Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Film News Roundup 10-27-10
Any Batman news is BATNIPPLE TWISTING EXCITING NEWS for me! Indiana in 3D
No thanks, if i want to see Indiana Jones, i could've seen it at midnight, classic Lucas. TED
That sounds so retardedly awesome! Goodfellas TV
Scorsese.....Nuff' said!
I'm really looking forward to seeing this, as much as i'm the type to like films to remain "cult", this is one of those, i really want to make money, and lots of it! Machine Man
Fucking awesome! I'd like to see him tackle more genre fare so i'm glad, though i prefer him to do original material, oh well i'm down for this! Child's Play
Just kill it, like MGM....that hurts me to say so i'm sorry about that, but yeah, i'm not one for remakes, but if they do it, make it fucked up. Ouiji
Oren Peli anyone? A good cause
Not news at all, but i think all us bloggers can relate to being a wee lad and being a fan of the fantastic. THRILLER
I'm split on this, part of me thinks it shouldn't be touched, but if they expand it to do other Jackson songs then i may get behind it! Gilliam's short
Mark your calenders!

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