Sunday, October 29, 2017


I don't know how i feel about this flick, on one hand it was lighter and more entertaining than a lot of Marvel & DC flicks, on the other hand it felt like a syndicated 90s tv series, on the other hand it felt like a 90s syndicated tv, shit, is that good or bad? Well on the other hand it was better than the Inhumans, which also felt like a syndicated 90s tv series. The characters were cool looking, even if some looked like straight up rip offs from the MCU, oh well, fuck it, i am a fan of foreign knock off flicks, always have been.

Batman vs Two Face

I love Batman 66, i should hate it as a Batman purist, but i love camp, and Batman 66 is pure camp. I loved the comic that followed, and i loved Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders. The sequel, while fun, is not as fun as the first, alot may have to do with Adam West passing during production, but even the plot, save for the game show at the end, and King Tut, didn't feel as genuine and full of heart as the first one did. With that said William Shatner stole the show, hearing him & West together was a blessing!

Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things to me was as if Steven Spielberg produced a film written by Stephen King and directed by John Carpenter, it was perfect, brilliant, and i loved it. Super fast watch, exactly what a show should be, no boring filler in the middle, you get the know the characters, and you get to see them in a horror film. The references were perfect, the chemistry was top notch, it meshed humor and sci fi/horror in a tremendous way. Enter season 2, which i could re type what i just said about season 1, but then multiply it, because holy shit, this season may have topped the first. It is the characters we love, one year later, some have moved on, some have adjusted. Mike is becoming distant from his conservative parents, Will is filling like a burden to everyone and becoming a target for bullies, Dustin now has teeth and wants to swoon the ladies, and Lucas is his rival in that category, those two have fantastic chemistry and comedic timing. Jonathan is the same ole same ole, will he wont he with Nancy, she herself has been dealing with the cover up of Barbs death. Steve is just trying to go on, but he knows after high school not much is left for him, and in a sweet Daniel from Freaks & Geeks esque way, he becomes friends with the geeks and a big brother of sorts for Dustin, it is really touching. Joyce has began dating a sweet yet square radioshack employee named Bob, played by Sean Astin, Hopper has been housing Eleven, and Mr. Clarke is still one of the best characters yet is clueless to everything around him. Another great character this year is conspiracy guru, Murray, he steals all the scenes he is in. Fuck, we also get Paul Reiser fixing all of Dr Brenner's mistakes. The demogorgans are like Tremors, Slither & Jurassic Park rolled into one, the threat seems higher this year. Will is basically possessed, and he looks it so much throughout the flick. The references and jokes are plenty and full, Evil Dead gets a few nods, Goonies, Elm St. Oh and the episode with 8, felt just like an episode of the X Men Animated series, i loved it. Perfect season for a perfect series.

Friday, October 27, 2017


I should be back to vlogging soon, feeling better, finally. Netflix is really on fire releasing films, hell i read next year they plan on releasing 82, 82, almost too many i would say. This year has been very good though, and the Wheelman is another good one to fit into the groove. You take Shoot Em Up & The John Wicks, put em in a heist film, and you get the Wheelman. It would make a great triple bill with Drive & Baby Driver only not as artsy/fun as either of them. The reason i mention Shoot Em Up & Wick is because the film's character seems more hard boiled like them. Frank Grillo is fantastic here, as he usually is. At times it resembled a Michael Mann film, and for Grillo to primarily be the only actor, says alot to his performance.

Monday, October 23, 2017

TLC 2017

I hate themed PPVs, they make no sense, the match should be used to build up a huge match, why was the main event a TLC match? It easily could have just been a no dq match, fuck it, here is my take on the matches.

1) Sasha Banks beat Alicia Fox
Right woman won, helps build up the Survivor Series

2) Asuka beat Emma
Great debut for the Empress of Tomorrow, hopefully she is treated right on the main roster.

3) Rich Swann & Cedrick Alexander beat The Gentlemen With a Plan
Great cruiserweight tag match. Swann & Alexander should move into the tag division.

4) Alexa Bliss beat Mickie James
Match both women needed. Alexa needed a win over a veteran like James, and James needed to prove she can still hang since she hasn't felt on since coming to Raw.

5) Enzo Amore beat Kalisto to win the Cruiserweight title
Fuck Enzo, seriously, dude tries too hard, he was a natural heel, is a natural heel but now it is like he is trying to one up everyone in the back. Kalisto carried his terrible in ring ass though. Bend the Knee for Neville.

6) Finn Balor beat AJ Styles
Didn't make sense for a SD star to be on Raw, but fuck it, match was AMAZING! It was extraordinary(ugh), it was phenomenal, it was just too SWEET!

7) Jason Jordan beat Elias
Jordan is just terrible as a face, turn him heel.

8) Siera Hotel Intensity Integrity & Intelligence Echo Lima Delta vs the Alliance the End RomanMania
ClusterFUCK. The build for the Shield reunion was not organic , adding members to the opposing team felt like it was done to get Braun on the show. Adding Kane from SD made no sense as it pretty much just lead to Braun's face turn. Angle replacing Roman should have been a surprise Not a good main event, not a good show, saved by the BulletClub!

Meyerowitz Stories

Best Dustin Hoffman performance in over a decade, best Ben Stiller performance in over a decade, best Adam Sandler performance.....ever? Noah Baumbach has been on fire in his post Frances Ha films(i hated Frances Ha), my favorite is still probably Greenberg, but this might be a close second. It is his Royal Tenenbaums, which makes sense since he & Wes Anderson are good friends. Short review, typed review, i am sick, whatevs!


In a year that gave us the creepy Gerald's Game, the brilliant IT, and the mishandled yet fun Dark Tower, comes another Stephen King film, and much like Gerald's Game, another netflix original. 1922 is the slowest of the 4 but it brought me back to the Stephen King i grew up with in the 90s. Thomas Jane does one of his best performances here, and it looks great, but ultimately it did nothing for me. I had/have the  flu when i watched it, so it might have played a part, but oh well, it is still worth checking out.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

Match of September

1. The IELD vs the Bar: No Mercy for the Raw Tag titles

2. Cody Rhodes vs Frankie Kazarian: ROH Title

3. Kassius Ohno vs Hideo Itami: NXT

4. Pete Dunne vs Wolfgang. NXT UK Title

5. Redragon vs Mustache Mountain: NXT