Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dead in the Water

Well, in October SyFy delivered fun horror flicks every week....until their final week. Dead in the Water wasn't a fun flick....was it good atleast? Nope. This was a dull film & truly not very good. This is a short portion of my thoughts, shorter than usual. After i watched this on Saturday, i went to a Halloween party, i've had kind of a spotty year in life, but the month of October brings me joy. So tonight, if anyone actually reads this, have a fun & safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2018


So Jonah Hill went from comedic roles to serious roles, and from serious roles to a powerful director. Mid90s is like Kids in alot of ways. The flick is fucked up at times, tense, funny on occasion, and heartfelt. Oh and that soundtrack is Fucking great.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Killer High

SyFy has been knocking it out with their Saturday Night Originals. Are they perfect? No. Are they classics? No. Will they be rewatched again & again? Probably not, but if flipping through i would keep the station on, much like Goosebumps or Black Panther. Here we have a fun concept of a 10 year high school reunion, that is invaded by a warthog that kills people. The deaths are done in a very Deadpool way, but honestly this is still more fun, and said deaths are bloody. The film itself has a likable cast of characters and a funny script. This is in my opinion the best one of the SyFy 31 Days of Horror Originals.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers is possibly the best western since Bone Tomahawk. Bloody, funny, and John C Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gylkenhaal, & Riz Ahmed all give awesome performances and they all have great chemistry!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Halloween 2018

As many know, Halloween is pretty much my favorite horror film, it is probably my second favorite film of all time, John Carpenter is my favorite director, i watch his film multiple times every year, i have since i was little kid. The sequels i love, some more than others, but i've always loved the various canons, but it has always been Halloween & Halloween 2 as the first two in each canon....until now. David Gordon Green redeems himself here after years of comedic misses with a well crafted and gory new chapter/final chapter/new chapter to the Halloween series. Do you love Halloween sequels? Well this flick pays tribute to many of them, and i ate em all up. This edged past Force Awakens as my most anticipated film in recent memory but i was still weary of this one, but from the moment the opening credits rolled i knew i was going to love this. Do i rank it above Halloween 2? Probably not, but time will tell. Horror is great when there is heart in it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Take a 50s would be housewife, insert her into Pee Wees Playhouse, switch it up by putting it in the Adams Family but make it a cooking show.....then make sure she isn't a housewife at all, just a cook, artist, seamstress that accepts her mummy cat, werewolf & trash pandas murderous tendencies. That is this show in a nutshell. Fuck, take MonsterVision or Up All Night, mix it with Dinner & a Movie, she would be a perfect horror hostess! She is smart, sexy, funny, the show is funny, really funny, and her creations are breathtaking!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cucuy The Boogeyman. Karma. Syfy Double Bill

Cucuy the Boogeyman shows that SyFy is beyond cheap & cheesy shark flicks that it can make a flick that is well shot, well acted and well made. Really the only downfall is the lack of meat. It has a great concept but not much really happens  with the Boogeyman plus the ending is rather anti climatic. Karma on the other hand feels like a cheap & dull screener flick.

Bad Times at the El Royale

Since 2012 i have been waiting for Drew Goddard's follow up to Cabin in the Woods. 6 years of waiting was worth it, as he delivered one of the best films of the year. So many modern noir or noir inspired films take themselves too serious, but here, we get a film that feels like a lost Coen Brothers script, the non linear storytelling feels like post Tarantino filmmaking, but in a good way. The film oozes style in every frame and every actor is great. Jeff Bridges best performance in 20 years, Chris Hemsworth's best performance ever, and Dakota Johnson finally won me over.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Goosebumps 2

I loved Goosebumps growing up, the books, the tv show, everything. The film from a few years ago was enjoyable, the type of flick i'd keep on if i was flipping through and it was on Freeform. That is basically how i also felt about A House with a Clock in its Walls, a film i felt was very Goosembumps esque. This film i liked more than both of those, it is a film with the imagery that truly celebrates Halloween. The nerd kids aren't as good as IT or Stranger Things but everyone still seems to be having fun.I'd see a third one, they fit the season, and this is the season i love.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Star Is Born

The previous versions of A Star Is Born haven't been my cups of tea, not really big into country music, the 70s version i don't mind but it is just a one and done type of film for me. I was blown away by the trailer for this, and the film it self does the same. It is a film about stardom, about aspirations, a film about addiction, suicide, jealousy, relationships, friendships,  it is a film about saying fuck the status quo and appealing to the masses while accepting your position of conforming. This is a funny film, this is a sad film, but most importantly it is a powerful film. Bradley Cooper gives his best performance and Lady Gaga truly breaks out as an actress. Her voice, her beauty, he acting all demands our attention. Cooper will have a great directing career and Gaga will have a great acting career, and i hope both of them receive lots of attention of awards season. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

No Escape Room

Take a concept of 5 people going into an escape room, one thinks something is fishy and starts to panic, one by one they it a slasher? Nope. Time gets fucked with, a person goes through time loops, sends messages to the past, can watch themselves on film or in front of their eyes. Is it surreal? Well a person stares at a picture then is at the place, soon making out with a chick while being choked by chains. This is a innovative flick, and one Syfy should be proud to play during their 31 Days of Halloween.

You Might Be The Killer

This was a fun slasher, Syfy is doing original movies(not necessarily produced by them) and this was the first of their October line up. It is a slasher where the guy on the run calls his horror loving friend only to find out he himself is the killer. It deals with flashbacks of him killing his fellow camp counselors, and it has pretty damn good amounts of gore.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


I thought this would be total shit, then some said it would be a fun "bad movie" fuck that noise, this is just fun movie. It embraces alot of B Movie traits, it is a horror flick disguised as a super hero movie. I didn't care that it was PG13 originally, but it is a pretty hard PG13, violent, just no gore. Tom Hardy was awesome as Eddie Brock, and the always awesome Riz Ahmed is one of the better villains in comic flicks, a trust fund baby in charge of a lab. Actually this has been a good year for villains with Thanos & Killmonger. This actually got me excited for Sony's Marvel flicks. Also, Jenny Slate *sigh* what a babe! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Match of September

1. Cody vs Nick Aldis: NWA Title. All In
2. Adam Page vs Joey Janela: All In
3. Guerrillas of Destiny vs Young Bucks: IWGP Tag titles. Fighting Spirit Unleashed
4. Cody vs Juice Robinson: IWGP US Title. Fighting Spirit Unleashed
5. Jay Lethal vs Jonathan Gresham: ROH Title. ROH TV
6, Jay Lethal vs Flip Gordon: ROH Title. All In
7. Jay Lethal vs Will Ospreay: ROH Title. Death Before Dishonor
8, Marty Scrull vs Will Ospreay: Fighting Spirit Unleashed
9. Okada vs Marty Scrurll: All In
10. Kenny Omega vs Pentagon: All In
11. Cedrick Alexander vs Drew Gulak: Cruiserweight Title. 205 Live
12. Mustapha Ali vs Hideo Itami: 205 Live
13. Pete Dunne vs Ricochet: UK & North American Titles: NXT TV
14. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose: Raw Tag Titles: Hell in a Cell
15. Low Ki vs Fenix: MLW Title. Fusion
16. AJ Styles vs  Samoa Joe: WWE Title. Hell in a Cell
17. Bullet Club vs Chaos: Death Before Dishonor
18. Lucha Brothers vs Rey Horus & Drago: MLW Tag Titles. Fusion
19. Su Yung vs Lana Austin: Media Con
20. Jimmy Havoc vs Samli Calihan: Media Con

Monday, October 1, 2018

Hold the Dark

I have a weird pattern with Jeremy Saulnier, i LOVE Murder Party, was underwhelmed by Blue Ruin, LOVED Green Room, but with his latest, Hold The Dark, i was kind of bored. It almost seems as if the film was made to get critics talking and to put Netflix on the map this October with a buzzed about flick. It is well shot, well acted, has good tension but honestly, i found it dull most of the time. Every time tension would build it'd lead to a super slow scene and not in a slow burn sort of way. It sort of felt like he wanted to make a Taylor Sheridan esque scripted film, but Wind River did it better.