Thursday, August 30, 2018


I had zero expectations going in, but using MP brought us to Kin, and honestly, is a lot of fun. It feels like a video game at times and not everything makes sense, but i had a blast with it, it feels like a love letter to Halo & The Terminator. With expected poor grosses & not so favorable reviews, i'd be cool with this getting a cult following.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Here is a film that feels like a video game cut scene, but then once shit hits the fan it becomes a really cool alien invasion flick. This is an alien invasion flick with a twist, Twilight Zone esque, it is a brilliant twist.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer of 84

Three years ago, Turbo Kid impressed everyone. In that time teen nerds in horror as become the thing thanks to Stranger Things & IT, i expected the follow up to Turbo Kid to be a slasher version of those modern teen horrors It is a slower burn than those flicks, and it is a slasher film that is not a slasher film. And spoilers, the end was awesome, having the killer leave his victim alive telling him that he will return one day to finish the job, it is eerie and it is innovative.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Happytime Murders

As a huge fan of the Henson's and of the Muppets, i was stoked for the idea of an adult oriented noir with puppets. The trailer did nothing for, it seemed like Sausage Party, and in a way it is. Where at Sausage Party had a semi shocking orgy, this film isn't really shocking but it thinks it is, much like Deadpool, unlike Deadpool i chuckled at jokes in this, fine i did in Deadpool aswell, but ultimately this works better as a comedy. A part of me wishes it wasn't a puppet film, or it wasn't a comedy. Sans puppets it could have been an urban crime film, sans comedy, it could have broke ground but then no one would have taken it serious.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fahrenheit 451

Take one of the most renowned books of all time, but it on one of the most revered stations of all time and it should  become a prestigious piece of cinema, right? For the Ray Bradbury classic, this should have been ideal, sadly the film had a poorly written script, a good cast, a muddled look of production and a terribly executed film. This cast deserves better, this book deserves better. If films are going to be made for TV again, this film will harm that chance. Hell HBO more or less made this for the streaming audience, the same that flocks to netflix to watch whichever piece of crap they put out on any given day. Netflix, pick & choose your films, HBO, do groundbreaking films. This should have been groundbreaking, this should have been a film any studio would have wanted, but alas it is what we get, what we accept, welcome to the age of streaming.

Sharknado Week(Megaladon, Santa Jaws, Frenzy, Nightmare Shark, 6 Headed Shark Attack, Sharknado 6)

It's that time of year again, and possibly the last time for Sharknado week. Next year it becomes a stage show, but hopefully SyFy still gives us dumb shark fun.

Megaladon.....this was awful, i wanted dumb fun, this was just boring.

Santa Jaws. Take the hot commodity of nerdy teens in trouble and put it in a christmas shark film, this flick was a blast.

Frenzy. This film honestly was better than syfy, it was on par with the Shallows.

Nightmare Shark. A total Nightmare on Elm ST film with a shark. It started off fucking sweet but it became bland in the last act.

6 Headed Shark Attack. Easily the best of the multi Headed Shark Attack films.

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time. By this point the series knows exactly what type of film it is. Blood? Yes. Over the tops sight gags? YEs. Film jokes a plenty? YES. Let's do the time warp again, grab a chain saw and bring in the cameos. If this is the final one, i'm happy with how it went out.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Slender Man

Slender Man started off like a slasher and I was digging it, for like.... 5 minutes and then it became fucking awful. I've never been a fan of the legend of Slender Man, i've always found it lame, nor am i have of most Creepypasta, here & there sure, but usually they bore me. 

The Meg

The Shallows tried to be a better shark film than what Syfy gives us, 47 Meters Down was worse than what Syfy gives us but the Meg is basically a Syfy flick with a budget, better effects and a bigger name cast. In other words it is dumb fun, it's no Jaws, so just think of it as a Syfy channel film in theatres.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


I haven't been excited for a Spike Lee joint in years. I was hoping BlacKkKlansman would be my favorite or atleast his best since Inside Man, maybe 25th Hour, but it exceeded expectations and is easily his best since Summer of Sam. It also is the most pure feeling Lee film since then, if not further back. This has the feel of his early work, not in tone, but but as far as the overall feeling you get while watching it. Most of his films the past 2 decades have either been heavy handed but without a punch or seemingly going for awards....then there is Oldboy. This here has power, it is endlessly entertaining, has an amazing cast and for a film over 2 hours, the pacing is amazing. He has crafted a blaxsploitation film without making it feel forced(as many post Grindhouse films have done). The music, the style, the humor, the story in general, this is an amazing film! Besides that, the commentary for the late 70s, is even more meaningful in the late 10s.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Match of July

1. Mustapha Ali vs Buddy Murphy: 205 Live

2. Kenny Omega vs Cody: G1 Special for the IWGP Title

3. Tomasso Ciampa vs Aleister Black: NXT for the NXT Title

4. Jimmy Havoc vs Tom Lawlor: MLW

5. Young Bucks  vs Evil & Sanada: G1 Special for the IWGP Tag Team titles

6. Penta vs Sami Calihan: Slammiversary

7. Loki vs Shane Strickland: MLW for the MLW Title

8. Johnny Mundo vs Vibora: Lucha Underground

9. Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre: Raw

10. Juice Robinson vs Jay White: G1 Special for the IWGP US Title

11. Penta vs Brian Cage: Lucha Underground

12. AJ Styles vs Andrade Cien Almas : Smackdown

13. LAX vs LAX: Slammiversary

14. Okada& Ospreay vs Naito & Bushi: G1 Special

15. Su Yung vs Madison Rayne: Slammiversary

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds is not a good film, it is pretty bad, yet so bad it is good. This was a clustered film with too much plot, a contrived story and forced moments, yet you bask in the badness. I'd easily watch this again, as my friends and I, aswell as others in the theatre were having fun witnessing this monstrosity unfold before our eyes. Hell as bad as it is, it is better than a few XMen flicks.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Orange is the New Black season 6

After what i thought was the best season of the series, season 5, we now get the riot aftermath. I wanted a time jump of where are they now, but i am pleased with what we got. Some characters fade to the background like Boo having one scene, some return such as Lolly, but others are gone entirely this year, including my sweet Maritza. but we get new characters, and most of which are up to no good. We get rival gangs, hits being taken, deals being made and an overall lack of justice both in prison & in the court room. Where does the next season go? How much has the timeline been tampered with? Will there be peace in the cell blocks? Will Piper adjust to life outside? Will we see the girls shipped to Ohio, including my sweet Maritza? I hope season 7 is an end point, i hope Piper writes her book, i hope we see years later with everyone in the Where Are They Now capacity, and i hope justice comes for Poussey & Taystee

Friday, August 3, 2018

Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin is a cute tale with a touching display of growing up, losing innocence, and learning how to have wonder all over again. It is as heart felt as it is funny, the heart coming from the relationships Robin has with the other characters, and the humor pretty being stolen by Eeyore, Brad Garrett is a perfect deadpan, highly depressed voiceover!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Eighth Grade

Bo Durnham has written one of if not THE best screenplay of the year and crafted the best coming of age film is recent memory. Eighth Grade gives you anxiety at times, flashbacks to being 14 at other times but makes you admire how real this film feels. The was he writes teen dialogue isn't a modern thing, it is a way like teens like talk and um, like act and um like stuff like that(aka shit like that) . The acting is great too, this is a film that speaks volumes.