Thursday, February 13, 2020

Horse Girl

Jeff Baena is an eclectic film maker, Life After Beth was a charming zombie comedy, The Little Hours was an offbeat period piece, an now he has Netflix's Horse Girl, starring a very nude Allison Brie(also a co writer). Horse Girl is already the weirdest film of 2020, not that there is much competition, and is Baena's best film yet. Brie delivers a creepy performance in a film where you question reality but also shines a light on mental illness. It's at times a deep film but it doesn't present itself in a pretentious way. This isn't a film for everybody, this is a film for lovers of both quirky comedies and surreal cinema might dig this. It isn't quite Lynchian but i'd compare it more to Room 104, which makes sense since the Duplass Brothers served as executive producers on this.

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