Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Film News Roundup 2-9-11: A Coen Horror Film!
FUCK YES! Glorious day lads, the Coens are doing a horror film! This is what dreams are fucking made of!
While i'd rather have him do his own thing.....i know the chances are slim for him getting funding to make something as great as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, so with that said, i am stoked for this!
That's kind of rad!
Bout time Janssen does horror again!
Dug Lars & Fright Night sounds promising, now i will say, i think the comedic literary zombie films, is dead....even before it has begun, but i'm holding out hope for this flick!
LOL it's gonna create a buzz in the blogs.....just like Snakes on a Moth Fuckin Plane.....yeah, that worked out well, atleast it was fun!
Moving on....
Really wish i could voice a strong opinion on this, but i've yet to see Monsters, netflix will be shipping it soon!
Kind of like Carpenter's LA Gothic? i wish Carpenter made LA Gothic, oh well. I'm excited about this.I'd love to see Boyle do horror again, the man is a genius, 127 Hours is the second best film of the year, and Franco deserves an oscar! Highlander
Erm, tish, tisk, tisk. Snow White
Could live or live without this.... Snuff
Excited for this one!


You know what, i saw a trailer for this before a test screening of Mandy Lane, forgot all about it!

Holy fuck that looks awesome!

I dig it, i think it looks entertaining as fuck!

I liked the trailer, but didn't love it. I've read it's the female Hangover....idk we'll see. Apatow has fallen, but i like the cast!

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