Friday, November 27, 2009

Dawn of the Fans

So this past August, my uncle & i trekked to Monroeville PA & Pittsburgh PA to visit the mall from Dawn of the Dead. We left a Sunday morning via a greyhound, arrived Monday morning. Got dropped off right at the Monroeville Mall! We had to wait a few hours for it to open so we checked in at the hotel, ate some breakfast and wandered around a few stores. When we arrived at the mall, it was orgasmic, walking into it was such a moment, as soon as you walk in(atleast our entrance) there was a George A. Romero/Dawn of the Dead gallery. Although they got many facts wrong about funding & the crew(castmember Dario Argento?). The mall has been changed over the years, no arcade, no ice rink ect....But i knew that going in. We tried to match up shots from the film to shots we had, e.g., riding the escallator like escallator zombie. Everyone in the mall was supportive, we even met 2 men at JC Penney's who were there, one of which was an extra zombie(didn't get a pic with him though, fucking idiots we were). However, while trying to slide down the escallator the Roger slides on, we were threatened with arrest. There is also an awesome store, Time & Space toys, that is pretty much a horror store, yo ucan buy horror dvd's, horroro figures, posters, Zombie energy drinks, ect....Got a Dawn shirt, an energy drink & The Crazies on dvd!

The next day while in Pittsburgh we went to 247 Fort Pitt, where some of the apartment roof scenes from Dawn were filmed, as well as the basement from Night. We only got to see the basement, but wow, nearly identical to the 1968 classsic, i had chills down there, it was amazing. Sitting on the stairs was such a moment, almost wanted to make a quik NOTLD remake, seeing as how it's public domain, then i thought how i'm against remakes, so fuck that noise!

I will say that the people in Pittsburgh & Monroeville are some of the nicest i have ever met, EVERYONE was super friendly, and they're cities that support film! The first of many of my documented trip to the mall. Some of my pics, for those of you on facebook, they're on there aswell.

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