Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-16-11 Destroy
This is for all the Troll 2 fans out there! Ubik
Hopefully Dick's weirdness will bring Gondry back to his roots! The Golden Age
Eek, i like that concept but i'd rather have him direct Kick Ass 2....maybe he'll do it after, unless it is just a producing credit. By the way i liked it better when it was Watchmen....or Kingdom Come! Hmm.....perhaps Vaughn or Snyder should direct Kingdom Come! Ring 3D/Ringu 3D
IDK about The Ring 3D, but i'm all set for Ringu 3D...well maybe not in 3D, but if any series could use 3D, Ringu could!
Love the comic, i can pass on DJ.
I love the mythology & discussion on he Terminator series but let it die, please.
Carter? My a Burton film? Oh well, she's a babe & helluva actress & i'm digging the casting so far!

Beyond awesome! My buddy who live in Korea is a fan!

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