Saturday, June 8, 2019

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The X-Men have always been my favorites in Marvel. Their comics have always felt the most epic, they have an insane roster of mutants both in face & heel varieties, and the characters have depth. The Animated Series, has always held a special place with me, it is easily the second best animated comic series(after Batman) . The first movie in 2000 for the time was huge, Marvel had Blade, but to many Blade wasn't a superhero. X Men 2 fixed the flaws and crafted one of the best superhero movies you can find. It felt like the animated series, which in turn felt pretty mature for a kids show, but amped it up. Nightcrawler steals the show. The Last Stand, the first adaptation of the Phoenix on the big screen, is known as one of the worst films in comics. It's quite a mess, but the spin off/prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, wasn't much better outside of a sweet opening credit sequence. Finally Fox gets it right with the prequel formula in First Class(my second favorite X Men movie). This is where the time line begins to feel off though, as Charles gets crippled in this, but we saw him walk in a flashback in the Last Stand. Regardless it was a fun film with a likable cast set in the 60s, plus Magneto steals the show. Fox then got the Wolverine series right with...The Wolverine, while not a great film it still feels like a Wolverine movie but the end brings back Charles & Magneto and they need his help to time travel(fix the mistakes of The Last Stand's cluster fuck). Days of Future Past attempts to fix mistakes(why can Charles walk sometimes? Shots) and at the end adjusts the timeline so everyone has a happy ending in the present, dead characters are back, all is well. Side note, Quicksilver steals this movie. Deadpool comes out, mocks the time lines, not really going to get into this film as it is too fourth wall breaking for canon propper. X Men Apocalypse is next, it is a film i felt was unneeded, i mean i get it for a prequel sense but i'd rather have seen Apocalypse take on the modern timeline characters and give real perril since we already know everyone ends on a happy note. Instead we got the worst X Men film made, a real terrible piece of shit, even Quicksliver & Magneto couldn't save it. Is it time to end the series? Well atleast for one character, Logan, a flatout masterpiece of the superhero subgenre was a perfect way to end the entire series, and it should have been, atleast for the established characters. They could have continued the franchise with the little mutants that left his grave, but alas we got New Mutants, a film that....well hasn't come out yet, though one i was intrigued by for the horror elements but now i have zero hope for. Deadpool 2, yada yada yada.....Okay, X-Men, Dark Phoenix. starts off pretty decent, then we jump to 1992, and i must say Charles & Magneto age terribly between 1992 and 2000. The plot, rather clustered. The characters, some are just there. The action scenes, fucking great. Team Magneto vs Team Charles is decent, but the train scene....pure badass. So badass that it almost makes up for more continuity being fucked. This film sort of becomes a multiverse in a way because it contradicts so much of Days of Future Past. With this franchise, what is to be expected though? We'll get the MCU reboot some year and the timeline will be fixed(i mean the MCU doesn't fuck up timelines? Right? Right?) Overall this is a franchise i legit grew up with. I was in the 6th grade when the first one came out, so thank you Fox for....trying. You gave me a few decent movies, a couple great ones, and some pretty terrible ones. New Mutants....fuck it, if it was supposed to be a new beginning, consider it scratched, if it is the end of the Fox films(which it is) then you wont be as good as Logan(by any stretch of the imagination). So if you want the Phoeneix adaptation, go watch the animated series, if you want a true epic X-Men story, go read the comic, but if you want to turn off you mind, relax & float down stream, then go check it out.

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