Sunday, June 16, 2019


When John Singleton's Shaft came out in 2000 it was one of the first films i was stoked to see in a film savvy sort of way, having been a fan of the originals. I grew up on blaxploitation so i was almost 13 and stoked to see it, i liked it, but i didn't love it. It didn't feel authentic enough. The new version with three Shafts is the Shaft film i have been wanting to see for years. It feels genuine, it has commentary, it is stylish, it is violent, it is funny, and the cast is having a blast. I went in with low expectations but this is one of the most fun flicks i have seen in theatres this year.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Dead Don't Die

As a Jim Jarmusch film, The Dead Don't Die, is weird. Weird, not his usual off beat but weird, some times it reminded me of Twin Peaks. As a zombie film it is also quite odd, i mean it blends genres in the final scene. Neither of these details are a bad thing, mixing zombies with aliens is a cool idea. Seeing Jarmusch chanel David Lynch is also great. The cast is great, but they don't do much. There also isn't much of a plot, scenes just sort of happen. It is as if the meta plot drove the idea of not showing deaths and just showing characters stuck in peril when they were just fine minutes earlier. The meta plot is a mixed bag, i loved the Repo Man esque labels on beverages, but too many fourth wall breaks felt unnecessary.  With this cast, this director and this genre, it should have been pure bliss, but instead it has a decent second act sandwiched between a mess of a first and final act.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

MIB International

So as a kid, i loved Men In Black, i've always dug it, i rewatched it recently(along with 2 & 3) and it still hold up. Fun, simple, of it's time and full of PG13 goop. As a teen, i loathed MIB 2, upon a is not as bad as i remembered but it is still pretty bad. As an adult, i found MIB 3 to be underrated, it is super flawed but fun, and honestly that's all i have to say about it, upon a rewatch not much has changed. The two sequels i've only seen about three or two times(Part 2 also being in a drive in with Spider Man). But now we have Men in BLack International, and it is fine. Had the film not starred Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth along with Kumail Nanjiani it would have totally failed. Nanjiani's introduction in the second act helps give the film a boost, the only decent spots of the first act were Thompson(she's been great in everything lately) and Hemsworth's timing, plus the two have great chemistry. With that said, the plot is predictable(not always a bad thing) and cliched. It's a fun enough of a time for a one time viewing.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The X-Men have always been my favorites in Marvel. Their comics have always felt the most epic, they have an insane roster of mutants both in face & heel varieties, and the characters have depth. The Animated Series, has always held a special place with me, it is easily the second best animated comic series(after Batman) . The first movie in 2000 for the time was huge, Marvel had Blade, but to many Blade wasn't a superhero. X Men 2 fixed the flaws and crafted one of the best superhero movies you can find. It felt like the animated series, which in turn felt pretty mature for a kids show, but amped it up. Nightcrawler steals the show. The Last Stand, the first adaptation of the Phoenix on the big screen, is known as one of the worst films in comics. It's quite a mess, but the spin off/prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, wasn't much better outside of a sweet opening credit sequence. Finally Fox gets it right with the prequel formula in First Class(my second favorite X Men movie). This is where the time line begins to feel off though, as Charles gets crippled in this, but we saw him walk in a flashback in the Last Stand. Regardless it was a fun film with a likable cast set in the 60s, plus Magneto steals the show. Fox then got the Wolverine series right with...The Wolverine, while not a great film it still feels like a Wolverine movie but the end brings back Charles & Magneto and they need his help to time travel(fix the mistakes of The Last Stand's cluster fuck). Days of Future Past attempts to fix mistakes(why can Charles walk sometimes? Shots) and at the end adjusts the timeline so everyone has a happy ending in the present, dead characters are back, all is well. Side note, Quicksilver steals this movie. Deadpool comes out, mocks the time lines, not really going to get into this film as it is too fourth wall breaking for canon propper. X Men Apocalypse is next, it is a film i felt was unneeded, i mean i get it for a prequel sense but i'd rather have seen Apocalypse take on the modern timeline characters and give real perril since we already know everyone ends on a happy note. Instead we got the worst X Men film made, a real terrible piece of shit, even Quicksliver & Magneto couldn't save it. Is it time to end the series? Well atleast for one character, Logan, a flatout masterpiece of the superhero subgenre was a perfect way to end the entire series, and it should have been, atleast for the established characters. They could have continued the franchise with the little mutants that left his grave, but alas we got New Mutants, a film that....well hasn't come out yet, though one i was intrigued by for the horror elements but now i have zero hope for. Deadpool 2, yada yada yada.....Okay, X-Men, Dark Phoenix. starts off pretty decent, then we jump to 1992, and i must say Charles & Magneto age terribly between 1992 and 2000. The plot, rather clustered. The characters, some are just there. The action scenes, fucking great. Team Magneto vs Team Charles is decent, but the train scene....pure badass. So badass that it almost makes up for more continuity being fucked. This film sort of becomes a multiverse in a way because it contradicts so much of Days of Future Past. With this franchise, what is to be expected though? We'll get the MCU reboot some year and the timeline will be fixed(i mean the MCU doesn't fuck up timelines? Right? Right?) Overall this is a franchise i legit grew up with. I was in the 6th grade when the first one came out, so thank you Fox for....trying. You gave me a few decent movies, a couple great ones, and some pretty terrible ones. New Mutants....fuck it, if it was supposed to be a new beginning, consider it scratched, if it is the end of the Fox films(which it is) then you wont be as good as Logan(by any stretch of the imagination). So if you want the Phoeneix adaptation, go watch the animated series, if you want a true epic X-Men story, go read the comic, but if you want to turn off you mind, relax & float down stream, then go check it out.

Sunday, June 2, 2019


So Ma is basically a better written and better produced Lifetime movie. I thought the Gift was the same way a few years ago, and that film had a creepy ass performance by Joel Edgerton, this film has a creepy performance by Octavia Spencer. Without her, the film might not be as effective, luckily she makes what would be a Lifetime flick into something better.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Match of May

1. Matt Taven vs Mark Haskins: ROH TItle: War of the Worlds

2. Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn: WWE Title SD

3. Grizzled Young Veterans vs Noam Dar & Kenny Williams: NXT UK

4. Flip Gordon vs Bandido: War of the Worlds

5. Matt Taven vs PCO: ROH Title: War of the Worlds

6. Walter vs Pete Dunne: UK Title: NXT UK

7. Tony Nese vs Ligero: 205 Live 

8. Rush vs PJ Black: War of the Worlds

9. Shane Taylor vs Goto vs Jeff Cobb vs Brody King: TV Title: War of the Worlds

10. Mustache Mountain vs the Hunt: NXT UK

Friday, May 31, 2019


I think Rocketman is a great twist on the biopic. Instead of doing the cookie cutter format or rock biopics, it incorporates musical elements. I'm a sucker for musicals and this goes a little extra, so it is very fitting for Elton John. 

Happy! Season 2

Jeff Goldblum, New Order, John Carpenter. All you need to know about the finale of the most batshit crazy & violent show on TV. Even better than season 1!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the American Godzilla film i wanted 5 years ago. That film bored me and it seems alot are upset that this is not more like that. I'm glad, this was awesome. I talk of blockbusters being epics, this might not have been the cultural phenomenon that Avengers Endgame was, but for a Kaiju nerd this shit was pretty fucking epic. This is how i wanted a big budget Godzilla film to look. "Boo hoo, i hate remakes", well go watch Shin Godzilla, the old films still exist and are still being produced, i love them but this is how an American  translation should have been. Watching it i felt like a kid seeing these films on a Saturday morning on Syfy or a Saturday Night on Creature Feature. If you want human aspects, it is still here, and the acting is good and has heart, but unlike the 2014 film, we don't have to wait an hour to see Godzilla. Giant monsters, fucking shit up and fucking each other up, all i wanted, and it is what i got. So stoked for Godzilla vs King Kong. Michael Dougherty clearly has love for the source material, and i'm just going to say fuck it, watch his Trick R Treat, it is a masterpiece, i hope this film leads him to more projects.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Dirt

The Dirt is a well acted flick and moves fast, but like many biopics, it is pretty factually inaccurate. I'm not a mega fan of Motley Crue but i have seen them in concert(mainly cause of touring with Alice Cooper) and i have seen enough rock docs, and Vh1/MTV specials. For a Netflix movie it goes there....or atleast squirts there, but i wish it had pushed the envelope further.

It's Bruno

For fans of High Maintenance, i highly suggest It's Bruno, on netflix. I honestly had not heard of it until today, but this is a hilarious series(with one semi serious episode). Each episode is about 15 minutes and there are only 8 episodes so it is a super quick watch.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rim of the World

The Stranger Things/IT formula of nerdy 13 year olds facing off with monsters has become a favorite of mine. McG had made another fun Netflix movie(after the awesome Babysitter), in Rim of the World. No where near as awesome as those films/series but this is a fun coming of age sci fi flick. Starts off as a teen summer camp film but quickly turns into an alien invasion. It would play pretty well with Attack the Block aswell. Likable characters, touching moments, a good soundtrack and a overall fun flick.

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Perfection

The first 20 minutes of The Perfection is slow as fuck, the last 20 minutes is contrived as shit. Everything in between was pretty good though, there was a decent film in there somewhere. Wish it had been a bit more psychological.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Brightburn was a great concept, the reverse Superman. But the execution....was not poor, it was just sub par. Great gore, some really creepy moments, but it just felt mediocre. The mid credit stigner was great though, a universe of evil DC inspired characters. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019


Well Olivia Wilde has made the new Superbad. Booksmart is the female version for the most part, hell it stars Beanie Feldstein, the sister of Jonah Hill. But take away the comparisons and this is a great and funny flick. Feldstein plays such an annoying character(on purpose) but i felt like all the characters were well rounded and each got their time to shine. One student might have one scene at the start but then in the third act you see their layers, perfect character development with so many characters in a film that primarily follows two girls. My girl, Billie Lourd steals the show in every scene she is in, followed closely by Skyler Gisondo. Coming of age films the last 3 years have been great, especially female led coming of age films.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


I was never a big Disney fan, but i will easily take classic animation over CGI anyday, with that said i wasn't super stoked for Aladdin. Will Smith takes some getting used to but the rest of the cast is great, plus visually the film is awesome.

The Simpsons

It may have ended a week ago, almost 2 weeks ago, but i just realized it was the season finale. And what a finale, and what a season. This might have easily been the best season of the Simpsons in 15 years. So many great episodes, so many great moments. 30 seasons, it is just insane to think that not only a sitcom, but a animated sitcom at that could last so long. There were only a few misses, but almost all of this season could be counted as the shows best, disagree? Still say it sucks, congrats you're a jaded fan, go sign your Game of Thrones petition and boycott Robert Patinson some more.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Game of Thrones

2011, I tried to watch a show on a bootleg site, it was good but said site was crap so i gave up. Three years later i really really really wanted to see this one episode of this one show, True Detective. I was just going to bootleg it but my buddy gave me his HBO Go Password. I was like cool, i'll be able to watch True Detective and even True Blood as they air, at the time i was borrowing True Blood dvds every year. Well during a blizzard i decided to rewatch the pilot of Game of Thrones....and wound up binging the first 3 seasons within a month or 2. I was all caught up for season 4, and i loved being able to watch it "live". Season 5 i then had the thrill of the wait, i was a fan from that point on in 2014 and i never went back. A few episodes of season 6 just really did nothing for me, but the last few blew me away, season 7 might have been their best. Then begins the 2 year wait. We had two episodes of dialogue and character bonding, we had an all out war, then we had episode 4. After that it became clear that the final episodes would be all hell breaking loose, and it did. I loved it, i loved the hate it got. Whether it coming from "nerds" that weren't nerds a decade ago, douche bros, or old bitter nerds with their get off my lawn/this is not my book mentality. Alas we reached the end, alas our watch has ended. Loose ends were tied up, well for the Starks. I loved where they ended up. I loved where all the characters ended up. As a finale, it was perfect, but as far as retaliation goes for last could have been a hell of a lot better. Hell if they added 30 minutes, but fuck it, the finale left me pleased, and thanks to everyone involved. This show was a true cultural experience.

John Wick Chapter 3

John Wick keeps getting more over the top with each chapter, also each entry gets more beautiful. The violence & action along with the choreography and paired with gorgeous set designs makes these films. The first 30 minutes or so is non stop, and honestly after that most of the film is the same way, save for a few scenes explaining more of the High Table's rules. This is truly in my opinion the best action franchise going, and honestly it is probably my favorite action franchise of all time.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


So Llamageddon, the film that cost a million bucks to rent on Amazon(and is now only $3) is a film that wants to be bad, but in doing so it gets lost in parody and becomes just plain bad. Terrible audio, forced dialogue...i felt like i was watching one of my own movies, but i was still highly entertained.

Dragonball Super: Broly

I should say, this isn't my cup of tea going in. I watched DBZ as a kid, but never got into it hardcore, that goes for most anime. Akira, Mindgame, High School of the Dead, Vampire Hunter D, i have seen. I have been up to speed on Dragonball through friends and memes and i'll watch it if i am flipping through.I heard nothing but great things about Broly, so i checked it out. Starts off cool, bu i think i would have dug it more if i was a diehard. The final act i will say is pretty fucking awesome!

Sunday, May 12, 2019


While it isn't a perfect companion piece to Bonnie & Clyde, Netflix has atleast delivered a solid one. Well shot, fine acting, tight script, this is damn fine "adult" piece of cinema. I always see writers complain that movies aren't made for grown ups anymore, but once one is made, it is a Netflix flick. I complain about Netflix killing the theatre but atleast they fill the void.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Detective Pikachu

I thought the idea of Detective Pikachu was dumb, but this was a blast. In a time where blockbusters want to be epics(and succeeding) it is refreshing to have a simple and fun flick. Full of heart and good humor, plus Justice Smith makes up for his cringey acting in Jurassic World. This film makes you feel like a kid, this is a franchise i want to see more of! Oh plus Psyduck, my favorite Pokemon, was heavily featured

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Match of April

1. Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole: NXT Title: Takeover

2. Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan : WWE Title: Wrestlemania

3. Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal vs Marty Scurll: ROH Title: G1 Supercard

4. Nick Aldis vs Marty Scurll: NWA Title: Crockett Cup

5. Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White: IWGP Title: G1 Supercard

6. Tony Nese vs Buddy Murphy: Cruiserweight Title: 205 Live

7. War Raiders vs Aleister Black & Ricochet: NXT Tag Titles: Takeover

8. Guerrillas of Destiny vs PCO & Brody King vs The Briscoes vs Evil & Sanada: ROH & IWGP Tag Titles:  G1 Supercard

9. Kota Ibushi vs Tetsuya Naito: Intercontinental Title: G1 Supercard

10. Zach Sabre Jr vs Hiroshi Tanahashi: British Heavyweight Title: G1 Supercard

11. Velveteen Dream vs Matt Riddle: North American Title: Takeover

12. Dynasty vs Harts Foundation: Tables Match: Fusion

13. Tom Lawlor vs Jimmy Havoc: MLW Title: Battle Riot

14. La Park vs Penta: Fusion

15. Flip Gordon & Lifeblood vs Bully Ray, Shane Taylor & Silas Young: Streetfight: G1 Supercard

16. Dragon Lee vs Taiji Ishimori vs Bandido: Junior Heavyweight Title: G1 Supercard

17. Jeff Cobb vs Will Ospreay: ROH TV Title & Never Openweight Title: G1 Supercard

18. Johnny Gargano vs Roderick Strong: NXT TV

19 Cesaro vs Cedric Alexander: Raw

20. Sami Calihan vs Mance Warner: Fusion

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile

As someone that has read alot of true crime books and researched serial killers i was stoked for this film, i was even more stoked for Zac Efron being cast as Ted Bundy. I was let down when Netflix bought the rights, i wanted to see this in theatres. After going to my annual Cinco De Mayo celebration and going for a relaxing walk in nice weather my night revolved around watching this. The film it self was well done, i just wish it was longer, so much of it feels rushed. I didn't want a slasher, i wanted a film that was a character study. Note, we didn't get a slasher, we did get a character study, but i wanted to follow the character. It was more or less about his captures, his escapes, his loves & his trial. You know, while typing this it made me like the film even more. I almost wish Netflix had been involved since the beginning, make it a 5 part mini series. I wasn't disappointed by this, i just wanted more of what i saw. Perhaps we will get an extended cut on dvd some day.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Triple Frontier

I really wish i had seen this in theatres. Good cast, simple plot, great action sequences, this is the type of film made to be seen on the big screen, but alas it is a "video store rental" in the world of Netflix. It seems like a 90s action film or 00s for that matter. Not over the top like the 80s, not stylized like modern action. Just men on a mission, kicking names and taking ass.

Long Shot

Jonathan Levine has rebounded from Snatched, a film that i nearly wrote him off over. He has done alot of great films, everything from horror like Mandy Lane to the modern Christmas Classic, The Night Before. Take the raunch of Night Before and mix it into a safe Hollywood film, and boom you get Long Shot. The story is basic but with the right cast and crew you can make a sappy rom com in to a legit funny summer film. There are pacing issues as it is longer than it should be, but fuck it, Charlize Theron is a babe and Seth Rogen is brilliant.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Unicorn Store

The trailer for this didn't do much, but if i am a fan of someone and they direct a film, i usually check it out. I heard alot compare it to Garden State, what the fuck film were you watching? I love Garden State, this isn't Garden State. That isn't a knock on this film, this is a whimsical, funny, cute & touching debut feature. Brie Larson is adorable in this film and she directs a great film film, and creates a star in Mamoudou Athie, dude is perfect. Ya'll want that film with Larson & Samuel L. Jackson? No not the one that is breaking records, no not the one that is the origin not Skull Island, this is the film!

Monday, April 29, 2019


So, i loved the opening with Hawkeye as the cool family guy, it set the tone for the film and was cringe worthy knowing what was about to happen, a perfect cold open. Seeing Nebula & Tony bond over paper football and sharing drinks was cute, her tucking him in humanized her, it was touching. Once Cpt Marvel shows up, the films speeds up too much. The death of Thanos i respected the rug pull but it still felt anti climatic. Hawkeye being a kung fu John Wick, Thor being a drunk gamer, Cap leading a group therapy session, Tony having a family, all was perfect. Hulk i was ho hum on, but i get it, it's been 5 years and following how he developed in Ragnarok & Infinity War, it makes sense. Loved seeing Widow taking charge and having Rocket, War Machine and Wakanda Michone on the ground was great. Antman brought alot of heart, and he was key to the films plot. Now time travel seemed to have plot holes. I think they only had an hour in their inception like time slots placed in to time traveling adventures, but it seemed as if the events would have taken atleast two...maybe, maybe not, minor nitpick. Why didn't Nebula tell anyone about the sacrifice of the Soul Stone? Meh, the Widow-Hawkeye fight was great, tons of heart. THe Avenger tower stuff was fun,Cap vs Cap, Cap saying Haul Hydra, Crossbones returning, Loki possibly starting a multiverse. Fun nods, such as Cap o n the elevator, pure badass. The 70s scene had alot of family heart to heart with House Stark, and speaking of parent/spawn...Thor & his mom, heartfelt and brilliant, as was the Asgardians chasing the "rabbit". Nebula & War Machine watching Starlord was pure bliss, and the following with past Nebula/past Thanos/past Gamora torturing Nebula was the Guardians shit i love. Loved the pure destruction of the Avengers, i get goosebumps when t he babyfaces arrive and save the day, all the heroes are back and the battle was epic. That along with Game of Thrones, what a day! Females saving Spidey, Cap being worthy, Antman and the Wasp not having to say a word, Groot reuniting with Rocket, strong leadership by Panther. Peter and Tony having a touching reuntion, so much heart in this entire film, and not too much "Marvel humor" it is perfect. The Iron snap was poetic The funeral was great, having Insidious kid return was a mark out moment for this Iron Man 3 fanboy, Panther rebuilding, Peter and his seemingly all snapped classmates going back to school, Thor joining the Guardians, Cap passing the torch, and his flashaback dance with Peggy. Great film. I almost wish this was THE finale since we had a few deaths, some retirements, so sabbaticals, characters finding peace. I thought i hated this when i watched it but i loved it and can't wait to see  it again.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

HIgh Life

Wow, what a film! Maybe going to a 9:30 pm showing after 12 hours of work wasn't the best idea for a slower film but damn, it was cool. Great character interactions, masturb.....wait, i'm not talking about Endgame, i'm talking about High Life! Great flick! Perfect heady sci fi!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Teen Spirit

So when i watched the trailer for Teen Spirit i had also watched the trailer for Her Smell, for some reason i remembered both being punk films, i was mistaken. This is a pop music based film, not just pop but modern top 40 pop, centered around an American Idol esque series. Now that my expectations of genre are checked, let's get to the film itself, the film has great acting and looks great, and has genuine emotion through out. Elle Fanning is a babe, but i really wanted this to be a 90s set punk/grunge film. Oh well, still a good flick.

Friday, April 19, 2019


I don't remember alot of Dumbo the animated film, i knew it made me sad. I wasn't super stoked for this as Time Burton lost me many years ago, but Burton has crafted a film i can only watch once, as this is a depressing film(not a sad film) and in doing has made his best film since possibly Big Fish. The CGI is great, the acting is solid, the visuals are awesome, but it pulls at your heart strings the entire film. I'm still not sold on Burton but atleast i can give him props for this.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Curse of La Llorona

As far as the Conjuring series goes, the spin offs do not hold a candle to the Conjuring proper films. With that said, La Llorona is the best "spin off" thus far. Spin off cause it has a Priest from Annabelle that i barely remember, oh and a shot of the doll. On it's own i think the film wouldn't have had the cast, nor without Wan i think it would have felt like a cheap ass screener film. It was a good idea for a short that they seemed to draw out for a feature, based on a folk tale i vaguely know but one that is super intriguing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was my favorite show of 2018, i loved it. It had a perfect Halloween timed theme, likeable characters and a fun plot. While there were certain social justice issues that were brought up in season 1, they were just there, season 2 however really pushes first i thought it was a bit much, then i sort of wanted it, why you ask? Here's why *slaps head*, because unlike the first season, this one begins to feel more & more like a cliche lovey dovey high school series. The first couple episodes it is like "ugh, this issue", but i support that issue, but i wanted it presented more subtly, then the next few i'm all "guh i wish it had those issues, what is this 90210?", then towards the end i finally go "this was a great season" Haha had you fooled, this was a fun season albeit one that felt rushed. They should have waited til October, take their time, but alas we got some damn fine horror elements out of a show that i think most assumed would be a joke. Bring on season 3, bring on Roz & Harvey's love, bring on Theo, bring on Sabrina wanting to save her man,  bring on the new Queen of Hell, and bring on the High Priestess! 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Pet Sematary

The original Pet Sematary is a film i have always liked but never loved. I rewatched it months ago and had a great time with it. The remake looked great, it felt like studios wanted the next IT. IT this is not, this is a dull, poorly acted, film with a creepy aesthetic(albeit forced) in execution, along with unneeded gore. The only saving grace is the ending.

Thursday, April 11, 2019


I read Hellboy back in the day, as a teen i loved it, when i saw the film i was lukewarm. The second film was what i wanted the first film to be, now i love both. Was anyone asking for a new Hellboy? Yes, yes they were, but with Del Toro and Perlman....well Del Toro is busy and Perlman is up there in age. So okay, recast and get a new director, easy right? Nope. This is a new version and David Harbour is well cast but he shouts too much which isn't his fault but the directors, and that is just the tip. This is an awkwardly edited film with odd pacing, forced FUCKS, unneeded gore and a mess of a plot. We didn't need a better version of the comics, cause we had that already.There were some decent moments, Thomas Haden Church's scene and the "6 months later" bit, but all the rest was a dud. I didn't hate this film it just is a film that exist.

Top Matches of March

1. Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven: ROH Title: Anniversary
2. Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander: 205 Live 
3. Tony Nese vs Drew Gulak: 205 Live 
4. Tom Lawlor vs Low Ki: MLW Title
5. Cedric Alexander vs Akira Tozawa:205 Live

Santa Clarita Diet

This show gets better each season. On top of genuinely funny moments and great gore, the characters are lovable. Even villains are, especially villains that turn babyface and for sub groups to save our main cast. This season had ALOT of plot, but this show makes it work.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


DCEU is where it is at. Wonder Woman was a damn fine war film, Aquaman felt like a big budget version of a 90s series and was a blast, but if you want a real blast look no further than SHazam, the real Cpt Marvel. This is the juvenile film i wish Deadpool was, where as Deadool thinks it is edgy this film has a sophomoric humorous edge to it. Fun cast, fun script, a fun film. Nods to the DCEU but nothing that ties it down, please take note Marvel. This is well placed humor as it fits the character, this isn't characters in danger cracking wise. the action scenes are well done, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. It isn't a feature length trailer for another film. Shazam is probably my favorite origin story since the first Guardians.

Beach Bum

I saw Beach Bum last week in Philly, coming off of Spring Breakers i was stoked for it. The film doesn't let down, take a The Dude esque character but make him sort of a piece of shit, then make it a troma film with bonkers situations & characters, that is basically the gist of the film. It is gorgeous to watch with good humor and some shocking moments. At times characters can be a bit too sleezey but just roll with it, in the name of Korine!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers, from the creator of Man Seeking Woman, is possibly a product of the Good Place. But where some shows feel liks rip offs, this doesn't, it just happens to deal  with quirky characters in the afterlife. Much like the Good Place it is fucking hilarious. Steve Buscemi is great, Daniel Radcliffe shows yet again that he chooses the best post Potter roles, Geraldine Viswanathan is my new crush, and Karan Soni steals many scenes. This is easily my favorite show of 2019 thus far, and it is refreshing to have two hilarious shows on TV with this and The Good Place, but not just two hilarious shows but two  hilarious and bonkers series. Pure brilliant sitcom!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Critters the New Binge

I love the Critters films so i was stoked for a new series on Shudder. At only 10 minutes it is a quick watch, roughly the same run time as a feature, which this honestly plays out as. I wish episodes had been longer cause 10 minutes feels like a fan film, oh well it is still a fun show, even if some of the jokes & characters feel dated. Bring on a new film!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dragged Across Concrete

S. Craig Zahler is three for three. First his bloody cannibal western Bone Tomahawk, then his bloody prison revenge film Brawl in Cell Block 99, now his bloody "cop and heist" film Dragged Across Concrete. Cop & heist is used lightly as it involves cops but it isn't a cop film per se, it involves a heist but it is more about the characters, as is the case with all his films. Mel Gibson gives his best performance in years and Vince Vaughn is now two for two with Zahler. I think the best acting though might be from Tory Kittles. As also the case with his films it has a great soundtrack, even if it is only heard in the credits, it sets the mood.Can't wait for his next film, hell even his script for Puppet Master was great!

Friday, March 22, 2019


Jordan Peele had a lot of 70s inspiration in Get Out, not in tone per se but in style. He ups the ante in Us, it is brilliantly crafted, the opening scene sets an uncomfortable & unsettling mood. The film feels like it is influenced by De Palma & Polanksi as far as camera movement & shots go. The music plays a large factor, both the soundtrack & the score are beautiful. Tonally it feels like a 70s satanic cult film, only without the satanic cult. This film feels like a Twilight Zone episode, so that makes me excited for Peele's take on the series. This is part home invasion, part slasher, part survivors on the run(think Warriors only with killer yous trying to off you). The gore is great, the characters are well developed, well built tension, well timed humor, this film floored me. Oh also, who  the fuck brings their baby to a R rated horror film on a Thursday night?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Deadly Class

Deadly Class has one of the greatest pilots of any series, a neon drenched, blood soaked, punk infused assassin series with the best soundtrack possibly in TV history. Some of the episodes were a bit slow and or lackluster but they all served a purpose. The Vegas trip episode was brilliant, their go home show left me luke warm but holy hell what an amazing finale. Blood, brains, bullets, swords everywhere. This show isn't style over substance, it is put together to perfection in writing, directing, set design, acting, this is a fantastic series that fits in well with modern SyFy. The channel has a stigma but it produces some great shows, this and Happy are both brilliant. This is the superior version of Umbrella Academy and Doom Patrol....on that note Doom Patrol is superior to Umbrella Academy. I waited til the season was over, now i can read the comic!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

High Maintenance Season 3

What was a great web series became a great HBO series, but said series ran it's course. So much of this season was post modern hipster mumbo jumbo or done for shock value. Of the 9 episodes i enjoyed maybe 3 of them. The show has fallen, call it a day. Maybe do a film to finish it off.

The Passage

The pilot for this show was great, after that i assumed it would go down hill once they got to Project Noah, but fuck was i wrong. This is a 28 Days Later of vampire shows, meaning pure viral carnage. On top of that these are legit characters we get to know, they are so well developed, and once the vampire shit kicks in it doesn't let up. This is a great show, and i loved the finale's time jump. it was alot of years but it brings in so many possibilities. Also Shauna Babcock is my new crush!

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Gaspar Noe does it again, what is it? It is make a stunning film layered in pretentious story telling and self indulgent takes. I don't hate Noe, but i only really enjoy one of his films, Enter the Void. The film has great choreography and it brilliantly shot, but a film about dance requires great choreography, and Noe's films always look brilliant but watching LSD & coked up hotties dance doesn't mean shit if the story is empty. A 5 minute scene of interviews, long takes a of dancing, quick cuts of people talking about scummy shit, long takes of people dancing, tracking shots of people tripping, fucking, snorting & committing violent crimes. is basically the film in a nut shell. It feels like it wants to be Mother, but lacks the acting and haunting story telling. Sure this film has haunting shit cause it forces you to watch fucked up shit involving beating pregnant women, pissing yourself and setting people on fire, but it is post modern Noe, shock for shock value. It wants to be art house exploitation but it just feels pretentious film making with a mean spirited heart. The film has no heart, sure Last House on the Left may not have had heart but it didn't try to be high art. I admire Noe but fuck if his films aren't tough to watch.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Captive State

I never thought much of Rupert Wyatt, assumed him to be a studio guy to safely direct a film, but with Captive State he shows so much punk, so much underground socio political commentary and style that i am now a fan. The film it self thinks it is smarter than it is, but it pays off at the end, it keeps you wanting to see more. All the acting is great but alot of the characters aren't developed. This lack of development works though as it rings is paranoia and this film has plenty. It feels inspired by Spielberg and especially Carpenter, namely They Live. To me this is the film Neil Blomkamp wishes he could have made.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Captain Marvel

You know, i thought i'd hate Captain Marvel. The trailers made it look overbloated, i figured maybe mediocre at best. The film takes a while to get going but once she lands on Earth and begins pretty damn good exchanges of dialogue with Nick Fury the film really kicks off. Once the "twist" is revealed the first act doesn't seem as jumbled. The relationships & bonds with the characters are the heart of the film. It is highly flawed, highly flawed. The eye moment of Fury's, the color pallet of her attire, and the mid credit stinger, ugh, how rushed can you get?  Also her being gone for 2 decades is rather odd, but a passable gripe. The action scenes are all well done, the humor actually works, i usually hate Marvel humor, and the soundtrack is awesome.. The Stan Lee tribute, fuck...that was touching, gut wrenching....then came the Mallrats script. Amazing! It served it's purpose of the larger Marvel Universe, but it felt forced, oh well still a well done prequel, better than Episode I II & III. I'd love to see more of this story in the 20 some years that happened in between this and Endgame.