Thursday, January 28, 2010

Horror Blog Awards

I got a nomination! I do think that Z for Zombies should've been nominated though, always has awesome videos.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Favorite Films of the Decade

2000 American Psycho
Sure it wasn't 100% to the novel but it was close, plus it spawned a fun debate, did the killings actually happen? I'm split, sure it can be satire that the killings were not noticed because of 80's narcissism & elitist however i think they may have been a dream, eh who cares, 10 years later & we're still talking about it.

Honorable mentions: X-Men, Unbreakable, Almost Famous, O Brother Where Art Thou, Godzilla 2000

2001: Donnie Darko
This is of the greatest mindfucks of all time. Richard Linklater gets alot of hate and is dubbed a poor mans David Lynch. I beg the differ, he may be no Lynch, ut he is his own beast. All of his films have been great, and this is the best of them all. Great cast, a great score, a plot you can get stoned and discuss for hours, hell don't even need to get stoned. If you have a chance, see it at midnight, perfect with a rowdy crowd.

Honorable Mentions THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS!!! Wet Hot American Summer, JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK!!!!, ZOOLANDER!!!,

2002. The Rules of Attraction
GREAT novel, one of my favorites, but i didn't read it til years after i saw the film. After reading it, i gotta say, damn near unfilmable. The narrative is written in such a way that characters will talk about the same incident, only with different ways they happened. The film has one scene similar to that. I just all around enjoy the movie though, sure a few of the characters are pricks but Ellis always shows the beauty within the ugly.

Honorable Mentions: Blade 2, Jason X,, Catch Me if you Can, Session 9

2003. Kill Bill
I'm gonna cheat and count Volume 1 & 2 as the same, cause that's what they are! The first volume is a lil more over the top, the second alot more serious in tone, not mention shot more skillfully. The cast is great, the music is amazing, and all the nods to cinema past are great. Some say Tarantino changed his style with Kill BIll, and started making films that were more pulpy, while it's true his stuff has gotten a tad more over the top in his post Jackie Brown days, his stamp is seen on all. I mean he does various genres, so his style bends with each move.

Honorable Mentions: X Men 2, House of 1000 Corpses, Freddy vs Jason, Once Upon a time in Mexico, 28 Days Later, Cabin Fever,, Bad Santa, Mystic River, LOTR

2004. Shaun of the Dead
Holy horror boner Batman, as a huge, HUGE, George A. Romero fan, i loved the film. First read about the foreign film coming to the states and no one believed me. Saw the trailer and was hooked. Counted down the days before it opened(i do that with alot of films though), and when it began, holy shit, geekgasm. Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright are geniuses, after seeing this i tracked down Spaced then waited anxiously awaited Hot Fuzz. But just the brilliance of blending humor & horror in such an effective way, pushed it up for me. It's fun just to listen to the dialogue and hear the references to horror film.

Honorable Mentions:Anchorman(funniest movie ever), Garden State, Harold & Kumar, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Hellboy, Team America, Saw, The Life Aquatic, I Heart Huckabees,

2005. The Devil's Rejects
I loved the year 2005, alot of great films came out that year. I didn't like House of 1000 Corpses on first viewing but the trailer for Rejects looked great, so i gave Corpses a second look, and really dug it. So i went in seeing Rejects to be a fun horror film, but i don't think i blinked the entire time. It reminded me alot of the Nebraska Weedeater Massacre, a film that got local attention in the late 80's here in Omaha directed by my uncle. The characters & dialogue were pretty close, but it was so beautifully shot. Rob Zombie i declared brilliant after seeing it, but then came along Halloween & the even worse Halloween 2, but that's neither here nor there. Reject's also has one of the best scores in recent memory, plus a few good twists. They almost go a pro wrestling route by seemingly turning the Firefly's good & Sheriff Wydell into the bad guy. Then they switch it up & give the Firefly's the villian treatment again at the end by having them get shot up by the 5 Oh, with an amazing sequence. One of my favorite scenes in film history, with Freebird kicking in and the Firefly's going out in a blaze of glory. The supporting cast is interesting too, good genre actors sprinkled through out. I for one would much rather had seen the Unholy Two(Trejo & DDP) get their own spin off then either of the Halloween remakes.

Honorable Mentions: Sin City, Batman Begins Kung Fu Hustle, , Land of the Dead, 40 Year Old Virgin,  Oldboy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, King Kong, Jarhead

2006. Clerks 2
Much like 2005, was a great year for film, and 2006 as a whole was great, graduated, got my first job, lost my V card, had my shorts play at a horror convention, but my favorite film, tied with Rocky Horror, is Clerks. Clerks inspired me, my first feature Crackle, due to shoot in March, is in alot of ways much like Clerks. I love Kevin Smith, he writes about people who are similar to himself, he writes about his fans pretty much. I talk just like the cats in his films, then i see a sequel is being made to Clerks! Probably my favorite non midnight theatrical experience ever was Clerks 2, i was dressed as Jay my uncle Silent Bob, then we walk in and see alot of other duos, all dressed as Jay & Silent Bob, but on thinking back, we really didn't dress up, just wore our normal clothes. But everyone booed the Covenant trailer, booed the CGI in any film, and cheered during a View Askew commercial. The film began, i'll admit, i teared up a bit, EVERYONE was cheering & clapping the entire film, then eveyone stayed for the credits, including the fans names that sent in requests(i put mine in too late, fuck).

Honorable Mentions: CHILDREN OF MEN, THE DEPARTED!!!, Tenacious D, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN!!!, Little Miss Sunshine, Snakes on a Plane, , , Pan's Labyrinth, Hostel, V for Vendetta,

2007: Grindhouse
Yet again another year with some great flicks and one of the wonders was seeing a double feature! At first yeah, it's just one movie with two movies in it, hell, they broke em up on dvd so it pretty much was a double feature. The Machete trailer is hilarious, Planet Terror is very badass(alot say it's what a Carpenter zombie movie would be like, i still think 28 weeks Later is closer to a Carpenter film), Werewolf Women of the SS & Don't are fun but Thanksgiving is where it's at. Then Death Proof, some hate it for being talky, but erm, it's Tarantino, what do you expect. I just wished it was released on dvd as the whole film, since i don't own either, just borrow. It was nice to see it as a whole again 2 years ago at a midnight screening, but alas even the midnight screening have been broken up.

Honorable Mentions: SHOOT EM UP, Across the Universe, DARJEELING LIMITED, No Country for Old Men, Zodiac, Hot Fuzz, 28 Weeks Later, SUPERBAD, THE NINES, Hostel 2, The Mist, Knocked Up, Walk Hard, Orphanage

2008 The Dark Knight

I loved Batman Begins, it changed the way i thought about comic book movies, sure Sin City came out first, however, when i mean comic book movies, i mean super hero comic book movies. The script was great, the direction, cinematography, the acting, hell they had damn good actors, respected actors, except Katie Holmes. It felt like a graphic novel, and it sure as hell was inspired by the likes of Batman Year One. Plus it had one of the best teasers for a sequel i can think of. The sequel blew the first way out of the water, in every term in my opinion. They nixed Holmes and brought in the secretary herself Maggie Gyllenhaal, and my favorite film performance in years, with Heath Ledger's The Joker. Sure some jump on the film for being overrated but if you're a comic geek, how can't you love it? Shit i dressed as the Joker at the midnight showing, then again on halloween, this time sporting a nurse dress. I usualy don't buy movie licensed comic book products, but i have purchases a couple Joker shirts, posters, and figures, i went to buy the dvd at midnight, got home around 1, watched it, crashed out around 4:15, and woke up for hours later for work, i LOVE the film. WHY SO SERIOUS?

Honorable Mentions:  Harold & Kumar 2, Iron Man, , Hellboy 2, Pineapple Express, The Signal, Hamlet 2, Rambo, Charlie Bartlett, Forgetting Sarah Marshall,,Step Brothers Burn After Reading, Zack & Miri, Role Models, Milk, The Wrestler, Rec. The Strangers, Funny Games, Incredible Hulk

2009. Trick R Treat
Same thoughts as i posted in my 2009 retrospect.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad Movies

What makes a bad movie? Is it the script, the actors, the director, a combination of all? I say it's none, bad movies are mistakes, you can have great directors like John Carpenter & Tim Burton can put out a turds like Ghost of Mars & Planet of the Apes. But what truly makes a bad movie, one that gets bashed on the net, and bickered at your local bookstore.

I believe there are certain levels to bad movies, first lets look at universally loathed universally, films like Gigli, Battlefield Earth & Glitter. Not only are the tomatometers low but so were the box office returns. I've never seen Glitter but i have seen Battlefield Earth, and it is just a horrible film in my opinion, even though some have turned it into their own guilty pleasure. I can see the guilty pleasure appeal but it's just not there for me, but i'll get to the ones that do in a minute.

Guilty pleasure films can be different for anyone, so it's hard to fit them into the box, but the best example i can give is Tommy Wiseau's 2002 badsterpiece THE ROOM. I first heard of it online a few years back and that midnight screening were popping up across the country, and i being a HUGE midnight movie fan, was intrigued. About a year ago i was at a midnight screening of The Wall, and one of the trailers was The Room, another was The Apple. The trailer for the Apple is far out, and the film itself to me isn't as much a bad movie as it is just a far out musical. The Room trailer on the other hand, was horrible, a few months later at a screening of Rocky Horror(my fav) we received pamphlets about a new weekend pairing, instead of 2 nights of RHPS, we'd get one, with the other going to the Room. Several comedians such as Patton Oswalt & David Cross host midnight screening dressed as the characters, and i saw video packages on youtube that made me think, PIECE OF SHIT, and others that i didn't get. Once i saw the film for myself though, i got it, i loved it. The first time i saw it, most in attendance were confused, some walked out, but the second time i saw it, alot of us, joined in with the film. It's bad, real bad, the story, the dialogue, the musical score, everything, but it's so bad it's great. Other films that fall into this so bad it's good category are Troll 2, Crank 2, alot have labeled Bad Lieutenant 2 as a bad movie, but i trully thought it was great. Some would say alot of the Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elm Street films, but i disagree, sure they might not be great or even good, but they're not all bad(save Jason Takes Manhattan, and the New Blood, hated these two, sorry)

Now alot of critics list horror films as bad movies, granted there are a bunch out there that are shitty, both direct to video aswell the theatrical films. For me, horror is the addictive genre, those that love horror will see a film strictly because it's horror, i do myself alot of the times. However most of us can tell when we're watching a piece of shit. Either we admit it's horrible such as the Uwe Boll collection, or we'll say it's bad but still find enjoyment out of em, look at the last few Child's Play movies, sure they may have been bad, but they were fun. Then there are some the are critically hated but loved by a good portion of horror fans, such as the Troma movies, i myself would rather see a Troma film than anything by Michael Bay. Then you got Rob Zombie, i loved his first two films but then he got into Halloween, which i was split on for the longest time, up until deciding i truly didn't care for it last week. Halloween 2, his H2, is a piece of shit clusterfuck, Laurie is full of mod swings, characters are under developed, and the ghost sub plot(was Mama Voorhees, erm i mean Mama Myers a ghost) was hella retarded.

Speaking of Bay, let me mention blockbusters, now there are some blockbusters such as the Dark Knight that are brilliant masterpieces, yes i am one of those who performs filatio on the Dark Knight so shoot me. Then there are some like Iron Man 2, X Men & X2, and the first Pirates of the Caribbean, that aren't masterpieces but aren't bad either, then you have your Spider-Man films, which aren't bad bad, but aren't adult enough for me. Then here comes Michael Bay, i hate Michael Bay, i hate his style, while some online enjoy his films, i for one hate them. So instead of going through his entire filmography, i'm skipping the foreplay for once & going straight for the money shot, here is Transformers 2. Critics hated it, people online hated it, i refused to see it, even though i'm a fan of the comics. I finally saw it on dvd, and shook my head for 2 & a half hours, it was a clusterfuck, every aspect was bad, now i'm now big on CGI anyhow, but i'm gonna use Transformers 2 as my main target in future conversation about how CGI advances story telling. Yes i have had disputes with piss ants who truly think that's all there is for film choices.

Finally there are films that split people, films like Southland Tales(which i'm currently watching) and Repo the Genetic Opera(which i'm seeing at midnight). I see these more as the love it or hate it, type of films, now i don't love Repo, but you get my point. Then some critics even go as far as to say RHPS is a bad movie, they don't realize it is an homage to B movies, same with Grindhouse, some said it was made bad on purpose, first, i don't think they were made bad(except the obvious fake sound pops & missing reels), and second, it was made as an homage to exploitation. I remember an issue of Entertainment Weekly that listed films such as Escape From New York as being so bad they're good. I gotta call them out on that, the film is amazing, one of my all time favorites, perhaps they meant cult and not bad, cause there is a huge difference. I will say Return of the Killer Tomatoes was made bad on purpose, i find it hilarious.

SO what are some of your favorite bad movies?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Most Anticipated of 2010

Sure one weekend has come & gone, saw Daybreakers, still wanna see Youth In Revolt, and sure there are some from 2009 i haven't seen yet, but back on topic, here are my top 5 most anticipated of 2010.Yes i know not all are horror.

1. The Ward

John Carpenter, that is all i have to say. He's my favorite film maker of all time, and seeing him return to feature films is great for me. Plus Amber Heard is in it, she's been in some decent films in recent years, still have yet to see Mandy Lane, god i wish i have.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Probably my favorite comic right now, along with The Walking Dead, which also is getting an adaptation treatment, albeit for T.V. Now i wasn't sure of the casting for the film, but i've seen a few of the cast in films recently, e.g. Anna Kendrick in Up In The Air and i really don't mind the decisions, not to mention my lil crush on Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona, plus Jason Fuckin' Schwartzman as Gideon! Pure awesome actor! Oh and it's directed by Edgar Wright, who hasn't made a bad film yet. Now i am concerned about the faithfulness, seeing as how there are 5 volumes out already, being jammed into one film, plus they are not taking into account the 6th & final book, which can work for the film universe, but i'm still weary on the pacing of the books to film ratio, i have trust in Wright though.

3. Kick Ass

I just recently got into the comic, it's pure awesomeness, and so far all three trailers have been KICK ASS, excuse the pun. This is the year of Nicholas Cage, what with Season of the Witch looking fun not to mention Bad Lieutenant 2 coming to dvd for everyone to enjoy.

4. Shutter Island

Why wouldn't i be excited for a horror film, yes this is a horror film though i'm sure the media will spin it a different way, directed by Martin Scorsese? The trailer has a bit of a Shinning vibe to it.

5. Machete

Hopefully this turns out to be the exploitation/revenge film i want it to be. Finally seeing Danny Trejo in a leading role is great, the cast is odd but i like it, i may not like the cast, but i like the odd choices. This is supposedly the first in a trilogy, and if it is anywhere as good as the fake trailer from Grindhouse(when the fuck is it gonna be released on dvd?)

Honorable mentions

The Book Of Eli, Legion, Frozen, From Paris With Love, The Wolfman, Cop Out, The Crazies, Survival Of The Dead, Alice In Wonderland, She's Out of My League, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Runaways, I Love You Phillip Morris, The Losers, Iron Man 2, The A-Team, Get Him to The Greek, The Rum Diary, Jonah Hex, Predators, The Expendables, Jackass 3, The Social Network, Harry Potter, Black Swan, The Fighter.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 My Favorite Films

Yeah i know this isn't straight on horror, but horror is represented so i'm doing it anyhow. Granted there are a few films i haven't seen from last year Such as Deadgirl, House of the Devil, Donkeypunch, Thirst, I sell The Dead & Deadsnow. But these are my top favorites.

1. Trick R Treat

I bought this the day it came out as a blind buy, i popped it in the dvd player, sat back and was blown away. I loved the PSA at the top of the film, i loved opening scene, it set the tone perfectly. Then being the comic geek i am, seeing the opening credits, put it over for me, after that i was hooked. I don't know how many times i've watched it since then(around ten), but i'm not bored during any of the viewings, fuck i watched it on halloween with my friend Jared, we went out, came back & watched it again(finished the night watching Evil Dead 2 at a midnight screening FYI!!!) John of Freddy in Space has it right, best werewolf transformation since An American Werewolf in London, not to mention probably the hottest aswell. Sam is such a great character, dare i say iconic, may be premature, but i will. Said friend from earlier wants to dress as Sam for this years halloween, and it will be a great & easy costume. Borders has a book covering Trick R Treat, and comes with goodies, i might just pick it up sometime.

I love films set in the 80's, nay films set in decades where you could have fun. I love hang out movies too and movies set at job locations, so i knew i'd dig the flick, i just didn't know this much. The cast is great and the characters feel real, even Bill Hader & Kristen Wig's pure comedy characters feel like actual awkward bosses. It shows how your first job can affect you(mine did, i still have friends to this day from it) it shows the pains of love, and the growth of friendship, a great coming of age movie. I was born in 87, so i missed the fun decades, with double features, fun attractions & whatnot, so this flick makes me long for stuff like that(all i got here is an arcade that barely has games, does have a great lazer tag though). Plus it makes me excited for my trips to Kansas City to visit Worlds of Fun with my friends, we have a few planned for next year.

3. Watchmen
Zack Snyder is brilliant, sure i should hate him, he remade one of my favorite films in Dawn of the Dead but it was not too bad, then he bored me to tears with 300, but i predict after this he does no wrong. This is the unfilmable film that he made, he made in a way where folks should praise it, however they don't, they bash it. Why? It looks gorgeous and is well made. Are all critics, comic purists? No, so why the hate? Sure it changed shit, but for the better in my mind. Best opening credits ever? You betcha! 

4. Observe &  Report
You love Seth Rogen? So do I! Did you enjoy the Foot Fist Way or Eastbound & Down? Well i haven't seen Eastbound but i enjoyed Foot Fist Way quite a bit. HUGE Taxi Driver fan? Fucking A I am! Well this is the film for you, Seth Rogen is excellent in this role, it's dark & semi creepy, but he's a good guy at heart. He dreams of having guns at his mall security job, he beats the shit out of skaters, he experiments with drugs, he fucks chicks who are barely conscious, Paul Blart, this is not. There's even a remix of the Pixies Where Is My Mind!

5500 Days of Summer
This is such a great flick, it shows the ups & downs of love, the hardships of relationships, plus the characters are actually likable. Joseph Gordon Levitt is pure awesomeness. And yes i like Zooey

6. The Brothers Bloom
I love heist films, and movies about con artist, this was a treat, it feels like a Wes Anderson film almost, it seems to be set in modern times yet every dresses & talks like it's the 40's.

7.  Moon
I hate when people say it's a rip off of 2001, it has similarities but it's not the same at all. The story unfolds pretty well and i don't want to ruin anything so i will not reveal the twist, although you might know it by the trailer. Sam Rockwell gives the best performance of the year here, he's great. It's a low budget sci-fi film made with models & miniatures, you know how many Moons you can make with Avatars budget? It comes out on dvd tuesday, check it out.

8. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Holy shit, now i haven't seen Avatar, don't really want to, but i keep hearing everyone talk about how breathtaking it is, well that's what i found in this. For years i've been tryign to find a film(well not trying but eyeign those i watch) that uses CGI in a good way, too many films depend on it, and they take you out f the film. However Imaginarium used it in a very..very trippy way. What i loved is when you step through the mirror, the effects use set pieces, almost out of stage plays to help give the quirky feel of early Tim Burton, and this flick feels very early Burton. On the subject of the director, i've always been torn between The Hply Grail and Fear & Loathing as to which is my favorite Gilliam film, now there is a third title in competition, go see this film, with an open mind, cause i don't want to over promote it, i feel it will work better for the viewer if you let the film play in your mind, your own way, much like the plot of the film, which is going into fantasy worlds within a mirror(almost like an acid trip). You may want to use acid while watching the film actually, i didn't, but if you have any, you may enjoy the ride.

9. The Hangover
Hilarious film, totally worth all of the hype. The entire cast shine & this is their breakout film, all will have great careers after this!

10. Fanboys
A film i have been waiting about 3 years to see, it did not disappoint, not at all, it is a hilarious & charming film about geekdom. The cast is having a blast, the viewer has one watching the cameos. This seems like a real passion project, a film for Star Wars fans to geek out with along with their friends, in their quests to support them and follow your dreams, even if that dream is to just watch a movie.

11. Zombieland
This is a super fun zombie film, great cast, simple plot. It is like a coming of age tale for zombie movies. Twinkies, family, amusement parks, enjoy the little things.

12. Star Trek
If you never want to see a remake, make a sequel, have em go back in time, alter the timeline, and instantly the prequel is the remake.

13. My Bloody Valentine 3D
This is how you do a horror remake, and this is how you utilize 3D!

14. Bad Liutenant 2
I was weary when a sequel to the Harvey Keitel/Abel Ferrara classic was announced but holy hell was this a cool flick, well shot with surprisingly great performances.

15. The Men Who Stare at Goats
George Clooney has been great this year, along with Up In the Air and Fantastic Mr. Fox, sure Up in the Air might be the better film, but i totally dug Goats. Seeing Jeff Bridges in a Dude esque character put a smile on my face alone. I lvoe films about military, i also love films about counter culture, new age, drug culture, so this was the best of both worlds. I haven't read the book, which a friend says is alot more serious in tone, but all i know is this is a fun movie, Clooney runs with all his roles, and the rest of the cast is solid, hearing Ewan McGregor talk about jedi's is great, if even for the face that he was in three movies released between 99 and 05 that i chose not to discuss. Does stuff like this really go on? Maybe, it's known that experiments have gone on with both soldiers and goats, so it's possible, but a movie is a movie, and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

16. Crank 2
This is the first one but jacked up on even more fucked up drugs, perfect american action film, perfect vehicle for Jason Staham!

17. Fantastic Mr Fox(tie)
I love Wes Anderson, total one of my biggest influences, and him doing a stop motion animated film is right up his alley, was even better than Coraline, another great film from the year.
17. Up(tie)
The best Pixar film of all time and an emotional rollercoaster.

18 . The Box
Richard Kelly is a genius! 3 great films, hopefully after this his career will skyrocket and we wont have to wait years in between films!

19. The Hurt Locker 
The might be the best film of the year, this might be the best film since the Dark Knight!

20. Jennifer's Body
I actually prefer this script to Juno, a film i highly enjoyed but was annoyed with at the same time. This is a fun & sexy flick!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I remember the first time i saw Rocky Horror, must have been 3 or 4, my uncle was a huge fan, having been to midnight screenings at the Admiral theatre in Omaha, just a few blocks up from the Dundee, home of my midnight movies, had just bought the vhs. He saw it atleast once a month for years, almost always dressign up as Rocky Horror, a Creation. On one occasion the local shadow cast had no Rocky, he was sitting in the front row, and was pulled up to play Touch-a Touch-a Touch me with a local Janet....SLUT, a heroine. His best friend ould dress as Dr. Scott, a Rival Scientist and a nazi, and one of his proudest moments came when he pulled his leg up & stretched it out, mid a cast act of the floor show(in an empty the middle of the night). They would go to other cities as well but soon learned that certain towns have their own set call backs, to go along with the "national" call backs.

As soon as it was on VHS, i was about 3 or 4, and one Friday night, he came home and popped on a film that would change my life. My mom was weary about having me see it, but by that time i had already seen my fair share of horror films and gross out comedies so she let me watch(thanks mom!). He popped it in the V.C.R. and hit play, as soon as the film began i was taken in, the time warp blew my mind & when i saw Frank-N Furter, a scientist, for the first tiem i didn't know what to think, and by time the film was finished it became regular viewing in my house, along with Beetlejuice, Phantasm, Night of the Comet, Halloween, Evil Dead, Night of the Lving Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Terminator, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Predator, Robocop & Stripes(those are the ones i remember the most atleast). I can't remember every viewing of RHPS however i remember walkign across the room ala Frank during Sweet Transvestite. I would talk about it during elementary school, but no one knew wtf i was talking about, something i would get accustomed to with various films. Notice my uncles shirt in the right image!

Sometime before high school my local arthouse started playing midnight movies, i would go from time to time(i go almost all the time these days), and the crowd was different, fun loving, possibly intoxicated crowds. People would cheer during certain scenes, shout out one liners & reenact key scenes, i in turn have become a legend of sorts with these call backs, always gettng huge rounds of applause & laughter. Anyhow back on topic, one weekend the were playing Rocky Horror, i was excited, my uncle gave me a gift, his Rocky Horror t-shirt(something i wear all the time to this day), i walked into the theatre and came out changed, i loved it. I went back the next night.

Years down the line i started dressing up myself, as Dr. Frank N Furter, i don't care how it sounds, but i love dressing up as him Most people just do the makeup or wig, but ido it all, excpet for the boots, i still wear my chucks, it's my stamp. For those that dress up, you almost become a rock star for the night, people hug you, kiss you, take photos, it's quite the experience. I went with friends from school normaly but my best friends always refused, i did manage to get my uncle to go on occasion, i also always tried getting people to dress up along with me. I finaly got one to dress as a Transylvanian, and we tore it down that night, he posed as Janet(SLUT) and i chased him around the theatre during Planet, Schmanet, Janet. That night would go down as the last time props were aloud in the theatre aswell.

The props may have been taken away but the fun sure wasn't, the first post sans prop screening was actually one of my favorites, one of my best friends finally decided to go, he brought with him his brother & sister in law, who used to dress as Columbia, a groupie, in her youth. My uncle was with us aswell this night, and he came dressed, it wasn't as Rocky this tiem but as the grand writer himself Richard O'Brien by way of Riff Raff, a handyman(handjob man). As i said props weren't permited but you could still touch-a touch the screen for soem Rocky-Janet love, not to mention getting to reenact Frank whipping Riff, right after. It was a great show, but the next week was not.

My friend & I brought out lil buddy with us, who had never seen it before and was warned of the film, well we picked a bad night, a very bad night, as there were only about 12 people in attendace and they knew hardly any of the call backs, and when they did do one, it was very stupid. I've been to several horrible screenings of my favorite film(tied with Clerks btw) and it's always the same bunch of fucktards ruining it. I get creative expression but the shit i see and hear, gets pretty bad, just the day after christmas was a horrible showing(though i blame the weather). Hopefully in 3 weeks it'll be alot better.

I myself own the dvd, and Shock Treatment, have the c.d., have the vinyl(though can't find it), and have an awesome 70's rock concert inspired poster and have seen the film in theatre about 25 or more times, not to mention a Frank Tattoo Now jump to the left, step to the right and share your favorite Rocky Horror lines, moments, what have you.