Thursday, May 26, 2016

X-Men Franchise Ranked

SO i prefer the X-Men to the MCU except for say Guardians of the Galaxy, but overall, i prefer them, they are my favorite Marvel comic, i think they had Marvel's best cartoon, so here is my ranking of the films!

1. First Class
I think this is a perfect prequel, i loved the 60s vibe, i love Michael Fassbender as Magneo, i loved Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, i loved the whole cast. It had the best action, the funniest moments, and genuine scenes that make you geek out(Magneto killing the Nazis!!)

2. X Men United
I think this is the traditional thought of the sequel being superior to the original, it is an all around great film, not just a great comic film but a great film in general, Pyro was the shit!

3. X Men
In my opinion modern comic films can be traced back to 1998 with Blade, sure we had Superman & Batman but the sequels ruined comics, Blade opened the door, so Marvel was hot, so why not make a well known comic into a film, enter the X Men, this film did more than Spider Man in my opinion, plus it is the franchise to last 16 years!

4, Days of Future Past
This one helped erase Wolverine Origins and Last Stand, and it was a fucking hell of a great film, there is alot to love about this flick, it combines both casts plus it lets you have a fresh start & clean slate....which leads me to some nit picks. The "prequel series" suffers from the fact that we all know who lives at the end of the film, that plus, i wanted a legit sequel to First Class.

5. Deadpool
The fastest paced and possibly funnest chapter in the series. I can't wait for the sequels.

6. The Wolverine
Highly underrated flick, Wolverine just needed to be R, let him be Wolverine. Plus the stinger was one of the best in comic films in my opinion!

Now we get to the bad

7.  Apocalypse
Ugh, so wanted to love this film, it bored the fuck out of me. I like the stinger, i love the stuff with Magneto, same with Quicksilver, they stole the show in every scene. I didn't want to punch Cyclops in the face(i hate the character), i am glad Jubilee wasn't used much, the "Weapon X" scene was cool but the scene was a tad forced, other than that, i hated it, if you saw it, then you might get why i want to watch Nightmare on Elm ST flicks.

8. Last Stand
Let's just erase this flick...oh that happened? Cool!

9. Wolverine Origins
Hey atleast the opening credits were cool!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Nice Guys

So in 2005 Shane Black unleashed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and it was wonderful, it had wicked sharp wit, a great story & a great cast. In 2016 he did the same thing with a perfect companion film, the Nice Guys. Ryan Gosling is brilliant as a alcoholic clumsy fuck up, Russell Crowe gives his best performance in years if not of all time. They are mismatched but learn to work together, you know the cliche, but holy fuck if the script is not one of the best in recent memory.The jokes are hilarious, the action is well done, the gore(not alot) is perfect, With this and Green Room we are having a perfect year of film,I wish Shane Black directed more films, but then again, maybe if he did these films wouldn't feel as special. The plot has alot in common with KKBB but this one seems a bit lighter in tone, which isn't a bad thing, i think it might flow better, i will for sure be double billing them both in the future!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Neighbors 2

So a couple years back Neighbors was a surprise, i thought it was hilarious, a sequel with a sorority? Sure, that sounds awesome, we can recycle jokes, the Hangover did....and that i don't care about. There are legit funny moments, like really funny moments, however, the sorority i wanted to see shut down right away, like i wanted them jailed, i hated the shit they did. The best parts of the film involved Zac Efron and Dave Franco, they rocked this flick. Seth Rogen and my gorgeous Rose Byrne did their best but i hated the forced "old people" aspect, especially the cord phone, didn't feel authentic. The film has good messages about friendship though and not giving up. I enjoyed the flick, would i watch it again? Doubtful, i mean i have only seen the first once but i would totally watch it again.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Civil War

Okay last year i was all orgasmic over Age of Ultron, but upon watching it on dvd...meh, not bad but not as good as the first impression.....but i will say this, first impression of Civil War? Second best Marvel film if not the best crafted, and possibly my second favorite in the series(Guardians is number one, duh). Originally i thought, the Tony Stark of the films would not agree to this, but they handled it in such a perfect way that made sense where you can see this being his view. All the subplots worked, and there were quite a few, but unlike Dawn of Justice, it wasn't a cluster fuck of a screenplay. The divide in Avengers worked great, the conflict between characters that do not want to fight is evident, the characters are well developed, Ant Man worked better here than he did in his solo film, Vision has the perfect fish out of water gig going, Scarlet Witch's guilt is well done plus Elizabeth Olsen is fucking gorgeous! Black Widow & Hawkeye need a prequel flick just to get the tension over with,War Machine & Falcon are great in their Second in Command roles, Spider Man.............yep yep, while i love Andrew Garfield, this version is pretty fucking awesome, Bucky has alot to work with and given a chance to show range & depth. Black Panther served the role justice and his film should be pretty rad. I have no complaints with the film, will i a year from now in hindsight? Maybe, but for right now, this is my second favorite of the MCU!

Sunday, May 1, 2016