Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Film News Roundup 1-26-11
Yawn....again with the remake? Sam wants it on the big screen? Re release the original!
First a serial killer, now this! Franco is the shit! Plus two Lovelace films being made at the same time? Hmm, interesting!
Fuck yes!
He's landing roles like crazy, the Alien prequel is no different! What? It's not a prequel? What?
Bardem or Bale? Either would be a good choice! Hitcock
I just hope Hopkins doesn't ham it up. Toxie Twins!
I'm ubber excited! I can not wait for this film!
Not film news but fuck it, bring in David Koechner again and get Paul Rudd to cameo!

Looks like Scream to me, is that good or bad?


I had fun with the first one!

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