Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sharkando 5

So this week was Sharknado week on Syfy, we had 5 Headeded Shark Attack, which was pretty much shit. We had Mississippi River Sharks, which was just as shitty. We had Trailer Park Shark, which started off awesome, but it too was shit. Then the shittiest of all, Toxic Shark, ugh Sharknado Week, atleast Empire of the Sharks saved it, as that was a blast, it was what i wanted the rest to be, fun & dumb. Then we get the main course, Sharknado 5, and it was just as fun and the last three in the franchise. Not quite as many cameos, but Johnny Mundo popping up was sweet, plus some American Werewolf in London love was tossed it, added with the awesome Indiana Jones opening and Back to the Future ending which perfectly set up the sixth one, and mother fucking Dolph Lundgren yo!

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