Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Film News Roundup 9-22-10 Snow White
Vey nice, he may actually pull off a decent dark version! Darling Companion
Right on, i always wished he had done more directorial work! Goodfellas
It seems i post more tv stuff every week, this is cool though, cause i love the film, plus Henry Hill lived not that far away from where i live now. JJ, Emerson & O'Quinn!!!
See, more tv, i love these two actors, especially together, and with Abrams involved, holy Lost boner Batman!
Nice, i love Carrey's darker pieces, which with O'Russell involved i'm sure it will be, even though Huckabees wasn't too dark. I just saw I Love You Phillip Morris, i fucking loved it!
Smith originally wanted a small no name cast, but here we are with Goodman, Parks and that fucking kid from Jennifer's Body. Lords of Salem
So Zombie is finally doing original horror again...i'm excited but fuck me, i'vr become emersed in the brilliance of Ti West in recent months, and as far as people doing homage horror, West has him beat.

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