Sunday, February 24, 2019


Paddleton, Netflix's new film from the director of Blue Jay, is one of the most heart felt and sad films about friendship that i've seen in some time. Both Mark Duplass and Ray Romano give some of, if not their best acting. When it is funny it is funny, when it is bleak it is bleak. Fast paced slice of life with genuine humor and genuine heart.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fighting With My Family

The first act of Fighting With My Family is great, anyone that has ever been in the industry or even has a love for it can relate to it. There is alot of passion in it, and the underdog tale is something that translates well to film. All the acting is pretty damn good and there are ranges of emotion, however the last half of the film left me conflicted. Had i not been in the know to the source i'm sure it wouldn't have irked me, but there are a shit ton of inaccuracies. Inaccuracies aside i still had a fun time with this film, does it help to be a fan of wrestling? Perhaps, but i think it is told in such a way that non marks can enjoy it too.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Alita: Battle Angel

Had Robert Rodriguez' name not been attached to Alita i probably wouldn't have had an interest. Even with his name on it i still wasn't too stoked, his last few films have been lackluster plus the trailer made it looks like it didn't have any of his touch. Upon seeing it, it does have his stamp, certain shots, his love of oddball weaponry & vehicles, the Twisted Metal/Roller Derby feels pure Rodriguez. The action scenes are fantastic, whether its the chases or especially the fights. Certain aspects feel like a futuristic Sin City, and honestly it makes up for that shit of a sequel. I adored this man as a teen but he hasn't made a film i've loved since 2007. Plus for a comic adaptation(i haven't read the manga) it could teach a few things to a few other comic flicks, you don't need a joke every 10 minutes. This was a fun flick that didn't overly rely on humor. Hopefully this is the return of Robert Rodriguez!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Death Day 2U

I know it is cool to bash PG13 horror, and granted yes slashers should be PG13 on merit alone but the original Happy Death Day was a fun flick, a high concept slasher with humor and heart. Happy Death Day 2U is yet again another fun flick, it is a different high concept slasher with humor and heart. While i much preferred the original i respect that this flick tried to do something different as opposed to just totally repeating the original. This one continues the Scream esque who done it but puts it in a sci fi film. It is reminiscent of Detention, a gem of a film ya'll should check out. There are a few hokey moments of the film, mainly with the Dean and there is one montage that i'm sure will cause controversy as it is a touchy subject but overall i had a blast with this flick.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Horror Noire

Films about films, more importantly docs about film are films i love, but are hard to discuss, cause you begin to discuss the films featured in the docs. This film covers black cinema: from the days of black face, to assumptions of being seen as placeholders with monsters, to blaxpoitation, to Candyman, to "black man killed first" tropes, all the way to Get Out. This is an important film, and if you have Shudder check it out!

High Flying Bird

Steven Soderbergh continues to knock it out of the park, especially with his IPhone love. Shooting a film about the NBA lockout is perfect for this, it is a simple story set in a high end, fast moving  world of pro basketball. As usual Soderbergh has a fine cast and a sharp script. It isn't a great film but it is a Soderbergh film through & through.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Prodigy

As far as recent possession films go, THe Prodigy isn't half bad. In terms of possession it is by default, it is more in tone with Child's Play. The film has some legit creepy & unsettling moments but Taylor Schilling honestly gives such a laughable performance that it makes any tense moment turn into a chuckle. Decent plot, decent twists but an otherwise bland film. Though i did love seeing an Orion horror film in the cinema.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Velvet Buzzsaw

Dan Gilroy blew me away with Nightcrawler, but his follow up, Roman J. Israel Esq made me think that perhaps he was a one hit wonder. Well fuck a duck, Velvet Buzzsaw is a return to form, this is the film he should have made as his follow up. The best films about art are pieces of art themselves, and this film oozes so much style, color and trippy beauty that it is a work of art. It shows the flaws and quirks of those in art, the characters are well developed, you start to know them as soon as you meet them, and explore their depth. All while your mind gets lost in the tense & psychedelic story. It is part Suspiria with it's color and giallo esque feel,  while not a giallo per se it certainly has key Argento touches. It is part In the Mouth of Madness, as the works of art in the film and it's history reminded me of Sutter Cane. It is also part It & Nightmare on Elm ST, as the kills feel so other worldly and surreal. I would love to watch this as a double bill with Neon Demon. A visually stunning film with a sharp script and a haunting score, plenty of blood, all accompanied by a great cast and a show stealing Jake Gyllenhaal. While i wish this had gone to the cinema as opposed to Netflix, i'm atleast glad that Netflix is making such original films.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Match of January

1. Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet: Takeover Phoenix: North American Title 
2. War Raiders vs Undisputed Era: Takeover Phoenix: NXT Tag Team Titles
3. Tomasso Ciampa vs Aleister Black: Takeover Phoenix: NXT Title 
4. Buddy Murphy vs Hideo Itami vs Akira Towzawa vs Kalisto: Royal Rumble: Cruiserweight title
5. LA Park vs Sami Calihan: MLW
6. Mark Andrews & FLash Morgan Webster vs Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel: NXT
7. Rush vs Shane Strickland: MLW
8. Dragon Lee vs Rich Swan: MLW
9. Zack Gibson & James Drake vs Mustache Mountain: Takeover Blackpool: UK Tag  Team Titles
10. Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey: Takeover Blackpool: UK Title
11. Jay White vs Okada: Wrestle Kingdom
12. Akira Towzawa vs Hideo Itami: 205 Live 
13. Pac vs David Starr: Defiant
14. Brian Pilman JR vs Tommy Dreamer: MLW
15. Will Ospreay vs Kota Ibushi: Wrestle Kingdom: Junior Heavyweight Title

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Stan & Ollie

Growing up i watched all the comedy troupes, so Laurel & Hardy were a part of that. THis film showcases their films, it showcases a fall from graces, it showcases rekindling a passion, it shows friendships, it shows heartbreak, it shows the ugly side of Hollywood, it shows love, it shows great acting. THis film along with A Futile & Stupid Gesture are great biopics and biopics that aren't afraid to relish in what made them stars. There are puns, there is slapstick, there are sight gags, some of which is reenactments of films, some of which is used to showcases these men, but even when it has the slapstick moments it never loses heart.