh yes the Fast & the Furious 8, the best & most fun in the series since the original. The first i think is awesome, the second one is not as good but goes for more style, the third one is nothing but style over substance. The fourth one tried too hard to be the legit sequel to the first but was not that good, enter the fifth, where we become over the top as fuck. I still was not sold on it, but the sixth one finally got it right, but was still nothing more than dumb fun. The Fast & the Furious 7, or Furious 7, whatever you want to call it, finally got the heart, not saying the others did not have heart, but the heart of the final scene can make you tear up. I love James Wan but he did not do the best sequel with part 7, nope, this here, the Eighth in the series, sure it is still contrived, sure it is still unbelievable, but it has in my mind, the best story of the sequels and it embraces the B Movie theatrics all the way. Right before the 7th one, John Wick & Kingsmen got over the top action right(well to be fair Shoot Em Up and The Raid films did it first) so this one thinks like them. Jason Staham doing parkour everywhere in a prison, the Rock throwing people around and destroying things with his fists. Hell the humor works the best in this one, the chemistry with Tyreese & Ludacris has always been there, but adding in Nathalie Emmanuel(one of my favs from GoT) brings in a new flavor. Kurt Russell chews the scenery, Helen fucking Mirren does another action flick. Oh and speaking of action babes, holy fuck is Charlize Theron awesome in this, she does the cold & calculating character well here, she has become a genre favorite in recent years, and she happens to be a total knockout in this, smoking hot! I never thought i would like a Fast & the Furious sequel this much, but this was an awesome flick!