Thursday, July 4, 2019

BLack Summer

Well we never got the official "Series Finale" of Z Nation, just an announced "hey we're ending", but we get a "prequel" in Black Summer. Prequel in quotations as it really has nothing to do with that show. Where as Z was over the cop and comedic, this is gritty and bleak. The pilot is all over the place introducing the characters but it all comes together nicely throughout the 8 episodes, which are super fast, i think the longest is 45 minutes but most were about 30 minutes long, one(the finale) even being 20 minutes. It is not a perfect show, but it has characters you wish you knew more about, it has good blood, and it has great tension. THe foot chases alone are great, one episode is a zombie chasing one character and it is probably the best episode of the season., Still more enjoyable than the Walking Dead.

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