Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Film News Roundup 11-17-10 Del Toro, the Hulk!!!!
Bad ass! I'm liking how these great filmmakers are handling show runner duties such as Darabont with Walking Dead. CLOWN the movie!
Fuck yes! I kind of was hoping Eli would do the project, but just as well, i loved the fake trailer, and am pumped for this! Paranormal Activity 3
WTF? Is Katie going to be on the run and the "found footage" is from police cameras or some shit? Chan Wook English Language film
WOW, geekgasm! He's my favorite filmmaker in asian cinema, i'm highly interested in this one, could take off here like Del Toro! Friday the 13td Part 2, and in 3d
Well the first remake tried to combine the first 4, so is this one using 2 & 3? Right...right...? Ah, oh well, anyways, back on topic, i'll see a Friday the 13th flick, a fun night seeing a slasher is always good!
I'm really digging this flick so far!
I think Stroller/Segel is the best thing going in Apatow house since it looks like Rogen has his own film life now.
Fucking nice!
It's about time!
Wonder if it will be Oceans esque?

HOLY SHIT, that, that looked badass!

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