Wednesday, December 30, 2015

THe Duff

So i wanted to love this film, a main character that loves horror films, plus is played by one of my crushes, Mae Whitman! Well it had its charm but ultimately is wound up being cliched! Alot knock 90's teen films for not being John Hughes, this tried to be Hughes, This is not a bad film by any means, just an okay film!

We Are Still Here

This is a fucking great slow burn of a ghost story, a ghost story that much like the Conjuring or Insidious or Poltergeist is much more than ghost, it delves into possession. Starting off with basic sounds and whatnot before going full on, plus the ending of this one is quite brilliant!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This is another film i could have saw at festivals, and holy hell i wish i did, this is an awesome film, it starts off like your basic horror flick, then gets weird, the other wordly scenes feel like they are part Wickerman, part Nightmare on Elm ST, part Evil Dead. The kids are like if Sam from Trick R Treat had a whole posse! Some say the film has a huge christian message behind it? Maybe, maybe not, i just know i dug the flick!

He Never Died

I really wanted to see this at a few festivals months ago but other shit was popping up instead, so i finally got my eyes on it! This was a badass flick! Henry Rollins plays a tortured soul of a sad sack, those with depression might relate, i sure did, Jordan Todosey, whom played his daughter was another standout!


There have been tons of films made about old Hollywood, especially films on writers, but Trumbo is one of the best, if not the best! Bryan Cranston is phenomenal and i am  surprised Jay Roach directed a film this good! It shows the back stabbing that hollywood has, and the importance of standing for your rights & beliefs!

Monday, December 28, 2015

THe Diary of a Teenage Girl

This is another flick where i didn't fully know the plot, i thought it was going to be a quirky Juno esque flick, was a lil darker and more serious than that, it was a damn fine flick, lil creepy but it had a dark whimsy to it!

Before We Go

If Chris Evans ever tires of being Cpt America, he has a bright future directing! Before We Go is one of the most charming films i have seen in a long time. Simple tale of strangers meeting, cliche tale of one being marries, but this is not a cliche rom com, it is so mush more, you see the characters go from not being fond of one another, to tolerating/hanging for the night, to getting deep with personal info, to being there for one another to blossoming in to something more....okay so a tad cliche but it is so damn charming, well written & well directed that you wont care, the acting is an important part of that, what could be cookie cutter characters are so much more! You begin to legit care for these two, and much like life, the outcome may not be the best but just because two people love each other doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together.....or maybe it does. It is sad & beautiful, an open ending left for the dreamers!

Lost River

I love Ryan Gosling, i love his film choice, and i love that he is a David Lynch fan, besides interviews you can tell he is a fan simply by watching Lost  River. This is a gorgeous film but a glorious disaster, it tries to be Lynch, and succeeds in being Lynchian but the film overall did nothing for me.

Digging for FIre

I am not the worlds biggest Joe Swanberg fan, however he has grown on me in recent years Drinking Buddies & Happy Christmas won me over, Digging For Fire is in that camp, less mumblecore & ore classic indie, it is like a hipster Big Chill, i quite enjoyed it!

A Deadly Adoption

Gimmick films have been the rage since Grindhouse, Grindhouse was not perfect at capturing the real vibe of exploitation but it was an awesome double bill of films, but since then plenty of filmmakers have tried to emulate the vibe and some have been fun, others have fallen flat. Will Ferrell has done two gimmick films but not in the grindhouse arena, he did his telemundo film, Casa De Mi Padre, that i liked but would not watch again, and same goes for his Lifetime film A Deadly Adoption, i think if i was a fan of these films(i watch telemundo for fun but with CdmP had been over the top) i would dig his efforts more, now Lifetime can have so bad they're good movies so it is tough to pull a tongue in cheek feature, but he did it, he nailed it, but i think if you are a follower of these films, you may enjoy it more.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Noah Baumbach Ranked

This year saw the release of two Noah Bombach films, i was not the most stoked as i was not a fan of Frances Ha, which sucks cause i dug his other titles.

1. While We're Young
This is a pretty personal film for him, plus both Ben Stiller's Josh & Adam Driver's Jamie are both relatable, sometimes more than the other plus it shows how douchey people in the film world can be.

2. Mistress America
I had a passing interest in this but i wish i had seen it in theates, i thought it was fantastic possibly his funniest film!

3. Greenberg
To me this is his best made film!

4. The Squid & the Whale
The film that made me take notice of Noah's work

5. Kicking  & Screaming
To many his best work, i dig it, don't confuse it with the Will Ferrell flick.

6. Margot At the Wedding
Possibly his most underrated.

7. Mr. Jealousy
The film lacks a bit but is still early in his career

8. Highball
See number7

9.Frances Ha
His post modern, mumblecore, too artsy for his own good flick.


I love Damon Lindelof, like legit, i love almost everything he has done in the past decade, Lost is my favorite show of all time, the Leftovers is pure brilliance, Cowboys & Aliens and Prometheus are misunderstood, the only film he wrote i am not fond of is World War Z(save maybe the first 20 minutes), but Tomorrowland while full of imagination was rather dull, i liked it but it didn't do much for me. 

David O. Russell Ranked

To me one of the best filmmakers going today is David O. Russell, he has always been solid but in recent years he has become GREAT.

1. Silver Linings Playbook
The themes of the film, both with mental health & love via disconnect speak volumes. It is a bleak yet upbeat film and to me launched Bradley Cooper to great actor status and brought Jennifer Lawrence back to that respect level after X Men & Hunger Games(nothing wrong with either of those either)

2. American Hustle
Probably his best crafted film, it is a Martin Scorsese film not directed by Scorsese!

3. Joy
This film is his most human yet one of his most whimsical!

4. Three Kings
THe film that made me love Russell was this right here, one of the best films of the 90s.

5. I Heart Huckabees
I fell hard for this flick when it came out, it is almost what Wes Anderson & PT Anderson coming together would be like!

6. Spanking the Monkey
This is probably the most Russell of all his film, and being his first it says something, it is odd yet brilliant.

7. Flirting With Disaster
To me his most underrated work, rarely ever talked about for 90s cinema.

8. The FIghter
My least favorite but one of his best, rumors of a sequel were spread but i hope it doesn't happen.

9. Accidental Love
This got alot of hate, i didn't mind it, not his best for sure.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Man Seeking Woman

Now here is the show i intended to start my FX binge with, the min reason, the main course, and it is my favorite of the bunch. I love Jay Barachel, and was stoekd for a show with him, but did not have FXX at the time, nor did i look it up online, i should have, this show is brilliant. The surreal nature of though, the creatures & situations, all perfect, if you are a fan off genre film/shows and a tad love torn then this is the show for you!

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

As a part of my FX binge, there is one that i kept forgetting about, one that is an odd one for me to forget as it involves rock, and i love shit involving rock music. Now the show seems a lil bland at times, it is a well made show but nothing too engaging, it feels forced at times with the rock aesthetic and none of the characters are super likable. The show is not bad, by any stretch but i am let down by it.

You're the Worst

FX is truly on fire, Louie, It's Always Sunny, Archer, dramas like Fargo, American Horror Story, plus they hit the nail on the head all the time, You're The Worst shows how one night stands leading to fuck buddies, leading to a lil more can be, open relationships, bi sexuality and various other activities. We've been there with hook up, they can suck, it makes you feel bad and that is how the characters are portrayed, flawed yet happy, sad yet realistic, this show like many fx shows, is full of realistic tendencies. Great show, needs more attention.


I recently began to binge the recently cancelled FX series Married. GLad i did, it is a raw show, that is right up FX' alley, the truth about families & sex hasn't rung truer, people being stuck, wanting to grow, people happy where they are and wanting to reconnect. THe difficulty of marriage, sex, having kids, growing up and everything in between. This is a highly underrated series.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

White God

Well this was a well made film....though one i will not watch again. I thought it was about a girl on her bike all alone that is finding her way home with the help of a group of dogs, which would have been awesome. Instead, we got this highly depressing film about abandoned dogs, dead dogs, beaten dogs, and dog cruelty. The end is not sad, it shows the bond a human can have with their dog but the film in general is sad to watch.

The End of the Tour

This here is a simple premise, a man writing an article on a fellow writer, they eat, converse, hang out, discuss music, movies, food, life, relatable enough? It is also genuine, heartfelt & full of thought provoking ideas & realities of life. Both Jason Segel & Jesse Eisenberg play their roles well, Segel has done tons of characters involving music in the past but none this human, Eisenberg plays his regular type of role but in a more traditional old school Eisenberg way. It shows strangers becoming friends, distrust & realizations of happiness & sadness, peoples souls can interconnect in beautiful ways.

A Christmas Horror Story

Maybe if this was more in an anthology style i would have enjoyed it more, i know it is multi linear like Trick T Treat but i felt it wanted to be the chritstmas version of that, funny enough fellow Krapus film Krampus came out around the same time. It starts off really well but it got dull midway through, the ending however was awesome!

Goodnight Mommy

I wanted to love this, i really did but much like the Babadook, i was let down by it, actually more so than the Babadook, i was bored to tears, or wish i was cause atleast i would have felt an emotion other than dullness. The last act is not bad but over all highly disappointed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


So wow, alot of times internet horror darlings can be underwhelming, other times, they are Spring! This is an amazing film that deserves the love it got! The first half, is just an indie film with a genuine romance then the "horror" elements kick it but never feel forced, it is just how it is! I knew i would like it but i didn't think i wold agree with how good it actually is! The beginning is relatable, the middle is what many thrive for, the end is left open ended and i loved that, is shit going to be good? Is it going to be bad? Who knows, it is life, it can be scary & it can be beautiful, this flick shows that!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Voices

I finally got around to seeing the Voices, originally i really wanted to see this, but then it just sort of became a forgotten film,.i highly dug it. Anna Kendrick is super cute & adorable, Ryan Reynolds is creepy yet sympathetic at the same time, well atleast at the beginning, we witness a mans decent into not madness but becoming a total psychopath.Once that mode kicks in the film goes dark, the moments of the voices go from comedic to weird to eerie. THe surreal scene at the end could be out of place for some but it adds to the characters warped mind.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bloodsucking Bastards

I wont make this long, this is a fast paced film but i was not a fan, the only aspect i really liked was Joey Kern, the rest i found lackluster. Maybe it would make for a good party flick but the film itself just didn't click for me, i know others loved it but i think if it focused more on the workplace, or even just the management killing people but the vampire aspect fell flat.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Eli Roth Ranked

This year saw the release of 2 Eli Roth films, his first since 2007, i wish he had done more in between, i am a fan, he is highly underrated.

1. Cabin Fever
Sad to see this is getting remade, it is a great horror film from last decade, it has plenty of splatstick to love, gore, nudity, sex jokes, people will think back on this as a modern horror classic.

2. Hostel
I hate when people say torture porn, perhaps it is the sub genre but it is just based upon extreme cinema, this film had a few decent twists, the pshycho switch of killing off the assumed main character was perfect, and it pushed the envelope for theatrical horror.

3. Hostel 2
Not as much as Hostel 2 did though, switched genders focused more on the elite hunting club members and upped the gore.

4. Green Inferno
I was lucky enough to see this with Roth in attendance, it may not be Cannibal Holocaust but it pushes the envelope even more so for theatrical horror.

5. Knock Knock
Quite the unnerving flick , starts off with some NSA three way action and turns into a creepy flick about girls proving married guys love to cheat.

Z Nation Season 2

The first season of Z Nation, the Asylum series, should have been awful, hell it should have been so bad it is good, but it wound up being a blast, a fun b movie of a series. The second season started off strong, with zombies galore and Mad Max style action sces, but mid way through got way too over the top. Aliens,cults, stupid slow motion scenes & dumb character decisions made it not just over the top, but over the top in a post modern, let us be as over the top as we can be just because we are Asylum on SyFy, but the last couple found its stride once again. The finale was odd and felt just thrown together but was a fun episode. The show is what Walking Dead is not, fun and not too serious.

Joe Lynch Ranked

1. Chillerama
I saw this as Comic Con & partied after, it is a fun  flick & my favorite anthology in recent memory, my favorite segment is Lynch's wrap around!

2. Wrong Turn 2
The first one was rather meh but the follow up, ups the gore & is a blast!

3. Knights of Badassdom
SUper fun flick

4. Everly
Over shadowed by John Wick & Kingsman but has some kick ass action scenes!

The Visit

SO alot hate M Night Shyamalan, i for one am not big on him, nor do i hate him, Praying With Anger & Wide Awake are rather meh, Sixth Sense is overrated, Unbreakable is awesome, Signs is underrated, Lady in the Water & the Village are meh, The Happening is awful, The Last Airbender is not as bad as people say it is, After Earth is dull......the Visit, bravo, i dug it, probably the third film of his i like! The twist, well done!

Straight Outta Compton

So yeah i am super late to this party, i wanted to see it in theatres, but the night it opened it was showing the final night of The Stanford Prison Experiment, but this film is worth it. Is it one of my favorites of the year? Probably not, but is it one of the best? Yes, yes it is. Every single actor is great in this, and it shows the turbulent nature that is rap, the ups, the downs, the struggles, the shit the pioneers went through. The films message rings true today what with all the riots & all, and the call of race being the issue it is. Even if you hate rap, check this out, the acting is great!

Love & Mercy

So yeah, Paul Dano & John Cusack, thank you, you both portrayed a legend the way he needed to be seen. Those of us that are Beach BOys fans love Brian Willson, Smile is a brilliant album, one of the best, and for all the surf rock, he was a tortured soul, you both showed a great way to present him and Dano deserves oscar buzz!

Danny Boyle ranked

I finally saw Steve Jobs, i will get to it in a bit but here is how i rank Boyle's films!

1. 28 Days Later
It started the fast zombie craze but it is a great horror film, and made super cheap! I hope he directs the third one!

2. Trainspotting
Possibly the best drug movie ever, great performances based on a great book, bring on the sequel!

3. 127 Hours
One of the most intense theatrical films in recent memory

4. Shallow Grave
These four here i would put as his four best for sure!

5. The Beach
Fuck you i like it

6. A Life Less Ordinary
Underated film

7. Millions
The dude can do every genre, even a kids flick!

8. Sunshine
Underrated sci fi gem with a dash of horror!

9. Trance
I remember i liked it more the first time i saw it.

10. Slumdog Millionaire
His more awardsy esque flick but a damn solid movie.

11. Steve Jobs
Solid film with a great acting performance but it did nothing for me.

12. His tv work, i finally watched, honestly they all ran together for me.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Steven Spielberg ranked

So i finally saw Bridge of Spies.....i will get to it in a bit, but there is no doubt Spielberg is a brilliant filmmaker, one of the all time greats, but how do his films rank? Here are my favorites!

1. Jurassic Park
The first time i saw it i was in awe, i was only 5 and loved dinos, this film was & is everything for me. One of the last films of his to have that awe inspiring feeling, that magic.

2. Jaws
One of the first summer blockbusters and one of my all time favorite films, it is a perfect film, the acting, the dialogue, the characters, the suspense, the score, hell even the sequels are not bad(not good either but not bad) i watch it about once a year.

3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The year of Star Wars, this is the more artsy of the two, and probably his most heartfelt, a classic in not just sci fi cinema but all cinema.

4. Raiders of the Lost Ark
THe debut of Indiana Jones and one of the best adventure films ever!

5. Ryan
As you will see i am not too hot on alot of his "award" films, this here though is in my opinion one of the best films ever made, easily his best!

6. Temple of Doom
A faster Indiana Jones film, and just as good but the first beats it out mainly for the awe factor.

7. 8. Catch Me if You Can & Twilight Zone
Why are these tied, well i love the Twilight Zone but his segment is not my favorite. As for Catch  Me If You Can, another brilliant "award film" that is not really an award film, criminally underrated!

9. Duel
I wish he did more horror films, super fun flick!

10. The Last Crusade
The last awesome Indiana Jones flick.

11. ET
This is not low, this is a great Spielberg film, the only one that is as close to the heart as Close Encounters, but CLose edges it out for Spielberg's imagination!

Underrated comedy

13. War Horse
I thought this would get more award buzz than it did.

14, Tintin
If only we get a sequel, fun flick!

15. Lost World
Super lackluster sequel but still fun.

16. War of the Worlds
Hated it at first but it grew on me.

17 Lincoln
Great film but rather boring

18. Munich
Solid film but rather boring

18. Terminal
Solid film but un memorable

19. Minority Report
I have tried to like it but it does nothing for me.

20 AI
If only Kubrick had directed it.

21. Schindler's List
Sorry but it bores me

22. Bridge of Spies
Super boring flick.

23. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Not terrible but i have no idea what he was thinking while making this.

24, Something Evil
It has a vision but you can tell he needed a bigger scope for his mind.

25. Hook
I think it is rather overrated with some.

26. Amistad
Boring as fuck

27. Empire of the Sun
See above

28. SUgarland Express
Not memorible

29. Always

30. Color Purple

31. Savage
See Something Evil

Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Trilogy & The Force Awakens

So as we all know Star Wars episode 7 is out this weekend, a film i have been waiting to since i was little, now let me explain i was excited for the prequels but even being 11 i knew Episode 1 was a turd, as was 2 & i have been awaiting the next Star Wars film as long as i can remember. The continuation of the saga, not the beginning of it, especially a beginning that is so awful. Episode 1 has a great score, a great pod race & a great handicap match lightsaber duel....but the films is dull & poorly written. Episode 2 has Anakin not as a great Jedi but instead a whiny, creepy lil bitch, atleast the final battle was cool and Yoda was a badass. Episode 3, the "best" of the trilogy, ugh, not for me, what should have been a grand heel turn instead was a whiny little brat getting burned and screaming NOOOOOO, fuck that noise. THe extended universe is where is was at, video games, comics, books, i had em, i played em, i read em, i loved em, I still have many of the games & books, i still buy Star Wars comics, don't get me started on THE STAR WARS, as i was let down by it but the new Marvel series is amazing! I own many of the figures(boxes upon boxes), some open, some still in the box, aswell as a sub group of R2D2 memorabilia. To say i love Star Wars is an under statement. There have been knock offs, tributes, and footsteps but nothing comes close.  Sure George Lucas might be a whore but Star Wars is a brothel we will all go back to, and now it has new management!. You can not go on to social networking without seeing a Star Wars post, i am guilty of this, you can not walk through a store without seeing it everywhere, and on it overkill? Yeah, i mean Lucas whored it out, Disney wanted the money train and boom so it began, the clone wars have, or some shit like that, who cares, it is pop culture in "nerd culture" let fans have it, i love seeing it honestly, i thought i might get burned out by now but no the dark side to not lure me in, love is still in my heart. To prepare i watched many docs on the series(Starwoids the People vs George Lucas, Empire of Dreams), Family Guy, Fanboys, relived my favorite Kevin Smith moments, even watched Galaxy of Terror(a SW rip), Spaceballs(a spoof) and THX 1138(Lucas' first sci fi feature), hell why not even do a double bill of JJ Abrams Super 8 & SW star John Boyega's Attack the Block......oh and rewatched the original trilogy, in all its greatness.....and here it is ranked!

1. Empire Strikes Back
The darkest in the series, also the most magical. The imagery is amazing, Cloud City, Degobah, Hoth, the look of the spaceships, the attire, everythign looks great, the peril is better, the exogorth is an amazing scene, the wampas & ton tons looks awesome, the At Ats are incredible, the characters are more fleshed out, and multi layered.Empire had the better ending, i mean Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vaders his father, uh Han gets frozen, taken away by Bobba Fett, it ends on such a down note......sorry for the clerks quote.

2. Star Wars
The one that started it all, the first time i saw these, i was amazed, it gets me nostalgic just thinking about it, i would recreate scenes & redo them, Obi Wan still being alive, riding with Han, taking down Fett & Vader, the film gave people an outlet, and in that outlet came imagination, said imagination is never matched, we all try to but we all fail, the ending was glorious, had there never been a sequel, who knows, this film needed the trilogy for the legacy but the film would still be remembered, even if it flopped it would have become a cult hit, the characters & story are familiar yet with a twist to help usher in a new generation , New Hollywood meets summer blockbuster!

3. Return of the Jedi
Alot hate this entry, i love it, i love the Ewoks even, fuck you they are not Jar Jar, but i love the atmosphere of this one, it is not tonally dark but feels like it is, it is not gritty but feels strangley different, each film feels different, SW is the ground work, Empire is the story, Jedi the conclusion, and what a conclusion it was, not a dull moment, i mean honestly this is a perfect trilogy! If you want pure fun & to pop on a SW flick, this would be the lightest & best option.

Now onto THe Force Awakens, many films have left me underwhelmed, Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men follow up, Gravity, solid film but not what i wanted, same goes for Christopher Nolans's Interstellar, hell it really goes for Nolan's Dark Knight Rises, even Michael Dougherty's Trick R Treat follow up Krampus left me wanting more, but this film here was exactly what i wanted!  This is a film that revitalized SW, you see Episode 1 was so meh and so much other cool shit was happening in 99(wwf, the Matrix, Fight Club) that the saga slipped away, each entry just got worse & worse. Well along comes JJ Abrams, co creator of Lost, he brings on board Lawrence Kasdan of Empire, and they mold the world back to how it should be, fun. This is a film that is almost as if Star Wars & the Empire Strikes Back had a baby, it is equal parts ground work, introducing us to the new characters and equal parts down beat. JJ has balls, i applaud him, as for the new characters, Rey is awesome, a strong female & super cute, Finnis the coming of age character, BB8 will be a great companion to R2D2, Poe will bring new light to the Rogue Squadron Kylo Renn is interesting, i love how he was presented. Luke, Han & Leia.....i loved their parts, can not go into details but it sets up the new films perfectly! i felt like a kid again, and re fell in love with this series, is it better than any of the trilogy, this will be debated for years, did i like it more.....time will tell, nostalgia might hold Jedi up more but in time, this might be my third favorite. No one will forget their first time seeing this, the anticipation,  the build up, this was an event film to the highest power, love it, hate it, you'll never forget it! No film will have this type of buzz for a long ass time, this was lighting in a bottle!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Fargo season 2

This is the opposite of True Detective, TD had a phenomenal first season and a lack luster second, while still good it was not the first, Fargo however was impressive the first season but upped the game in season 2. The cast was bigger, and just as good, the plot was ore tense, the kills & violence meant more, the Cohen esque comedy was there more than the first go around, plus ALIENS, what the fuck? Each episode grabs you with its brilliance, whether is be music or the way it is shot, every episode end down too! The finale alone just felt triumphant, now is this anywhere as good as the first True Detective? No, but it is one of the best on tv!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

South Park Season 19

Wow, so this seasons/ Parker & Stoner upped the game, look at how great television is right now, hell cable tv is the biggest of them all, and cable has Rick & Morty which is changing animated series, so South Park decided to become a serial. It lampooned PC culture, gun culture, transgender life, the disconnect of society, the death of print, pretentious ideas all while not being too preachy or heavy handed. In my opinion the show has never been better, it is at all time time high!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scream Queens

Scream Queens i went into not sure what to expect, a part of me hated that Ryan Murphy claimed he was creating a new genre "horror comedy" erm no. Plus fuck Glee, but American Horror Story while spotty had a good foot in the genre door, plus it was on network tv, though Fox gets away with alot, one good thing was it had alot of hotties in it, and the show wound up being....awesome. Was it a satire or a spoof? Maybe a lil of both, it walked a line, a line that got blurred quite a bit, i mean a killer in on the loose and enemies all decide to dance? I can dig it! The show turns the tropes on it's head. Every episode delivered the kills & the humor i wanted in the show, and it was hilarious as fuck and featured damn fine fx!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Found footage films, his is one of the better ones. should be a thing of the past, most are crap, Creep however is a pretty damn good and some what creepy(no pun intended) entry in the sub genre. Patrick Brice shows he can do multiple genre with this & the Overnight, 2 different films yet both that feel mumble core in a way. I did not love this flick but if you are waiting for a decent netflix & chill flick, here you go! Who knows maybe you can get you chiller to watch cooler shit after you both chill!

The Leftovers season 2

SO the first season of the Leftovers went by without a lot of fan fare it seemed, i loved it, it was weird and from Damon Lindelof, a man i admire that ran Lost, my favorite show of all time. The second season was AMAZING. This is the sunday night show to watch, not the Walking Dead. This season had several nods to Fight Club with having to harm ones self to rid of your imaginary friend, some Twins Peak esque portions of the town(the whole season felt inspired by it, the death realm was 100% Lynchian) and even a lil bit of Inception for good measure. The character depths and the dynamics with the Guilty Remnant were reminiscent of those with the Others on Lost, they walk a line, good? bad? who knows, plus Kevin's relationship with John is straight out of Lost, we shoot each other but we help each other! THe open ended final is pure brilliance! I hope it is back for season 3!

Friday, December 4, 2015


So Krampus is Michael Dougherty's long awaited follow up to Trick R Treat. Trick R Treat is a film i waited along time for, by time it came out on dvd i had high expectations, and it became my favorite film of that year. Much like the wait for Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men follow up, Dougherty's Kramus i liked but was underwhelemed by. The humor was hit & miss, the film is thematic and looks awesome, the horror scenes outside are great and the showdowns in the house are well done but over all it just felt lack luster, which sucks to say, i wanted to love this film but only liked it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


There is no question that zombies have over saturated the market, and this is coming from a die hard zombie fan.  Dawn of the Dead is on my top 5 favorites of all time, yet after the one two punch of Zombieland and the Walking Dead, zombies are everywhere, little kids discuss them, normies love them and the film industry is full of crap ass zombie flicks. Now there have been some awesome ones in recent years like the Battery, Detention of the Dead and Dead Snow 2, but then are some complete pieces of shit, but every once in a while a trailer comes along and you think, heh, this looks awesome, especially for a zombie movie. Cooties was that film, now is it as good as the above mentioned? No, i had fun with it but it is nothing i loved, i think the cast helped it alot, there are some great deliveries by Rainn Wilson, Leigh Whannell & Elijah Wood(Whannell steals the show) plus Allison Pill looks as cute as ever but there is not much memorable about it, with that said it is still a fun zombie flick!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


For years Metal & Horror have gone arm in arm, more so than almost any other musical genre, save maybe punk. While it is a stereotype that all horror fans are metal heads, quite a few of us are fans of the genre, i love old school classic metal, Black Sabbath is my second favorite band of all time, metal has dark themes and can kick your ass. There have been plenty of horror films to combine the two, but most recently is Deathgasm about a metal band that summons the dead, almost in an Evil Dead style way, only with dildos and vibrators. The gore is all over the place, the characters are likable and it is not cookie cutter like i thought it would be. I have to go back and praise the gore, holy hell i was not expecting it to be this awesome in the effects department. If you are a horror fan, chances are you are aware of this and will check it out, if you are a metal fan, most definitely check it out! This is the perfect flick to play at a midnight theatre, or the perfect film to play in the background at a bar while listening to some great music, or even an awesome party flick!