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I only watched a few episodes of Boardwalk Empire, i love Martin Scorsese so is is odd that i never dived into it, Vinyl however took me in! 70's record labels, cocaine, crime, surreal musical moments(hell of alot better than AHS Freakshow). The show has vintage Scorsese beat downs will blood, and when it happens it kicks your ass. The surreal moments are bizarre as hell yet are beautifully done. All the actors are fantastic on this show, these characters are shitty but are so damn engaging. The finale was all over the place, but it was almost symbolic in the tone of the episodes punk rock vibe, the CBGB aspect was perfect! This is one of those under the radar HBO shows that no one talks about but they should. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Jungle Book

Well the Jungle Book is my all time favorite Disney Animated film, along with Beetlejuice i watched it weekly(Beeltejuice was daily), it is the only Disney Animated film I own on dvd, i was stoked when a live action film was announced, and it was pretty good. It lacks the longevity of the cartoon but it is the best live action version in my opinion. The voices are all done well, the hints at musical numbers are nice teases, emotion is strong and the visuals are great, it deserves the reviews it has been getting.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Midnight Special

Wow, from the opening scene through the end credits, this is a perfect film. I love that they didn't give much of a back story to the events or characters just throws us right in to a tense situation. This film could have been made in the 70s, no it doesn't have that faux 70s vibe, it is just a film reminiscent of those glory days. Even 80s Amblin and John Carpenter's Starman! Everything in the film is perfect, you legit fear for the characters and it ends in such a bittersweet, well bitter way but everything is going to be okay in the end!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


So holy fuck, Jean Mark Vallee impressed my three years ago with The Dallas Buyers Club, a film that is known more for its acting which is a shame as Vallee has amazing talent. He followed that up with Wild, a worthy next film but his latest is his best! Demolition has Jake Gyllenhaal at his best, Naomi Watts is superb as usual and Judah Lewis is perfect as her son. The way it looks is like his previous with shots inner cut between scenes, more hospital woes and it is another depressing film. This film has cringe worthy moments that make you want to cover your eyes but it is so beautiful and poetic that you can't. THis is his lightest film yet at times his bleakest, Gyllenhaal plays Davis, and he is a perfect example of gods lonely man. His relationship with his father in law is rocky, his job is near the end, his interest include destruction, he bonds with a woman(Watts) through a complaint letter, his relationship with her son is a boost of positive energy for all involved. This is his best acting, yes better than Nightcrawler. It seems as though Dallas Buyers is his one oscar film, this film i think is too bizarre for the oscars, i loved it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Match of March

Ring of Honor Tag Team Gauntlet: Roppongi Vice defeated the Young Bucks, The Addiction, Brutal Bob & Tom Hughes, RedDragon & Caprice Coleman & Will Ferrara! Normally i post the match but can not find it

The Walking Dead season 6

Well, where to start, the first eight episodes were some of the worst episodes i sat through, i loathed them, almost wanted to stop watching but gave it a shot for the final eight cause of Jeffrey Dean Morgan....and they were actually pretty good episodes, i was stoked for the finale....but it bored the hell out of me, except for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, i also wasn't fond of the cliff hanger, i think it will be less effective that way in terms of the kill.

The People vs OJ Simpson

This was a odd show, not in structure or concept but in terms of how i accepted it, the first few episodes were solid, in fact the pilot was one of the best hours of TV you could find, the middle episodes were spotty but the last few were great. The thing i loved about this show is the balance between both sides, both did what they thought was best, sure there was back stabbing but the people themselves were not slandered in my mind(well not fully atleast, OJ is for sure shown as a pompous ass)