Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dawn of the Dead screening

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Logan Lucky

Steven Soderbergh has directed the best Coen Brothers film since Inside Llewyn Davis, but oh there has only been one Coen film since Davis? Well yes, but my point still stands. This film is about idiots, but rednecky idiots, it is very Raising Arizona, very! This might be Channing Tatum's best performance, hell it might be Adam Driver's best role, fuck it might be Daniel Craig's best role! They are all fantastic in this, i actually like Seth McFarlane again, Brian Gleeson & Jack Quaid steal their scenes, which is saying something since fucking everyone is great in this. Riley Keough finally has a good role, she has been in great films, but this is her breakout, i hated It Comes At Night and American Honey, plus she is a total babe!I thought the pacing was going to go off when Hillary Swank showed up, but her & Macon Blair i actually wanted to see more of. Soderbergh needs to do more films like this, not in the same vein or plot, but screwy comedies.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I'm Dying Up Here

I post alot movies & shows showing realistic lives of stand ups, and how they are better than Funny People, i know, i beat a dead horse, but damn, I'm Dying Up Here is great! It is the best show, no one is watching, it balances humor and grit well. It is very Scorsese esque, and i am not saying that lightly. The cast is fantastic, their lives & stories are super gripping, you care for them! In the end, peace was found, and everyone seemingly started to live happy lives. If there is not a second season, then it ended on a perfect note!

The Glass Castle

I wasn't really aware of this film until about a month ago,  the trailer looked really good, but i figured a film like this could go either way. Then the reviews came in, it pretty much has everyone split down the middle, personally i thought it was great. The acting is phenomenal, the way the story unfold is great, and it shows the duality of man in a perfect way. Many of us hate mainstream way of life, yet this film shows the extremity of that. How this film is getting bashed is beyond me, i would assume this would be a shoe in for the oscars, but hell if Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close can get a nomination, i guess anything can, so here is hoping this gets some sort of nomination.


I really dug Obvious Child, and the follow up for Gillian Robespierre is good but cringe worthy at times. I say cringe worthy, not because it is bad, but because the situations that arise within the plot. The acting is good, the humor is spotty, the directing is good, but i wish it felt more 90s. To me the film basically white washes cheating, alot of the subject matter makes sense, but ultimately it feels like hipster mumbo jumbo.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Annabelle Creation

Ugh, well this is getting great reviews. It is not an awful film, but it is not one i enjoyed, it is atmospheric which is great, there are a couple cool tension build ups, and the child acting is actually good, add that with an awesome long take at the beginning and it should be great, well, no. The tropes are too much of the same, the story is tired, and in my opinion religious themes are out dated. You may ask yourself, but you watch all those Friday the 13th sequels, and they are the same, well yes, but they are also fun, this is not a fun film, not saying the Conjuring was either, but i loved that film, and a film that great, should not be dejected to spin offs like this and the Nun. Sure it is an easy way to make a universe, but did we really need this film? It didn't truly show the creation of the possession of the doll, it is way better than the first, but that is not saying much.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Holy fuck, now i loved First Day Of Camp, but this here i preferred. The film is to me the second funniest film right behind Anchorman. Andy(Paul Rudd) doing donuts, his deliveries, everything with Gene(Chris Meloni), Chris Pine stealing scenes, Ken Morino stealing scenes, you know what, this cast was on fire. The sight gags all worked, everyone seemed like they had a blast, and if you are a fan of the film, hopefully you had a blast watching it!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Match of July

Nikki Cross vs Asuka Last Man Standing

The Bar vs the Hardyz

Omega vs Ishi US Title G1 Special

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sharkando 5

So this week was Sharknado week on Syfy, we had 5 Headeded Shark Attack, which was pretty much shit. We had Mississippi River Sharks, which was just as shitty. We had Trailer Park Shark, which started off awesome, but it too was shit. Then the shittiest of all, Toxic Shark, ugh Sharknado Week, atleast Empire of the Sharks saved it, as that was a blast, it was what i wanted the rest to be, fun & dumb. Then we get the main course, Sharknado 5, and it was just as fun and the last three in the franchise. Not quite as many cameos, but Johnny Mundo popping up was sweet, plus some American Werewolf in London love was tossed it, added with the awesome Indiana Jones opening and Back to the Future ending which perfectly set up the sixth one, and mother fucking Dolph Lundgren yo!

The Dark Tower

It seems to be a trend of bashing to the point, fun, blockbusters, this year critics bashed the Mummy, which i enjoyed, Valerian, which i loved, and now this, and this was a fun flick. I read the first book, enjoyed it, wish i had read them all as it seems to be full of King references, now i am not a huge fan of his books, but i love alot of the films based on his work. There are a few easter eggs in this film, and i read about some i missed, but with that in mind, who cares if it connects anything? This film is just a fun ride, great pacing, decent acting, i would gladly pay to see more in this franchise. Just sucks that blockbusters can't be blockbusters anymore, everyone wants the same cookie cutter shit, and that is aimed at mainstream critics, not the masses, the masses totally want cookie cutter, but anymore it seems critics want the same in their blockbusters, this here is a hell of a lot better than the critical darling that is A Ghost Story.