Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Birthday Blog

RED was very enjoyable, and i may have enjoyed it more than the Expendables

Yeah it's not news but it's fucking awesome!

I'm sure the camp and over the top gore will be up in this one, i'm looking forward to it!

I hear James Franco & Anne Hathaway want in the new ALIEn, i say give it to them, you know what i don't want, Mark Wahlberg as the Crow.

I'm a HUGE Jackass fan, but i usually don't report on it here as it's not what i consider a film, but if you're gonna do a fourth, then make a fourth, put 3.5 just on dvd. The end credits of Jackass 3D were kind of sad by the way.


I've been a huge fan of Green's online videos for some time, as usual good stuff!

Nicotero's short!
Very awesome! I'd love to see him venture into a feature!

BTW wtf is with the scream awards? I'm not hating on it, but as usual, it seems forced.

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