Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Nice Guys

So in 2005 Shane Black unleashed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and it was wonderful, it had wicked sharp wit, a great story & a great cast. In 2016 he did the same thing with a perfect companion film, the Nice Guys. Ryan Gosling is brilliant as a alcoholic clumsy fuck up, Russell Crowe gives his best performance in years if not of all time. They are mismatched but learn to work together, you know the cliche, but holy fuck if the script is not one of the best in recent memory.The jokes are hilarious, the action is well done, the gore(not alot) is perfect, With this and Green Room we are having a perfect year of film,I wish Shane Black directed more films, but then again, maybe if he did these films wouldn't feel as special. The plot has alot in common with KKBB but this one seems a bit lighter in tone, which isn't a bad thing, i think it might flow better, i will for sure be double billing them both in the future!