Monday, April 29, 2019


So, i loved the opening with Hawkeye as the cool family guy, it set the tone for the film and was cringe worthy knowing what was about to happen, a perfect cold open. Seeing Nebula & Tony bond over paper football and sharing drinks was cute, her tucking him in humanized her, it was touching. Once Cpt Marvel shows up, the films speeds up too much. The death of Thanos i respected the rug pull but it still felt anti climatic. Hawkeye being a kung fu John Wick, Thor being a drunk gamer, Cap leading a group therapy session, Tony having a family, all was perfect. Hulk i was ho hum on, but i get it, it's been 5 years and following how he developed in Ragnarok & Infinity War, it makes sense. Loved seeing Widow taking charge and having Rocket, War Machine and Wakanda Michone on the ground was great. Antman brought alot of heart, and he was key to the films plot. Now time travel seemed to have plot holes. I think they only had an hour in their inception like time slots placed in to time traveling adventures, but it seemed as if the events would have taken atleast two...maybe, maybe not, minor nitpick. Why didn't Nebula tell anyone about the sacrifice of the Soul Stone? Meh, the Widow-Hawkeye fight was great, tons of heart. THe Avenger tower stuff was fun,Cap vs Cap, Cap saying Haul Hydra, Crossbones returning, Loki possibly starting a multiverse. Fun nods, such as Cap o n the elevator, pure badass. The 70s scene had alot of family heart to heart with House Stark, and speaking of parent/spawn...Thor & his mom, heartfelt and brilliant, as was the Asgardians chasing the "rabbit". Nebula & War Machine watching Starlord was pure bliss, and the following with past Nebula/past Thanos/past Gamora torturing Nebula was the Guardians shit i love. Loved the pure destruction of the Avengers, i get goosebumps when t he babyfaces arrive and save the day, all the heroes are back and the battle was epic. That along with Game of Thrones, what a day! Females saving Spidey, Cap being worthy, Antman and the Wasp not having to say a word, Groot reuniting with Rocket, strong leadership by Panther. Peter and Tony having a touching reuntion, so much heart in this entire film, and not too much "Marvel humor" it is perfect. The Iron snap was poetic The funeral was great, having Insidious kid return was a mark out moment for this Iron Man 3 fanboy, Panther rebuilding, Peter and his seemingly all snapped classmates going back to school, Thor joining the Guardians, Cap passing the torch, and his flashaback dance with Peggy. Great film. I almost wish this was THE finale since we had a few deaths, some retirements, so sabbaticals, characters finding peace. I thought i hated this when i watched it but i loved it and can't wait to see  it again.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

HIgh Life

Wow, what a film! Maybe going to a 9:30 pm showing after 12 hours of work wasn't the best idea for a slower film but damn, it was cool. Great character interactions, masturb.....wait, i'm not talking about Endgame, i'm talking about High Life! Great flick! Perfect heady sci fi!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Teen Spirit

So when i watched the trailer for Teen Spirit i had also watched the trailer for Her Smell, for some reason i remembered both being punk films, i was mistaken. This is a pop music based film, not just pop but modern top 40 pop, centered around an American Idol esque series. Now that my expectations of genre are checked, let's get to the film itself, the film has great acting and looks great, and has genuine emotion through out. Elle Fanning is a babe, but i really wanted this to be a 90s set punk/grunge film. Oh well, still a good flick.

Friday, April 19, 2019


I don't remember alot of Dumbo the animated film, i knew it made me sad. I wasn't super stoked for this as Time Burton lost me many years ago, but Burton has crafted a film i can only watch once, as this is a depressing film(not a sad film) and in doing has made his best film since possibly Big Fish. The CGI is great, the acting is solid, the visuals are awesome, but it pulls at your heart strings the entire film. I'm still not sold on Burton but atleast i can give him props for this.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Curse of La Llorona

As far as the Conjuring series goes, the spin offs do not hold a candle to the Conjuring proper films. With that said, La Llorona is the best "spin off" thus far. Spin off cause it has a Priest from Annabelle that i barely remember, oh and a shot of the doll. On it's own i think the film wouldn't have had the cast, nor without Wan i think it would have felt like a cheap ass screener film. It was a good idea for a short that they seemed to draw out for a feature, based on a folk tale i vaguely know but one that is super intriguing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was my favorite show of 2018, i loved it. It had a perfect Halloween timed theme, likeable characters and a fun plot. While there were certain social justice issues that were brought up in season 1, they were just there, season 2 however really pushes first i thought it was a bit much, then i sort of wanted it, why you ask? Here's why *slaps head*, because unlike the first season, this one begins to feel more & more like a cliche lovey dovey high school series. The first couple episodes it is like "ugh, this issue", but i support that issue, but i wanted it presented more subtly, then the next few i'm all "guh i wish it had those issues, what is this 90210?", then towards the end i finally go "this was a great season" Haha had you fooled, this was a fun season albeit one that felt rushed. They should have waited til October, take their time, but alas we got some damn fine horror elements out of a show that i think most assumed would be a joke. Bring on season 3, bring on Roz & Harvey's love, bring on Theo, bring on Sabrina wanting to save her man,  bring on the new Queen of Hell, and bring on the High Priestess! 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Pet Sematary

The original Pet Sematary is a film i have always liked but never loved. I rewatched it months ago and had a great time with it. The remake looked great, it felt like studios wanted the next IT. IT this is not, this is a dull, poorly acted, film with a creepy aesthetic(albeit forced) in execution, along with unneeded gore. The only saving grace is the ending.

Thursday, April 11, 2019


I read Hellboy back in the day, as a teen i loved it, when i saw the film i was lukewarm. The second film was what i wanted the first film to be, now i love both. Was anyone asking for a new Hellboy? Yes, yes they were, but with Del Toro and Perlman....well Del Toro is busy and Perlman is up there in age. So okay, recast and get a new director, easy right? Nope. This is a new version and David Harbour is well cast but he shouts too much which isn't his fault but the directors, and that is just the tip. This is an awkwardly edited film with odd pacing, forced FUCKS, unneeded gore and a mess of a plot. We didn't need a better version of the comics, cause we had that already.There were some decent moments, Thomas Haden Church's scene and the "6 months later" bit, but all the rest was a dud. I didn't hate this film it just is a film that exist.

Top Matches of March

1. Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven: ROH Title: Anniversary
2. Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander: 205 Live 
3. Tony Nese vs Drew Gulak: 205 Live 
4. Tom Lawlor vs Low Ki: MLW Title
5. Cedric Alexander vs Akira Tozawa:205 Live

Santa Clarita Diet

This show gets better each season. On top of genuinely funny moments and great gore, the characters are lovable. Even villains are, especially villains that turn babyface and for sub groups to save our main cast. This season had ALOT of plot, but this show makes it work.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


DCEU is where it is at. Wonder Woman was a damn fine war film, Aquaman felt like a big budget version of a 90s series and was a blast, but if you want a real blast look no further than SHazam, the real Cpt Marvel. This is the juvenile film i wish Deadpool was, where as Deadool thinks it is edgy this film has a sophomoric humorous edge to it. Fun cast, fun script, a fun film. Nods to the DCEU but nothing that ties it down, please take note Marvel. This is well placed humor as it fits the character, this isn't characters in danger cracking wise. the action scenes are well done, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. It isn't a feature length trailer for another film. Shazam is probably my favorite origin story since the first Guardians.

Beach Bum

I saw Beach Bum last week in Philly, coming off of Spring Breakers i was stoked for it. The film doesn't let down, take a The Dude esque character but make him sort of a piece of shit, then make it a troma film with bonkers situations & characters, that is basically the gist of the film. It is gorgeous to watch with good humor and some shocking moments. At times characters can be a bit too sleezey but just roll with it, in the name of Korine!