Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Film News Roundup 9-30-10
Not much for news but it's Anderson, so i'll see anything he puts on screen.
He on the otherhand does nothing for me....atleast these days, maybe, just maybe, this flick can turn it around.
Franco is the man right now, his last few films were great & his next few looks great or sound great.
With Carell & Daley, i'm surprised Apatow isn't involved.
I literally am ecstatic with glee right now, this is fucking awesome! Raimi TV shows
More tv eh? I'm really not sure what to make of this.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Film News Roundup 9-28-10
Too bad Abrams wasn't directing it!
Near perfect casting! If it comes true.
With Mandy Lane & The Wackness, Levine has done two very damn good small films, i'm anticipating the rest of his work!

More of a Blair Witch feel than most found footage films.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Film News Roundup 9-27-10 Trollhunters
Del Toro doing a family picture eh? As long as it's more Boyle than Rodriguez, by that i mean not embarrassing for adults. Laid to Rest 2
THe story of the first wasn't the best but it was fun and had some decent kills, so i'll check out a sequel.

Nice teaser, very nice!

HOLY SHIT! That, THAT looks great!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Film News Roundup 9-22-10 Snow White
Vey nice, he may actually pull off a decent dark version! Darling Companion
Right on, i always wished he had done more directorial work! Goodfellas
It seems i post more tv stuff every week, this is cool though, cause i love the film, plus Henry Hill lived not that far away from where i live now. JJ, Emerson & O'Quinn!!!
See, more tv, i love these two actors, especially together, and with Abrams involved, holy Lost boner Batman!
Nice, i love Carrey's darker pieces, which with O'Russell involved i'm sure it will be, even though Huckabees wasn't too dark. I just saw I Love You Phillip Morris, i fucking loved it!
Smith originally wanted a small no name cast, but here we are with Goodman, Parks and that fucking kid from Jennifer's Body. Lords of Salem
So Zombie is finally doing original horror again...i'm excited but fuck me, i'vr become emersed in the brilliance of Ti West in recent months, and as far as people doing homage horror, West has him beat.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Film News Round Up 9-19-10
This is like right out of the 80's when foreign distributors would do in name only sequels, just to tie em in. I dig it.
I love that Millar is making a film but this found footage thing is going to get tiresome fast. Freddy Mercury
Good for Cohen, stretching his limits.

Might be worth a rent...that is all.

People can rag on Bale for being a dick, and sure he does more mainstream films these days, but fuck, the guy still does work on his body, fucker will have problems in the later years gaining & losing weight the way he does.

Wasn't thrilled with the plot but it looks like a fun flick.


I'm excited for anything with AJ Bowen!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Film News Round Up 9-12-10
Awesomeness! I dug Dead Snow, and this concept is aswesome!
So Keanu is pretending to be sad in a film as opposed to to just acting and seeming sad.
Fingers crossed!!! & how awesoem does a Telenovela flick be? Abrams and Nolan
I don't normally do tv on here but it's the Dark Knight plus LOST! Well in writer terms atleast. The Collector 2
I know alot hated the Collector, but i had alot of fun with it, so i welcome a sequel.

Eastwood has been on fire since Mystic River, so i'm excited for this one.

Sunday, September 5, 2010 a mini review of Burning a fun surprise in Centuion

So i rented Burning Bright the other night, i'm not devote a whole post to it i just wanna say this, it is what it is, it's about siblings trapped in a house with a tiger while a dangerous storm is going on outside, there's another character who has villainous tendencies but is way under developed to care about, the whole film is a jumbled mess.

Then there is Machete, a film that i enjoyed but i was disappointed by. You all know the amazing fake trailer, the film follows Machete(Danny Trejo) while he SET UP, DOUBLE CROSSED and left in a house fire by Torrez(Steven Seagal). We pick up years later where he is a day laborer,and an illegal immigrant, he gets and offer from Booth(Jeff Fahey) to assassinate the George Bush esque Senator McLaughlin(Robert DeNiro), only to be SET UP, DOUBLE CROSSED & LEFT FOR DEAD. He winds up in a hospital ran by the Network, a group to help spanish papis & mamacitas, ran by Luz(Michelle Rodriguez).Helping her are nurses played by the Crazy Babysitter Twins & Dr. Felix from Planet Terror! He escapes and runs into an immigration agent, Sartana(Jessica Alba) who at first wants to take him in, but decides he was wronged and needs to help him. Together with the Network they face off against Lt. Von Jackson(Don Johnson) and his "vigilantes". Peopel turn on each other and guts are spilled butthe first hour or so wasn't the film i wanted, it felt more like Desperado, which i'm a big fan of, i just wanted it different, the last half hour is pure Tromaish bliss.

I also saw Centurion, and i'm not a big fan of Neil Marshalls other films, i think the Decent was his best but i found it a tad overrated. Centurion, is actually a pretty fun yet very messy film. The editing could've been alot better and it feels like it could've used a trim but it was fun, the first 10 minutes is really fun, but then the next half hour is super slow. It picks up though with the group of Roman soldiers on the run Warriors style from a wicked chick, Etain(Olga Kurylenko) who seeks revenge for what romans did to her family years earlier. It's a sword & sandals flick but with fuck bombs & dick jokes.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Exorcism

I know alot of folks personally who have hated this film, i myself really dug it. it played with conventions.

A reverend & exorcist Cotton(Patrick Fabian) is a very good showman, he is also an athiest, and one who scams people out of their money. He invites a documentary crew to follow him on his "last exorcism", to show how he sets up shaking beds, smoke, and bubbling water. THe possessed girl in question is Nell (Ashley Bell), who may or may not be possessed, she certainly is fucked in the head, as she slashes her brother's, Caleb(Caleb Landry Jones) face and appears to kill the livestock, is all this mental, or perhaps a repressed emotion from abuse? It's all up to interpretation really, but i will say that the final scene seems inspired by House of the Devil.