Saturday, March 12, 2011 Wolfman 2
Poor Wolfman, stuck in the stv market. I didn't hate the remake last year, in fact i enjoyed it. I don't know if i'd watch it again, but i enjoyed it. Serbian Film release
I don't normally post release dates but i'm glad to see this has one. May is looking good for indies, with this, Rubber, Hobo with a Shotgun & Tree of Life! Reznor
Would've been cool!
This is officially a film i am excited for!
Pretty cool actually, i'm glad there are legit comic tie ins & not just cash ins.
First Timberlake now Knoxville? I have nothing against either but i don't know if they can pull it off. I'd prefer to see Christian Bale as Moe, Bill Hader & Curly Joe, maybe Will Ferrell as Larry & Nicholas Cage as Shemp.
Interesting though i'd prefer to see At the Mountain of Madness.
Haven't watched it yet, but it's Tommy! What's not to love? Unreleased Scott Pilgrim tracks.
God i love Beck!

Not a bad teaser.

Looks good

Well atleast the Muppets will be great!

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