Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Exorcism

I know alot of folks personally who have hated this film, i myself really dug it. it played with conventions.

A reverend & exorcist Cotton(Patrick Fabian) is a very good showman, he is also an athiest, and one who scams people out of their money. He invites a documentary crew to follow him on his "last exorcism", to show how he sets up shaking beds, smoke, and bubbling water. THe possessed girl in question is Nell (Ashley Bell), who may or may not be possessed, she certainly is fucked in the head, as she slashes her brother's, Caleb(Caleb Landry Jones) face and appears to kill the livestock, is all this mental, or perhaps a repressed emotion from abuse? It's all up to interpretation really, but i will say that the final scene seems inspired by House of the Devil.

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