Friday, February 12, 2016


So X Men is a series i prefer to the MCU, i love them, Deadpool i was excited for but weary on, mainly because i feared the humor would be forced.....luckily the humor(mainly) works, and when it does, it is hysterical, not only are the jokes funny but the gags are funny, funny & bloody. The film's opening credits give you a taste of what you are in store for, in the stylized way it is put together with anarchy & destruction foreshadowing the violence to come, but with the goofy credits that are brilliant and shows the film doesn't take itself seriously, it breaks the fourth wall(as Deadpool should) and mocks itself, but doesn't belittle its value at all. It has heart behind it, films like this & Guardians are refreshing and we need more like it. That isn't to say i dislike serious Captain America & Batman films or what could be batshit crazy in Suicide Squad, but it is nice to be able to just enjoy a comic book film for being a comic! Ryan Reynolds nails it, TJ Miller is awesome in his small part, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano & Brianna Hilderbrand all do well in their parts and are hot as fuck, plus Colossus actually seems like Colossus in this!

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