Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Art of Self Defense

Wrestling is big now, MMA is big, Cobra Kai is big, if you dig that shit and you love dark comedies or martial arts in general then The Art Of Self Defense is for you. Awkward ass Jesse Eisenberg plays awkward ass Jesse Eisenberg in a funny & violent film that tackles quite a few social issues. It has a Repo Man mindset for branding, a Flight Club mentality for masculinity, add in a dash of Jared Hess and a bit of Jody Hill, speaking of Hill this would pair well with the Foot Fist Way, and toss in some Faces of Death references for good measure. I now need to see the director, Riley Stearns, first film 'Faults'. Witty script, strong acting, well built tension, this might be my new favorite film of 2019. Oh plus Imogen Poots is a babe as always.

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