Saturday, February 11, 2012

2011 My Favorites!

1. Drive
Here is a film i did not pay attention to until the fall, i loved the trailer & the reviews were amazing. I saw this film expecting it to be a action flick but was surprised at the great story...and even more surprised at the violence. Albert Brooks was snubbed and Nicolas Refn has become a favorite of mine with this & Bronson!

2. Insidious
Hate to beat a dead horse but James Wan made his best film aswell, a unique twist on the ghost/possession story!

3. Chillerama
Maybe i have this on here for nostalgia purposes since i saw it at Comic Con, but i had a blast with this...except Werebear(which i still enjoyed)

4. X Men
Easily the best X Men film there is. Sure there is choppy cgi but the film had a perfect balance of seriousness & camp.

5. Super 8
Is this JJ Abrams best? Maybe! Is this another film about film making? Yes it is! One of the funnest films of the year by far!

6. Attack the Block
it is like John Carpenter directed critters. It is a fun film from top to bottom that never quits, the shit hits the fan early on and it keeps running!

7. Bellflower
Gem of a film for 2011, tragic love story with an apocalyptic twist

8. The Innkeepers
Wait this is a 2012 film, well theatrically yes but it was released on video on demand in 2011. Ti West made his best film aswell, and there wasn't a gimmick like in the Roost or a retro vibe like in House of the Devil, just a great film!

9. Kaboom
I love Gregg Araki, i love his film style, and this may be his oddest, Thomas Decker continues to prove he is an awesome actor aswell with this flick!

10. Super
It wasn't as good as Kick Ass but i had a great time with this flick, and it was alot closer to how a real super hero would be!

11. Thor
Much like X Men had a perfect balance of camp & seriousness, and is the best of the Avengers series thus far.

12. Captain America
I didn't care for it upon a first viewing but i loved it the second & third time. Perfect fit for a WW2 era idealism of a patriot!

13. The Hangover 2
SO many hate it, but i think it is a brilliant sequel!

14. Cowboys & Aliens
Much like Sucker Punch, a film that got alot of hate, alot said it went wrong when the aliens showed up. What did you expect!

15. Sucker Punch
Why was this film so hated? It is a geeks wet dream, robots, nazis, samurais, steampunk, hot chicks! What was not to love? Sure i get that it may have felt like a video game, and granted i hate watching people play video games, but fuck it, this was Snyder doing what he does best

16. Another Earth
I wish this film had gotten more attention, but the mixed reviews probably hurt that. I don't know if it will even achieve cult status, but i loved it!

17. The Muppets
A love letter to the muppets, a last hurrah for the Muppets, this could be seen as many things but it truly felt magical!

18.50 50
What an emotional flick! JGL was great in it and i cried a couple times, some of the film at the beginning may have fell flat but it found it's stride later in the film!

19. A Horrible Way to Die
I love AJ Bowen and this is one of my favorite serial killer films in recent memory.

20. Mission Impossible 4
THis is the best in the series, it keeps getting better!

21. Harold & Kumar 3
Not as good as the first two, but still alot of fun.

22. Harry Potter
The best of the Potter saga and a great film in general, fantastic climax to the Potter series!

23. The Artist
Easily the best film of 2011, beautifully made, and a tribute to film in general.

24. Hugo
Martin Scorsese doing a kids flick that is a tribute to french cinema & film in general!

25. Hannah
Hit Girl got her own solo film!

26 Killer Joe
This is exploitation

27. Cedar Rapids
Super charming comedy

28. Midnight in Paris
One of the few Woody Allen flicks i liked!

29. Hobo With a Shotgun
Fun & stylish flick, not really grindhousey, but it uses music from Cannibal Holocaust!

30. Rubber
Misunderstood flick!