Thursday, May 5, 2016

Civil War

Okay last year i was all orgasmic over Age of Ultron, but upon watching it on dvd...meh, not bad but not as good as the first impression.....but i will say this, first impression of Civil War? Second best Marvel film if not the best crafted, and possibly my second favorite in the series(Guardians is number one, duh). Originally i thought, the Tony Stark of the films would not agree to this, but they handled it in such a perfect way that made sense where you can see this being his view. All the subplots worked, and there were quite a few, but unlike Dawn of Justice, it wasn't a cluster fuck of a screenplay. The divide in Avengers worked great, the conflict between characters that do not want to fight is evident, the characters are well developed, Ant Man worked better here than he did in his solo film, Vision has the perfect fish out of water gig going, Scarlet Witch's guilt is well done plus Elizabeth Olsen is fucking gorgeous! Black Widow & Hawkeye need a prequel flick just to get the tension over with,War Machine & Falcon are great in their Second in Command roles, Spider Man.............yep yep, while i love Andrew Garfield, this version is pretty fucking awesome, Bucky has alot to work with and given a chance to show range & depth. Black Panther served the role justice and his film should be pretty rad. I have no complaints with the film, will i a year from now in hindsight? Maybe, but for right now, this is my second favorite of the MCU!


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of Age of Ultron, but I loved Civil War.

    I'm glad to see you rank Guardians as #1.

  2. Guardians is like my third favorite film of the decade so far!