Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Film News Roundup 10-05-10

While O'Russell is a better talent perhaps this film is suited for a one James Gunn!

I love redheads, but Gwen Stacy is more classic Spider Man than MJ is, sure Watson has her fame, but Gwen, she has some classic stories under her belt. Digging the casting too!

While i'm indifferent to Dawn of the Dead, mainly from my love of Romero's, it's a decent remake that attempted to be different, i hated 300, loved Watchmen, have not seen Legends of the Guardian, and am pumped up to see Sucker Punch, also Nolan being behind this is a good sign, so Nolan & Snyder teaming up! Fuck yes!

Landis is back motha fuckas!

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