Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Dark Tower

It seems to be a trend of bashing to the point, fun, blockbusters, this year critics bashed the Mummy, which i enjoyed, Valerian, which i loved, and now this, and this was a fun flick. I read the first book, enjoyed it, wish i had read them all as it seems to be full of King references, now i am not a huge fan of his books, but i love alot of the films based on his work. There are a few easter eggs in this film, and i read about some i missed, but with that in mind, who cares if it connects anything? This film is just a fun ride, great pacing, decent acting, i would gladly pay to see more in this franchise. Just sucks that blockbusters can't be blockbusters anymore, everyone wants the same cookie cutter shit, and that is aimed at mainstream critics, not the masses, the masses totally want cookie cutter, but anymore it seems critics want the same in their blockbusters, this here is a hell of a lot better than the critical darling that is A Ghost Story.

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