Sunday, July 29, 2018

Don't Worry, He Wont Get Far On Foot

Don't Worry, He Wont Get Far On Foot is one of Gus Van Sant's most powerful flicks, to me it is his best since Milk. It is also some of, if not THE best acting of Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah HIll & Jack Black! This film really makes you value your life, and also inspires you to never give up and pursue your dreams. For a heavy film that is personal with a message, it is also an easy watch. It is heart wrenching and times but full of hope! 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mission Impossible Fallout

We have a new best of the series. The best action sequences, car chases & fights in the franchise. Most of these flicks are stylish, but this one seemed to have a John Wick look to it, not only in the settings & the design, but the action felt highly inspired by the Wick flicks. This is also  Henry Cavill's best role. This is a 22 year old film series, and it keeps getting better. It has a perfect balance, it is a serious film that doesn't try to be overly serious, and it knows when to inject humor, and not make it feel forced like most blockbusters do,

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Leave No Trace

It has been 8 years since Winter's Bone, and what Debra Granik did for Jennifer Lawrence in that, she is doing the same for Thomasin McKenzie in this. Besides her performance, this is Ben Fosters finest role! Brilliant film. A tale of escaping the mundane, escaping conformity, escaping your past & fleeing from your nightmares. This is a counter culture film, but one that knows its place, one about finding your place, and finding your people. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Unfriended: The Dark Web

The first Unfriended was a fun yet forgettable film. It was cheap, of its time, but unique. the sequel is cheap, of its time and improves the idea. Throw out the supernatural elements, add in some major hackers, and you have Dark Web. It shows how scary the internet can be if you cross the wrong path, and how master hackers can easily fuck up your life. That laptop you "found" don't use it, your info will go to these guys, your friends, they are connected via social media, boom they are hacked. Sure most of it might not happen this easily, but still, with as connected as we all are to our phones, computers, what have you, your info can easily be leaked. The film does have creepy moments but overall is contains an aura of fun to it. With that said, it almost feels like a theatrical version of Guinea Pig, August Underground or The Vomit Gore Trilogy, no where near as edgy, but it used to medium of "reality" in a more mainstream acceptable way than those films.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sorry to Bother You

Holy hell, i have been wanting a theatrical experience like this for a long time. This is the weirdest, most surreal and pure batshit comedy, nay, film i have seen in years. Pure brilliance in every aspect, the sharp script, the gorgeous look, the terrific acting, the superb score. It is everything i wanted it to be and then some, hell it exceeded my expectations!

Friday, July 13, 2018


By this point The Rock is a modern day Arnold or Sly, he is our action star, but on top of that he is funny as shit, something Marks have known for 2 decades, and he is simply electrifying. Even his worst films, which he has plenty, are given life with him as the star. Since the Fast & The Furious films the Rock has become a post modern action star, he breaks his cast by flexing, he has a really big dick, he rides tidal waves and he hold bridges together that have a 12 foot gap. The film needed to embrace its B movie factor a bit more and give The People's Champ some more one liners, it has a decent fight scene but it is just a dumb fun flick, nothing more, nothing less, not the best Rocksploitation film but still a fun one.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Won't You Be My Neighbor

I don't have much to say about this, it is a great doc, about a great man, and one that shows just how weird he was, the outcasts he hired to help with his series, how they thought he was weird, but how he accepted them, and they loved him. And the end the entire film is about acceptance, sure he might be overly nice, but that is what drove him, drove his show, and drove millions of people.

The First Purge

So the first Purge was a home invasion film, i liked it but i wanted to see pure chaos outside. The second one delivered chaos all while being an Escape From New York/The Warriors esque action flick with the man that should be the Punisher if he already wasn't Crossbones, Frank Grillo. It was so awesome that the third one was a direct sequel to it. With the fourth they go a prequel route, i assumed it was the first purge, and it is, but it is only on Staten Island. It still has the social political commentary, it still has the violence, all  the trademarks of the franchise, all you can ask for. With the tv series, it might give more backstory, but what i want is a purge film that shows the first national purge with people being timid to participate but after that it is 80 minutes of pure carnage & destruction.

Match of June

1. Kenny Omega vs Okada :Dominion
2. Tomassa Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano : Takeover
3. Ricochet vs  Velveteen Dream: Takeover
4. Undisputed Era vs Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan :Takeover
5. Pete Dunne vs Kyle O'Rilley :nxt TV
6. Pete Dunne vs  Zack Gibson: NXT UK
7. Mustache Mountain vs Undisputed Era: NXT UK
8. Hideo Itami vs Buddy Murphy vs Mustapha Ali : 205 Live
9. Young Bucks vs Evil & Sanada: Dominion
10. Chris Jericho vs Naito: Dominion
11. Seth Rollins vs Elias :Money in the Bank 
12. Cody, Marty & Page vs Liger, Rey & Tanahashi : Dominion 
13. Rich Swann vs Koto Brazil: MLW
14. Fenix vs ACH: MLW
15. ACH vs Rich Swan: MLW

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ant Man & The Wasp

In 2015, Ant Man was better than it should have been. After losing Edgar Wright, i almost boycotted the film, but i see everything so i did. And it was a fun flick, the comedy worked, and Michael Pena pretty much stole the show, 3 years later he does it again. I don't know which film is funnier, both have their fair share of misses, but when it is funny, it is funny. The plot is about on par with the first but the end credits FINALLY tells us what happens with the snap of your fingers.

Sunday, July 1, 2018


GLOW season 1 was brilliant, season 2 was even better. The characters were more flushed out, the show was funnier, the dramatic elements were tighter. and the wrestling bits were smarter, not to mention we got more of the horror filmmaking aspects. The thing i love about the show, is it is a pure work and what i mean by that it, the character of Debbie is so damn despicable that you almost hate her too much, she is such a heel, and then once you realize she is a heel, and that you are supposed to hate her, she redeems herself and much like in wrestling you begin to like the heel. The inner workings of the business on the show is getting better, and with the series headed to vegas to do just pure house shows, it could lead to some really interesting dynamics.