Sunday, January 29, 2017

10 Men That Could win the Royal Rumble

Before last night I would have had Shinsuke Nakamura on this list, honestly at number two, but whether the injury he sustained last night was legit or a work, i think it takes him out of the Rumble regardless.

1. The Undertaker
It is highly fitting, though I would have preferred him as a surprise entrant. You have Brock Lesnar & Bill Goldberg going at it when dong, the lights go out, Taker gets in the ring and eliminates both men, not that still could happen but it will lack that shock. Taker is a guy that could go against Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, but even more so AJ Styles or John Cena, and those matches could go either way. He puts them over or he retires as champion. Him against Reigns or Cena would make Vince happy, going against KO or AJ would make us happy. Cena is the most deserving of the honor but I am going with AJ vs Taker.

2. Samoa Joe
Here is another guy that could face any of the possible champions, he & Owens have unfinished business, he and AJ have a long history. If it is Roman, the Samoan vs Samoan feud writes itself, but the big one, yet again, is John Cena, that is a money feud, and one i think we will get at Mania, but I see it not being for the title.

3. Chris Jericho
If KO beats Roman, then Jericho has a great chance of winning. In his long accomplished career he had never won the Rumble, tonight could be his chance. His feud with Owens will not need he title, which is why I see Owens dropping the belt, and Jericho not getting his moment that he should have got in 2012.

4. Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt
These are two good possibilities, whether it is Orton or Bray winning, the other could win the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber, setting up the feud with the two Wyatts

5. Luke Harper
Everyone thinks Braun Strowman has a great chance, I think Luke Harper is the Wyatt with the best chance not named Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt. It would be huge, he gets the win that Randy & Bray wanted, and proves he isn't the weak link. Randy or Bray could even win at the Chamber setting up a triple threat.

6. Sami Zayn
I know, I know.....I know, we have seen Owens vs Zayn too many times the past year, and everyone wants them to be away from each other, I do too, but this would be poetic. Owens as the friend that stabbed Sami in the back, going on to bigger and better  things while Zayn floats around. Winning the RR would be the classic underdog story plus a classic Mania build up and match, the likes we haven't seen since Edge & Jericho. They have history, they have chemistry, it would be a perfect end to the feud, with Owens shaking his hand post match.

7. The Miz
I am a Miz mark, I love him, and 2016 was his year, the dude's main event run years ago was brilliant, last year was the restart. Imagine him winning, it reverses the heel GM, babyface being held down but with the face Daniel Bryan being bested by the heel Miz. He could face Cena one more time, their first major rivalry in 6 years or a babyface AJ Styles. Him winning the Rumble and gloating while Bryan looks on would only be topped by him winning the WWE Championship for his second time!

8.   Bobby Roode
It would be GLORIOUS, imagine one night after winning the NXT Title, that he wins the Royal Rumble, he would have to be Smackdown, as I could not see him facing Roman or KO. John Cena is possible but what if, AJ Styles & John Cena shake hands, what if Roode and Styles are in the WWE Title match at Wrestlemania? Dixie Carter would be a mess, and Vince would be laughing to the bank!

9.   Dolph Ziggler
With as many losses he has had in the past year, plus his new heel turn, Ziggler winning could be the next step. He wins the Rumble, is now back on top, his ego goes through the roof, and if he faces John Cena, the amount of material with Nikki Bella could keep it going and gain a lot of heat.

10. Kofi Kingston
This one is a long shot, but I always hold out hope for the day Kofi wins the Rumble or Money in the Bank, he has improved on the mic, is insanely over and is great in the ring. New Day is coming to an end soon, and this is a perfect way. He wins, Xavier Woods & Big E both claim to be going to Mania as well, Kofi says, that was a joke, and it is his time. You could go two ways here, a triple threat at Fastlane with Big E winning giving him the rub, Kofi goes on to face Kevin Owens, or Kofi faces Roman Reigns, Woods & Big E come out, Woods gets on the apron, distracts the ref, everyone thinks Big E is going to attack Kingston, but instead helps him win the title and heel New Day is back,

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Favorite T.V. Shows of the Year

There were way too many shows in 2016, at the beginning of 2017 I tried to watch as many pilots as I could, and some were good, but the second episodes were more meh. The top 20 i legit watched as they aired, well except Love & Portlandia, waited a couple months for Love, for some stupid reason, and waited for the latest Portlandia to hit netflix.

1.   Stranger Things
What is Steven Spielberg produced a film directed & scored by John Carpenter, with touches of Stephen King, that is this GLORIOUS, piece of geekdom with received this past summer.

2.   Mr. Robot
A lot of times a series gets acclaim and then the following season it caters too much to critics, Mr.  Robot is not that show. It got so much acclaim season 1, but went super bonkers in season 2!

3.   Evil Dead
The first season was awesome, but the second season blew it all away, this was the Evil Dead 2 of T.V. shows, it was super over the top, full of splatstick humor and fan service!

4.   Silicon Valley
Easily the BEST sitcom at the moment, plus the funniest!

5.   Good Place
Thankfully this show is single handedly saving Network Sitcoms, a great NBC series that lets you cuss like a sailor, because you can not cuss.

6.   It's Always Sunny
Second funniest show on  the air, last season was possibly the best all around season they have had!

7.   Orange is the New Black
Speaking of best seasons, in my opinion, this was the best season for the series yet!

8.   Portlandia
Previous years i have not included this as i put it more as a sketch comedy series, but it has fully morphed into a sitcom!

9.   Gotham
The show keeps getting pulpier & pulpier!

10. The Night Of
The most intense show of the year!

11. Daredevil
If only all the other Marvel shows could be this good, better than season 1.

12. Game Of Thrones
No joke, I almost gave up the show this season, the first few were that boring, but the second half, so made up for it!

13. The O.A.
Think of it as Stranger Thing's weirder cousin. The ideas in it compare with ideas of the afterlife that i too share!

14. Simpsons
While not as good as last season(o far) it still beats what we were gettign 5 years ago.

15. X Files
I wish for the 6 episode run, that more of the episodes were connected, but  loved both the mythology episodes and the monster of the week episodes.

16. Lucifer
Formulaic? Yes! Fun? Yes! All that matters, this & Gotham are DC's best series.

17. Workaholics
Best season since the first!

18. Man Seeking Woman
Such a weird & brilliant sitcom!

19. Love
The best thing Judd Apatow has done since his productions of 2008.

20. Vinyl
Fuck, i wish this show had caught on, so fucking good!

21. Atlanta
This show isn't ranked low, i just think i would rewatch the others first. Donald Glover is brilliant!

22. Vice Principals
Walton Goggins & Danny McBride's chemistry can not be touched.

23. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Began this show this year, watched both seasons together, what a bonkers series this is!

24. High Maintenance
The original web series is better, but this is a solid show.

25. The People vs OJ Simpson
The pilot alone is worth it....the rest not so much, mush like most series. However i finished this one.

Hectic Knife

Holy shit, this was a cool fucking flick, it is inspiring as fuck, super cheap, dumb, but hilarious. THe gags are perfect, i was laughing my ass off the entire time. If you like anti humor, this is the flick for you, they will beat jokes like a dead horse, and it will still be funny because of the execution. It is released by Troma, and honestly this is the best thing they have put out since Father's Day. This is how you do cheap, no budget film making, it is meta, it is black & white, it is self aware but not pretentious. The gore is awesome, cause at the core, it is a vigilante film, but the self awareness helps extend the humor, and this film understands humor, i found it brilliant!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Growing up, i was never a big fan of the Resident Evil games, still am not a fan, i hated the controls. I had a RE action figure though, my uncle had bought me, as documented here my uncle got me on my path for film, and especially zombie movies. So being a fan, I had seen George Romero's Dead trilogy. I wasn't hip on directors quite yet, i was only 12 or 13, but when my uncle told me Romero had been in talks to direct the Resident Evil movie, i was stoked. Then it never happened, Paul W.S. Anderson, not Wes Anderson, not Paul Thomas Anderson, but Paul W.S. Anderson, had the reigns. He didn't do a terrible job, i actually though he did a good job, the sequels, well Apocalypse is not as good but still was fun, Extinction wasn't as good, nor was it as fun, Afterlife was a bad film, but was still a lil fun, Retribution, was neither good nor fun. Each film got worse, now i know at certain times, i wasn't really feeling these films when i saw them, for personal reasons going on in life, so maybe that affected my thoughts, i seriously might rewatch these, as the only 2 i have seen more than once, are the first two. The Final Chapter, is so bad, it is fun, that along with me expecting it to be awful, shoots it above the last two, hell, i would probably rank it above the third, maybe eveb the second. I am not going to rank em, as i truly don't care, but i had fun with this crappy flick.

Monday, January 23, 2017

20th Century Women

This was a refreshing film, the plot is simple yet told in a great way. The cast was fantastic, especially Greta Gerwig, so is so damn cool & hot in this! I almost wish the film focused more on her, but had it done so it would have been a drastically different film. The story is part coming of age comedy, part family drama, a semi period piece but all around brilliance.

Gods of Egypt

What happened to Alex Proyas? Spirits in the Air, Gremlins in the Clouds is awesome, the Crow is one of my favorite films of all time, Dark City is perfect, even Garage Days is a lot of fun. But I Robot is bland, Knowing is super bland, and now he has done his worst film, Golds of Egypt....ugh, where to start? Where to end? This whole film is a mess, it looks cool, but story wise it is a bigger mess than anything in the DCEU.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Good Place

This is a forking great show. How the fork is a show about heaven & hell so forking good? The jokes are well timed, the actors seem genuine, this is a return to form for NBC. The station had lost its lure after the end of Parks & Rec and Community switching to Yahoo. The concept is great, the characters are great....the finale.....changed all of that. It was a great finale, don't get me wrong, but it rendered the show's season pointless. How season 2 shapes up will be anyone's guess, i am stoked to see it play out though. This is one of the best sitcoms on tv, and there aren't many pure sitcoms left that are this good.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Founder

I am not a fan of McDonalds, i love Michael Keaton, i love Nick Offerman, these two shine greatly in this film, the plot, well it shows how ruthless this company's heads could be. On one hand this is an american dream idea, working class, getting his break, on the other, and the heavier hand, but not the heavy handed, choke on it sort of way, no the heavy hand that weighs more. Because at the core this films heavier hand shows how two guys trying to get by, get fucked over, taken advantage of by a scummy individual, that now is the leading fast food chain for health isn't health food? That is right. If you hate McDonalds food, or what they stand for, you might like this film, now i am on my way to get a McFlurry or a McSundae, seriously, they are all i get from this place.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Split: SPOILERS, DO NOT READ, In short, the film was fantastic! There, now see it and enjoy.

Fucking, i bet you still clicked this, dammit, why, X off, unless you have seen it, then i suppose, am i fucking right? Right? Fucking excellent film, there, now you don't have to read the rest, but back to you that saw it, fucking whoa. James McAvoy is brilliant in this, superb, like this film is going to be ranked high and the end of the year, and a lot of that is due to McAvoy, he is that good, a career performance in my book! It is a shame the film came out in January, as if this came out in September(a former dump month) or later in the year, it could be up for Best Actor come the 2018 Oscars. Some say the February is no longer a dump month because of the Lego Movie, Kingsman, 50 Shades, and now John Wick. With this film in the first month of the year, it leaves solid cinema a chance at all 12 months. This is better than your usual January release, this is better than blockbuster month releases, this is better than a Halloween season release, this here is a film deserving of a November or December release. This is one of the best films of the last 2 years, no joke, and not just genre films. You may be asking, why did he say spoiler, well i won't break your heart, get the fuck out, there is a glass ceiling, you are now dead, well atleast your body is injured, you may be crippled, there, enough hints, no don't read it again, you fool, you just got the spoiler, it's over, go home, go......I am serious, go read a comic book, read it, go to bed, work, whatever, then go and see Split, this spoiler is coming. The actresses in this film, every single one, Jessica Sula & Haley Lu Richardson, have small parts, but they give it their all for a horror flick. Betty Buckley as the shrink is perfect, but the stand out is Anya Taylor Joy, she is a great character to be stuck with. I should have said the stand out of the supporting characters, because the best of the main characters, is James McAvoy, he acts along himself is a cast of characters stuck in a guy's body. Most actors would have portrayed this in a hokey way or not taken it too seriously because of M Night Shyamalan, but he has proven he can direct an amazing performance, the best performance he has directed, is in this film. McAvoy's split personalities are all so different. He portrays them so wel, whether it be his voice, his posture or his face. His face is glorious, the way he goes from one character to the next is phenomenal, you legit believe these are all different people. The film has an aura of creepiness to it, it looks great, like an artsy exploitation film, or better yet, it is reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs in terms of the aesthetic and in terms of a career defining roll. To me not only is this career making for James McAvoy, but it is also defining for M Night himself. He has directed his masterpiece, and who knew it would be the freaky version of Kimmy Schmidt......seriously, leave now, i gave you the answer. Anyhow, this is indeed his best film easily his best since Unbreakable, but in a rare TWIST, this film is superior. Okay, i just slapped you and you didn't get hurt.....go away. Praying with Anger and Wide Awake were solid films small films but then he came into his own with the Sixth Sense, a great movie, but that is his box office & critical favorite. The cult sensation was Unbreakable, a pre superhero, super hero film, in my mind it was his masterpiece, and now it shares that title, almost like a companion piece. I honestly think Signs is great too, to me it is better than the Sixth Sense, sadly it was his last great film. The Village was intriguing yet lackluster, Lady is the Water looked great but was stupid, speaking of stupid, hello the Happening. The Last Airbender honestly is not as bad as people say, but then again i am not a fan of the source material, yes i know i lost all credibility, fuck off, i have only seen it once, never plan to see it a second time, you know that is bad? After Earth, now that is bad, again looks cool but pretty dull. He decided to go back to non blockbusters, and he did so greatly in the Visit, but it wasn't a great film. Behold his return to greatness! This is tremendous, the way McAvoy runs with the role, the way you fear for the girls, the way the case study makes you think, the horror in the final 10 minutes, the beast being unleashed. McAvoy makes you pity some characters and fear others, the build up to the end is perfect, straight up werewolf film without the werewolf. A film with brains, and heart, the emotion in the flashbacks alone make you hate society and feel fear. The  film has plenty of fear, but non in a jump scare way, but rather in how sick some people are, and not talking about McAvoy, but just "normal" guys and how perverse people are and how bad some kids have it. The brutality of the kills, the flashes of gore and the claustrophobic nature of a certain murder, give it the horror cred.  The ideas body chemistry are incredible, and that final transformation brought the film to a new level, an idea David Cronenberg would love.. By no means is this a slow burn, this is a delicious meal that has that extra punch of flavor in the last bite, but even better because once the meal is done, you find one last bite, and this is a bite you have been wanting for 16 years. Cause once the captured women flick mixed with a psychological drama turns into a full on horror film, it then celebrates it true cinephile geekiness and turns into a superhero film. Now this film was perfect in ever moment i thought, and i loved it but thought, what happens now at the end but was okay not knowing. If there is not a sequel, oh well, but we know there will be one, but even if these characters don't reappear, well maybe atleast one will, will it be the Beast or will it be Casey, i wish for both but accept neither. You see this could be an origin story, a way for us to meet Casey for if she pops up in a sequel to another film, maybe she assists someone against the Beast & the Horde because of her experience with them in this motion picture. Perhaps this is the prequel comic showing how a villain in a possible upcoming non comic book superhero film came to be. Because this film ends, we fade to black, and see the title of the film, we have seen Split, but wait...there's more, this film has a stinger, a stinger that puts it in a universe, do not even consider it part of the film if you don't want to, because our film is all said and done, this stinger is an idea of things to come, things to come from M Night's beautiful mind. It may not be until 2020, but fuck it, i really hope we get Unbreakable 2, but if we don't, then the singer here, makes up for it. M Night has long gestured a sequel, and in a way, it was announced here, that we will see the Beast take on David Dunn! How do we know this, because brace your pretty ass up, after you see this amazing film, the stinger fucking drops us smack dad into Dunn eating at a diner, this film & Unbreakable are in the same universe, mother fuckers, we might be getting Unbreakable 2!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Invitation

Here is a film, i mainly discovered through the Alamo Drafthouse, the trailer was intriguing but i never felt the desire to see it. Upon seeing it on plenty of top 10 lists i figured i need to see it before i make up my own list. The first 45 minutes is a super slow burn, yet it is keeps an uneasy aesthetic the entire time. The second half is pure mayhem, blood, creepiness, intensity.  This is a perfect small scale genre film, if you have netflix, check it out!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Darren Lynn Bousman Double Bill. Devil's Carnival 2 & Abattoir

A decade ago Darren Lynn Bousman was a director to watch, he was knocking out the Saws films, gave us Repo The Genetic Opera, and brought us some highly underrated films such ass 11 11 11, Mothers Day & even The Barrens. The same year as the Barrens he gave us his masterpiece, the Devil's Carnival, sadly since then, his work has stalled out, sure there are anthologies such as Tales of Halloween, but i think doing so many projects at one time got to him, and in doing so not everything would work. Abattoir is a solid film, one of his best honestly, yet it feels like such a director for hire project. His musicals are where he succeeds but sadly i think he took too long to get the sequel to the Devil's Carnival, years ago the fan base was small yet rabid, now it was released with little fan fair, the film itself is longer but feels empty. I hope the supposed final chapter is all out insanity and feels the film Bousman wanted to give us.

Killjoy Psycho Circus

I grew up loving Full Moon, the Puppet Master films in particular, as a teen i was huge on Killjoy! It excited me to get a new chapter, especially since Full Moon has been less than stellar in recent years. and to my surprise this is easily the finest Killjoy since first. It is not a perfect film it is not a good film, but it is a fun flick, it is Full Moon, but Full Moon being the type of film Full Moon should be.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wiener Dog

Todd Solondz is a weird one to talk about, his films are good, but nothing i love, some say he is a modern John Waters, i see the connection but they are worlds apart. His latest, does remind me of Waters, when Waters decided to do less edge, to expand. Wiener Dog has alot of heart, it is a super cute film, with a great cast, easily Solondz most refreshing, and possibly his best film since Welcome to the Dollhouse!

Martin Scorsese Ranked

Silence has finally hit a wide release, but more importantly, Silence has finally come to theatres, nay, Silence has finally been made. For about 30 years, Maty has been wanting to make this film, he finally has realized his dream and his passion project has finally been released. Here is a ranking of my favorite films of his, not including shorts or documentaries.

1. Taxi Driver
One of my favorite films of all time, one of the definitive films of the 70s, Robert DeNiro's best work

2. The Departed
Possibly the second best film of the 00's, behind Children of Men that came out the same year, and one of the few remakes that outdoes the original.

3. Shutter Island
Scorsese is perfect for horror, he needs to do more of it. I saw this at a very bad time in my life and it helped me out of a funk.
4. Goodfellas
As far as decade bests go, i have to put Goodfellas on the top 5, if not best of the 90s.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street
The single best film of 2013, so fucking funny, but still has the fucked up Scorsese feel to it. Leo has never been better!

6. Raging Bull
Only to Rocky, the best boxing film ever made!
7. Mean Streets
Outside of Taxi Driver, this is what i think of when i imagine vintage Scorsese.

8. Casino
Quentin Tarantino might get all of the 90s crime acclaim, but imagine the 90s without this or Goodfellas, Tarantino would just be known as a guy that made two great films reminiscent of the 70s, with these two here, it made the 90s an amazing time to love crime.

9. Hugo
Perfect love letter to early cinema.
10. Silence
His latest, one that upon viewing the trailer doesn't resemble a piece of his work, but upon seeing it, i beg the differ, this is pure Scorsese, violence, subtle humor, great acting,  needs more attention, far better than Manchester By The Sea.

11. Cape Fear
Scorsese knows how to do a solid remake, this here is just as good, if not better than the original.

12. Gangs of New York
I had seen Taxi  Driver, Goodfellas, Casino, Raging Bull & Cape Fear, but seeing this helped me discover the early body of work, soon after i watched Mean Streets.

 13. The Aviator
Was stoked when this first came out, but didn't love it, it has grown on me since.

14. The Last Temptation of Christ
This is one of his BEST films, i love the concept & themes, highly controversial then, i can only imagine it now a days.
15. After Hours
One of his lightest & funnest.

16.  Boxcar Bertha
Another vintage Scorsese piece.

 17. The King of Comedy
Possibly his most underrated work, hell even by me.

 18 The Color of Money
A sequel many do not think of as a sequel, but one that is better then the predecessor.
 19. New York, New York
Marty loves Music, his films are littered in great soundtracks, this film shows the love he has for the art of music!
 20. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Lighter fair, yet solid work.
 21. Who's That Knocking at My Door
I put this along with Alice has more of his solid yet lighter work, before crime took over.

22. Bringing Out the Dead
Highly underrated film of his, might feel like a director for hire project, but there is more to it than that.

23 The Age of Innocence
I hate that this is so far down of the list, it is one he wrote, just didn't have as much heart behind it.

24. Kundun
A gorgeous film, but his dullest.

Live By Night

Ben Affleck had an amazing directorial run, for his first three films he kept topping the previous film. Gone Baby Gone was a solid debut, his follow up was the Town and that showed he had more chops, it was a pretty intense crime flick, bigger in scope and a tighter film. With Argo, he blew them all out of the water. It is a masterpiece, in every capacity, he waited four years for his next picture, and he had huge shoes to fill. I think most critics new that, yet a lot still seem to to have gone in wanting more. I  think Argo will always be his masterpiece, i didn't expect Live By Night to top it, in terms of enjoyment or artistry. I went in, just wanting a good film, and i got that. There are a few moments at the end that could have been cut or trimmed up a bit, but over all it was great. Affleck knows how to do crime films, this was a great story of a man stuck in a mob war, and deals alot with race relations, legalization, and making your own path. Affleck is an intelligent man, and made an intelligent film, a film that also happens to have some brilliant gangster violence. I honestly would put this as his second best and my second favorite of his. It is no Argo, it could never be, but this is a great Crime film.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bye Bye Man

What a first film of 2017, i have seen movies this year, but this is the first 2017 release, and it is awful. Like the first scene, is great, in fact that scene, which takes place in the 60's, along with the other flashbacks, are the best parts. Everything else in this film, from acting, the script, the acting, the directing, the acting, the effects, the acting, all of it, is  god awful. There is a moment that has an awesome score, but other wise holy fuck, terrible. Now i would totally watch this again, my buddy & i compared it to My Soul To Take, but unlike that steaming turd, this one is atleast fun, pop it on, grab some beers, and mock it. It may not be the Room, but enjoy it for the mess it is. It is partially inspired by Slendeman, so if you want that, wait til that film comes out, one was just announced, but i am sure that will be a piece of shit too. This has to get nominations across the board at the 2017-2018 Razzies it is that bad, fun, but fucking bad. Seriously why did 99% of this movie even happen? Fuck it, my money wasn't wasted, i had fun.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fender Bender

This is a cool slasher, super simple concept, great tension, if it had come out 5 years ago, it would have been a part of the mini boom of slashers we received. I truly hope this films paves the way for a  new series of slasher, not only in sequels but in slashers in the cult film scene to find an audience again. This is the type of film Lionsgate used to distribute, thankfully Scream Factory is here to save us all!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Captain Fantastic

This was a refreshing film, one i kept forgetting about, but the story is super captivating, the acting is great, and the film looks gorgeous. It is a simple story, and one that screams modern indie cinema, brilliant yet not getting as much notice as it should, some nominations here, but i think it should be getting more acclaim.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Monster Calls

Wow, this was an amazing film. The trailer makes it look like a better version of the Big Fucking Giant, but no, it is almost as if Guilermo Del Toro did a kids film. which is fitting since Del Toro produced The Orphanage, and the director of that, JA Bayona did a brilliant job here. I can relate to the main character, he is an outcast, as outcast in both school and in his family. His one close family member is his mom, she has cancer, so he imagines a tree being a monster, a monster that tlls him tales, tales that confuse him yet make us pander life, a life that is beautiful & ugly all at once. You laothe the bullies, you are glad when the bullies get what is coming to  them, yet through the tales you find out life isn't fair. You hate his grandmother(played brilliantly by Sigourney Weaver) and are glad to see this pristine bitch get her she destroyed, yet you feel for her. She is doing what she thinks is best with all her heart. The lead actor is great, Lewis MacDougall is fantastic, and only at 15 will only get better with age. Thirty or so minutes in, you tear up, this is a fun flick, yet a sad one, several moments will make you cry, the heartstrings are pulled greatly, and in poetic ways, almost as poetic as the way the film is shot. Wow, the cuts, the sounds, the visuals, the animation, the acting, everything is on point here, this may be the second best film of the year behind LaLa Land, it is that good. Genre fans will love it, art house fans, will hopefully love it, this is brilliant cinema!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The OA

So many shows these days try to be smart, and fail, yet their fans preach how intelligent they really are.  Now I may fall into that category with LOST, but the thing is, most people gave up on lost for being "confusing".  Now there is a series that has all the modern "did you watch" along with the brilliance of the mindfuckery of LOST, the OA is a great show, a show with brilliant ideas, and a show that looks great and has great acting .There are characters you hate, characters you feel for and ideas that make you think. Their theory on the afterlife fits in with my views, multiple dimensions. I hope season 2 delves more into the afterlife, if we get a second season. Because the end is left open, is she telling the truth, is she nuts, did she find Homer, did she imagine Homer. Did the five movements actually work? I hope she is telling the truth, just so we can see the afterlife again, and see a possible multiverse or a weird other worldly dimension. I have been a fan of Brit Marling since Another Earth, and this is my favorite thing she has worked on since that film!

Friday, January 6, 2017


Well, Paul Verhoeven is back....and to many it is a return to form, a return to his pre Robocop days perhaps, but even that is pushing it. Sure it is smaller like those flicks, but honestly, it just felt pretentious. I want Robocop, i want Starship Troopers, that is the Verhoeven i want. This is not a bad film, no, not at all, it just wasn't the the film i thought it would be. I knew the plot, i saw the trailer, i guess i was expecting it to be more a long the lines of Basic Instinct, a sexual thriller, trash cinema. As i stated, it is a well made film, just wasn't my cup of tea!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Well this flick was a pleasant surprise. I had read tons of great things but was weary as a lot of times, overhype can kill a horror flick. Here however, it was a simple yet effective story, a traditional one setting, claustrophobic and minimal characters. Is it a monster flick, is it a ghost flick, a mixture of both perhaps, Great acting,  Brian Cox, as usual, shines, Emile Hirsch, is still one of the best and needs more work, he is great in everything. The directing sets a atmospheric mood. Could be a perfect halloween flick later this year for those that don't want to play the cliches.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Nocturnal Animals

I loved part of this film, and was bored by the other portion, It is split in two, one is the story of reality, Amy Adam's reading her Ex's story. Her ex is Jake Gyllenhaal and he has a story of his wife & child being kidnapped and killed, and the revenge he must seek. The story within the story is the best part, Jake is great, Aaron Taylor Johnson is a great scum bag, and Michael Shannon, as usual, is the best part. I wish there had been more to it than that, as the "reality" is kind of dull, Adams is at no fault, but the real meat & potatoes come from the revenge story. The only problem i have with this portion, is i wish the end had been a little stronger, but artistically i get why they went the route they did.

Manchester By the Sea

This is a film that reminds me of  indie films of the mid 90s to mid 00s, the type that felt personal yet felt small in a home town setting. This is indeed a good film, with good acting, Casey Affleck is really good here, but i don't know if he is deserving of the oscar buzz. The film itself, doesn't quite measure up to La La Land, but both are great contenders for the Oscars, this here is a tad bit more Oscar Bait though. Manchester is a simple film but an effective film.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Most Anticipated Films

                                                                                                                                                                    Star Wars Episode 8
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Baby Driver(Edgar Wright Film)
Kingsman 2
John Wick 2
Blade Runner 2049
Going Places(spin off of Big Lebowski)
Trainspotting 2
Alien Covenant
Spider Man
Justice League
Soldano(Sicario 2)
The Belko Experiment(Written by James Gunn)
Split(M Night Shyamalan film)
Wonder Woman
Power Rangers
Cure for Wellness(Gore Verbinski film)
Kong Skull Island
Get Out(Jordan Peele film)
Table 19
Dark Tower(based on the Stephen King books)
Wonder(Stephen Chbosky film)
Last Flag Flying (Richard Kelly film)
Valerian (Luc Besson film)
Dunkirk (Christopher Nolan film)
Deathwish(Eli Roth remake)
Insidious 4
Saw 8
Batman Lego Movie
War of the Planet of the Apes)
Gifted (Mark Webb film)
The Mummy(Universal Monsters)

Top Matches of 2016

#DIY vs The Revival  NXT Takeover Toronto by TheTittyMaster1

DIY vs The Revival(November, Takeover)

Shinsuke Nakumara vs AJ Styles(January, Wrestle Kingdom)

Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa (August, CWC)

Revival vs DIY(August, Takeover)

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn(April, Takeover)

AJ Styles vs John Cena (August, Summerslam)

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Austin Aries(June, Takeover)

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Finn Balor(July, NXT TV)

TJ Perkins vs Gran Metalik(September, CWC)

Dolph Ziggler vs the Miz( October, No Mercy)

Kota Ibushi vs Cedric Alexande (August, CWC)

Sheamus vs Cesaro (September, Clash of Champions)

Young Bucks vs Reddragon vs the Kingdom (January, ROH TV)

Ricochet vs Will Ospreay(April, Evolve)

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens(July, Battleground)

Gran Metalik vs Tajiri(August, CWC)

Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay( April, Wrestlecon Supershow)

AJ Styles vs John Cena (June, Money in the Bank)

TJ Perkins vs Johnny Gargano (August, CWC)

TJ Perkins vs Kota Ibushi( September, CWC)

Will Ospreay vs Bobby Fish (November, Reach for the Sky)

DIY vs Noam Darr & Cedric Alexander (September, CWC)

Kyle O'Reilly vs Katsuyori Shibata( October, Field of Honor)

Marty Scurll & Will Ospreay Vs Young Bucks(November, Reach for the Sky)

Brian Kendrick vs Kota Ibushi(August, CWC)

Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks (October, Hell in a Cell)

Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger (November, Takeover)

Marty Scurll vs Will Osrpeay (November, Reach for The Sky)

Samoa Joe vs Tye Dillinger (November, NXT TV)

Adam Cole & Young Bucks vs Redragon & Dalton castle(December, ROH TV)

Ospreay vs Zack Sabre Jr (September, Battle of LA) 

Ricochet vs Johnny Hennigan (September, Battle of LA) 

Mary Scurl vs Cody Rhodes ( September, Battle of LA)

Cody Rhodes vs Jay Lethal (December, Final Battle)

Will Ospreay vs Ricochet (September, Battle of LA)

DIY vs Tajiri & Akira Tozawa(December, NXT in Japan)

Marty Scurl vs Trevor Lee vs Will Ospreay(September, Battle of LA)  

Zack Sabre JR vs Akira Tozawa(January, Lemmy)

Zack Sabre Jr vs Marty Scurll (December Mystery Vortex)

Adam Cole & the Young Bucks vs Reddragon & Dalton Castle(December, Battle of LA)

Zack Sabre JR vs Roderick Strong( March, All Star Weekend)

Hardyz vs Decay (October, Bound for Glory)

Asuka vs Nia Jax(December, NXT in Japan)

Zack Sabre JR vs Adam Cole(March, All Star Weekend) 

Trevor Lee vs ACH  (December. Mystery Vortex)

reddragon vs Death by Elbow(December, Mystery Vortex)

Zack Sabre Jr vs Kyle O'Reilly ( July, PWG 13)

Mat Hardy vs Jeff Hardy( July, Final Deletion)

Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal (August, Final Battle)

Johnny Mundo vs Sexy Star (October, Lucha Underground)