Sunday, May 3, 2015

MCU Ranked

Guardians of the Galaxy
This is the closest thing to a new Star Wars i have seen, if i was a little kid i would be going nuts over the GotG toys. This is a odd pick as my favorite as i knew next to nothing about most of these characters, mainly the villains i knew, but the heroes i did not, but it didn't matter, this is a fun flick with a great soundtrack. Not only is it a fun flick but the film's premise is weird, who the fuck thought a talking raccoon and a walking tree would kill at the box office? Oh and it is directed by Troma alumni? Thank you!

The Avengers
This is pretty much a perfect comic book film, i prefer The Dark Knight and think it is a better made film, but if you want a straight up comic book film, this is it. This film is fun, action packed, has wit, and is a dream film that many never thought would happen. This film really started making MCU films feel like huge events.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Sure it may be early but this flick was pretty damn kick ass, it made shit from Agents of Shield make sense, though i still hate the show, and set up Phase 3 really well. I almost wish Civil War wasn't happening and that the new Avengers roster was the one we are getting in Cap 3, then let Infinity War be the return of characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, ect, have it be the big event, but i will shit up, sit back & enjoy.

Iron Man 3
I love Shane Black, this film feels like Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and i love that, i wish he had more work after that film and am damn happy it was a Marvel flick, he helped resurrect Robert Downey Jr, and now RDJ has done the same for him. I almost wish this had been Tony Stark's swan song, and that he needed to come out of retirement in AoU but that flick is awesome so let it be. They threw alot in this film but it all works, sure the Mandarin wasn't the Mandarin but it works in this flick.

Captain America The Winter Soldier.
This here is the closest we have got to a Marvel Dark Knight, well maybe Darevil the series. The action scenes are the best yet, the humor is perfectly times and doesn't feel forced(alot of times in Marvel flicks it feels that way). The plot twists in the film & the way it changes the MCU will always be remembered, sadly much like Coulson's death feeling less impact full due to Agents of Shield, the whole end of Shield feel less impact full with the show aswell. None of those are the films fault, the film is damn near flawless.

Thor: The Dark World
I will get it out of the way, i am not a big fan of the earthling characters, but yet again i love the Asgradian stuff. I LOVE Loki so his evolution of just being the antagonist in the first film, to capturing the character in Avengers, to just running with it in this one. The battle scenes are top notch and the Marvel Universe references are great, i also love the humor of the Thor flicks.

Iron Man
It's funny seeing how different this film feels than the newer Marvel flicks but that is a good thing, who wants the same old same old? This really is almost a perfect origin story, showcasing asshole/smartass Tony Stark into smartass Tony Stark. It came out the year of The Dark Knight but it began the fun Marvel films without studio concern, not even going to mention Disney's involvement these days since they pretty much allow Marvel to be its own thing.

Captain America: The First Avenger
When i first saw this at San Diego Comic Con i was underwhelmed but it gets better & better. It really shows the transformation of a wimp to a soldier, and i love the pulpy aspects of it. Plus Red Skull looks really cool & comic book esque.

I love the Asgardian aspects of the film, but the stuff on earth is somewhat lackluster, mainly the earthlings and i LOVE Natalie Portman but not in this.

Incredible Hulk
I don't hate this flick, alot do, i liked Edward Norton in the role but i prefer Mark Ruffalo.  The film feels rather unimportant but the action scenes are actually pretty damn good.

Iron Man 2
This entry has awesome performances by Robert Downey Jr & Sam Rockwell, sadly the film itself lacks much in terms of story, it feel very lackluster, Mickey Rourke tries but there is next to no character development in the flick. With that said, it gets better on repeat viewings. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fav of 2014

1. Guardians of the Galaxy.
I haven't loved a film this much since Scott Pilgrim. I wasn't the most up on the comic this time around however i have gone back and quite enjoy them. This film is the modern Star Wars, this is a film that has everything i love about film. It is quoteable, it is fun as all hell, the characters are perfect, it moves along at a great pace, plus it is an inspiration for those of us that have submitted work to Tromadance as Troma alumni James Gunn directed this!
2. Snowpiercer
What a kick ass flick this is, from the Director of the Host, the South Korean kaiju flick not the Stephanie Meyer movie, it feels like a lost John Carpenter film, with fight scenes that rival Oldboy!
3. Birdman
2014's Guardians is to 2010's Scott Pilgrim as 2014's Birdman is to 2010's Black Swan, this is the best film of the year. This film is the best at everything, Keaton is the best actor, Norton is the best supporting actor, Stone is the best supporting actress, it is the best directed, written, edited, scored, shot, sound mixed film of the year for my money.
4. Boyhood
A film like no other, 12 plus years in the making, a film like this might never be attempted again. Great acting from Ethan Hawke & Patricia Arquette, plus a breakout for the film's star Ellar Coltrane. The journey of adolescence, maturity & heartbreak for everyone is the driving force!
5. Chef
Finally a film that is made for foodies that is both a great film & an entertaining film. I really wish Jon Favreau would do more small films like this, but he is doing the Jungle Book so i will not complain.
6. Grand Budapest Hotel
It is no secret i love Wes Anderson, i think this film is his most unhinged and straight up WESque!
7. X Men Days of Future Past
I love the X Men films, and up until Guardians i think it would be safe to call this my favorite franchise based upon a Marvel comic. The latest entry is my favorite of the bunch, and contains one of my favorite scenes of the year, Quicksilver/Time in a Bottle. I wish there was more Magneto since i love the character but what we got was a kick ass flick with great bits of humor!
8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
I was underwhelmed by the first one upon my initial viewing but it grew on me, the sequel just looked fantastic and that it was. It was by no means the same as the first, hell it bent the genre and was possibly the best crafter Marvel film outside of Guardians and the third Iron Man.
9. The Purge Anarchy.
Okay, okay, the first one i didn't care for much, i wanted for of the Purge and not a home invasion flick, this one didn't full on give us the Purge but gave us a Escape From NY/Warriors vibe. Frank Grillo is a star to watch, a veteran in the industry but with this and Cap 2, he kicked our asses!
10. Nightcrawler
Jake Gyllenhaal delivers one of the best performances of the year, only behind Keaton is Birdman. This film surprised the fuck out of me, i thought it would be solid but the acting alone makes it that much better, add in the tension the film builds and the overall creepy factor this became a great film.
11. They Came Together
I love David Wain, i think this is his funniest film since Wet Hot American Summer, some may disagree but the humor in the film is right up my alley.
12. Dead Snow 2
Much like the Purge i was not big on the first one, i thought it underused both the zombies & the nazi angle, this one had better humor than the first and better effects as well. Plus it has Martin Starr, put him in anything and i'll love it....well maybe not but still!
13. The Guest
A week ago i wouldn't have expected this to be on my lop 20, but upon thinking about it for a few days, holy hell what an awesome flick. If the film was a character study it would have worked but take said character and put him in a thriller with John Carpenter esque music, Fucking A
14. The Interview
Yep, a film i thought looked like a mess is on my list, i backed it once controversy began, and i am glad, and i found this film hilarious!
15. Big Hero 6
Marvel's first non MCU film done by Disney. I am not knowledgeable on this comic but from what i have read it is loosely based, either way i don't care this was one of the most fun flicks of the year..
16. The Rover
Australian apocalyptic road film? That is all that needs to be said, but this film is pretty balls to the wall, and Robert Patinson is pretty awesome in this!
17. Horns
This is another film i was surprised by, i was expecting much but wound up loving it, it a horror/fairy tale version of Gone Girl.
18. Inherent Vice
PT Anderson said he wanted to make a stoner film, what we got was a bad acid trip of a film....that is saying it feels like a bad trip, the film itself is brilliant.
19. Tusk
Kevin Smith attempting to do a weird body horror film, pft, i'll see, and saw i did, and it actually was a pretty creepy flick, some images i found gross, and i loved that Smith directed this, i made me re fall in love with his work.
20. The Skeleton Twins
This was a gem of a film, if you were expecting laugh a minute with Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader you would be mistaken. This is a very bleak & depressing film.
21. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes is my favorite sci fi franchise, i was impressed by Rise, but it didn't stick with me, upon rewatching it, it still holds up, this chapter ups everything, it improves upon aspects of the first while separating itself from the original films. Bring on more of these!
22. Interstellar
Alot have been bashing this flick, so what if it isn't 100% to science, it's a movie. Now will this be a Moon and i will love it years later, or will it be a Gravity and become forgettable? Time will tell!
23. Gone Girl
This may be David Fincher's best film since Zodiac, hell it may be his best predating that. You can not talk about this film with out spoilers, and Fincher pulls it off so damn well!
24. The Hobbit
This was a satisfying end to the TOlkein saga, a faster paced trilogy wit ha very haunting scene(to avoid spoilers i will put the ice shot)
25. Edge OF Tomorrow
This is how a blockbuster should be, fun, not too long and kick ass.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Favs of 2013

The World's End
The Conjuring
The Wolf of Wall Street
 American Hustle
 The Kings of Summer
The Way Way Back
 The Place Beyond the Pines
 Anchorman 2
 Insidious Chapter 2
This Is the End
Iron Man 3
Thor 2
Inside Llewyn Davis
 Kick Ass 2
 THe Wolverine
 The Dallas Buyers Club
We're the Millers
Spring Breakers
The Lords of Salem
You're Next
Hunger Games 2
Man of Steel
Hobbit 2

Saturday, April 20, 2013

2012 My Favorite Films

Little late but oh well, it's just a reminder for me as my top 30 of 2012.

 1. The Avengers
 2.The Perks of Being A Wallflower
 3. Argo
 4. John Dies at the End
 5. Seven Psychopaths
 6. The Dark Knight Rises
7. Django Unchained
8. Moonrise Kingdom
9. Thor at the Bus Stop
10. Wreck It Ralph
11. Cabin in the Woods
12. The Revenant
13.Video Diary of a Lost Girl
14. God Bless America
15. Silver Linings Playbook
16. Looper
17.Hunger Games
18. Prometheus
 19. Goon
 20. Paranorman
21. Father's Day
22. The Master
23. Detention
24. My Sucky Teen Romance
25. The Hole
26 Cloud Atlas
27. Holy Motors
28. Ted
29. Hobbit
30. This is 40

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2011 My Favorites!

1. Drive

Here is a film i did not pay attention to until the fall, i loved the trailer & the reviews were amazing. I saw this film expecting it to be a action flick but was surprised at the great story...and even more surprised at the violence. Albert Brooks was snubbed and Nicolas Refn has become a favorite of mine with this & Bronson!

2. Insidious
Hate to beat a dead horse but James Wan made his best film aswell, a unique twist on the ghost/possession story!

3. Chillerama
Maybe i have this on here for nostalgia purposes since i saw it at Comic Con, but i had a blast with this...except Werebear(which i still enjoyed)

4. X Men
Easily the best X Men film there is. Sure there is choppy cgi but the film had a perfect balance of seriousness & camp.

5. Thor
Much like X Men had a perfect balance of camp & seriousness, and is the best of the Avengers series thus far.

6.  Captain America
I didn't care for it upon a first viewing but i loved it the second & third time. Perfect fit for a WW2 era idealism of a patriot!

7.. The Innkeepers
Wait this is a 2012 film, well theatrically yes but it was released on video on demand in 2011. Ti West made his best film aswell, and there wasn't a gimmick like in the Roost or a retro vibe like in House of the Devil, just a great film!

8. Super 8
Is this JJ Abrams best? Maybe! Is this another film about film making? Yes it is! One of the funnest films of the year by far!

9. Attack the Block
it is like John Carpenter directed critters. It is a fun film from top to bottom that never quits, the shit hits the fan early on and it keeps running!

10. Kaboom
I love Gregg Araki, i love his film style, and this may be his oddest, Thomas Decker continues to prove he is an awesome actor aswell with this flick!

11. Bellflower
Gem of a film for 2011, tragic love story with an apocalyptic twist

12. Sucker Punch
Why was this film so hated? It is a geeks wet dream, robots, nazis, samurais, steampunk, hot chicks! What was not to love? Sure i get that it may have felt like a video game, and granted i hate watching people play video games, but fuck it, this was Snyder doing what he does best

13. Super
It wasn't as good as Kick Ass but i had a great time with this flick, and it was alot closer to how a real super hero would be!

14. Harry Potter
The best of the Potter saga and a great film in general, fantastic climax to the Potter series!

15. The Artist
Easily the best film of 2011, beautifully made, and a tribute to film in general.

16. Hugo
It is not Martin Scorsese's best yet it is a great film. Much like the Artist a great tribute to film and a very niche tribute at that to Georges Méliès!

17. Another Earth
I wish this film had gotten more attention, but the mixed reviews probably hurt that. I don't know if it will even achieve cult status, but i loved it!

18. The Muppets
A love letter to the muppets, a last hurrah for the Muppets, this could be seen as many things but it truly felt magical!

19.50 50
What an emotional flick! JGL was great in it and i cried a couple times, some of the film at the beginning may have fell flat but it found it's stride later in the film!

20. A Horrible Way to Die
I love AJ Bowen and this is one of my favorite serial killer films in recent memory.

21. Hanna
It is like Hit Girl got her own solo film!

22. Cowboys & Aliens
Much like Sucker Punch, a film that got alot of hate, alot said it went wrong when the aliens showed up. What did you expect!

23. Stake Land
A John Carpenter esque vampire film

24. Midnight in Paris
One of Woody Allen's best and i loved the alternate time world with classic authors, his screenplay is likely to win come oscars!

25.   A Dangerous Method
David Cronenberg's Viggo films have all been good but this one was great, and it is the most Cronenbergish of all of them too!

26. Melancholia
Possibly the most visually amazing film of the year, and the most snubbed, and Lars Von Triers best aswell!

27. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
is it better than the original? It very well may be. Hard to say but i am siding with that thought. I love that a studio funded such a hard flick for a christmas release!

28. The last Circus
A batshit crazy look as circus clowns with no love lost, it isn't hokey and it plays it straight but in such an odd way.

29. Sint
Visually it is a great christmas film that shows a real menacing christmas look!

30.  Tiny Furniture
Such a charming little debut film.

Honorable mentions!
Tree of Life
War Horse
The Woman
Rare Exports
Stake Land
Mission Impossible
Tin Tin
I saw the Devil
Red State
The Rum Diary
Elektra Luxx
Our Idiot Brother
The Descendants
Young Adult
A Perfect Host
The BEaver
Everything Must Go
Hobo With a Shotgun
Cedar Rapids
30 Minutes or Less
Ides of March
troll hunter
the future

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Most anticipated films

1. The Dark Knight Rises
When i was in elementary school i always went nuts for Batman movies. In high school it was Batman Begins. Though who remember 4 years ago, remember how much i fell for the Dark Knight. I think Nolan has changed the face of the superhero film, his films are leap & bounds above the rest, and for good reason. I love Batman, but i hope he dies....or do a thing where Batman lives and Bruce Wayne dies....will make for an epic film!

Quentin Tarantino is a god...all there is to it. Sure the cast is odd, but QT can do wonders with a cast like this, and make this plot really in his own universe.

3. Lords of Salem
Rob Zombie after the Devil's Rejects was quite the darling in the horror world, he then let alot of folks down with his remake of Halloween, then raped us with Halloween 2. Now he is back, and better than ever, this cast is amazing, the face that he shot an entire second feature for the film within the film is amazing. I am stoked to say the least!

4. Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson is alot of things, and among them is one of my favorite filmmakers of all time! His films are in fact Wes Anderson films, and much like Zombie, has a hell of a cast. I can not wait to see how Norton, Keitel & Willis work in his mind!

A trippy horror film from Don Coscarelli and starring Paul Giamatti! That is all you need to know!

Just watch Bronson & my favorite film of 2011 Drive, and you will see why this is on the list!

7. The Avengers
Marvel has done an amazing thing with their universe films, and both the teaser & t he trailer were amazing! It will be different to see how this one turns out with the ensemble but it will truly be an event film!

Erm Coen's!

Alfonso Cuaron's first feature since Children of Men....if it is half as amazing as that, then we are in for a great film!

10.The Master
PT Anderson is back, and after a 5 year hiatus i hope for great things!

11. The Hobbit
Now i love the Rings movies but i prefer the Hobbit book to the Rings books, so this one is a must see!

12. Cabin in the Woods
Odd looking flick, and it took long enough to come out!

13. The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker is perfect casting, plus he is in fact a HUGE fan of the comic!

14. tie Frankenweenie/Dark Shadows
A Passion project for Johnny Depp, and a remake of Burton's early shorts.

15. Prometheus
Ridley Scott returning to the ALIEN universe!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Film News Roundup 6-25-2011
Strike gold again sir! Midnight in Paris was amazing!
Insidious is still my favorite film of 2011.
Reilly & Cohen again?!?! Excited!
Her & zombies again?!?! Excited part 2.
Good young actor
This needs to be pulled off right.
Eek, wtf
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH viral marketing for the next X Men...oh wait.
Gotta think on this one. Year Zero
Baddass! Blood Wars
As is that!

Love me some Owen!

Looks great but we need the new flesh!