Friday, March 22, 2019


Jordan Peele had a lot of 70s inspiration in Get Out, not in tone per se but in style. He ups the ante in Us, it is brilliantly crafted, the opening scene sets an uncomfortable & unsettling mood. The film feels like it is influenced by De Palma & Polanksi as far as camera movement & shots go. The music plays a large factor, both the soundtrack & the score are beautiful. Tonally it feels like a 70s satanic cult film, only without the satanic cult. This film feels like a Twilight Zone episode, so that makes me excited for Peele's take on the series. This is part home invasion, part slasher, part survivors on the run(think Warriors only with killer yous trying to off you). The gore is great, the characters are well developed, well built tension, well timed humor, this film floored me. Oh also, who  the fuck brings their baby to a R rated horror film on a Thursday night?

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